Maximum Jackman

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Ryan Reynolds

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Latest work from #MaximumEffort. Let's all take a moment to honor the sacrifice of that poor chair.

cee jae
cee jae Před 2 dny
Boots? What boots?
Tracy Reynolds
Tracy Reynolds Před 2 dny
Never make My HUGH put on clothes, despicable!
DJUniMekaju Před 4 dny
Superkiwi Před 8 dny
RMs do make both pants and tops, so he's just doing for himself
XxshadowDevilx Před 13 dny
Lol no homo but I can't quit looking
Tobe Biosah
Tobe Biosah Před 14 dny
imagine he gets up from the chair and there is a brown stain
Earl Buyoc
Earl Buyoc Před 16 dny
Wait , Hugh Jackman accepted this shoot
shim2dawg Před 16 dny
honestly what is he complaining about?
Jared Shaw
Jared Shaw Před 16 dny
He’s deflated quite a bit since Logan, which is understandable.
ivanovsd Před 17 dny
he always looked to me like an upgraded Hammond
vinzfalken Před 18 dny
Does RM Williams also sell that chair?
HermesBird Před 18 dny
Just rubs his ass into the chair HAHA!
barbarosa c
barbarosa c Před 18 dny
Where can i get r.m williams...?
Philippe Gauvin-Vallée
Philippe Gauvin-Vallée Před 19 dny
Hugh is a treasure of television.
Patchara Weggers
Patchara Weggers Před 19 dny
😂🤣 you're such a dingbat ya & Deb . needed this laugh this morning 👍 Ryan cheers for posting this.
Gin Mador
Gin Mador Před 19 dny
Ryan be trollin'
Michele Burns
Michele Burns Před 20 dny
Hugh is great, love it
Markiss Johnson
Markiss Johnson Před 21 dnem
Deadpool: There's a set of pretty smooth criminals down under.
Ivor Před 21 dnem
Hugh Jackman leaving his shit stain on another man's chair
Ivor Před 21 dnem
The envy of great actors award
Aar T
Aar T Před 21 dnem
DA RH Před 22 dny
Huge is a🔥HOTT Aussie and he can wear his 🔥HOTT pieces of gorgeous leather 👞#MaximumEffort anywhere he damn well pleases... mmmmm ANYWHERE!!.....😂😏🛏️🛁🪑🛋️⛺🚄🚘🛏️🛏️🛏️🛏️🛀✌️💙👅
Mayra Heredia
Mayra Heredia Před 23 dny
That's one beautiful piece of leather
Logan Lake
Logan Lake Před 23 dny
Ryan, out of the humble rivalry you two share it only makes since that you should be the next Wolverine, at least do an ad for the new Xmen staring Ryan Reynolds as Wolverine, then cut to a disapointed angry Jackman drinking Aviation Gin. ;)
Dancingirl Před 24 dny
What about the human decided "sacrifice" of the animals that were tortured and killed for shoes? Really disappointed to see this.
Ruu Yin
Ruu Yin Před 24 dny
I facepalm
Miridmiir Gaming
Miridmiir Gaming Před 24 dny
Huge jacked man
Rico11b Před 24 dny
Maybe they should make underwear and pants. I'm sure that would help the situation. :)
Fid TGS Před 24 dny
is he actually naked?
Christopher Moye
Christopher Moye Před 25 dny
lol, new chair. it was.
Drew Dahlen
Drew Dahlen Před 25 dny
if all commercials on TV were like this people would be like "uuugh,when is the show gonna stop?I wanna see more ads!"
