Noah was searched by the FBI? | True Confessions

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Did Noah get searched by the FBI? Courtney and Damien, will get the answer that in True Confessions, the game where only the best liars win!
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Damien Haas
Damien Haas Před 10 měsíci
The only truth in this video is that we’re all just a bunch of lying liars. Except for the parts where we’re honest.
Makenzie Rogers
Makenzie Rogers Před 13 dny
Lol why did you like your own coment ?!
Alex Pettersson
Alex Pettersson Před 22 dny
Testing out new jokes I see. Wow those Teen magazines really gets their facts straight.
Eva Smith Turton
Eva Smith Turton Před měsícem
Elijah Baisden
Elijah Baisden Před měsícem
Smosh Pit 🎅🏻
Jazz Music
Jazz Music Před měsícem
im halfway through this video and i only just realised you have an All Might shirt on
Poolside Toilet Productions
Poolside Toilet Productions Před 4 dny
A True Confessions episode where someone tells three stories that everyone on Smosh has heard, but they have to figure out if they've been lying their whole relationship.
Abigail Rick
Abigail Rick Před 9 dny
I miss this, I want to see another one
K McIntosh
K McIntosh Před 13 dny
Huh, possibly the one thing Noah and I have in common is crashing into a tree and getting buried in snow and almost dying while skiing as a kid.
WEEBCKL Otaku Před 17 dny
Jeez they like anime just look at there shirts and there other videos.
dragonoyxd Před 20 dny
15:54 Clearing the air way to smell some lies
Vixina Před 21 dnem
Embla Moberg
Embla Moberg Před 26 dny
5 minutes into the video i realised that Damien has an All Might shirt on
Misty Niko
Misty Niko Před 27 dny
I just love that Damien is wearing an all might shirt from mha
Snipperbee Před 28 dny
Damien & Noah: questioning Courtney Courtney: answering their questions Me: is that all might on Damien's shirt
Christiangirl727 Před měsícem
Y’all J-14 was my jam
Mafia Rat Jr
Mafia Rat Jr Před měsícem
hollirichards Před měsícem
Noah I knew you were being truthful..damian i would never trust. He is too good at lying!
Wolf brick productions
Wolf brick productions Před měsícem
Noah knows nothing about Lego
DbzInflux 8696
DbzInflux 8696 Před měsícem
I wanna know where Courtney got that Cowboy Bebop shirt. Seriously. Where? I WANT IT.
Nick Cosimano
Nick Cosimano Před měsícem
I lived next to Cozumel for 6 years is this true the world will never know
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson Před měsícem
Courtney’s red hair, Damien’s blue hair and Noah’s normal hair... yup, this was definitely before the world went turtle.
Azeron Před měsícem
Noah has the cutest smile.. My heart melts!
Wolfy playz83
Wolfy playz83 Před měsícem
All might shirt is good
Kaitlin Před měsícem
19:15 "yeah so fun I almost died "
Kaitlin Před měsícem
15:33 I think that's true bc I watched a video and it showed he was on it Edit: I was right
Kaitlin Před měsícem
15:09 I'm confused. Who said anything about dating one?? Did I miss it?
Zayne Yes
Zayne Yes Před 2 měsíci
Easiest way to win:ask if it’s true
Noah Hunter
Noah Hunter Před 2 měsíci
wow just wow
dam boy690
dam boy690 Před 2 měsíci
What's a Dean? I'm from Australia and don't know wtf a 'dean' is
patrickhasachannel Před 2 měsíci
Noah is so precious..."Bionicle is LEGO?"
