Kamuru Usman reacts to knocking out Gilbert Burns | UFC 258 Post Fight Press Conference

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kassino royale
kassino royale Před 10 dny
This dude switches accents easily
Leonidas Carr
Leonidas Carr Před 16 dny
Burns will never be Champion...
Leonidas Carr
Leonidas Carr Před 16 dny
Usman is such an awesome person and even moreso thereof an delightful brother... As a fighter his in the top (3-Jon Khabib & Usman)
Good Solonius
Good Solonius Před 19 dny
“I will stomp his toes so hard”
Pure Violins meng
Pure Violins meng Před 25 dny
Lmao you 'fans' are fake as fuck. All of you were saying Usman would get KO-ed by burns and now your all quoting Usman and pretending hes not cringy as fuck. MMA fans jump the ship quicker than boxing fans I swear man
Annie Boucher
Annie Boucher Před 26 dny
pound 4 pound king of the sport .
David Tawil
David Tawil Před měsícem
Usman vs Jone Bones Jones! Make it happen Dana!
TM T Před měsícem
Great work Champ
M2theIdget726 Před měsícem
No he wont. Hes selling the fight. He'll win and they'll be buddy buddy at the end of the fight congratulating eachother.... i dont want to see that. I wanna see hate. I wanna see them say 'fuck the money' and all out brawl. But that doesnt exist anymore. And if you think it does, you're a fool. Its all staged, all the time.
Pure Violins meng
Pure Violins meng Před 25 dny
Looks like someone bet on burns lol
Veteran Před měsícem
Usman: Im gonna put him in a ⚰️. *Ghana funeral dancing team joined the chat.
Veteran Před měsícem
Somebody: Good morning Usman. Usman: I took that personally.
Steel Forge
Steel Forge Před měsícem
Don’t get it
Ancient Future
Ancient Future Před měsícem
Ellis Aluyi
Ellis Aluyi Před měsícem
Naija stand up, Naija non deh carry last.
Kyle D.
Kyle D. Před měsícem
I wanna see Colby vs Usman again. That was a great fight.
Syafrian tanjung
Syafrian tanjung Před měsícem
You inspire me, thank you kamaru. Greetings from indonesia
Alowerri 360
Alowerri 360 Před měsícem
USMAN ... Anything you say Can & Will be use against you in the court of fight 😆😆😆
Adhitya Ega Djibril
Adhitya Ega Djibril Před měsícem
He mentioned "Indonesia" 😁 Cheers champ, from Indonesia
Mechanic Beast
Mechanic Beast Před měsícem
Gonna be honest. Wasn’t a fan of Usman, but by this I take my hat off. He is a true champion. Well fought.
quatre saison bonne année
quatre saison bonne année Před měsícem
the parents its life..
HighandDry Před měsícem
A truly worthy champion!
Rizki Primanugraha
Rizki Primanugraha Před měsícem
Tom Collins
Tom Collins Před měsícem
I hate to admit when a guy is a boss. I hate it. Let me say this. Kamaru is as legit as they come.. I will never doubt him again. Leave GSP out of your mouth..he is a different animal. Please do not offer him ....... avoiding the line-up of contenders because none of you are safe once you give him the freedom.
Yunus Abdul
Yunus Abdul Před měsícem
Wise man stuck in UFC
Michael Frith
Michael Frith Před měsícem
Hes trying so had to talk shit and be a bad guy but you can tell he's normally humble and quiet! Colby, chael and Connor were legends for shit talking but guys like usman and askren should just be themselves. It's to awkward seeing them try to be the bad guy
What are dreams and consciousness?
What are dreams and consciousness? Před měsícem
9:04 mcgregor impression unintentionally lmao
Branden K
Branden K Před měsícem
Everytime he talks he sounds so fake
Pissmillah Gandullah
Pissmillah Gandullah Před měsícem
Kamaru will eat shit!
John Williamson
John Williamson Před měsícem
Gotta be honest the guy has been underrated for a while now. I thought he was boring at first and hate the foot stomps but the Covington fight made me realise the guy has real power and is very adaptable. At least Burns showed he can be hurt so hes not invincible but defo a tough dude.
