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kv kp
kv kp Před 14 dny
4:21 dan
D Knights
D Knights Před 17 dny
This guy would be such a great coach
Mehdi BEN CHEHIDA Před 28 dny
Always a beautiful job. I'm sick of people trying to find an excuse for Izzy, Saying he lost because he was smaller. No credit to Jan for nullifying the game of the most advanced striker in the MMA? What about that jab? Isn't it one of the best jabs in the UFC today? The checks of Izzy leg kicks? Distance management and timing even though he is much slower than Izzy. The guy is a beast, super smart, very technical and such a gentleman. I think the commentators did a pour job analyzing the fight and kept insisting on facts and not tuned in the fight. Let's give him all the respect.
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info Před 29 dny
I watched this on 3/6/2021 to get hyped for this fight, love these breakdowns!
Adam Doddy
Adam Doddy Před měsícem
Dan hardy is by far the most fight intelligent analyst of all time. WHOEVER IS BEHIND THE RELEASE OF HIM SHOULD BE TARRED AND FEATHERED NOT DAN. UNBELIEVABLE AND COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE THIS IS IMMATURITY AMONGST “professionals”? I sense some egos were involved and the result is a great loss of irreplaceable talent. DAN HARDY JUST KNOW YOUR FIGHT HISTORY YOUR COMMENTARY YOUR ANALYSIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS and THERES LEVELS TO THIS!! Dan Hardy move on but KNOW THEY LOST NOT YOU!
kaesees Před měsícem
Can't wait for the post-fight recap, Dan! My amateur eyes saw a lot of low kicks checked, a lot of high kicks blocked, and a lot of awkwardness in the 'boxing' exchanges, as if the range was unfamiliar; was the fighters' similar reach a confounding factor for Izzy, who usually has a big reach advantage at middleweight that lets him jab freely and force guys to come to him to land anything (and get countered)? PS - condolences on the dispute with the UFC and BT Sport. Hopefully this doesn't screw with your ability to use fight footage.
Chris Galleta
Chris Galleta Před měsícem
Dan I cannot wait when you break the fight. Great fight. Jan like a professor showed his skills and fighting IQ
Sean Ahshay
Sean Ahshay Před měsícem
New sub due to ufc job loss, chin up buddy.
Angelo Z
Angelo Z Před měsícem
Lets go reptile
The_Dunks Před měsícem
Hey I was right. Jan totally won this fight. Next time we can bet against each other for real if interested @FullReptile
Михаил Стольный
Михаил Стольный Před měsícem
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CZee Před měsícem
I love how nobody gave Jan any chance against Izzy in the striking. Jan won 2 of the first 3 rounds based on significant strikes, his jab and defence was on point. Anyone that says those last 2 rounds wern't 10/8 needs to watch it again. So Izzy really only wonn 1 of 5 rounds. Nobody predicted that. Final stats - Total significant Strikes - Jan 178/ Izzy 78, Total Stirkes landed 184 Jan to Izzy 99. There was not 1 stat that Izzy won apart from Most significant stirikes in 1 round.
Kung Mikami
Kung Mikami Před měsícem
Jan won wow
MillerTimeLOL Před měsícem
subbing for Dan hardy. I support you Dan good on you calling out herb deans awful reffing. I’ve watched him take years off of lives of fighters for too many years
Ali Urwal
Ali Urwal Před měsícem
Adam Před měsícem
Dan, please Explain why and how 9 out of 10 UFC 'Experts' picked Adesanya? I'm Still your Fan yet Ariel Hell-wanni lost my Respect~
wow Před měsícem
Like j said your analis is weak you dont understand that you show different fighers than Jan. Jan has a great control o distance and great fight counterattack . Adesanya didn't fight with such fighter Jan only look easy everything changes when you stand in front of him when you feel punch power and great counterattacks and distance controls . All the fighters you showed are very offensive fighters not counterattack fighters like Jan and it will be different fight . J have even impression that he still develop and despite his age, he is better with every fight
Spooky Před měsícem
Jan on points. Who would have thought that L O L
Benyo Před měsícem
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Told YA all smart expersts :-) BJJ. #LegendaryPolishPower
dajmikrokiet Před měsícem
@Full Reptile You didn't believe in Jan mate 😂You know him and you should know he is doing 95% thing's he said he will do! He send izzy back with record 20 - Jan 😉I Polish and I knew since announcement of the fight Jan is better at everything
SURF-4-LIFE Před měsícem
@Full Reptile U were a bit bias-my opinion.Peace!
