My 50 Cal Exploded

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Kentucky Ballistics

Před 8 dny

“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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Kentucky Ballistics
Kentucky Ballistics Před 8 dny
Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!
Paul Alejandro
Paul Alejandro Před 7 dny
I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.
theyetirulrs Před 7 dny
That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!
Fanie Smit
Fanie Smit Před 7 dny
Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery
Tim Meijerink
Tim Meijerink Před 7 dny
We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland
Trogdordog04 Smith
Trogdordog04 Smith Před 7 dny
Kinda suspicious 2 of y’all having 50s mishaps . Glad you are still with us.
Johnny_diamant Ch89
Johnny_diamant Ch89 Před 17 vteřinami
Fukin legends
Nathan K
Nathan K Před 38 vteřinami
This is the first CSposts video to make me actually sick DAMN
Lex Clack
Lex Clack Před 2 minutami
I know it was an insane event and I’m glad you’re doing good as you can be. I also love it’s not a clickbait title😂
James Johnson
James Johnson Před 2 minutami
Dam bro I'm glad your alive
CMK Před 3 minutami
God is Good!!! May He continue to bless you and yours!!
DAPS15ER Před 6 minutami
Holy shiznitz!! It's incredible that you survived this freak accident but I am GLAD u did. Soria family wishes Scott a swift and smooth recovery. And from now on don't forget to 'PUT A THUMB IN IT' 👍
Plumbus Před 7 minutami
Wow, that is insane, glad you made it and are doing alright, your positive attitude is also very refreshing.
Arthur Rodgers
Arthur Rodgers Před 7 minutami
God and his angels were looking after you that day. You survived the most insane weapons failure I have ever seen. Speedy recovery my friend.
Osbourne_K20a2 Před 8 minutami
God was with you...Just with you...
franekma Před 8 minutami
franekma Před 8 minutami
Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez Před 8 minutami
I hope Mark Serbu gives you a new gun. Recover soon!
TR1GGR Před 8 minutami
I’m shook...
Stan R
Stan R Před 9 minutami
The part where he said he was going to be put under anesthesia, and realized this could be the last time he saw his loved ones....that got me. I thought about my wife and kids and could only imagine how terrifying that must’ve me in the feels. Glad you made it, thank God indeed.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Před 10 minutami
be safe brother. thats one badass scar and a story!!
Jan Pierce
Jan Pierce Před 11 minutami
God has a work for you son God Bless You🙏🙏
Kchanilla Před 11 minutami
God has higher plans for your life as you were given a second chance in life man! ..question is who sold you thos hot rounds? you should probably sue them or at least make some noise to prevent anyoneelse from getting hurt, they might not be as blessed as you are if they get an accident like yours.
James Rummel
James Rummel Před 12 minutami
Glad to see you're recovering! Not to seem insensitive, but is there any chance we could see the whole, graphic video?
K C Před 13 minutami
Ethan Knowles
Ethan Knowles Před 15 minutami
This is the most unfortunate but incredibly badass story ever
R Wo
R Wo Před 15 minutami
God's not done with you yet. Take care buddy...
Desmond Moonbear
Desmond Moonbear Před 16 minutami
At least you have a cool scar and a story behind it, thank goodness your still here with us!
SERGIO MARTINEZ Před 17 minutami
Don't mean to be the negative one but this was not a freak accident, you stated you didn't know how hot that round was, I would say negligence but glad your ok and good video on what not to do.
LightSaber1995 Před 17 minutami
CRAZY! wishing you a quick recovery from vienna, austria!
Szynka Wmiodzie
Szynka Wmiodzie Před 18 minutami
Гена Бобков
Гена Бобков Před 21 minutou
Стреляйте из пневматики
Richard Gladle
Richard Gladle Před 21 minutou
Whoa! Scary shtuff... May I ask a question? Did you create this round or did you purchase it?
Susanna Před 23 minutami
Wow. It exploded into just pieces flying everywhere. Someone was looking out for you there
Steve Halbleib
Steve Halbleib Před 23 minutami
M60 Machine gun had a squib round in the barrel and blew gunners lower face off. Date 1968 Viet Nam, just to let you know, he lived!!
Austin Stephan
Austin Stephan Před 23 minutami
glad you made it
The Player
The Player Před 25 minutami
jesus christ
vSharksy Před 27 minutami
Your reaction to moving was so quick 😂
cuteshadowKIA Před 27 minutami
dad, paramedics, doctors, nurses save his live. "God saved me" ... well he also made your gun blow up in a freak accident. Im glad you are making a discovery from that ...slight mishap...