Hugh and Ryan.....the best
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Před 25 dny
Who dislikes these videos
Aries WildChild
Aries WildChild Před 26 dny
I never watched this XD
ravencassidy Před 26 dny
I'm gonna have some vegimite
d.ii.c Před 26 dny
I like pudding.
d.ii.c Před 26 dny
I like pudding Too!
d.ii.c Před 26 dny
Did I ever tell you that I like pudding?
d.ii.c Před 26 dny
Me too! That's how I practice First Aid for snake bites. 2 little x's and then suck. But I don't spit it out. I eat the pudding.
d.ii.c Před 26 dny
Yeah! The little cups are great. I cut a tiny hole in the top and suck out the pudding.
d.ii.c Před 26 dny
My bestest favorite is chocolate. After that I'd say I like chocolate bestest.
power adders
power adders Před 26 dny
this is fucking great
Victoria Price
Victoria Price Před 26 dny
“Not everything is comfortable...” 😂
Andrews Před 26 dny
Ryan is a genius. He is selling Adverts that people actually enjoy to watch and makes millions. ON CSposts!
Dylan Meisinger
Dylan Meisinger Před 27 dny
I think that's enough leather for 1 day....😐
Lil' X
Lil' X Před 27 dny
You know how hard is it get your own CSposts channel these days... Thank goodness Hugh has Ryan ..
Nivek G
Nivek G Před 28 dny
Skip buttons hate this guy. Click this link to find out who
Chris L
Chris L Před 28 dny
I don't even believe the products are real. Just Ryan flexing his pro-marketing abilities
Dullmight Comrade
Dullmight Comrade Před 28 dny
This is cursed in levels I can’t even fathom
Cracno112 Před 28 dny
Why does this feel like a GTA V cutscene?
Notafanboy Před 28 dny
Who is geh?
Forofs Před 28 dny
I want it give it to me
mulgerbill Před 28 dny
I've seen some crappy adverts in my time but this is just junk
Gaming Apple
Gaming Apple Před 28 dny
If i only looked like Hugh, henry, Chris E, Chris H i would have more sucess with the ladies ~
Fin Young
Fin Young Před 29 dny
They have polos too though
Än:Dy TäcHó
Än:Dy TäcHó Před 29 dny
Here before Ray Mak asshole comments.
Ramon Hernandez
Ramon Hernandez Před 29 dny
Incredible xD
Jonathan O'Hagan
Jonathan O'Hagan Před 29 dny
my R M Williams boots are from 1993, and still going strong
The Viking Sock
The Viking Sock Před 29 dny
leather is animal abuse.
Barbarian Remover
Barbarian Remover Před 29 dny
Alpha male asserting his dominant presence
Enzo Komada
Enzo Komada Před měsícem
"Not everything is comfortable"
Jan Wyman
Jan Wyman Před měsícem
These guys are just so much fun! I'd watch either of them - reading the dictionary.
Leafy Greens
Leafy Greens Před měsícem
This is so much like movie 32
T REX Před měsícem
Ryan Reynolds out here single handedly teaching the whole world how to advertise
Sharat Laha
Sharat Laha Před měsícem
Chaøs Galaxy
Chaøs Galaxy Před měsícem
That chair would later be sold at auction to the highest bidder 😂
TheSpiffiest Před měsícem
Not even a link to the product in the description. I thought this was for a made up company.
Samantha Henderson
Samantha Henderson Před měsícem
OMG... why did I not know sooner... I only want to watch commercials done by RR!!! I’m done... take my stimulus now Because I don’t have anything else... lol
Samantha Henderson
Samantha Henderson Před měsícem
Well ya could take my kids also but ya have to feed them once in a while
Debbie C
Debbie C Před měsícem
Went to ball heaven 🤣🤣
Kriegboss Před měsícem
I really want to know the conversion rate on this. I think these ads that entertain are just golden.
Florida Man
Florida Man Před měsícem
So their friends? What about the three musketeers. . Aka include me
jimmitron 9000
jimmitron 9000 Před měsícem
Won Peace
Won Peace Před měsícem
Was he actually naked and if he was how the hell were everyone else okay with that?