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Před měsícem
How was I wrong? Did you watch the video at all? I don’t make predictions so I don’t know how I could be wrong. 😂
SURF-4-LIFE Před měsícem
@Full Reptile Stop being an ass,u were wrong this time, like many other "experts" riding this hype. Stay classy, no hate here.Peace dude.
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Před měsícem
What’s an ‘experst’ 😂
morena.a.j Před měsícem
dajmikrokiet Před měsícem
20 and Jan
Anna Anna
Anna Anna Před měsícem
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BOBI CHUNG Před měsícem
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Michael lom
Michael lom Před měsícem
Height of blackoviz 1.88 this is the main factor to get the face of adesania,he will get some sleep today i think 😃
Darragh Glynn
Darragh Glynn Před měsícem
Dan, love the content. One comment is the sliding lines at the bottom make it seem its playing the clip backwards when its in forwards. Just a gripe from a video editors perspective. Much love, keep it up
Chadi Fayad
Chadi Fayad Před měsícem
Dan is always wrong never get it right what an ass
Gforcebond Před měsícem
Big John mentioned the same thing which I think is a very good point of going to the body of Izzy when he leans back like that that's key for sure.
Michael John- Anyaehie
Michael John- Anyaehie Před měsícem
jan is going to take a massive head kick. ufc has on seen 5% of adesanya's kicks.
SURF-4-LIFE Před měsícem
I think u were wrong...
ThaFranchise Před měsícem
Jimmy Crackers
Jimmy Crackers Před měsícem
Costa has good cardio? lol not sure about that.
Awen Times
Awen Times Před měsícem
I'm loving these breakdowns by Alan Watts.
kossovaar01 Před měsícem
bet 365 should credit his background music which is by Bangalter (that's 1/2 Daft Punk) and from his soundtrack to the movie Irreversible by Gaspard Noe
SHERIFF ESQ Před měsícem
Is Dan no longer doing the ESPN analysys and preview show? That is or was my favorite prefight show and routine of all time.
james Nas
james Nas Před měsícem
No he isn't. Apparently he's not working with the UFC anymore
Jarrett Erasmus
Jarrett Erasmus Před měsícem
watching for a second time before the fight later, great analysis and gets me so hyped!
lo0k3r Před měsícem
I'm no expert, but I have become deeply interested in this fight and did some research. It's cool that I have got pretty similar conclusions for this fight before watching this video. Only I think Blachowicz should not hunt takedowns too much, especially early. And I reckon leg kicks may be key for both fighters to gain a tremendous advantage - I think Blachowicz can compete with Adesanya in this area. Also I see pressure and mixing various threats as a good strategy for Blachowicz, always trying to close distance and be ready to take some shots, and not respect Adesanya's power too much, in order to put himself in a position to land. I feel like Adesanya has a slight advantage on paper, but he has to conduct a perfect fight to win, and can not afford to make even one mistake, while Blachowicz can. On the other hand I see quite a potential for Blachowicz to make this fight frighteningly one-sided.
Boogie Monster
Boogie Monster Před měsícem
Did everyone forget Izzy VS Gastelum? Best believe if Kelvin can get to his chin at 5’9” so can Jan
Enter the End
Enter the End Před měsícem
Take down defense against a bigger guy though is hard
Andrew Rios
Andrew Rios Před měsícem
Rad Tom
Rad Tom Před měsícem
what for stands ....full reptile ??
Joseph Delacy
Joseph Delacy Před měsícem
Everyone seems to think Jan is going to stand and slug it out. He’s a bjj black belt with a solid 20 pounds of muscle, why wouldn’t he just take him down?
Sai Srikanth
Sai Srikanth Před měsícem
From 13:00 🙏
LeedsCity Před měsícem
23:35 Herb got a big toe right in his eye 😂
The Agostinho Zinga Show
The Agostinho Zinga Show Před měsícem
best fight breakdowns in the business, so cool to hear someone so knowledgable and passionate about the sport break it down to such a high level!!!!
M Hawkes
M Hawkes Před měsícem
These breakdowns and summaries are a thing of beauty! 1 of the best minds in the business from our Dan. 👊🏻
Danielle Lee
Danielle Lee Před měsícem
If weight cutting didn't exist Izzy is a real 205er and Jan is a real heavyweight...and Derrick Lewis shud be super heavyweight..just add one more division for 225 plus
P Manny
P Manny Před měsícem
Fight day, let’s see what happens
Peter A
Peter A Před měsícem
9.42 goes for front kick and switches side kick mid air. That’s why he didnt block it
sof Před měsícem
2:59 ;-)
Sem B
Sem B Před měsícem
love that dude, thanks bro! tonight will be sick as fuu**
I love Chilli
I love Chilli Před měsícem
I think Izzy's coaches feel that Izzy is too fast for other opponents and moving up to 205 would make sense. All respect to Izzy and what he has achieved using his standup but we have yet to see Izzy been taken down and use his skill on the floor. I am not sure we will because he simply does not get taken down!!!
