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Best moments featuring Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier in UFC 214


Sean Burke
Sean Burke Před 4 dny
Jones really walked into that crackhead line
the dark side
the dark side Před 5 dny
the reach difference did it all.. it's the first time I see DC and he's damn good! but he could barely reach Jones.. he would definitely win this match if he was taller
Manny Adams
Manny Adams Před 5 dny
More entertaining than any McGregor rivalry
Confesor Rodriguez
Confesor Rodriguez Před 5 dny
45:40 lol i wonder y
Marcin Pobiedzinski
Marcin Pobiedzinski Před 5 dny
nobody like DC lol
Razors Edge
Razors Edge Před 5 dny
Binx*the*cat Před 6 dny
Thats funny as shit dc called him a "knock" lol 😆
P D Před 6 dny
Despite all that crazy build up, its cool seeing them touch gloves. Respect to both fighters.
nicotine addiction
nicotine addiction Před 6 dny
How did people use to support Jon? I hate old me
lucan369 Před 6 dny
needs more fucking ads
Jack Corderi
Jack Corderi Před 7 dny
They should’ve let Jones fight after being positive for coke. He loses it’s on him
djaramillo09 Před 7 dny
The best MMA rivalry of all time!
Si Y
Si Y Před 7 dny
The Crack Head come back was a good one by DC you gotta say that
Daniel Před 7 dny
You know this fight is a NC now, right? After the fight, he tested pozitive for steroids.
J D Před 7 dny
Jones is the GOAT!!! No 1 in the history of fighting
J D Před 6 dny
@kb. and Nobody cares about your opinion. Jon won in 13-14 title fights, so stfu🤣
kb. and
kb. and Před 6 dny
@J D DC fanboy, absolutely not,but at least his not a cheater.
J D Před 6 dny
@kb. and Keep crying DC fanboy😭
kb. and
kb. and Před 6 dny
you mean no 1as in biggest cheater, right.
theLensguy Před 7 dny
UFC 200... what a joke was, jon fails.... Brock fails , drug tests, i mean, it was steroidmania :)), in my opinion, each time Jon failed a drug test, he actually lost, that's how the record should look like.
Bean Před 7 dny
Micheal phelps stepped his game up after that
Scott Wesley
Scott Wesley Před 8 dny
Casuals commenting about how people like DC
SyscoKiid Před 8 dny
This is like my 4th time watching this💀
Jenang Jenang
Jenang Jenang Před 8 dny
Jon jones Nomor one Vs nganou
Jenang Jenang
Jenang Jenang Před 8 dny
Jon jones The best
Forca Barca
Forca Barca Před 8 dny
This fight was extremely satisfying to watch. Watching DC get the absolute shit smashed out of him in front of his own wife and kids during that ground-n-pound after spending nearly two years talking shit about Jon's personal life and parading around that holier-than-thou attitude was soooo satisfying. We all know that Jon Jones isn't a great role model but to continually take shots below the belt about his personal life when he was genuinely trying to get better was super fucked. I found it hilarious how DC was prancing around on his high horse like he was a perfect man whose life was devoid of any sin whatsoever and it was even more hilarious that a guy like Jon Jones that has such a dark past would be the one to knock him off that horse, and then to make it look so easy that people still think that Jon's some kind of sociopath to this day. And then Jon goes on to give that speech about DC in the post-fight interview when he knows damn well that DC hated that fake persona. Chefs fucking kiss.
Digg peener
Digg peener Před 8 dny
i hate the way jon jones talks, its so fucking annoying
Esteban Garcia
Esteban Garcia Před 8 dny
Looking back at this I felt for Cormier 15:33. DC imo most underrated fighter and a good man.
Krampus1094 Před 8 dny
0:21 mcgregor behind DC Great video btw
BIGANDOGG x LG Před 9 dny
Who has jon jones fought after this
President-Elect Mike
President-Elect Mike Před 9 dny
You can tell Jon never really disliked Cormier he just learned very early how easy it is to get under his skin so he just keeps fucking with him. Daniel be getting trolled constantly.
PaiigeLeearieJame Před 9 dny
daniels smerk is weird
brooksrex Před 9 dny
Dana gotta pay the man!
EmptyWalletMultimedia Před 9 dny
the craziest thing about jon jones is he doesnt even realize he is jon jones
PapaBigMac Před 9 dny
This is the greatest MMA rivalry of all time. Change my mind. I mean the pure hatred that they had for each other made me get into MMA
Munnawar Khan
Munnawar Khan Před 9 dny
DC the natty GOAT
MortosHD Před 9 dny
This makes me miss Ariel being at the fights.
wehttaM rieW
wehttaM rieW Před 9 dny
5:09 Gold
Alpha Q
Alpha Q Před 9 dny
25:20 Well well well jonny boy
Andrew Head
Andrew Head Před 10 dny
Bones is a dude no matter what,he came up went down but came up again,top man shout out from England 🤪
ERICK RBD Před 10 dny
Deano Shane
Deano Shane Před 10 dny
Dc was winning the fight until that perfectly placed high kick
vivid liberty
vivid liberty Před 10 dny
DC do not have anything to say besides bringing all those incidents with Jones outside the UFC. DC still a fake fighter
Dean Ryan
Dean Ryan Před 11 dny
Jon just way too alpha no matter what DC did he unraveled himself
Julian Papin
Julian Papin Před 11 dny
Hey Pussy are you still there 🤘😝
hugh jass
hugh jass Před 11 dny
3:45 that was kinda raw ngl lol
sef Před 11 dny
Theyre both really cute lol
u dont make jon angry if u fight him. hes the type of guy to give his full potential.
