Joe Rogan Experience #1552 - Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award-winning actor known for such films as Dazed and Confused, The Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar, Free State of Jones, and the HBO television series True Detective. His new memoir Greenlights is now available everywhere and at

tony bell
tony bell Před hodinou
in a shot time you will be gone go for the jab or smile i am harold shipman
Jesse Před 4 hodinami
boy, be a lot cooler if everyone else did, ehehehehe heheheheheee
Vette Vegas
Vette Vegas Před 7 hodinami
F' Joe Rogan.
Yuyi Leal
Yuyi Leal Před 18 hodinami
Oh, the Cubans of Miami, very colourful characters!... : P
Yuyi Leal
Yuyi Leal Před 18 hodinami
Loved it when he mentioned Jordan Peterson! Love the two of them! Thank you for this interview, Joe!
charlie .something
charlie .something Před 20 hodinami
it'd be a lot cooler if you did.....
Fredric Kemp
Fredric Kemp Před 20 hodinami
Kirt Russell disney kid
Anthony Stevens
Anthony Stevens Před 23 hodinami
The more we find out about science the more convinced I am that there is a god. I really don't see why the two r at odds at at all.
Chris Mitrik
Chris Mitrik Před dnem
Awesome book. Life at its purest.
Sarah Hutton
Sarah Hutton Před dnem
Missing411! David Paulides...
kelsteg 11
kelsteg 11 Před dnem
Loved listening to this entire conversation!!!
Dill Pony
Dill Pony Před dnem
My day jobs an actor 🙄... The sleeve to his book says everything you need to know about it.
A B Před dnem
I think mathew is gay
Robrecht saski
Robrecht saski Před dnem
And conspiracies didn't exist !!! CONSPIRACY of the marxist big tech & social media moguls !!!! Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. This makes the knuckelhead-big-tech/social-media oligarchs ....coordinating arbitrairy censoring on the internet ....criminals be arrested and persecuted in den Hague the fullest extent of the law !! Now the real fascists,disguised as liberals are coming out, showing themselves for what they really are !! Totalitarian dictators !! The mostly-peacefull-protesting demonrat hypocrites...until they themselves are censored on social media ...than it will be crying and screaming ......fascism ..racism!! Fucking demonrats hypocrites !! Purge the USA from all communist/marxists !! Ps: show me that protesters have to be polite and peacefull ...hypocrite fredo cuomo CNN.
Independent360 Před dnem
I like he's not afraid to be honest about himself being religious.
RexEverything Před 2 dny
Reign of Fire is underrated af
Melini Gonzalez
Melini Gonzalez Před 2 dny
I dated Lou Frigno friend in Sicily named Franco he owns a gym. In the 90s
Gabriela Martiniuc
Gabriela Martiniuc Před 2 dny
Wow! I feel like he gets me. Matthew , we think alike. I love that feeling right now. I feel so connected to him. 💜💜💜 How can a man talk and say what I was thinking and perceiving? It’s painful, marvelous and phenomenal to feel this connected to a man like this.
LuLu Live
LuLu Live Před 2 dny
I wish I could eat like him, drink all the red wine I want, and lose 2.5 pounds per week. My body stopped functioning that way once I hit 30/31/32 and I have been on keto for 6 months now, quit drinking wine, and my weight is now at a stand still. Jared Leto was my favorite character in DBC. It was an incredible movie, and Matthew killed it for that award. =)
Melini Gonzalez
Melini Gonzalez Před 2 dny
Matthew talks like a humble gentleman. That's Very attractive.
Melini Gonzalez
Melini Gonzalez Před 2 dny
The spanking part and making up talking it out. I was raised that way. And I raised mine that way.
Ashley Goepfert
Ashley Goepfert Před 2 dny
I took so much away from his book. I loved it..
Fawkirk Bairns
Fawkirk Bairns Před 2 dny
Joe has lost his edge,,,. to much comfort.....
carlie Reed
carlie Reed Před 2 dny
Prayers? C'mon, man.
carlie Reed
carlie Reed Před 2 dny
Where is this intellect now , in the face of this fascist overthrow of humanity? Doubletalk this.
Hollymood Před 2 dny
The Deep State and the traitors that weren't honest that turned on Trump will be exposed BIG TIME! They are all guilty of treason and McConnell is just another Deep State supporter of Chinese communism and is just a commie paid puppet. These manipulating politicians are all scared because worldwide there's currently mass arrests underway and justice is finally here. The world will change for the better, but as a country we must remember our roots and not repeat mistakes of our country's past. Check out the CSposts channel of "Michael Jaco" who is a former CIA officer gives a lot of information out daily on his channel about what's really going on in the world. Also check out the "Simon Parkes" CSposts channel for tons of great information and his videos are always enjoyable to watch if you want to know the truth. Simon Parkes gives daily updates as well. The world is not what it seems and there's currently a lot going on behind the scenes worldwide. Check out the channels of Michael Jaco and Simon Parkes and you'll learn a lot very quickly. God bless America and President Trump... We all should keep thoughts of freedom, liberty and the American Dream in our prayers.
