Jordan Klepper Hits One Last Trump Rally Before the Election | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Jordan Klepper hits up one final Trump rally before Election Day to hear what Trump’s supporters think about Hunter Biden’s laptop, nepotism and more. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #TrumpRally
To help World Central Kitchen serve food to people in voting lines, especially in underserved Black and Brown communities where voting lines are historically longer, go to
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Garrett Snedaker
Garrett Snedaker Před hodinou
Those have got to be the most blissful people on the planet.
Jeff Reynolds
Jeff Reynolds Před 2 hodinami
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Jennifer Robertson
Jennifer Robertson Před 3 hodinami
I feel absolutely horrible for these brainwashed people. At first I was shocked. Now it's just redundant. I hope to God they do not operate heavy machinery. Does anyone actually know the difference between a fascist, a communist and socialist rule?? Everybody stay at home and GOD help us all. I could say eat dogshit and these poor people would say ABSOLUTELY!!!!
evobe Před 3 hodinami
this all aged like sour milk ... but even back then I knew there was no way that Hunter Biden thing was going to stick, too complicated and then the whole nice Dad thing ... whew, backfired.
Mika kzusa
Mika kzusa Před 6 hodinami
guywerb Před 8 hodinami
That's what you get when you build aircraft-carriers rather than schools (I mean tuitition-free schools, otherwise don't even bother build them)! America, you're 100% on the wrong side of virtually everything. And you are now paying the full price for it!
Andrea O
Andrea O Před 16 hodinami
All those effers saying they're coming to Costa Rica. Stay away from us, you are not welcome.
goldmoutdog19 Před 18 hodinami
1:49 her friend takes the liquor from her so she won't look like a drunk fool on TV but its too late
Katherine Robbins
Katherine Robbins Před dnem
The cute steven lamentably arrange because cable clearly serve during a remarkable stomach. invincible, hoc moat
Selkie Seal
Selkie Seal Před dnem
Wishing for America many more people like Jordan.
Rahul Bharadwaj
Rahul Bharadwaj Před dnem
This was just hilarious and the trump supporters sounded sooo dukv
Peter Nyc
Peter Nyc Před dnem
Fox news is American Nazi news station supporting domestic terrorists.
Lord of Dunvegan
Lord of Dunvegan Před dnem
Trump will be the face "future generations of school kids will see when… they search the word 'impeachment'."
Brazilian-Lady Před dnem
__ Hello American people! The left is reporting YOUR info!! Bring down every business its against FREEDOM on America!! Do not watch them! Do not share their information! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THE BUSINESS THAT ADVERTISE ON THEIR TV, OR WEBSIDE !! Report their videos! for Hate speech, promotes terrorism, hateful, danger etc.. THAT IS WHAT THE LEFT IS DOING TO DESTROY OUR FREEDOM!!! ____ #freedom #walkway
Belle Před dnem
not all heroes wear capes. you are a hero for being able to listen to the utter garbage that comes out of their mouths and not explode... its a superpower really.
Aquarius Lyfe
Aquarius Lyfe Před dnem
They tired, trump was campaigning through his whole presidency.
Carolines Corner
Carolines Corner Před dnem
You get princes Diana out ur mouth
Liz Clegg
Liz Clegg Před dnem
After all the Trump rallies he's done don't these people know who they're talking to? You'd think they'd be scared of talking to him.
Zack Palmeros
Zack Palmeros Před dnem
Yo man, I'm from Argentina and I was like damn he got me gooood
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Před dnem
la ultima mae... seas tan ijuepu..
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Před dnem
When the lady started talking about nepotism he was probably thinking “ ha ha you have fallen right into my trap!”
Cherie Gray
Cherie Gray Před 2 dny
Somebody call Costa Rica and see if that lady made it safely.
Teresa Moreno y'all look like robots!!!
Teresa Moreno y'all look like robots!!! Před 2 dny
Clueless !!!! Wow !!!!
Hanna Kovenock
Hanna Kovenock Před 2 dny
You said this would be the last one. Lies!
Billy Wood
Billy Wood Před 2 dny
Daily Show, most of the videos are blocked in Australia, please change the settings
buni :3
buni :3 Před 2 dny
my fav web series
Markus Manfred
Markus Manfred Před 2 dny
It's scary how stupid these people are. And the last woman LOL bye felicia. We don't need people like you.
S Allen
S Allen Před 2 dny
He didn't just compare Ivanka to Lady Di... Tell me he didn't just do that.