John Williamson
John Williamson Před měsícem
Hes a great fighter but quit with the superhero references man. U ain't no Spiderman!
Kokoete Inwang Nnenim Isangedighi
Kokoete Inwang Nnenim Isangedighi Před měsícem
Up Naija!!!
Tommy vo
Tommy vo Před měsícem
He would beat prime george. I would put 20k on it
Tim Nichols
Tim Nichols Před měsícem
I used to love MMA and the UFC! I stopped watching with McGregor and Rousey. I don't even know who these guys are, now. I don't miss it. Not sure why the video even popped up. Lol!
Tiny Boat Nation
Tiny Boat Nation Před měsícem
Usman wants Masfidal because it’s the only way he can get a good pay out in the pay-per-view. No matter what kind of champion Usman is, he’s boring as hell to watch. Masfidal doesn’t even need to be a champ to be famous. He can find anybody he wants.
Brohammed Před měsícem
Everyone keeps throwing George's name in their like maywteaher in boxing.... dude is old and not gonna fight after taking that many years off
Tyler Bouck
Tyler Bouck Před měsícem
When you are this real I do wonder why he played the gimmick so hard. I love the real guy. We watch for reality.
Jonathan Stone
Jonathan Stone Před měsícem
Nothing but respect for a man like this although I'm a Khabib 100% fan this weight division he will reign supreme!!!
Martin Zikmund
Martin Zikmund Před měsícem
Kamaru is pound for pound best fighter now...
Kendrick Hummer
Kendrick Hummer Před měsícem
And I love Jorge but he didnt deserve the first title shot and only got it because they needed a replacement. He beat a guy who arguably didnt have a win in the ufc, got a doctor stoppage against someone who hadn't won in like 3 years, then you ran through him like it was nothing and just because you cant pull in the same numbers you want to rematch him instead of giving Leon the shot he deserved like 2 years ago and is long overdue for? Alright bro lol you think ppl wanna see the Jorge fight again..? You're both gonna regret that decision when you see the numbers you pull in lol I ain't paying to see that again.
Kendrick Hummer
Kendrick Hummer Před měsícem
Leon's on like a 62 fight win streak, Colby just dismantled Woodley, the guy you made a big deal winning the belt from, and you want to fight the guy you beat without breaking a sweat 2 fights ago simply clout chase Jorge for a few bucks because you cant bring it in yourself? Problem is, you never will doing this acting like you're taking on all comers lmao. Why dont you just rematch Jorge for the rest of your career and give up the belt?
Kendrick Hummer
Kendrick Hummer Před měsícem
This is why Usman will never be a Khabib, hell, he wont even be a Gaetje lol idc how many wins he gets. He has a chance to continue cementing a legacy and he wants a fight with the guy he ran through while barely getting touched, and is dismissing the guy that took him to a fight of the year quality match who just dismantled the same guy Usman won the belt from himself.. if Leon doesnt get the next fight it has to be Colby, but seeing as Usman just wants to be the next McGregor and make a mill fighting 8 ranks below him hes gonna get what hes wishing for (without all the money). Hes chasing a money fight making a joke of the division that built him and doesnt realize that to become the money fight himself he actually needs FIGHTS lol. Remember when Conor called out Diego Sanchez after his Cerrone win..? That's exactly what I'm seeing here. Had a quick win against Jorge, a quick win here, and now he wants Jorge again..? And the UFC is actually doing it lmao what has this promotion become?
Taylor Mason
Taylor Mason Před měsícem
fucking eh. I wanted to give him his props and like USman after beating Burns, but his interviews are annoying af. Cringe
Ecstatically Extreme
Ecstatically Extreme Před měsícem
"I knew I was gonna get him out of there".....he knew because it's scripted. Rigged. Whatever word you want to use. I had Kamaru + under in my parlay as I knew the whole world would bet the over.
XTHE12THMONKEYX Před měsícem
He should retire before he gets beat
scenczyk1429 Před měsícem
I think the lack of respect for Kamaru comes from the next level cringe factor he normally brings
Jojo Jojo
Jojo Jojo Před měsícem
Omg AFTER the fight he realized that he had to do what he did to someone he cares about ! Really Marty, really ?