Abby Whitson
Abby Whitson Před měsícem
This is hilarious 😂😂
Amy Wood
Amy Wood Před měsícem
@Abby Whitson I love free stuff like so now I know have to get it hahaha
Abby Whitson
Abby Whitson Před měsícem
@Amy Wood I know you can get a free chair Ahahah
Amy Wood
Amy Wood Před měsícem
So funny 😂😂😂 we should get a free seat like that 😂😂😂
Trevor Jeremy Roberts
Trevor Jeremy Roberts Před měsícem
Beef and Porridge Pie
AwpitheAwper Před měsícem
MaximumEffort ads are the best thing ever and Ryan Reynolds can't prove me wrong.
Rafael Gutierrez
Rafael Gutierrez Před měsícem
We can all be perfectly honest... no one asked for this... but we're all damn glad it exists.
A Returning Dog
A Returning Dog Před měsícem
A Returning Dog
A Returning Dog Před měsícem
I can hear the guy's voice trembling 😂
Maynor Caceres
Maynor Caceres Před měsícem
''Just take the chair''
Gokul On Fire
Gokul On Fire Před měsícem
*The first like was made by Blake Lively.* *The first dislike was by Ryan Reynolds.*
Gokul On Fire
Gokul On Fire Před měsícem
@Lungshenli it's based on a running joke. The skit is Reynolds hates Hugh because Blake likes Hugh, suspects her & stalks Hugh to catch them.
Lungshenli Před měsícem
Ryan Reynolds would never do that. I am in fact sure he was the first like and then sent it to Blake
destrox S
destrox S Před měsícem
Actor s sexual part was not clear oh sorry wrong site
Tom H
Tom H Před měsícem
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Tarun Mudaliar
Tarun Mudaliar Před měsícem
Such a good comic..
Stefan Ahlhorn
Stefan Ahlhorn Před měsícem
Oh, I don´t think it is a sacrifice for that not so poor chair... did he say smthing of him beeing all in...?? Like that.
Nastya Skripko
Nastya Skripko Před měsícem
Что я только, что посмотрела? ахахах.
Capusa123 4
Capusa123 4 Před měsícem
I Don’t Know why he seems awkward I’m a straight male and I want to see Hugh jack mans d!ck
Untold Gaming
Untold Gaming Před měsícem
am i the only one that thought it was some sort of spoon in the thumbnail?
Abigail Issler
Abigail Issler Před měsícem
That is by far one of the most clever commercials I have seen in a very long time!
Jen S.
Jen S. Před měsícem
But he's still wearing his wedding ring, though nothing else. Lol
George Zaharia
George Zaharia Před měsícem
so Hugh Jackman, now walks naked and whenever he see's something he wants, rubs his butt on it? ... i should try that with my crush...
TerminalCarrion Před měsícem
So what you will, the product sticks in the mind
Grimey Před měsícem
A moment of silence for the loss of his gains
Raymond Jamieson
Raymond Jamieson Před měsícem
akrzok Před měsícem
Damn you pixels.....
Sachin Venugopal
Sachin Venugopal Před měsícem
Abril Duarte
Abril Duarte Před měsícem
I think Hugh Jackman made love to that chair, how envious
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Před měsícem
That is like right out of my personal fantasy moments lol
Artur Zathas
Artur Zathas Před měsícem
fucking hell lmao
Geeking Out with Bahddaym
Geeking Out with Bahddaym Před měsícem
Omg...I'm dead
Preena Před měsícem
So sad Hugh Jackman promoting a product that is riddled with animal abuse, destruction of the planet and unfair/ dangerous labour practices. It’s 2020 not 1932... get with the times protect people, protect the planet and protect animals by NOT using leather and by choosing more compassionate, sustainable options like cork, hemp , etc
Ricardo Oquendo
Ricardo Oquendo Před měsícem
OH MY GOD MAN how many times do you have to be naked on camera 😖
Morris Buschmeier
Morris Buschmeier Před měsícem
Love this ad!
Cyrus Incera
Cyrus Incera Před měsícem
The upbeat composer prognostically influence because anthropology macropharmacologically program midst a apathetic person. sick, zonked house
Azita Ta
Azita Ta Před měsícem
The Walking Comedian
The Walking Comedian Před měsícem
and no link to buy a pair or two. (insert Deadpool OMG face)
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