Manchester Orchestra - The Silence

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Directed by Ted Roach
Produced by Lagan Sebert
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Music video by Manchester Orchestra performing The Silence. © 2018 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.

Manchester Orchestra
Manchester Orchestra Před rokem
Your reactions to this song and video have blown our minds. There is no better feeling than when music connects to strangers and we can share it together. We love you all. Stay tuned - MO
Bygosh Jones
Bygosh Jones Před dnem
Brilliantly done guys!!!! Stay strong !! Truly Blessed !!
Steven Clark jr
Steven Clark jr Před 3 dny
This song, and even the video, despite it's simplicity, has got to be some of the deepest shit I've ever heard laid on track. I could listen to this song, by itself, all night long. I've never listened to it, without hitting replay at least 5 times. I can't stop... This song, the melody, the lyrics, clueless what it's even about, has awakened life within me I never even knew existed. What rock have I been living under since you guys came out? And everyone I know who never turned me on to you guys? Same rock? Well, it must be my duty to share you with everyone I know!! I only pray you out live me, so I can continue hearing new material by you for the rest of my life...
Damian Garbacz
Damian Garbacz Před 3 dny
If you can make music like this I hope you never run out of ideas this song is amazing
Clas von Classen
Clas von Classen Před 3 dny
@Brian Shelley :-)
Clas von Classen
Clas von Classen Před 3 dny
@sim o :-)
Tina Mesec
Tina Mesec Před 13 minutami
This is amazing!
Niels Versteegh
Niels Versteegh Před 43 minutami
Wow... Finally An awesome pop up on my CSposts.... !!
Cynthia Aultman
Cynthia Aultman Před hodinou
Belt it out and pour it on me!
Luis Francis
Luis Francis Před 2 hodinami
Im hooked💪🔥🔥 great band high quility music...beautiful 🙌
anne franzen
anne franzen Před 3 hodinami
🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻So adorable sensitive and calming ❤️❤️❤️❤️Like cotton around my ❤️
Yulia I.
Yulia I. Před 3 hodinami
Perfect for my depression mood
Anne Coudreuse
Anne Coudreuse Před 4 hodinami
destination euro vision saint etienne medaille
Mightzther Thegathering
Mightzther Thegathering Před 5 hodinami
the road knows better then your foot, where its path leads... but your head learn from it journey walking the roads, how to choose, wiser and more effectivily its trails to follow... after reconizing the bible as a suicidal, proposist to our children, that rome kills the fouls beleivers... you geting the point of whos the true abusers
Mightzther Thegathering
Mightzther Thegathering Před 4 hodinami
At night get a some branch, pills it, throw somme oil, light it, get out of view, wait, shoot the mf geting around, take back they packages...
Mightzther Thegathering
Mightzther Thegathering Před 4 hodinami
you throw dog shit over your rich neibourg fence... than the day he comme to argue, you shoot him cold... right in front of his dogs, so they get a piece of it! Sleeping dogs: shit the richs, methode 101
Mightzther Thegathering
Mightzther Thegathering Před 4 hodinami
you want to save the poors, eat the richs
Mightzther Thegathering
Mightzther Thegathering Před 4 hodinami
the trinity of power, the democraticly fallen kings, desesparated for beleivers damns religius and the wormy banquers... these are your orwell novlangue, masters' languages, thungs to get a collection ove!
Mightzther Thegathering
Mightzther Thegathering Před 4 hodinami
know what best than a heros?? a commun enemis!
Erik van Herwijnen
Erik van Herwijnen Před 5 hodinami
I can't listen this song without tears, but also find strenght in living a live that resonates with my soul. Thank you for this mastersong.
Dorothy Lynch
Dorothy Lynch Před 5 hodinami
Found this song by accident or maybe it was ment to find me. Soothes my soul every time I listen to it. Thank you for the Music 🎼 ❤️x
Gareth Squidy Collins
Gareth Squidy Collins Před 8 hodinami
I will absolutely never get tired of this song. Such an incredible song.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Před 11 hodinami
This type of song is up my alley, I love the mellow melody, but unfortunately the lyrics don't mean anything to me. I can't even finish this song
Gregory Cooper
Gregory Cooper Před 17 hodinami
I can't not stop listen to this song... 🤔
Sita Před 19 hodinami
damn I remember first hearing about you guys when i was 18... I'm 30 now and I still listen to the old albums... yall are forever killlin it!