Jacob Ferris
Jacob Ferris Před 28 minutami
Why tf do people dislike this, the man almost died??
Darryon Cush
Darryon Cush Před 28 minutami
God bless!! you and your family are in my prays. God truly had you in his hands that day!
william murdorf
william murdorf Před 28 minutami
Shocked and sorry about what happened to you and I am glad you came through it well. I am curious though... Not to be ignorant or insensitive either, but do you think you will ever be shooting .50 cal. rounds again? I mean "they" say to get right back on the horse when you fall, but I think I would have been put off of shooting a .50 altogether after an incident like that. Love the shirts too. It's great that you are staying positive through all of this. Heal quickly, hug your Dad and stay strong brother. You got your second chance.
steve bolton
steve bolton Před 29 minutami
God had nothing to do with it! was a thing called luck
The Soviet Union
The Soviet Union Před 29 minutami
Hope u get better
say Wot
say Wot Před 29 minutami
Bad ammo?
vSharksy Před 30 minutami
Of course it’s always the last round smh 😂
Empty pockets farm W/BJ
Empty pockets farm W/BJ Před 31 minutou
Please show it again in slow mo
Lon Před 32 minutami
just seeing this i think the gun mfg. is at falt the gun should have been made to withstand all contingencies of the ammo just sayin
Dan Ward
Dan Ward Před 34 minutami
Glad your ok buddy
kriger Před 34 minutami
you're one hell of a trooper.
mujbosna dom
mujbosna dom Před 34 minutami
You're a beast dude
Arslan Riaz
Arslan Riaz Před 34 minutami
First of all thanks to God, who saved you and secondly hats off to you and your dad for that much bravery and courage.
Fourth Root
Fourth Root Před 34 minutami
Carotid artery, your jugular is on your left.
Debatable Truths
Debatable Truths Před 35 minutami
Scott: 1 50-Cal: 0
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Před 35 minutami
God is good indeed!
Adam Chrisco
Adam Chrisco Před 35 minutami
Ecchi Yuri
Ecchi Yuri Před 37 minutami
The Legendary Allahu Akbar's Bullet! 😍😍😍
Andrew D
Andrew D Před 37 minutami
Geez, that looks like it hurt...a little bit. I think about 20 nails should fix those broken bones in case the band aids come off. Stay strong Scott. Also if your thumb gets tired you can use my thumb to plug your throat. Stay strong Scott.
Street Tuber
Street Tuber Před 38 minutami
Glad your still here man that’s crazy 🤯🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sadlor82 Před 39 minutami
Thank God you are alive, and no stroke. Try to remember words of Jesus Christ ( Mt 26 : 52 ) "“Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” God Bless you
Jacob Aubertin
Jacob Aubertin Před 39 minutami
For comedic relief, watch at 0.5 speed.
Jim Buettner
Jim Buettner Před 40 minutami
Thank you for the video i’m glad you are doing well good luck in the future be safe
Nedventures! Před 40 minutami
I really appreciate this video. Will definitely pay more attention to ammo pressure vs what the firearm is rated for!
UnarmedBrodcast Před 40 minutami
Jack Ball
Jack Ball Před 41 minutou
And here was me thinking that guns were a bad idea..... Oh!
D. Love
D. Love Před 41 minutou
You are now, PRE-DISASTERED! Nothing bad is likely to ever happen again. At least with firearms. Praise the lord, amen.
Prakash Thapa
Prakash Thapa Před 42 minutami
Glad you are ok!!
Dylan Mcgarr
Dylan Mcgarr Před 42 minutami
Yeah I'd think I pissed off God and the Grim Reaper
Christopher Jacob Thomas
Christopher Jacob Thomas Před 42 minutami
this is the perfect example of while always to wear protection lol. pistol probably wont be as serious but concept is the same lol
Sadi Ash
Sadi Ash Před 44 minutami
miracle happend for you, god bless you
Dustin Recker
Dustin Recker Před 44 minutami
That’s scary man, I’m glad your ok, and it’s amazing you were able to do what you did to survive. Also thank you for your service (you said you had law enforcement background)
GoldenBadger Před 44 minutami
Stumbled upon this video because CSposts algorithm and holy fucknut. I'd say you cheated death that day.