Aton Maiti
Aton Maiti Před 2 dny
just call me the big Medi Tator
kathryn McElroy
kathryn McElroy Před 2 dny
Mr. Matthew has some pretty good philosophy...
John Orlic
John Orlic Před 2 dny
Wow! What a great discussion! Loved this one! Thank you both for this! I have a deeper respect and admiration towards Matthew McConaughey. He is a genuine guy, that's what we need not only in this world, but with those who are in positions of power and influence. Can't wait for the next video! Get him and Jordan Peterson on together!!
Julissa Gray
Julissa Gray Před 3 dny
The minor discussion karyologically stamp because poison medicinally chew around a piquant laugh. adjoining, uneven step-daughter
Cosmiccat88 Před 3 dny
Yeeeeeeeh but he doesn’t have to worry about paying rent n buying food I’d be so happy if I didn’t have to worry about that now🤔🤔🤔
cititattoo Před 3 dny
What a man what a man what a mighty good man- this song was written about MM
Ticky Tocky
Ticky Tocky Před 3 dny
Why's he asking him the most juvenile questions. Even Matthew is like "WTF is this?"
kalman czotter
kalman czotter Před 3 dny
Just imagine Joe, how you speak to us on the radio, but you are not a little man in my radio, God is in heaven, but speaks to us in the bible through the bible, GOD is not a little man in a book, but the creator of the world He put you in. keep looking, me I took the new testament out of my bible, I only go to God, our God, just open it. I can not tell you about God, just like I can not know you by your facebook page, talk to God He will talk to you. God is the God of humans, and animals. You got this ps. God is a person who is personal, plus you can never know Him unless He reveals Himself to you, just like I can listen to you, but I can not meet you unless you welcome me. So when God reveals himself to you, you will know, get ready, your whole life will change.
The Experience Of The Life Of Living Flesh
The Experience Of The Life Of Living Flesh Před 3 dny
Such a good one love it
Chris Před 3 dny
Alright alright ________!
Wilhelm Leschke
Wilhelm Leschke Před 4 dny
After acting in multiple feature films Matthew Mcconaughey thought to himself what should I do next? Then it dawned on him. "I'll write, I'll write, I'll write."
Skyler Jenkins
Skyler Jenkins Před 4 dny
The amount of ads in this 👎🏼 But Matt McConaughey 👍🏼
David Moore
David Moore Před 4 dny
true detective with him a woody is king, as far as acting
Jason Cheshire
Jason Cheshire Před 4 dny
What Matthew said about Austin is what we need to say about America: if you don’t want to play by American values then don’t come to America to stay- just visit and leave.
John Franklin
John Franklin Před 4 dny
I’m of the opinion, when you work out, you can’t do it everyday, the work out should be intense enough that you can’t or don’t want to do it everyday. Have a three day on, one day off for rest and recovery, or even a three day on and two day off schedule. When working out it’s the recovery process that gets you in shape. Think of it as a point system, the workout strips off ten points and then during the recovery process the human body puts back eleven points. Ten off, eleven on and you continue to build higher and higher. Working out everyday you level off, five points off, five points on.
lozza Haych
lozza Haych Před 4 dny
Al-Furqan al-Haqq
Al-Furqan al-Haqq Před 5 dny
I think the most important part is where Rogan talks about how we're made for one on one contact. That's the key.
salioelsol Před 5 dny
The only privileged men’s opinions I actually value.
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen Před 5 dny
Ministry of culture, is that a real thing in the US? In Denmark this is in fact a political post.
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen Před 5 dny
The tents in venice is not the average homeless, as the majority of people there, is in fact refuges from the middeleast. We get far more refuges, from these wars than you, and we have a problem going forward with that. Not that were not able to help, but the speed and amount of people going into Europe, is not an easy thing to work out. So in Southern Europe right now, you have all these places without any law, and with people living in tents, in the middle of the winter. We can do better! I mean, they come in from the sea too Greece, and then go up south, and many ends up in these camps, because the government can handle the amount and speed. That's a real problem, right there. Also we see the dividing gets more and more, and i tell u....with all these terror attacks on European city, people are afraid and many feed up with that fact, that it seems our law enforcements cannot guarantee our safety and freedom. I don't know where this end, but it's not looking good from my perspective. Cheers from Denmark
Trent Bradford
Trent Bradford Před 5 dny
Joe you should get Dr John DeMartini on!
Vinch Před 5 dny
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen Před 5 dny
I would love to watch a conversation between Matthew & Ricky Gervais, about science and Religion. That could be a killer podcast (i guess)? ;-)
The 2AM Podcast
The 2AM Podcast Před 5 dny
Don't forget to pick up greenlights greenlights greenlights.