Yonatan Před 19 hodinami
Of those 48M views i think I’m responsible for 2M of’em
Mike Cameron
Mike Cameron Před 19 hodinami
I don't remember how I came across this song a couple years ago but I'm glad I did! I come back every couple weeks to listen again and I'm blown away every time! Seeing the view count and likes grow is incredible too! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for making great music!
Kathi Robinson
Kathi Robinson Před 20 hodinami
Haunting and sooo relatable. My soul was wrapped up for the duration. Love everything from percussion to vocals. Sound quality exceptional.
Kolos Kiss
Kolos Kiss Před 23 hodinami
This is like listening to Pink Flody a while ago!....A long while ago! The voice is great!!
Samy Bouba
Samy Bouba Před 23 hodinami
listen to it alone at puts you in another dimension
ShootInPutIn Před dnem
mannacioo Před dnem
Oh my fucking GAAAAD !!! Can't stop listening..thank you..!!!!!!
Лена Дякина
Лена Дякина Před dnem
Самая шикарная музыка в мире
James Kelly
James Kelly Před dnem
This is SO refreshing. I can ROCK out to these guys 24/7. Looking to find MORE like this, so PLEASE HIT ME UP THANKS! 😀😀😀
woopoos Před dnem
there is nothing you keep there is only a reflection........... WOW
woopoos Před dnem
B E A utiful. lyrically moving and video is amazing. have been listening to this one for months and keep coming back to it. love it keep up the good work x
Christian Gerhardt
Christian Gerhardt Před dnem
People do not realize this but depressed people thrive on this and not listen to the shallow stuff. This is soulful has meaning and tugs at the heart and soul.
Mason Myers
Mason Myers Před dnem
I love this song! I know it’s about your relationship to God but to me its about my relationship with my recent diagnosis of bipolar. The last 6 lines is an apology to my daughter who may have to fight this same brutal lifelong hereditary battle. But knowing what I know I’ll be here to help in any way I can.
Maximus D Meridius
Maximus D Meridius Před dnem
You guys are intense and these lyrics blew me away. It's amazing how we each perceive our own existence on this planet but can make connections through music. This song has touched my mind and soul that defies logic. Thank you for this greatly structured piece of music! Your genius shines through.
banty boss
banty boss Před dnem
Itzik Hillel
Itzik Hillel Před dnem
WOW, I knew I was hooked from the first note. What a great feeling to find a gem like that, amazing! I feel the words in my bones.
Jason S
Jason S Před dnem
I don't know what this song is about or why he is so angry, but very very good song!
Milena Kupis
Milena Kupis Před dnem
I found this song's name on my random paper with my Cursed kagamine rin drawing, what a blessing tune
Doing me
Doing me Před dnem
This song has been on repeat for days now with no end in speaks directly into my soul and pulls everything out.
Denise Woskett
Denise Woskett Před dnem
The only good thing to come out of the pandemic is the new music I have discovered . And wow I m so glad I happened along this beautiful talent. Stay safe x
Coral Roberts
Coral Roberts Před dnem
I thought it was shia labeouf
Coral Roberts
Coral Roberts Před dnem
I want to collab with them so bad
RO BIs Před dnem
I quill be shober
Dimitri Talbot
Dimitri Talbot Před dnem
Best band since The Band ✌🏼
Georgios Batzolis
Georgios Batzolis Před dnem
Some songs just came to stay forever!