88MasterBuck Před 47 minutami
Your battle isn't done (recovery will continue...), I am consciously saying a prayer for you right now that you recover fully and happily. Don't miss a moment with your kids from now on!!!
Dmitry Svobodin
Dmitry Svobodin Před 48 minutami
Good wishes from Russia, speedy recovery!
D H Před 49 minutami
Solid Kenji
Solid Kenji Před 49 minutami
I think you survived agent 47 trying to assassinate you.....
Joaquin Fabrega
Joaquin Fabrega Před 50 minutami
Glad to know you are OK
Chuck Reece
Chuck Reece Před 51 minutou
Yes you should be standing there God wasnt done with you amen
abhilash a
abhilash a Před 51 minutou
Are you ok brother
Mikael Carlsson
Mikael Carlsson Před 53 minutami
You must be protected by Angels and I'm happy for you and your family..
Maxx Beltran
Maxx Beltran Před 53 minutami
White people and guns are a bad combination 😁
Daniel Aguilar
Daniel Aguilar Před 54 minutami
Glad your ok
Raj Subba
Raj Subba Před 55 minutami
👍👍😎 ,
adi salleh
adi salleh Před 55 minutami
Have a speedy recovery sir
Steve Holman
Steve Holman Před 55 minutami
So glad you made it through all that. I have had several experiences, none quite that bad, where my life was on the line, and it's almost eerie how you can see every fraction of a second as to what's happening, almost like it was filmed in super slo-mo. Do you chalk it up to luck or divine intervention? I'm not sure.
AmuroR4y Před 55 minutami
Your injuries have nothing to do with the SLAP round being "hot". You never fire sabots through rifles with a muzzle device unless you know for sure they are compatible. Plastic built up and the pressure increased dramatically to the point the rifle failed.
John Conarty
John Conarty Před 55 minutami
Dang dude, this sounds funky but that couldn't have happened to a better person, you are trained and your dad was amazingly quick on his feet. Super awesome that you are giving credit to God on this man. Quick thinking on your dad's part and am super glad to see you survived!
Ty Wilkins
Ty Wilkins Před 58 minutami
Glad you’re still with us brother! That is crazy stuff. That just goes to show that even if you know what you are doing, accidents can and will happen! Always wear proper safety equipment, and always have a range buddy. Hope you have a speedy recovery!
Tomo Před 58 minutami
I got shot in the back at a range. An idiot didn't have a gun secure. He was as careless as could be. It just missed my liver and kidney in between on the lower left. This happened in Idaho visiting my aunt.
Midnight Angler
Midnight Angler Před 59 minutami
Glad your ok!.. who the hell would dislike this video!? Keep up the good work brother.
Sip of Sunkist
Sip of Sunkist Před 59 minutami
You are among the luckiest men alive I’m sure you know
helperbot 2000
helperbot 2000 Před 59 minutami
dad of the year with such quick thinking!
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Před 59 minutami
God bless
Tim Hicks
Tim Hicks Před hodinou
Wow dude! God Blessed you for shur!!
rob fox
rob fox Před hodinou
only Kentucky ballistics can survive something like this, absolute mad lad. survived a 50 call explosion
Dragon Touched
Dragon Touched Před hodinou
Would be really ironic, when scott shoots the gun in the outro and that one went up aswell ... total anxietyalert
Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon Před hodinou
Scott I'm curious. did you hit the fire hydrant on that last shot? Lol
monke le
monke le Před hodinou
only you could survive
arliciawalker Před hodinou
God bless you God save you and we're glad you're back here to do more videos Amen! Oh yes and God bless those nurses and doctors at the Tennessee hospital for helping God helping them save you
Dragon Touched
Dragon Touched Před hodinou
Next time maybe wear a bodyarmor, if you keep shooting, just to prevent maybe such injuries in the future?
Tomasz Před hodinou
This story is f* scary! Thanks God that you are still with us!
Gangster88232 Před hodinou
Thank god for living in Europe. No guns here. Why is this in my recommended?
SLICK KING Před hodinou
Jesus Christ man… god bless. I don’t even have words.
tAmEz ZoDiAc
tAmEz ZoDiAc Před hodinou
This was only posted a week ago but I swear this video was out way longer and I watched it before that or something similar but damn man glad ur ok.
Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon Před hodinou
Praise the Lord for keeping you above ground Scott. Love your channel
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