FIREBLACK 74.14 Před 12 dny
Jones CHEATED with performance enhancing drugs therefore NONE of his shady wins count. Jones can only claim to be the best out of those who repeatedly(!) get caught cheating to win. Cheaters never truly win and WINNERS never cheat. Fuck a Jon Jones.
Rupert Pumkin
Rupert Pumkin Před 12 dny
was waiting for "so i smacked him in the face with a waaaattterrr botttttllleeee"
The7thshooter Před 12 dny
Man I wish dc won this
Charlie Carey
Charlie Carey Před 12 dny
Everyone loves dc and at least half hate bones now, time is a mysterious thing
syakirr28 28
syakirr28 28 Před 12 dny
Crazy ..sometime scary , i love jones and dc .
tuncay cakici
tuncay cakici Před 13 dny
DC Legend Jones Roid King
matthewheathcock Před 13 dny
This is why he’s one hell of a businessman
Kent Clark
Kent Clark Před 13 dny
I really don't understand DC. He should be happy Jon Jones was gone the whole time. Because that is what allowed him to be a champion and train with the confidence of a champion. Because Jones would have beat him back then and he would have his confidence shook like last fight with Jones. Now he is considered one of the best.
Dpugs Před 13 dny
When Jones tested positive I think he knew he was aging and wanted that fight right then
AfriKing Před 11 dny
Jon a coward for taking performance enhancing drugs in what was supposed to be a 1v1 between men with bad blood his doping is the reason I can’t call him the GOAT
J H Před 11 dny
Lmao..30 years old is still young even in the fight game. Cormier was 38. Plus he has height and naturally reach advantage. Only way Cormier wins that is via submission through bunch of takedowns & hopefully tiring jones.
Sd A
Sd A Před 14 dny
I hope Ngannou Ko him
Milan Michalisko
Milan Michalisko Před 14 dny
I think, they secretly like each other and probably end up being best mates :D :D just like JJ and Cláudia Gadelha :D :D
WarZone Před 14 dny
20:46 is crazy
عبدالكريم احمد
عبدالكريم احمد Před 14 dny
i thenk if DC did get in the best divsion for his phisyc he can be the best fighter of all time because i think he is WELTERWEIGHT or MIDDLEWEIGHT but clearly he hate cutting weight so much 😂😂😂💔
Hristo Dimitrov
Hristo Dimitrov Před 14 dny
JBJ the best ever
Mateo B
Mateo B Před 15 dny
Some people be like a bunch of middle aged white woman clutching their Pearl's whenever they see anything about jones Stay outta the mans personal life. It ain't your choice to decide what type of person he is
Robert Allen
Robert Allen Před 15 dny
Jones bet this dude that he could kill him... That’s a sick ass bet 🤣🤣🤣😂
The Eagle
The Eagle Před 15 dny
40:16 -> 45:25 😆😆😆😆
The Eagle
The Eagle Před 15 dny
5:25 *the BLONDE in the hot pink dress with THOSE LEGS THO!!!! DAYYYUM!!!*
kyddopeness Před 16 dny
DC owned Jon at that summer kickoff press conference
Abria Angel
Abria Angel Před 16 dny
This is probably the best rivalry in combat sports.
Dived Coner
Dived Coner Před 17 dny
John Johnson greatest fighter in the world
Okay Tommy
Okay Tommy Před 17 dny
DC seemed to be doing good before that kick from jones landed
Base Apollo
Base Apollo Před 8 dny
@Forca Barca Exactly. Idk why they left that quote out. Shit was perfect.
Forca Barca
Forca Barca Před 8 dny
@Base Apollo John wanted it to be as embarrassing as humanly possible for DC. "I won't get hit by that left leg" just to get knocked out by it. What a rivalry this was.
Base Apollo
Base Apollo Před 10 dny
The thing is if you noticed the whole fight Jon was setting up for that kick before it happened. Constantly switching stances into southpaw going right into a low or mid kick knowing DC won't see the high kick coming. DC was stuck in his head so he didn't notice it before it was too late but I think that was Jon's whole game plan leaving less focus on other aspects of the fight.
future mma
future mma Před 17 dny
Dana: "hehehehehe 🤑🤑🤑🤑"
shaded Bear
shaded Bear Před 17 dny
U got to piss on your leg
Dolo thedon
Dolo thedon Před 18 dny
This is pure comedy 😂😂😂
Sky Threader
Sky Threader Před 18 dny
Its a crying shame that the best ufc fighter to ever step foot in the ufc cage, was the one of the biggest pieces of shit to ever step foot in the ufc cage.