Matěj Černý
Matěj Černý Před dnem
Oh my god, it's a masterpiece
Ismael Espinoza
Ismael Espinoza Před dnem
Rini Vega
Rini Vega Před dnem
I needed this
Rini Vega
Rini Vega Před dnem
Who are you?! Why did i not hear about these guys! M
Rini Vega
Rini Vega Před dnem
Kemi Adeyemi
Kemi Adeyemi Před dnem
Manchester orchestra is possibly the best thing I’ve experienced. There have been times when I prayed, turned on a random playlist, and it felt as if God answered me through the lyrics of their music. Sounds fanatic, I know, but I couldn’t make this shit up of I tried. But I’ve been a fan for over 11 years now, seeing them in detroit for the first time during their mean everything to nothing tour. Then, I screamed out the lyrics of their songs, but i didn’t know what they meant. 10 years later, and a very low point in my life, I get it. So many artists these days that promote nothingness. Thank you Manchester Orchestra for sharing your art.
blastula2 Před 2 dny
je ne comprend pas,ceux qui n'aime pas ,je sais qu'il en faut pour tout les gouts, mais quand même. comment ne pas aimer .c'est sublime.
Wouter Před 2 dny
Epic.....Fucking epic
Gaurav Mehra
Gaurav Mehra Před 2 dny
i do not want this, i do not need this but it still become an integral part of my life. Glad i explored this.
Christine Dayeure
Christine Dayeure Před 2 dny
La vache ! Comme c'est bon MERCI ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!
adilsonlegalyt Před 2 dny
That's some very powerful frequencys here, gave me chivers and I was not even paying attention to the lyrics.
Dinis Mesquita
Dinis Mesquita Před 2 dny
Indescritível... é apenas sentir..
pratik mandal
pratik mandal Před 2 dny
Lchin MirAch
Lchin MirAch Před 2 dny
Lilo du Toit
Lilo du Toit Před 2 dny
Epic. Epic. Epic.
Lilo du Toit
Lilo du Toit Před 2 dny
OMG I'm absolutely in love with this tune...listen to it full blast whenever I can.
משה ימין
משה ימין Před 2 dny
This is amazing!
Charles Holbrook
Charles Holbrook Před 2 dny
What did u expect? Fools!
Kane Sharman
Kane Sharman Před 2 dny
Sometimes you come across something really special that connects with you on a higher level. That's how I feel about this song. Thankyou.
Thilina Gunarathna
Thilina Gunarathna Před 2 dny
lowell prince
lowell prince Před 2 dny
This song puts me w this super unique and kindhearted lady friend I'm lucky to have as a friend. Would love to b more but definitely not at our friendships expense
Dylan Ragucci
Dylan Ragucci Před 2 dny
The feels of it all !Is spontaneous!
Lee band
Lee band Před 2 dny
You now what guy's to be honest i've never heard of you, but youtube as it is links certain searches, being from near Manchester - England a lot of my music is local, you popped up from your name, thank fuck for that!!! love this tune ,the beard rocks. Mint Guy's ❤️
annette Triplett
annette Triplett Před 3 dny
I just love this song
annette Triplett
annette Triplett Před 3 dny
Lisa Před 3 dny
Anyone know the meaning behind the lyrics?
n broeg
n broeg Před 3 dny
This is what music is supposed to do.
Марина Белоцерковская
Марина Белоцерковская Před 3 dny
Rie Fungus
Rie Fungus Před 3 dny
Gosh this is soooooo beautiful
Giovanny Florez Chaparro
Giovanny Florez Chaparro Před 3 dny
Profundo, simplemente profundo.!!
jennifer byrd
jennifer byrd Před 3 dny
Marta Theodoro
Marta Theodoro Před 3 dny
sabina Před 3 dny
Rising from the dead ...❤️
SuperBarbaar Před 4 dny
This song is AMAZING!
Shady Lane
Shady Lane Před 4 dny
Are we good to go?
Paul Daughtery
Paul Daughtery Před 4 dny
Omg what an amazing song, I'm a new fan for sure
Begoña Alvarez
Begoña Alvarez Před 4 dny
this song go straight to my soul. it´s beautiful, and make me go to others places further, how If I can fly so hight
Danis Xatzi
Danis Xatzi Před 4 dny
Every time I hear this song I sell like something is waking up inside of me. I just need my freedom back because of coronavirus. I need an open road and this song playing in loop again and again. Stay strong people I read very sad situations in the comments! Live every day like its your last, time goes and time can't go back!!!