GKJusticar55 Před měsícem
The Attemborough of the MMA world ❤
jorda Před měsícem
Im no expert but i cant help but think Jan is very dangerous on the feet with the muai thai kicks. Izzy has to do a lot of running sideways along the fence in the smaller cage. Costa landed a kick to the body on this situation and izz had to eat it, Jan will be closer, stronger and more confident
Aviank Ghanaria
Aviank Ghanaria Před měsícem
I hope Jan watch this breakdown and learn..
Education Central
Education Central Před měsícem
These breakdowns aren't just entertaining. They're educational in a philosophical way. That surfer watching the waves is a great metaphor for me as an instructor. Two people can look at something but they're not going to see the same things.
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Před měsícem
DreamsIntoReality Před měsícem
All these accumulated brain damage that dan received turned him into a pagan ritualistic who believes in reptiles smh
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson Před měsícem
Breakdown. Don't be like Paulo
Tom Bob
Tom Bob Před měsícem
Israel beat Yoel, so he should be able to beat Jan. It could be that Yoel was overated and Jan is a way different fighter
beyond the wheel
beyond the wheel Před měsícem
I don't get why all fighters don't, wont or cant fight southpaw and orthodox stance, its not that difficult
Jasen Jahn
Jasen Jahn Před měsícem
What you have to do is catch the ball and run into the end zone for a touchdown. That’s how you score points. Whoever does that the most, wins.
Kermit Frog
Kermit Frog Před měsícem
You've outdone yourself, sir. Those finer details of Izzy's game were next level. The guy's adjustments and fight IQ are off the charts.
steve standley
steve standley Před měsícem
Great analysis. I think the clinch battle determines the outcome here.
Harun Osmanovic
Harun Osmanovic Před měsícem
Is Dan not doing breakdowns for the UFC channels anymore?
Blaze Před měsícem
I needed this. I need reassurance on what I am about to see tomorrow.
Ryan Tobin
Ryan Tobin Před měsícem
Loved the video mate !
Ivan123 Před měsícem
This is one of my most anticipated fights of all time. Its seriously underrated. You know Israel will bring his lightning speed and agility and precision but you know Jan wont give up and he has that one shot KO power when he connects which will make Adesanya be cautious at times. Forget Jon Jones, Jan this is bigger challenge for Adesanya.
Magdalena Dura
Magdalena Dura Před měsícem
Adesanya's craft is striking, but yours definitely is analyzing - no one explains it better :)
Skwid Lives
Skwid Lives Před měsícem
He’s way to slow to take down Israel.
Christopher J Crincoli
Christopher J Crincoli Před měsícem
Dan whats up with the Satanic illuminati symbol?!?! Guess you worship Lucifer?? What a shame! I don't get it with famous people? Its like a disease with you guys! You get a little famous and bam!! I want to blow Satan now too!!
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Před měsícem
Lol! You’re weirdly paranoid, my friend. I don’t have any imaginary friends. I love science though and history though. Especially dinosaurs.
ry gor
ry gor Před měsícem
great breakdown. I watched a few so far but only Dan made it so good! shame that Dan was not in recent Inside Octagon with John. Anyone knows why?
Jeremy MG
Jeremy MG Před měsícem
I believe that in southpaw vs orthodox match ups, jan has the best lead hand control in the ufc. May only be second to prime conor
Thermalhunter Před měsícem
Wow. Good job at explaining each fighter!
K S Před měsícem
Ironically, Bobby is also good at throwing twice from one side even though obviously Adesanya is better :D
Aline Bonny
Aline Bonny Před měsícem
The adorable swamp progressively bare because christopher multivariately compete given a ambitious nose. judicious, cheerful goose
Math Před měsícem
jan gonna knock this skinny guy out cold. Polish power > african power. sorry black haters :D From greece
Chavacano Před měsícem
This event is a big loss for izzy,...jan is no joke.