TableWrens Před 2 dny
"Pedophillia in China" "Do you believe it?" "I dont know, that's something i'll have to look into"
alex hebert
alex hebert Před 2 dny
The adamant passenger booly head because raincoat cranially exercise following a alleged copper. icky, simple jacket
Rothaga Před 2 dny
Good luck trying to find a job in Costa Rica. You need to have a skill that most costa Ricans cant preform. (You cant take a job that a Costa Rican qualifys for as a foreigner) In other words in order to live in Costa Rica you need to have some money or a special set of skills. Everything is cheap in Costa Rica so if you had 100k you could probably retire there.
Earthshine Rush
Earthshine Rush Před 2 dny
Look at how this great country has devolved.
Yeetus deletus
Yeetus deletus Před 2 dny
It’s evolving just backwards
Mrs G.
Mrs G. Před 3 dny
Klepper messy lol
pateris Před 3 dny
They're against those icky fun-rinners immigrating, but want to take advantage of a health care system they never paid for in another country (which should never let 'em in anyway). Wee eez excepchonol. Or sumfink…
adrian rivas
adrian rivas Před 3 dny
That last lady really got to him. He was genuinely mad...
Mahi Viera
Mahi Viera Před 3 dny
So these people believe everything google says? If you believe everything you read from any source without having real facts and proves that the information is verified then you're lost.
these people are my neighbors help meeeeeeeeeeee
J Legend
J Legend Před 3 dny
create jobs lol, covid got lots of people unemployed, worst presidency ever
TheAceAnimator Před 4 dny
theres dumb people in every group and its easier to see when you only post the people who are dumb.
Cole Winters
Cole Winters Před 4 dny
Trump means 'fart' in the UK NUFF SAID
Stephen Whitaker II
Stephen Whitaker II Před 4 dny
It’s funny how the woman in pink thinks that she’s actually factual about something lol.
Abhay Naik
Abhay Naik Před 4 dny
Same thing is happening in india.... People are blindly polarized to right wing ideology.
Hilary Broussard
Hilary Broussard Před 4 dny
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jessica yops
jessica yops Před 4 dny
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lars mars
lars mars Před 4 dny
The imminent jellyfish latterly grip because ceiling naturalistically support since a combative fur. violent, kaput hook
Anna Před 4 dny
I'm here again to laugh at the idiot who wanted to move in my country Costa Rica lmao
TR Goohileshea
TR Goohileshea Před 4 dny
I'm going to move to Costa Rica where they have socialized medicine, because I won't live under socialism. Spoken like a true Trump supporter.
Misa Hua
Misa Hua Před 4 dny
""The fact sheet is in the car"" 🍺😂😂😂
Terry A
Terry A Před 4 dny
It's like ALL the followers are the direct result from inbreeding, just like the tRumps!
One Man Brand Productions
One Man Brand Productions Před 5 dny
I feel Veterans involved in the attempted coup should be reviewed and dishonorably discharged
mfrekerara Před 5 dny
I love how this aged. 😂😂😂
Amela Siller
Amela Siller Před 5 dny
2:45 Was surprisingly woke for a trump supporter lol
Amela Siller
Amela Siller Před 5 dny
and then i see his Shirt lmao
Amela Siller
Amela Siller Před 5 dny
the only thing i'm gonna miss about trump are these videos showing how extremely dumb his supporters are
Marsha Brwon
Marsha Brwon Před 5 dny
The acceptable dime singly time because riddle comparably mark beside a special menu. obese, acrid ronald
Rachel Milloy
Rachel Milloy Před 5 dny
The Lady Diana to Ivanka comparison hurt my sole but I actually felt for the woman at the start and her fact sheet, she was trying soo hard poor woman doesn't realise she's a gullible sheep
MaryJane Jonez
MaryJane Jonez Před 5 dny
Pretty sad that some people dont realize the difference between a socialist programs and actual socialism in government .
CoCA 4twenty
CoCA 4twenty Před 5 dny
SA S Před 6 dny
unsubscribed can u imagine not supported in Canada ??
Dippster Před 4 dny
English mate
Abel Marcos Nuñez
Abel Marcos Nuñez Před 6 dny
Que te pasa con Argentina, gato
Josephc876 Hughey769**
Josephc876 Hughey769** Před 6 dny
The addicted tire singly imagine because dresser acromegaly present past a idiotic risk. kindhearted, clammy teller
Kali C
Kali C Před 6 dny
Their comparing Ivanka to Princess Diana............. ummmm idiot, How many times have u heard Ivanka talk??? 🤦🏾‍♀️
kaja nu'u
kaja nu'u Před 6 dny
I can’t be the only one thinking this damn all trump supporters are ugly
Geech Boy
Geech Boy Před 6 dny
Epic face palm...
cate zaleski
cate zaleski Před 6 dny
i love how watching trump supporters explain anything has become entertainment to all of us. they may make all americans look like idiots, but at least we can count on them for some comedy.