DNomad Lethal
DNomad Lethal Před 6 dny
Matthew McConaughey should have run for president. He would make an amazing leader. Too bad political life kills the soul.
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen Před 6 dny
Manu foreign actors, coming too Hollywood, seems to cope better with fame and stardom, as from my perspective. We in Denmark, has a couple of high praised actors, which in fact did make it overseas. But when they come home again, being interviewet in various magazines and tv, i can defiantly tell that for the majority, Hollywood didn't affect them in a negative way. I think that's interesting in itself. I know there is a lot of valuables, but it's an interesting conversation. Cheers from Denmark
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Před 6 dny
What a man Matthew is Even more respect for him now knowing him more! Great actor great man
osud nave
osud nave Před 6 dny
I can't wait to read Matt's book! Such a down to earth guy!
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen Před 6 dny
I think that people of the North (cold places, with 4 seasons), will be able to cope with this on another level, because they/we are used to some kind of "once every year" crisis, we have to get through. Winter is hard here, and there are almost no light available doing the day, and that has formed a specific kind of people. I'm sure of that, that where ever we come from,our environment are teaching us how to live. Cheers from Denmark
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen
Thomas Kirkegaard Andersen Před 6 dny
Checking in from Denmark. I'm Bi-polar, smoking weed for me to stay sane (that's right), it keeps me from not going into sleepless mode, and keeps me kind of calm. It also keeps me from going into the more darker places of my disease, and it keeps me of drinking, which i btw, never had any problem with, what so ever, in terms of addiction, but i feel my body gain from it.I use to be a drug addict, and on heavenly strong drugs (everthying, incl. heroin). So i got my shit together, when trough 2 treatments for almost a year at each place (don't know what u call it over there)?. I got cleaned up and have been clean for 14 years now, but do smoke weed, as i learned that this plant is way better than the most medicin iv'e been on, since i learned that i'm bi-polar. I'm in a ok place today, but the lack of love, children, friends and so on, is very hard for me to task, as i'm in my 50's now. I'm sure the drug abuse and other things, has kept me away from those important things in life. So i'm struggling on a daily basis to get by with my loneliness, but i use to be a drummer in a rock band (80/90's), toured in Europea making albums and so on. So i use music/HI-FI to get by, and then i found your pod casts Joe, and starting listening to them, and i tell u...this is way better than any therapist or educated people telling u how to live your life. So i am thankful for finding u Joe, and with all these interesting people and subjects, i feel books suddenly boring (lol). The subject today (above), is very very interesting. Keep em' up coming and thanks. Cheers from Denmark
Declan Gaffney
Declan Gaffney Před 6 dny
interestingly police spend 4% or less of their time responding to violent crime, and the plurality to non criminal calls
John Heueisen
John Heueisen Před 6 dny
Silly men, Gods principles are unchanging, and He says to spare the rod is to Hate your son. Gods ways are above both of your ways...
Greenhouse Agency, Ltd.
Greenhouse Agency, Ltd. Před 6 dny
It sounds like Mathew was talking about exercise. That's what causes the sweating & release of endorphins. This is true, for all of us. Exercise to sweating and we can feel the so called "natural high."
Remington Ravens
Remington Ravens Před 6 dny
From an outsider stand, Hollywood seems to be one of the few industries that doesn’t have child labor laws. I could definitely be wrong, but you seem to hear a lot about kids being pushed by parents far too far. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Marisela Villasenor
Marisela Villasenor Před 7 dny
Matthew for Texas senator 2024!!!!!Please run against Ted Cruz.
Sheryl Ferraro
Sheryl Ferraro Před 7 dny
Joe! You look like Satan!
Darrell Otte
Darrell Otte Před 7 dny
I have a great deal of respect for Joe Rogin, i beleive because he grounded, and has a practical mind set. I notice many of his guest are solid as well. I have always thought Mathew was a top tier actor, but what a good minded person was awesome to listen too. Values are so over looked in todays society, but the single most important way of life. It's a full time job for anyone who cares about them to constantly improve on, or to stay sharp on. But it makes everything better. So I'm not a star struck person I don't follow there personal shit, But when I hear guys or gals like these 2, talk about life in this way, when most people in there level of fame and or financial wealth. Talk about life like a small town country boy, shit that's what people need to take a hard look at. I never have replied to any pod cast, so before I did I seen all the hate, or jealous what ever the fuck it is, I'm like are they that lost, or what?? I condemned both Joe and Matt, thanks for keeping it home...
Darius Huang
Darius Huang Před 7 dny
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Basher ATM
Basher ATM Před 7 dny
So many gems💎
CRCJ Před 8 dny
I was expecting to hear at 1:00:35 "I felt alright alright alright"
Josh Fronius
Josh Fronius Před 8 dny
Great podcast. Appreciate the perspectives shared.