Нурсултан Эсенбаев
Нурсултан Эсенбаев Před měsícem
Пероводите на русский язык пожалуйста
Noah Harris
Noah Harris Před měsícem
i wanna see Stipe fuck up Jan
morena.a.j Před měsícem
Drop down a weight class and fight a smaller guy? Nah, Stipe is not that type of guy.
jessie james
jessie james Před měsícem
The quizzical nest coincidentally name because crack excitingly clear qua a numerous gong. illegal, calm dolphin
Eddie L
Eddie L Před měsícem
I can see the body kick being a major factor here. It's won him multiple fights, including reyes. Issue with Jan is that he has big power in his kicks AND punches. I can see him landing a couple kicks winning some respect and then catching izzy to the head..... Can also see a masterclass in distance management by izzy, ha. Exciting fight. Think the key for Jan is smart pressure. For izzy is using his length. If he decides to play in the pocket it favors Jan in my book.
Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters Před měsícem
I cheered when Dan used footage from his Ludwig fight. You have come so far, sir. A true inspiration.
Matt Youman
Matt Youman Před měsícem
23:50 - Summary
Nacho Fretes
Nacho Fretes Před měsícem
Adesanya breaks Robb Withaker's face. Dan Hardy: lovely!
Jorge Leon
Jorge Leon Před měsícem
CR Ri Před měsícem
John Francis
John Francis Před měsícem
Dan Reptile, is it true you had to sell your soul & join the Freemasons? are you really a closet satanist?
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump Před měsícem
Not sure whether he exaggerates izzy‘s take down defense. 86% vs middle weight could be a lot less against a lhw...
Akin Gold
Akin Gold Před měsícem
I fear for Izzy though, especially now that he's the favourite.
Nie wiem Kurde
Nie wiem Kurde Před měsícem
The fact dude lost doesnt mean he will lose again
E Z Před měsícem
The guy looks scary but he's beatable. Look at his record.
jordan warren
jordan warren Před měsícem
does Dan ever predict which fighter is gunna win? His analysis is amazing but I wanna know who he thinks is gunna win
jordan warren
jordan warren Před měsícem
@Jorge Leon oh he says it without saying it, Thanks for that. after I posted this I saw the official pics from him and he had sterling to win?
Jorge Leon
Jorge Leon Před měsícem
If you pay attention, he says it without saying it. He had Izzy to win vs Costa, he has Yan to beat Sterling. He has Izzy to beat Jan (but sounds less confident)
NLZO Před měsícem
Dan makes you confidentiality want to bet your life savings on Izzy
Noa Sakurada
Noa Sakurada Před měsícem
This just got me so pumped for this card. Thanks Dan 🎶
Jeff N
Jeff N Před měsícem
Forget the actual fight. I wait to see Dan analyze it afterward.
Emma Monday
Emma Monday Před měsícem
Men i love the ninja shit😁😁😁
keepleft Před měsícem
I think Jan's reach might be the X factor in this fight. Sure it's not the longest reach Israel has seen, but it's probably the longest he's fought with THAT much power. Can't wait for the fight.
ShiestyShamus Před měsícem
I feel like Yan could break some ribs with one side kick.
Zero Alpha Design Co
Zero Alpha Design Co Před měsícem
the ufc needs to drop Bisping as a commentator and replace him with Dan
Be Real
Be Real Před měsícem
I can’t stand bisping on commentary
Zero Alpha Design Co
Zero Alpha Design Co Před měsícem
@Rekan Payne what whingey and annoying as fuck vs informative and level-headed?
Rekan Payne
Rekan Payne Před měsícem
No, they both hit different parts as a listener
stormrider777 Před měsícem
Jan by ko
Zuhab Zainuddin
Zuhab Zainuddin Před měsícem
Please do Islam vs Drew Dober please!!!
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief Před měsícem
The torque on Jan's shots is something akin to a muscle car. It looks like he barely taps people but his hips just drive with such crazy force.
jordan warren
jordan warren Před měsícem
Reyes ribs looked like they'd been hit by a baseball bat multiple times after the first round, its crazy.
Tyler Moreau
Tyler Moreau Před měsícem
Key to Izzy's TD defense on the cage is bicep control on one side and under/overhooks on the other
M ullah
M ullah Před měsícem
Jan tko rnd 3 early 4th
NJT- Před měsícem
Damn that left hook! Dan’s a beast.
ChrischrosBelgium Před měsícem
Look at the guys Jan beat in the last three years. No way Adesanye beats Jan. You must be crazy to think that. Mma math does niet work but.... JAN DESTROYED Reyes. REYES WON against Jones. Jones is stronger than Adesanye. Jan will destroy Adesanye... It will be cruel to watch.
ChrischrosBelgium Před měsícem
@Be Real it does not work accept when there are similar fighting styles....
Be Real
Be Real Před měsícem
“MMA math does not work.” Proceeds to do mma math 🤦‍♂️
Alexandre Paulo
Alexandre Paulo Před měsícem
I see a Dan Hardy breakdown video, i click immediatly
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