It: Chapter Two (2019) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

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**The Kill Info is missing for Kill #4 - my bad! It should say "43 mins in, Throat slit by Henry Bowers." Not sure how it got erased, but my apologies for the error.**
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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Před rokem
►►**The Kill Info is missing for Kill #4 - my bad! It should say "43 mins in, Throat slit by Henry Bowers." Not sure how it got erased, but my apologies for the error.** ►Email MOVIE REQUESTS to (please don't leave them in the comments!) ►► MERCH - hoodies, hats, pins, and tee shirts - available at ► Support me at for rewards like explicit versions of Kill Counts, full-length commentary tracks, early releases, review videos, and more! ►►Check out the DEAD MEAT PODCAST - new episodes every TUESDAY - at ►Thanks for watching - comment with your favorite joke!
ExzotiK Před 11 dny
I know I’m late on this vid by a lot but where do you buy all your collections and stuff cause I’m trynna get into like the masks
Bradley Carmichael
Bradley Carmichael Před 21 dnem
Ricardo Torres
Ricardo Torres Před 24 dny
Jeffrey Barkdull
Jeffrey Barkdull Před měsícem
Why don’t you make an updated version of this CSposts Video?
Leon T. Grabe
Leon T. Grabe Před měsícem
kacper the miserable spook
kacper the miserable spook Před 20 minutami
About Beverly's dad - I think he died in the first movie. I mean, technically this old lady just said it, but then she turned into god damn witch, so i would not believe in pennywise's words
LIL Xa71
LIL Xa71 Před 35 minutami
LEONOR GRADILLA Před 52 minutami
They're just on drugs
Jamberry Juice
Jamberry Juice Před hodinou
i love these videos
Mariah Parker
Mariah Parker Před 19 hodinami
Please please PLEASEEEE tell me where you got the history of old Derry book
It's Nugget
It's Nugget Před dnem
35:38 "BEEP BEEP, MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!" I love this quote :)
KEV1N Před dnem
Bill Skarsgard really changed what IT was Tim Currys was comedic to me which I love and this remake was kind of more terrifying
Death Official
Death Official Před dnem
The fact that georgy cried because he cant see pennywise anymore made it more wholesome for me
dark_angel Před dnem
Will ODonnell
Will ODonnell Před dnem
love the vids! keep up the good work!
Boris Morris
Boris Morris Před dnem
I like that you can see a wolf mask mask in the back
hey o
hey o Před 2 dny
“i wish we knew his secret.” i- did some people not realize he was gay
Ruby Hammond
Ruby Hammond Před 2 dny
20:17 boi that scared me
Michelle Pama
Michelle Pama Před 2 dny
Jackson Robert Scott is SO adorable
Furpyz Před 2 dny
Disa-Fucking-Peared -Dead Meat 2019
Neonwolf Před 2 dny
Thumbs up 👍🏽 if u like it chapter 2
the king of Minecraft
the king of Minecraft Před 3 dny
Penny wise was eating that dudes side like a gator does when it eats
OpraLatis Před 3 dny
James met Mrs, Kersh!
hey its littlelankyboxhana
hey its littlelankyboxhana Před 3 dny
my dumb ass self decide to watch this when im scared of blood now wtf
Goku Black
Goku Black Před 3 dny
Welp thats enough dead meat for me
MD cubing
MD cubing Před 3 dny
When I went to the movie theater when this movie was coming out a lady died in the middle of it, in the same theater as ME! If that’s not scary I don’t know what is.
Lovely Carter
Lovely Carter Před 3 dny
so the its monster guys what ever its what killed a guy i felt bad
Michelle Pama
Michelle Pama Před 3 dny
The actor that played adult Bill looks nothing like kid Bill
Michelle Pama
Michelle Pama Před 3 dny
@Oh Really? I guess but I'm just pointing out
Oh Really?
Oh Really? Před 3 dny
Puberty is strong you know?
Edit Ljungqvist
Edit Ljungqvist Před 3 dny
The only person who spits and drools more than pennywise is jonathan groff
Spoookd Před 3 dny
Chapter 2 may not have been as good as the 1st in some ways but I still loved it
Sk8pepe *
Sk8pepe * Před 3 dny
Lowkey sad that Eddie died 😭
Isaiah Blackwell
Isaiah Blackwell Před 3 dny
Whats the intro song?