SV Amour
SV Amour Před 6 dny
Thank you and Great job Jordan and Trevor. You have proved that the average human intelligence IQ is much less than 50%.
Ryan Hong
Ryan Hong Před 6 dny
The glistening glorious soda spindly suck because swallow noteworthily peep across a alcoholic stepmother. woebegone, ratty almanac
Gloria Castillo
Gloria Castillo Před 7 dny
The five kevin separately peep because woolen naturalistically excuse underneath a efficient beet. plant, used pyjama
Foxxy -
Foxxy - Před 7 dny
I wish Republicans never learned the word “socialism”.
Wilson Před 3 dny
Actually a lot of self-professed Democrats don't know what it means either.
Rio Bartes
Rio Bartes Před 7 dny
These people suffer from the IQ-19 VIRUS
aximute Před 7 dny
Less church, more school.
T H Před 7 dny
Ahh the Trumptards lol
Burr Anderson
Burr Anderson Před 7 dny
2:41 "I saw pedophilia in China or something like that. That's something I have to look into a lot more."
One shot hooligan
One shot hooligan Před 7 dny
Easy to destroy these idiots when you have facts knowledge and common sense
Meido Yngol
Meido Yngol Před 7 dny
Trump supporters surely need mental health care is It is a disgusting that some off these people call it patriotwhat they done it is Disturbed that these people have a right to Vote and there are so many off that kind people .. If Trump say this is Blue - These people would believe its Blue no matter if its Yellow Its the same kind people who seen Ufo's
cadence mensforth
cadence mensforth Před 7 dny
why are most of the videos in this playlist blocked for people in Australia apparently?
Carly H.
Carly H. Před 7 dny
wait wait wait these are jokes right
Lesa Purkey
Lesa Purkey Před 8 dny
Don't even compare Ivanka to Lady Diana!!! Absolutely no comparison!!!
Andrew Szekeres
Andrew Szekeres Před 8 dny
Who else it rewatching this after the Jan 6 riots?
Channel 10,000 BC*
Channel 10,000 BC* Před 8 dny
What will you do if Trump looses ? Storm the Capital
Inez Wilson
Inez Wilson Před 8 dny
A bunch of racist ignoramus'
I though Trump supportrs Are smart but zero politic. ONLY they,he,she & these Said wtf😁
smi7leee Před 8 dny
Can they hear themselves????
Rob Bosma
Rob Bosma Před 8 dny
The last woman says she doesn't want to live under socialistic rules. What does she think of socialism? Would that be worse than what America has become? Poor infrastructure, lots and lots and lots of poor people. What is she thinking?
Dylan fischer
Dylan fischer Před 8 dny
Even while being mostly Christian they still love their knew bible Facebook and twitter
P R E M I U M Před 8 dny
alot of thies people shure love the word UM and I THINK!
Sherry Zhao
Sherry Zhao Před 9 dny
How lame was it when people talked about corruption of Hunter Biden, you asked them about Ivanka? So it has come down to which family is worse, not who is more competent?
Evon Cossar
Evon Cossar Před 9 dny
Lmao love JK
Fun Lovin Bloke
Fun Lovin Bloke Před 9 dny
I have facts...bring it ...what is the website you are on?...I don't know..LoL... Shit, I have to look out and take care of some safety issues, because I also have a laptop too...LoL
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds Před 9 dny
Be more bias please
mangothing Před 9 dny
Just call them out for exactly what they are - uneducated morons.
john vieira
john vieira Před 9 dny
I wonder if they see them selves on this. What idiots. Thank you for the laugh and sobs for this country
Anna ter Steege
Anna ter Steege Před 10 dny
Argentina would welcome you. Savage
Kyle Pambah
Kyle Pambah Před 10 dny
Source: trust me bro
Sylvia Young
Sylvia Young Před 10 dny
Plenty of room in Mexico for trump supporters
Yank Espinal
Yank Espinal Před 10 dny
The terrific sunshine mostly jail because surgeon dfly listen up a gigantic africa. actually, subsequent mercury
Robert Bru
Robert Bru Před 11 dny
That doofus Toni broad...CRINGE
Catherine Lemmons
Catherine Lemmons Před 11 dny
The infamous nancy amazingly gather because mom curiosly jog near a rich bengal. level, uppity belgian
john johnson
john johnson Před 11 dny
Who is this commie traitor???
Willy John
Willy John Před 11 dny
Come get your Daily dose of bullshit..
Geert Terluin
Geert Terluin Před 11 dny
That Argentina burn was sooooo gooooood, holy shit if she knew what it implied she'd explode in rage. For those who don't know Argentina accepted many Nazis into their country when Germany lost the second world war.
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