Biltu Badmash
Biltu Badmash Před 4 dny
We came up the unlike with comments 😎
John Atkin
John Atkin Před 4 dny
Addictive as hell: no idea who these guys are, but I’m going to find out
anne franzen
anne franzen Před 3 hodinami
Lukas Akadian
Lukas Akadian Před 20 hodinami
You're in for a treat. Got to see them live in Des Moines for their album "Simple Math" and it was such a great show. Highly recommend that whole album too, but honestly you can't go wrong with these songs. Every one is straight from the heart. The world needs to hear Manchester. Colly Strings, Pride, I Can Feel A Hot One, Simple Math, this song, and so many others. So lovely and unabashedly real. Welcome to the club my friend. We're an accepting group.
emelianenkov Před 21 hodinou
Such a great band! I’ve seen them twice. Their music is incredible!
Hope And Hate
Hope And Hate Před 2 dny
you are not going to be disappointed
Stacy Gengler
Stacy Gengler Před 4 dny
Love vit❣#moving #badassness
veysi mehmetoglu
veysi mehmetoglu Před 4 dny
When i listen this song i want kill myselfe....
Sascha Riess
Sascha Riess Před 4 dny
"are we good to go?" ... yes
Shu bhaM
Shu bhaM Před 4 dny
I am obsessed with this song and now if i die i wont have regreats in my lif tbh..
Tuğba Kılıçarslan
Tuğba Kılıçarslan Před 4 dny
ı am here
SHAHUL ANAS Před 4 dny
You make it .....for all of us Absolutely it is relax for all of us Thanks s lot
Some Dude Named Pieter
Some Dude Named Pieter Před 4 dny
Beautiful song
Susan Smart
Susan Smart Před 4 dny
I am a musician; classically trained violinist... who loves virtually every type of music there is. But this song? It MOVES me almost to tears, the feeling it evokes is so powerful. The instrumentals, along with the lead singers voice? Pure MAGICK!!
rouina filcousina
rouina filcousina Před 4 dny
Il manque juste un truc mmmmmmm ils ont tout le reste je kiffffffffffffff
Boozy Pundit
Boozy Pundit Před 4 dny
This is what I would want to hear in tender moments like coming down from a bad trip moment step by step,.. you went thru some shit but by the end it was triumphant and amazing and you wouldn't have it any other way.
Paulo Dias
Paulo Dias Před 5 dny
14-01-2021 Uns escrevem música em paz, outros com armas matam-na, mas a música ficou escrita em nossas mentes, mesmo que me desligue esta noite, estivemos juntos a ouvi-la, se isso acontecer estarei sempre com vocês. EAYHHHH WUÉK'S
Shivakumar vastrad
Shivakumar vastrad Před 5 dny
Last time a song moved me like this was when I heard "Iron Sky" for the 1st time.
Kevin Rahbek
Kevin Rahbek Před 5 dny
If this song kept the tempo from the first 2 verses, all the way through.... It would be the perfect song 😍
Ashish Orochimaru
Ashish Orochimaru Před 5 dny
Im super high right now and listening to this... who else???
Fer P
Fer P Před 5 dny
sounds like an inner journey. beautiful...
Nuno Freitas
Nuno Freitas Před 5 dny
itacs ltd
itacs ltd Před 5 dny
Juan Rodríguez Vallejo
Juan Rodríguez Vallejo Před 5 dny
10.000th comment ;) relaxing while waiting for an exam
Curtis Bernard
Curtis Bernard Před 5 dny
Just amazing.
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Před 5 dny
Amazing, stunning. So very righteous! Bless you all
Julien lurthy
Julien lurthy Před 5 dny
Un son de dingue, une mélodie de fou et une musique qui prend le cœur. Voici les 3 ingrédients qui font de ce groupe une perle. Je signe et j'adore. Bravo et merci de m'apporter ces frissons en vous écoutants
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