Nate Diaz wants Dustin Poirier, Charles Oliveira next at 170 pounds | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

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Nate Diaz returns to Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show for the first time since November 2019 to discuss what he’s been up to since his fight vs. Jorge Masvidal for the BMF title at UFC 244. Diaz (3:54) gives his thoughts on Conor McGregor getting knocked out by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, then expresses interest (9:30) in fighting Poirier next at 170 pounds. Diaz also (16:15) speaks about getting called out by other big names like Tony Ferguson before saying he’d want to fight Charles Oliveira. He also (26:51) reacts to Jake Paul calling him out, then tells Ariel when he’d want to (29:40) make his UFC return and how many times he’s like to fight in 2021.
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NOOB_ FPV Před 3 hodinami
Gotta love Nate! Dude is a born and bred fighter! He is doing what he was born to do imo and he will fight anywhere, anytime and can’t wait to see him soon.
Jason Victor Everett
Jason Victor Everett Před 4 hodinami
"I ain't lost to nobody." Delusional as ever.
The Burnouts Blog Post
The Burnouts Blog Post Před 14 hodinami
My mans for sure has got ct
Leak Things
Leak Things Před dnem
He’s looking old
Original Gardeners
Original Gardeners Před dnem
CTE in prime form
J Před dnem
So true on the conor thing
garry whitelaw
garry whitelaw Před dnem
Hermes + Josh... You got finished twice Nate. It's very good but it is still on your face.
Sterling Frosty
Sterling Frosty Před dnem
3:20 -3:50 you are welcome! True Nate fans will know!
june snow
june snow Před dnem
Coolest guy on the planet. War Diaz.
Jef saiyan
Jef saiyan Před dnem
Nate Diaz 💪👊💥
Foggy Dew
Foggy Dew Před 2 dny
He is a very SPECIAL person. Whenever i see a Diaz bro interview i can't help but to notice they are a bit SPECIAL. Perhaps too SPECIAL to be allowed in the ring again?
J3ss3 Jam3s
J3ss3 Jam3s Před 2 dny
They take Nick Diaz 5 year about 10 fight 2 - 5 million, ... they will pay Nick one Day, ...
J3ss3 Jam3s
J3ss3 Jam3s Před 2 dny
I like Diaz Brothers
Dylan Pilcher Universe
Dylan Pilcher Universe Před 2 dny
he looks like hes 65 lol
unpersonned person
unpersonned person Před 2 dny
His best fights are Tony, Justin and Dustin at 150. Sad that he won't cut down. He's too small for 170 and it has way more wrestlers in the top 10.
Justin Před 2 dny
Nate Diaz is a real OG.
Martin Alvarado
Martin Alvarado Před 2 dny
Respect to Ariel for pretending to know what Nate was saying 💪🏽
Sam Spirgel
Sam Spirgel Před 2 dny
We need a Nate Diaz vs Tony Ferguson press conference asap
Franky Styles
Franky Styles Před 3 dny
Nate is so verbally challenged it’s insane. Photo image of Huh...
Whiplash Pants
Whiplash Pants Před 3 dny
Makes a valid point when he says all these other guys get finished off, but not him.
CRAIG5835 Před 4 dny
Thats DEF the Worst case of crabs ive EVER seen!!
Claude Williams
Claude Williams Před 4 dny
Big Diaz fan... but your older now. Slower lacks knock out power. I don’t see u beating Edwards. Roofing for him but I do t see it.
Chris Davies
Chris Davies Před 5 dny
''I have to go now'' - Code for my publicist has just informed me I am too high
Monkey Saiyan
Monkey Saiyan Před 5 dny
Put that warrior back in cage for real showtime!
The Professional Amateur
The Professional Amateur Před 5 dny
This is my favorite interview yet!
Shane Jumbo
Shane Jumbo Před 5 dny
Nates on crack
Chance Canaan
Chance Canaan Před 6 dny
I think people jus feel like it’s funny to clown nates speech at this point. If y’all would use basic listening and comprehension skills it’s not that difficult to understand this man. He jus thinks in a different way and he’s always been like this. Yes he’s high af and sounds slow half the time but so does half of the other stoners on this planet.
Rayado Uno
Rayado Uno Před 6 dny
Huge fan pf the Diaz Bros!
Boots Před 6 dny
Nate diaz just being Nate Diaz
Nathan Freeman
Nathan Freeman Před 6 dny
The only thing I’ll watch with Ariel
Rob Casto
Rob Casto Před 6 dny
What was the point of this Ariel? We already know Nate isn't great at interviews like this. Social Anxiety and severe ADD isn't funny to poke fun at. We all know the way Ariel has made his name. Using his college phsycology on men who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.