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Před 18 dny
"I beat you in the prime of my partying" Jones is a savage
genaro ayala
genaro ayala Před 18 dny
People crying over ethics in MMA. We are here for the violence, if you want role models go back to the Disney channel.
Yayo Marley
Yayo Marley Před 19 dny
Dc and Dak kinda look alike
J Evola
J Evola Před 19 dny
this fight was a metaphor for America... the fake piece of crap came out on top.
good XD
good XD Před 19 dny
Although he did got popped, i still think it was a good fight. Both are very good fighters
Dandy9544 Před 19 dny
Sometimes I think if DC really thought he could beat Jon Jones
AC Lao
AC Lao Před 19 dny
You sir, have my subscription
drey211 Před 19 dny
The guy who ran over a pregnant woman's car is the good guy in this lmao tf
Kid Chocolate
Kid Chocolate Před 20 dny
Jones is an underrated talker, he's really wise barring the stupid things he's done.
MinoritiesRlazy Před 14 dny
I heard he eats kitty cats
Ryan Corona
Ryan Corona Před 20 dny
Reda Azamoum
Reda Azamoum Před 20 dny
How could we say that Jones is the GOAT this man has been tested positive to steroids for me the one and only GOAT is Khabib Nurmagomedov the man is really right in his boots since the beginning
Moses Messiah
Moses Messiah Před 19 dny
@Reda Azamoum You keep saying “for you” that doesn’t matter in reality. Jones has 14 title defenses how many did he test positive for ? How many title defenses does khabib have ? The numbers don’t lie and the results don’t lie.
Moses Messiah
Moses Messiah Před 19 dny
@Reda Azamoum I don’t like Jon he’s an asshole. But I do like greatest and facts and he is the greatest. His numbers are facts.
Reda Azamoum
Reda Azamoum Před 19 dny
@Moses Messiah i could tell you the same you like Jon so you think that he is the best even if he isn’t so there is no debate here this man was caught cheating so for me he doesn’t deserve to be the GOAT that’s it.
Moses Messiah
Moses Messiah Před 19 dny
@Reda Azamoum That doesn’t matter if we have the same vision. If a man with clear vision and a man with obscure vision are both looking at an apple tree, it will still be an apple tree because that’s the reality on the world. Just because you do want Khabib to be the Goat because you like him doesn’t mean he is. Jon is and we all know it, that’s why you are under his video.
Reda Azamoum
Reda Azamoum Před 19 dny
@Moses Messiah we don’t have the same vision
ThatFatGuy Před 20 dny
What a fighter but Jon Jones is in no doubt an absolute scumbag
Fabrice CARRE
Fabrice CARRE Před 20 dny
Jon is the Best
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan Před 20 dny
Jones and DC - the biggest eye poke offenders in the cage at the same time
Custody Drama
Custody Drama Před 20 dny
Jon Jones vs Dwayne The Rock Jonhson make it happen
Universality Known
Universality Known Před 20 dny
Jon jones would be the greatest of all.time.had he not done the shit he has done. The greats dont use peds.
Steven White
Steven White Před 20 dny
4:00 boom roasted
bill cosby
bill cosby Před 20 dny
31/:10 SMFH, DC really missed his shot to say, "or like a crackhead without their coke, ya gotta have it" 😂
bill cosby
bill cosby Před 20 dny
30:18 He really asked for it tho
Jacob Szekely
Jacob Szekely Před 20 dny
Watching DC get a haircut is the funniest shit. Do you really need a barber for that head stubble?
Mike N
Mike N Před 21 dnem
Personalities and actions out of the ring aside... Jones is far superior to DC. DC is the nicer more respectful guy, but Jones is a better fighter PERIOD
Fred Heisler
Fred Heisler Před 21 dnem
Junkie Jones should be stripped of his wealth and record. He is a fantastic athlete and should have been the goat bun instead he cheated and was rewarded for it.
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez Před 21 dnem
Thing about jones is his mistakes in his personal life and ppl using that against him is irrelevant inside the cage. And to put icing on top of the hate cake he doesnt lose even if he parties which ppl cannot stand. I mean jones is the Goat to have ppl envy him that much alone.
Joeyb Theman
Joeyb Theman Před 21 dnem
jon jones the king of eye pokes
Benja Cartagena
Benja Cartagena Před 21 dnem
Aditya Dandwate
Aditya Dandwate Před 21 dnem
Jones is a damn psychopath
Josh Před 21 dnem
damn.. Some crazy lines in this video. When jones responded to Daniel saying he would die to beat him with 'be prepared to do that' gave me chills.
Moses Messiah
Moses Messiah Před 19 dny
Chace.T Nguyen
Chace.T Nguyen Před 21 dnem
if only jon jones on the mic was a savage trash talker and be more entertaining.. he would be even bigger!
Geoff Guy
Geoff Guy Před 22 dny
Jon saying “oh I bet you I could” is legit psycho vibes scary. Lol I believe you John. Real life John wick
Danny H
Danny H Před 22 dny
This was such an epic rivalry. I'm so grateful to have been able to witness both of their fights and the lead up.
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