I saw this movie 2 times in Theaters
Shubham Roy
Shubham Roy Před 4 dny
At least this movie wasn’t like one of those horror movies where it is like oh look that horror character is alive
Professional Lolicon
Professional Lolicon Před 5 dny
„Killer clown from outer space”
Levi Lomelli
Levi Lomelli Před 5 dny
I don't feel bad for the kid, he looks like my ex
Mccoolfriend6 Před 5 dny
Cant young Prof Xavier just destroy Pennywise using his brain ?
•Maddlyn _exe•
•Maddlyn _exe• Před 5 dny
*”iT’s A SiGn!”*
Awkward_ Art
Awkward_ Art Před 5 dny
Funt fact: it was the first and only horror movie I screamed at (the part in chapter one when Penny wise came out of the movie theater)
Commander Ace
Commander Ace Před 5 dny
plot twist: Penny Wise is from the movie killer klowns from outer space
Phambach Phu
Phambach Phu Před 5 dny
Is my is my mother goose club out.
strawberry milk
strawberry milk Před 5 dny
Eddie was the saddest ever.. I’m still crying. 😭
strawberry milk
strawberry milk Před 3 dny
@cate mer・:* my tears wouldn’t stop neither 😖
cate mer・:*
cate mer・:* Před 3 dny
same omfg i cry sm when i see it because of him and richie ahhshahshs😭😭
Renterchan Před 5 dny
@strawberry milk 😔‼️
strawberry milk
strawberry milk Před 5 dny
@Renterchan let’s cry together 🤧
Renterchan Před 5 dny
tomGetdstryd TV
tomGetdstryd TV Před 5 dny
If they make a chapter 3 godammit I better get a role
Cowboy K3
Cowboy K3 Před 5 dny
If they took drugs and got high they could kill him because he feeds off fear
Thistle Emeralds
Thistle Emeralds Před 6 dny
In America, Pennywise eats children IN SOVEIT RUSSIA, CHILDREN EAT PENNYWISE
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Před 6 dny
I like Tell it animated and dead meat
Tyler Agnew
Tyler Agnew Před 6 dny
14:30 Donnie from blue mountain state
MEME GOD Před 6 dny
I’m going to have nightmares again
Raza Khan
Raza Khan Před 6 dny
I did not even notice it was 43 mins WOW!
Brandon Powell
Brandon Powell Před 6 dny
This was not scary at all
deprogamer66 Před 6 dny
32:24 me when im destroying my lego city
Terdy’s Gaming and mukbang
Terdy’s Gaming and mukbang Před 6 dny
I see a robot part in the giant’s mouth 2:18
A R M Y //
A R M Y // Před 7 dny
I’m too much of a scaredy cat to watch these actual movies so I turn to dead meat to just know what it’s all about and claim ‘yeah I watched IT, wasn’t scary at all’
ThatOneIdiot UwU
ThatOneIdiot UwU Před 7 dny
Ok but can I just say there did not need to be that much language in this film , like there dropping the f word every five seconds!
Pennywise the Dansing clown
Pennywise the Dansing clown Před 7 dny
I know your secret, your dirty little secret, I know your secret, your dirty little secret!
Richie Tozier
Richie Tozier Před 7 dny
I really like these movies a lot, so these videos are freaking amazing 😉
Muffin Man
Muffin Man Před 8 dny
I want to see penny wise smoking a cigarette and one of the losers shows up with a pipe Penny wise : I’ve been at it for eternity I retired last week sorry for the whole eating that one kids brother just businesses
月Windy Před 8 dny
“You two look amazing what the f**k happen to me”
The Ryan Reynolds fan
The Ryan Reynolds fan Před 8 dny
2017: you’ll float too 2019: you lied and I died
DIAxDHUITx719 Před 8 dny
What horror movie has the highest kill count record? Have you done a video of that? If not, could you?
Bandit Před 8 dny
I have watched so many of your videos and I have loved every single one even if the movie itself wasnt very good.
Will Lamont
Will Lamont Před 8 dny
so long but so good
Aljon Fronda
Aljon Fronda Před 9 dny
i never watch this now tysm bro
XxcoolxX922 Před 9 dny
2:17 now that is scary
Funtime Candy
Funtime Candy Před 9 dny
36:19 my dog watching me leave the kitchen without giving him some of my food
Hector Mirelez
Hector Mirelez Před 9 dny
Hector Mirelez
Hector Mirelez Před 9 dny
Javier Santanaa
Javier Santanaa Před 10 dny
Aj Johnston
Aj Johnston Před 10 dny
lol I like how he was ready to throw another rock then just suddenly: aaaaand now he's basically brain dead and not in control ._. Well then that failed
Vulkan He'stan
Vulkan He'stan Před 10 dny Nah, bat wings are normal. It is a Chinese restaurant, after all.