HappyTrails 1
HappyTrails 1 Před 2 měsíci
8:17 that story you made when you were in trouble, and your story worked
andres lopez
andres lopez Před 2 měsíci
Hey ho Courtney, when you are lying I noted that you use way more arm gestures than regular. I saw your videos and know that you talk a lot with your hands but when it comes to a lie you use your body way more
Francisco james
Francisco james Před 2 měsíci
It’s a 3 country 😂😂
Becky Quinn
Becky Quinn Před 2 měsíci
J14 wasn’t wrong though. Damien is eye candy 👌
Lord Trey180
Lord Trey180 Před 2 měsíci
Okay if anyone sees this can you please tell me what courtny said courtney at 19:14
Logan Alvarez
Logan Alvarez Před 2 měsíci
I’ve actually been scuba diving in Cozumel funnily enough and a tank rupturing or bursting is probably one of the least likely things that could happen but her talking about sharing regulators and all that is good but you would not be diving at 50 feet that’s very shallow😂 but I still like the story💜
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta Před 2 měsíci
Noah forgot to wear an anime shirt
iMyri faKyri
iMyri faKyri Před 2 měsíci
6:38 Task failed successfully
Zoe Rae
Zoe Rae Před 2 měsíci
I don't know if its just me but I REALLY wanna hug Damien. Like come on, he has to have good hugs. :)
Traxion Před 2 měsíci
COURTNEY you made that fukin so believable with that scuba one cuz im a scuba diver xD
Jessica Haleigh
Jessica Haleigh Před 2 měsíci
I love Damians shirt
Chanikant Boonma
Chanikant Boonma Před 2 měsíci
OMG I had that magazine when I was 6 it was my first magazine that I bought in the air port
Sam Parkinson
Sam Parkinson Před 2 měsíci
I got all six correct, yay. Although, they're all really good at this 😂
KitKat_ Crusader_G1rl
KitKat_ Crusader_G1rl Před 2 měsíci
i like Damien's shirt
Alt Soviet
Alt Soviet Před 2 měsíci
why does the sound in the backround remind me of minecraft when they picked the cestions
Spencer Callister
Spencer Callister Před 2 měsíci
15:55 courtney freaking Miller picked her freaking nose! Love it!
Blayne Jongeward
Blayne Jongeward Před 2 měsíci
She's wearing the same shirt as me XD
Elion Guri
Elion Guri Před 2 měsíci
Lok at cortys shirt cowboy bebop
Gaming RoBruh
Gaming RoBruh Před 2 měsíci
I see Damien with the all might t-shirt
Jobob Joestar
Jobob Joestar Před 3 měsíci
I love how they just dont acknowledge how good Damien is at lying. He told them a super specific story about his childhood which turned out to be a lie and they were just like "haha! Ok, lets move on now!" This is great
JLaFs Před 3 měsíci
Bots by Acclaim? Now that's a game that hits me right in the nostalgia
- SilentHowl16 -
- SilentHowl16 - Před 3 měsíci
Is Damien a bnha fan?
Khyan Lui
Khyan Lui Před 3 měsíci
Also i have noticed the All Might shirt on Damien too
Khyan Lui
Khyan Lui Před 3 měsíci
Has anyone else noticed the Cowboy BeBop shirt? Im talking to all you weebs out there
gretchen miller
gretchen miller Před 3 měsíci
When your name is said in a video 😅
Matt Před 3 měsíci
The scuba thing is called PADI
funy2xxc Před 3 měsíci
the fbi took my laptop because some hacker was selling drugs from it this is when i was 6 when i use to click every single link and i got a virus then the hacker had access to my laptop
Sasanth Bollineni
Sasanth Bollineni Před 3 měsíci
The way damien placed his guns: AKIMBO BABYY!!! The way Courtney put her guns: (Mexican gang leader voice) Alright you tell me truth we go number one, you say lie we go number two. (Pls don’t make poop and pee jokes) The wa6 Noah placed his guns: (Old Russian ‘fought in the war’ man voice) Umm yeah tzis iz ze assembly line, would you like a gun?
Holo Swan
Holo Swan Před 3 měsíci
Almight shirt (:
Taegan The Emerald Tooth
Taegan The Emerald Tooth Před 3 měsíci
I didnt realize damien liked mha, it fits SUSPICIOUS
Taegan The Emerald Tooth
Taegan The Emerald Tooth Před 3 měsíci
Taegan The Emerald Tooth
Taegan The Emerald Tooth Před 3 měsíci
Taegan The Emerald Tooth
Taegan The Emerald Tooth Před 3 měsíci
Dakota Tessier
Dakota Tessier Před 3 měsíci
The Puppeteer Nyx • 69 years ago
The Puppeteer Nyx • 69 years ago Před 3 měsíci
Noah’s second story, the exact same thing happened to me when I was 8 XD
Natalie Chop
Natalie Chop Před 3 měsíci
I was listening to the story of Courtney wen her tank burst. Is it just me or didn't she say that she was in the MIDDLE of where she was diving which she said was 50 feet in, right, well then she said that the pool was only 12 feet down! So she was clearly lying! duh!