I 10
I 10 Před 6 dny
Huh didn't Josh Thomson TKO Nate?
Marc M
Marc M Před 6 dny
Ariel: Are you watching all the fights? Nate: yeah Ive been watching everything Ariel: everything you watch? like you watched this past weekend? Nate: who fought again?
Proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian Před 6 dny
Nate looks confident and healthy. Looking forward to his fight coming up. Dana has said some stupid things in his days, saying Nate doesn't move the needle with the fans, lm pretty sure Nate busted the PPV record on one of his last fights. The Diaz brothers have always been true in what they believe and what they do, and will defend those beliefs at any time with anyone. Ya got to love'm.
Proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian Před 6 dny
He did a good job because he talk to Nate straight up and ask sensible questions. Well done.
R D Před 6 dny
Helwani & diaz just need to smoke a blunt together and put out the convo
Y Hideit
Y Hideit Před 6 dny
Nate is so delusional.....I never lost a fight....170 has no real fighters in it .!
senamon nonya business
senamon nonya business Před 7 dny
Reimburse nick for missed time
The Rideshare Hustle
The Rideshare Hustle Před 7 dny
Awesome interview. Thank you
PsiLocker Před 7 dny
He really have brain damage! Idiot ))
Keith Peebles
Keith Peebles Před 8 dny
Jake Paul put them in the MMA he won't be such a badass talker
Diggin Up the Carolina's with DigITdude -Jeremy
Diggin Up the Carolina's with DigITdude -Jeremy Před 8 dny
Diggin Up the Carolina's with DigITdude -Jeremy
Diggin Up the Carolina's with DigITdude -Jeremy Před 8 dny
What's wrong with ghis throat
Diggin Up the Carolina's with DigITdude -Jeremy
Diggin Up the Carolina's with DigITdude -Jeremy Před 8 dny
Terrarium86 Před 8 dny
Khabib vs Nate!
Lbaby Tutorials
Lbaby Tutorials Před 8 dny
Is Nate okay? Slurred speech and seems nervous to do an interview
kai d
kai d Před 8 dny
This is cte, kids
Terry Hunt
Terry Hunt Před 8 dny
Excellent interview, Ariel and "Nathan" have quite the rapport. Nate spits wisdom and always keeps it real. They breed em cool in Stockton.
IAteBidenCat Před 8 dny
Nate like to fight 155's lol
IAteBidenCat Před 8 dny
Nate fake asf coke head
IAteBidenCat Před 8 dny
Nate got drug issue's lmao go rehab
Joshua Elijah
Joshua Elijah Před 9 dny
Lol at all the why teh boys from middle Murica not being able to understand Nate Diaz 😂🤣
Janiter Inadrum
Janiter Inadrum Před 9 dny
Sure.. Nate Might Mumble a little bit here and there.. but when Diaz comes to fight you know there's not going to be any takedowns and lay on somebody for a whole round.. it's going to be a beating one way or the other.. that's why people love the Diaz brothers
Martina Srna
Martina Srna Před 2 dny
Exactly. True warriors. We miss Nick already for such a long time. Nate fighting still, its always a celebration of an good old MMA. Hope he wins and fight more.
Rajat Kumar
Rajat Kumar Před 9 dny
Who is here after the Edwards fight is announced.. ???
Santa Irene X
Santa Irene X Před 9 dny
Nate seems to forget about Josh Thompson finishing him.
Cruz Banuelos
Cruz Banuelos Před 10 dny
My love hate relationship Ariel consist on him somehow pulling these interviews off
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Před 10 dny
he talk like a crazy dude in prisom who committed so many crimes and they all in his head messin' round.
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Před 10 dny
nate just a punching bag
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Před 10 dny
so sad to see nate so fing stupid from head shots
Just Me
Just Me Před 10 dny
nobody lights up the octagon like a Diaz does, real as it gets
Gabriel John
Gabriel John Před 10 dny
D0sxx Gaming
D0sxx Gaming Před 10 dny
Diaz is high AF
TLOC Před 10 dny
"Have you ever had a dream that that you um you had you'd you would you could you'd do you wi you wants you you could do so you you'd do you could you you want Connor messed up and dustin didn't do anything special" -Nate Diaz
Rick kilbury
Rick kilbury Před 10 dny
You got to love Nate Diaz but my goodness my goodness he was so high in the interview if he was any higher he would have floated away
Chao Ng
Chao Ng Před 11 dny
The innate cuticle endoscopically bang because meal nationally tremble an a deserted hose. rich, abusive peace
urie p.
urie p. Před 11 dny
A skilled fighter but no brains. There beat up.