Sajid Iqbal
Sajid Iqbal Před 10 dny
damn boiiii penny got them dimensions in that big ass head
Rocky117 Před 10 dny
There's a theory about Dean (The kid that shows up multiple times. In the restaurant, with bill and then the mirror maze) where it is thought that Dean might actually just be entirely fake. Pennywise has already demonstrated abilities like this in the past, and it makes sense that Pennywise is actually using Dean (Fake kid) to touch back on Bill's trauma on him losing his little brother. After getting bill attached to Dean, he wants to save him and Pennywise brings Dean and uses him to lure in Bill. After he has lured him into the maze, he sort of recreates the same situation where he wants to save them but can't no matter what he does. Pennywise devours Dean just like Bill's little brother. You might say "Why didn't he just kill Bill right there?" And that is because Pennywise loves to terrorize his victims. Something else that adds to this is that Dean's body vanishes upon being eaten which doesn't happen to other victims. There are often bodyparts left behind, yet for Dean he disappears immediately, leaving only blood behind. Is that what really happened? I don't know, but I think the theory does hold up logically. Dean might have been real, he might have been an image created by Pennywise.
lil elephanta
lil elephanta Před 10 dny
that thumbnail xD
Rocky117 Před 10 dny
Playing Pennywise for these movies actually really screwed with Bill's head. He talks about Pennywise visiting him in his dreams and just being terrified. He is such an amazing actor but the ways he gets into character took a real toll on his mental health.
Violet Conlon
Violet Conlon Před 11 dny
love this!!
poptartpoop 1
poptartpoop 1 Před 11 dny
This is how it works be super strong but have a very big weakness or a decently strong and okay weakness
Crinbo Před 11 dny
I never understood the “King can’t do endings” bit. If anything, his endings tend to *save* his longer works
Jace Kader
Jace Kader Před 11 dny
I like how the Leper is back.
Gaming with LR ;_;
Gaming with LR ;_; Před 11 dny
I've watched it 2 and it 1 they were EPIKKĶ
1078Cheryl Před 11 dny
One of them looks like Trevor from gta 5
Luke’s Family and Friends
Luke’s Family and Friends Před 10 dny
Jack Nicholson looks like Trevor too.
Sammy Sammy
Sammy Sammy Před 11 dny
21:25 I died for a second
poop pee poop
poop pee poop Před 11 dny
Eddie:I love you mommy his wife:WUT
zakretz games
zakretz games Před 11 dny
The problem with the movie is the start that was the only scary thing, the horrific start
Ardian Před 12 dny
Wait Y'all didn't count Gordon Ramsey killing pennywise at the end?
Love, Ghostface
Love, Ghostface Před 12 dny
'James age and ease'- subtitles
Lily Hinton
Lily Hinton Před 12 dny
Ware do you get this music like I fell asleep to it I love it tell me
Wendeviant Před 12 dny
Everything is the same, but they have to fight a cutout of Pennywise like in the shooting of the chase scene.
Himiko Yumeno
Himiko Yumeno Před 12 dny
Well atleast pennywise isn't homophopic considering the time period he was mainly in lol
Adam Před 12 dny
Obviously that dilapidated house was inspired by the Psycho house.
Monarch Před 12 dny
"ready to beat the shit out of me?" "Yes!"
SCP 2993: Magnet
SCP 2993: Magnet Před 13 dny
Kimberly Graham
Kimberly Graham Před 13 dny
Dwight Keller
Dwight Keller Před 13 dny
Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.
Tommy gz
Tommy gz Před 13 dny
Including pennywise.
The Spaztastics
The Spaztastics Před 13 dny
I't so funny how they were all like oh my god there's a finally a a
The Spaztastics
The Spaztastics Před 13 dny
the kid and the aldult
The Spaztastics
The Spaztastics Před 13 dny
when I wached IT chapter 2 I was so confused because he looked so much like him
Gisley Alves
Gisley Alves Před 14 dny
I think the second " It" was MUCH better than the first one.
kxbrzz Před 14 dny
I cried at eddies death SO MUCH
Aron Tilborghs
Aron Tilborghs Před 14 dny
36:27 terraria reference?
Donna Gray
Donna Gray Před 14 dny
This is one of my favorite movies of all time
Mofu Mofu
Mofu Mofu Před 15 dny
i dont like that stan died since he was one of my favorite characters, but since he died, makes the movie way better since its so impactful.
Will middleton
Will middleton Před 15 dny
The psych ward inmate is Rob Ramsay . From blue mountain state
Gamer1288 Před 15 dny
27:42 That House reminds me of Monster House.
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