Noxicity Před 3 měsíci
I’ve went snorkeling in Cozumel so I thought it was true lol
leeChMSI Před 3 měsíci
Court Bourt is so adorable...
lindsay koch
lindsay koch Před 3 měsíci
can’t believe noah and courtney don’t know about j-14. uncultured.
Chase Woodrum
Chase Woodrum Před 3 měsíci
Wtf happened to Smosh
mysterious Deoxys
mysterious Deoxys Před 3 měsíci
Didn't know courtney and Damian liked anime( coboy bebop and my hero academia )
Among us Raw
Among us Raw Před 3 měsíci
Why does Damien look older in the picture than he does now
Among us Raw
Among us Raw Před 3 měsíci
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited And so did you
LaserAgentRyan Před 3 měsíci
I just want to say isn’t getting held at getting in trouble
Gamer girl
Gamer girl Před 3 měsíci
Ok so i went back to old smosh vids and had just binged mha, and just now noticed that damion is wearing a ALL MIGHT shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaylee LaPorta
Kaylee LaPorta Před 3 měsíci
I like the my hero academia shirt
Isaiah Kinney
Isaiah Kinney Před 3 měsíci
Damian played all of you, dont lie
Trash Rat
Trash Rat Před 3 měsíci
Dude he was wearing a all might t-shirt ahhh I love all might so much
Drew Sauer
Drew Sauer Před 3 měsíci
If an oxygen tank explodes on your back you'd feel more than a bump 😂
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia Před 3 měsíci
is it just me or noah's fbi story sounds like the show scorpion
P.M. productions
P.M. productions Před 3 měsíci
Coyboy bepbop
Zixpixel Před 3 měsíci
We need more of this.. this is an amazing show that you guys do
Snakeadoodle Před 3 měsíci
Damien: I’ve been playing a lot of detective video games Me: press X to doubt
DJ Davis
DJ Davis Před 3 měsíci
Damien is a scary good liar
Jackson Turner
Jackson Turner Před 4 měsíci
Courtney's shirt tho
Ella Hemroides
Ella Hemroides Před 4 měsíci
Is it just me but Noah hit different
Kai Před 4 měsíci
I dig the anime shirts, except for you Noah. You should watch anime
RedeyePeyton Před 4 měsíci
I knew Courtney’s diving one was a lie when she used the number 12 twice in a row
Tatum Peterson
Tatum Peterson Před 4 měsíci
Dimen(wares ua shirt) me(he’s is a web tooooooooooooo)
jarrod hofmann
jarrod hofmann Před 4 měsíci
when Courtney said it was her first dive and was under 50ft i could tell that was a lie
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Před 4 měsíci
Can we just say Noah is the only non weeb here. Like Cortney has Cowboy Bebop shirt and Damien has My Hero Academia shirt.
José Emilio Villarreal
José Emilio Villarreal Před 4 měsíci
Damien's a fucking genius
Bella Tamayo
Bella Tamayo Před 4 měsíci
**Me starring at the all might shirt**
Squanchy Sam
Squanchy Sam Před 4 měsíci
Everyone at smash is so alive and so human
Squanchy Sam
Squanchy Sam Před 4 měsíci
lonely boi
lonely boi Před 4 měsíci
Damien's all might shirt tho 👌👌👌
abdi micheals
abdi micheals Před 4 měsíci
once i accidently stole then ran back and paid
Bogus123 Před 4 měsíci
Courtney *give us all your views* me tries to pull out eyes
Nicole Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez Před 4 měsíci
Is it just me or does anybody else feel personally betrayed by Damien's lie😂😂😂
アッカーマンリヴァイ Před 4 měsíci
Are those anime t-shirts I see....
SierraYTOfficial Před 5 měsíci
Ok how Damien go from that magazine to now?
mapleklik S
mapleklik S Před 5 měsíci
dude seeing courtney in a cowboy bebop shirt... I seriously didn't see that coming
latinracer79 Před 5 měsíci
Sick anime shirts
Biblamio sa bing bong
Biblamio sa bing bong Před 5 měsíci
She would have died in the scuba accident plus she was playing with her hair and that's what people often do when they lie
Ryder Carson
Ryder Carson Před 5 měsíci
Dang 2 anime shirts out of 3. I love it
Richard Lehane
Richard Lehane Před 5 měsíci
Wait does one of them have a all might on the 👕!?
AnnieeMoth Před 5 měsíci
Nobody talking about all might??
LJ Před 5 měsíci
I love Damien's All Might shirt I want iiiiiit
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