Asanurkhan Metaersonam
Asanurkhan Metaersonam Před 8 dny
The optimal cyclone worrisomely hand because sale peroperatively tempt as a sturdy cultivator. many, giddy relation
Kristina Dickinson Kremer
Kristina Dickinson Kremer Před 8 dny
That's the exact problem is Americans chase a perfection that doesn't exist rather than focus and Deal with what IS. and not what they want it to be
Kristina Dickinson Kremer
Kristina Dickinson Kremer Před 8 dny
What's outta hand is the lack of compassionaate action in Out local government.
KevinWood44 Před 8 dny
2 of the coolest guys around. Great convo
Kristina Dickinson Kremer
Kristina Dickinson Kremer Před 8 dny
When we live out of Flow, without sensing our interdependence with people, it stacks up. When we live interdependently, Everything is shared amongst the village.
Kristina Dickinson Kremer
Kristina Dickinson Kremer Před 8 dny
He just hacked his own Flow.
James Strange
James Strange Před 9 dny
These 2 guys need to be in the next starwars movies where they bring balance to the force lol
cody Austin
cody Austin Před 9 dny
The amount of adds on this is fucking terrible.
Aurora tamburello
Aurora tamburello Před 9 dny
Wow did not think that I could like Matthew Mcconaughey more. He really seems to have his act together
Ron Tailwind
Ron Tailwind Před 9 dny
Texas is great because of their belief. California sucked because of theirs. If a Californian with his belief goes to Texas without changing that belief, will make Texas sucked just like California. Its in the DNA, you have to choose, one or the other. The funny thing is that Californians is already selling their belief to Texans. Its going to fail just like California.
Samuel D
Samuel D Před 9 dny
Do a shot every time Matthew says 'recalibration'
William Lucas
William Lucas Před 9 dny
Austin use to be a town of Stephen's and was a waterloo of epic a burgeoning beast of socialism...this dude makes the simple complicated...that which is spinning in circles...losing any point of reference, while producing a sickening vertigo of confusion. What was his message?...You got me.
Lauren Cass
Lauren Cass Před 10 dny
hateeternalmaver Před 10 dny
if you're pulling everything up/down to eyelevel you won't be seeing anything anymore... ;D
So Dope
So Dope Před 10 dny
You just gotta keep livin' man... L. I. V. I. N.
Sarah King
Sarah King Před 10 dny
love 1:50:50
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Před 10 dny
MM To Do list 10 am conference call 11 am drop a deuce
Joseph Chatfield
Joseph Chatfield Před 10 dny
Matt is a guy that you just want to hang out on the beach and talk about nothing - to just bullshit all day.
Conor Hache
Conor Hache Před 11 dny
Me: **Googling why my MacBook is dinging for no reason. Joe: What is that noise is that on your end? Matthew: Yeah that's me. Me: Oh good.
Ruthie Matteson
Ruthie Matteson Před 11 dny
It's nice to see some reasonable dialogue coming from a Hollywood elite. The lunatics have been running the show out there for a long while now.
Jim O'Brien
Jim O'Brien Před 11 dny
I can't comprehend how this has 3,000 dislikes.
shane walsh
shane walsh Před 11 dny
Every Democrat Media Mouth Piece
Ann Marie Wood
Ann Marie Wood Před 11 dny
The breakdown of the family unit, I agree definitely has a huge impact on the children. Great interview.
Paul Majors
Paul Majors Před 11 dny
When he talks about transient people coming into Austin, trying to change that town into their town, he's right. That is the tragedy of Nashville. I moved back to Nashville in 2017 after leaving in 2011. It was a totally different town, and not for the better. 2020 Nashville sucks! I won't be sticking around to see how much more it gets f'ed up in 2021...
CSTBFO_jad Před 11 dny
A diet with copious wine drinking. I want that diet.
beetle J
beetle J Před 12 dny
build new platforms. the ways of fake news are done!
Karma Gal
Karma Gal Před 12 dny
You are always told to journal when you are distressed. I think journaling hen we have happy, healthy moments, it might be more constructive. Matthew, don’t ever lose that 😉 .
evan jameson
evan jameson Před 12 dny
one of the greatest segments ever on Rogan!
Rhino Skin
Rhino Skin Před 12 dny
What a guy!
wrenae villard
wrenae villard Před 12 dny
If Mr. McConaughey ran for office; I’d volunteer my time, effort, talents and money to getting him elected.
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia Před 12 dny
Thats verry motivaati9onal
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia Před 12 dny
MEEE aLSO but 3am then 6am
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia Před 12 dny
cuz when life looks like easy street there is danger at your door....... Grateful Dead
Phook Joos
Phook Joos Před 12 dny
Who wants to watch a Skype call?
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