JasSinghGrewal Před měsícem
Respect. Well spoken. Beast.
Gary Busey
Gary Busey Před měsícem
He’s gonna foot stomp Masvidal into a coffin.
Rude Rabbit Gaming
Rude Rabbit Gaming Před měsícem
I cringe everytime i hear him talk as i think he just talks nonsense and very cheesy but no denying the man can fight. That fight with covington and this one was awesome! He's got a hell of a chin! I don't know who will stop this guy. Maybe GSP will come out of retirement to fight him especially now that he is threatening his legacy. Masvidal I think is the best money fight for him now. He knows it.
LB Young
LB Young Před měsícem
He’s so cringe 😬
perry marshall
perry marshall Před měsícem
Usman appears to have come as a butler.. 😂
Jon Hunter
Jon Hunter Před měsícem
You never finished Masvidal in the first fight
Hector Almazan
Hector Almazan Před měsícem
I should have bet I had 7 people saying he wouldn’t win. I was the only one saying he was gonna get the KO around round 4
Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem Před měsícem
Isn't it "Kamaru" instead of "Kamuru"?
Jake LaMotta
Jake LaMotta Před měsícem
Low lQ but good fighter thou
Franz Schneider
Franz Schneider Před měsícem
Usman Covington 2 Only fight that makes sense. The Masvidal fight was awful (besides all the preparation thing and bla abla) second masvidal fight will be the same clinching control game and easy money for Usman again. Dana spare us that!
444 COLUMBUS 444 IS BACK Před měsícem
The Real rematch is with Colby tho - Without Super Liberal Mark Goddard to save him- #UNBIASED #HERBDEAN
phalanger1 Před měsícem
Masvidal will gladly get beaten to pulp by Usman again because it's much less damaging to his ego and reputation then getting beaten by Colby. He can't really beat anyone except people like Nate Diaz who are miles behind the modern MMA game
Daniel Plunkett
Daniel Plunkett Před měsícem
Re Gilberts punch in the first round 'I wasn't necessarily hurt I was a little off balance it was slippery in there' 😂 na you were hurt my guy you were off balance coz you got a big smack to the dome lol and a few more follow ups like it and the outcome might have been different. Slippery in there 🤔 😂
Phillip Reyna
Phillip Reyna Před měsícem
The forced accent dont work for you buddy
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas Před měsícem
Are they high as fuck I work and still
Dmitry Kuznecov
Dmitry Kuznecov Před měsícem
Usman every time fights like his opponent just broke into his house in the middle of the night. Love it
BIGGZONDECK Před měsícem
Naija no fit carry last 🇳🇬
Vincent Purperhart
Vincent Purperhart Před měsícem
I use to be a doubter Well thats over now How about usman is the goat in this division Sorry gsp but i gotta put respect on usmans name after this
stephen barter
stephen barter Před měsícem
is Usman in the Nation of Islam or some shit. what's up with the tuxedo
ERKAN DALGIC Před měsícem
Usman vs Khabib is the fight to make!!! Enough said!
Fedor Ferguson
Fedor Ferguson Před měsícem
Translation: "I'm gonna dry hump his leg harder than the first time."
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Před měsícem
Kamaru "I took it personal" Usman
Clayton Doninger
Clayton Doninger Před měsícem
I agree I think she is strong but I don't think he's going to put Jorge masvidal in a coffin he didn't last time with 6 days notice so I don't think he's going to this time but I do think he'll probably edge of the win out
Clayton Doninger
Clayton Doninger Před měsícem
I personally think there's only a couple people who can contend with him and I think the two best ones well the first one I think would be Colby I think Colby could have beat him he was just a little short during the exchanges due to his reach if he learns how to close it better with a striking background instead of his wrestling I think he would win
Count2Potato Před měsícem
He is going to lay on top of jorge for 5 rounds.
David Před měsícem
Have him move up to 185 and khabib jump go 170 let’s see who the goat is
Picasso Pete
Picasso Pete Před měsícem
Kamaru is a psychopath.. and I Love it
William Tiner
William Tiner Před měsícem
All you do is repeat everything you say
Issa Ricardo
Issa Ricardo Před měsícem
Congratulations champ. Nigeria stand up. African number 1.