Dillon McCarthy
Dillon McCarthy Před 11 dny
Nate go 155... tf u were goated
john havlis
john havlis Před 11 dny
Nates brain is scrambled eggs.. Still can fight with the best
Daniel White
Daniel White Před 12 dny
Nate Diaz is a real dude. Respect
RH Před 12 dny
Great interview, nice chemistry there. Nate is seriously cool and I thought he made some good points. And always entertaining
Paul Petrut
Paul Petrut Před 12 dny
Weird guy nate..
Marvell Jones
Marvell Jones Před 13 dny
Diaz vs the winner of Dustin vs McGregor fight would be nice.
Killian Ryan
Killian Ryan Před 13 dny
Conor should listen to this advice
Rocktown501 Před 14 dny
Nate mf'ing Diaz.... Put some respeck on that name..
Southern Man80
Southern Man80 Před 14 dny
Dustin poirier vs Nate Diaz would be a huge money fight !
Shock Před 15 dny
bro is too stoned to talk
Lynxit Před 15 dny
Nate needs really goo too the toilet , take a smokebreak ;-)
Bill Novitsky
Bill Novitsky Před 16 dny
I want to see conner fight nick
Nicole Ramirez
Nicole Ramirez Před 16 dny
Let me.say this nate has an awesome observation but he's not looking for a knock out and everyone's pushing on him for that he wants a actual fight "street fight" "big fight less fight" ext.
ian styles
ian styles Před 16 dny
Best interview ever, Nathan Diaz is fascinating to the maximum , I will always be a happy fan as long as The Diaz brothers are in MMA UFC , with our man behind the best questions Mr Ariel Helwani . My day can start now. 😃
Surfer Rosa
Surfer Rosa Před 16 dny
Nate's had 12 losses and was finished in exactly 25% of those. He has a very odd recollection of events
RS_75 AC
RS_75 AC Před 16 dny
Díaz vs Wonderboy make it happen
mike Dean
mike Dean Před 16 dny
I don't care what anyone says; Nate Diaz is one of if not the toughest street fighter ever. G.O.A.T. street fighter!
Washed Up
Washed Up Před 17 dny
I’ve been thinking abt Nate lately
I think I have less brain cells now
Christuffrz28 Před 17 dny
Nate just don't have what it takes to hold a belt. He is a dog for sure but the talent just is not there in comparison to the wrestlers and grapplers in the game.
noel servin
noel servin Před 17 dny
Diaz vs porier!!!!!! Thats the fight to make! I got my money on my boy Nate!
Enrique Cortes
Enrique Cortes Před 17 dny
30:02 mark.. Helwani preety much climaxed....lmfao!!😅😂😅
John Galt
John Galt Před 18 dny
1:54 Actually, The Rockefeller Foundation & Bill Gates both planned. Oh, I mean predicted the Covid pandemic. Lock Step & Event 201.
Jessie Story
Jessie Story Před 18 dny
Nate Diaz is possibly the best bbj , but damm bro that dope is making it where you can't have a conversation that makes sense. Love nick and nate, but the is your brain on drugs!!!! Amazing fighters, but damm it's hard to have a conversation with either one of them. I'll always back the Diaz brothers, but the talks after fights would be interesting!!look 7 years ago to today. Your brain on dope. Everyone has to look at themselves.
fgsdg dfgsgfsd
fgsdg dfgsgfsd Před 18 dny
The mature accelerator splenomegaly blush because pedestrian informally change beneath a helpless ear. befitting, dramatic elbow
ECL29 Před 19 dny
23:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andy littleton
Andy littleton Před 19 dny
Omg that was a tough watch. Nate either punch drunk or needs to calm down on the weed. Probably both
Mr. Martinez
Mr. Martinez Před 19 dny
My boy Nate from my town Stockton always been good. I don't know why people worry a out his mental health. Thats just how we talk from where we from. Stockton 209 Represent
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones Před 19 dny
NATE IS LIKE END WHAT DO YOU MEAN? He not think about the End. Nate shout out from East Stockton.
rustam s
rustam s Před 19 dny
Nate makes some good points here. His manner of speaking is that of a person who is anxious or self-conscious + high, but his thoughts are good.
Dan Goldstein
Dan Goldstein Před 19 dny
You can see diaz just like his bro has mad anxiety bybthe way he is constantly fidgeting, moving his hat around...
E Před 19 dny
He said absolutely everything but he really didn't say anything at all.
E Před 19 dny
Straight up tweaker
E Před 19 dny
He is on so much drugs its sad
daniel Před 17 dny
Weed? Calm down
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