Mar Clar
Mar Clar Před měsícem
Usman is the UFC champion we need... all class and true heart if a champ
K Han
K Han Před měsícem
seriously he should move up, there is no one else that can challenge him at 170, i'm a masividal fan but come on now, let's see him go to middleweight. funny how he didn't mention that, is he scared? thats the goat game now, i'm surprised thats not on his radar, who else at 170 can challenge? colby was the only other guy and he got his jaw broken, he dont want any of that anymore.
Aleksandar Tasic
Aleksandar Tasic Před měsícem
Corny as hell man guys a geek. Would be better if he talked less.. alot less lol
Jim T
Jim T Před měsícem
Where's the bucket I wanna chuck up
big L TO H
big L TO H Před měsícem
Usman is a massive problem for anyone an has been a massively underated champion. No-one on the roster can compete. Who can step up next. There isn't anyone. Leon Edwards isn't ready to long of a lay off. Masvidal hasn't got the pedegree
Ramon Anaya
Ramon Anaya Před měsícem
I’m not paying to watch Usman foot stomp for 25 minutes.
Young Melo
Young Melo Před měsícem
Somebody tell dude hugging somebody to death isn’t putting them in a coffin
XN-TriQ Před měsícem
I just can't enjoy watching this guy, he's sooo boring!!! I wan't like him but bro is just hard to vibe with, he's literally the most dull, un-inspiring, cliche talking, banter lacking, zombie
Haskins Family
Haskins Family Před měsícem
Language switch !!! Lol go Usman
iluvmyboba Před měsícem
A rematch with Masvidal is pointless. Usman did decisive work months ago.
Grom Noob
Grom Noob Před měsícem
much respect to him answering his Dads phone call during the middle of an interview lol
Oobydooby Tooby
Oobydooby Tooby Před měsícem
Jwalk Hooligan
Jwalk Hooligan Před měsícem
Dude ur gonna stomp his toes gtfo here You boring bastard.
Chuck Před měsícem
Usman looks weak calling out masvidal you just beat him if your a real champ you want the toughest fight
Justin Barker
Justin Barker Před měsícem
Wonderboy could be a bad matchup for Usman
Din Bachok
Din Bachok Před měsícem
The title: kamuru Put some respect on the name.
bsmileymusic Před měsícem
The only people that's going to give you respect is your people. That's all you really need. F*** whatever everybody else's say. History has proven nobody cares about our achievements. But I'm proud of you sir.
F Před měsícem
Gilbert Burns was and is trash. Give him Khamzat
El Rodrilowks
El Rodrilowks Před měsícem
Shut up bro he just speaks that language to make people think he is from Nigeria
Steven Kane
Steven Kane Před měsícem
Theirs a reason this coward is calling for Masvidal vs Colby, One of them was actually competitive and alot of fake stoppages from the refs when he was in trouble so he knows the easier route.
XxXTank9000 Před měsícem
Will likely best Jorge but please never will put him in a coffin
SwayneIII Před měsícem
but he's so unlikeable, lol
JoJo Fausto
JoJo Fausto Před měsícem
Usman looks like Tim Hardaway Sr. Lol
Savage MMA
Savage MMA Před měsícem
Maybe his feet. If you dare to fight him like you did Colby and burns you’ll get sniped left and right and then go back to your snuggling ways
Graziano Rosetti
Graziano Rosetti Před měsícem
Great fighter and he has clearly gotten better on the mic. Performance wise asking for respect is fine. But him wearing a suit and abrupting the interview to pick up his phone showed no manners at all. And no it doesn’t matter that they aren’t there if anyone is going to say that. It’s disrespectful. He could’ve called them before briefly or afterwards. Also he repeats himself like others here have pointed out, way too often.
Jason . Donoghue
Jason . Donoghue Před měsícem
8:33 speaking the truth
Andi Sanchez
Andi Sanchez Před měsícem
This dude and the fake Nigerian accent 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ everything about dude is fake .. awesome fighter but so corny
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