I Tried Japan’s Most EXTREME Noodle Challenge

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The Anime Man

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The Wankosoba Challenge is infamous in Japan... so I tried it.
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The Anime Man
The Anime Man Před 3 měsíci
More food challenges in Japan?
bruh duh
bruh duh Před 22 dny
I'm in!!
ErrOR GaSTeR Před 24 dny
Adil Rahman
Adil Rahman Před 26 dny
Trash Taste eating challenges.
moriah93ohio Před 27 dny
Yes! More food challenges
Tendou Satori
Tendou Satori Před měsícem
Yesss do this with Connor
소윤Zoé Před 2 hodinami
how u be loving big chungus xdd
Sean Jerzy
Sean Jerzy Před 3 hodinami
The way sharla said "fuck off" is Hilarious
Stable Paddock
Stable Paddock Před 12 hodinami
Sharla tiredly coughing out a "f*ck off" was so surprising but hilarious xD
Robby Cantor
Robby Cantor Před dnem
I pity the dishwashers for this restaurant lol
sadistic spirit
sadistic spirit Před dnem
Just imagine how they wash those dishes at the rate the go though bowls
sadistic spirit
sadistic spirit Před dnem
How is this charged lol like Person-Yaaay i hit 335 bowls Waiter- great job that'll be 100,000 yen Person- im .....im sorry what Like lol
Harry Lion
Harry Lion Před dnem
I think Sharla deserves a sub for that and hit that notification button
Nikora Taukamo
Nikora Taukamo Před dnem
Them: *Gets over 100 bowls* Meanwhile in the backround there looks to be a fucking pile of bowls there!
King Hulk
King Hulk Před 2 dny
The true hero of this story is the dish washer!!
огнедышащих медведь с АК47
огнедышащих медведь с АК47 Před 2 dny
Joey The Average Male
Olivia Mellors
Olivia Mellors Před 2 dny
I just watched this vid for the first time!! And I love @sharmeleon!! I've watched her for years!!!
Shiv Sharma
Shiv Sharma Před 2 dny
Aki : I had a hard time swallowing it down *laughs* Me: nice one girl
Lulliza Před 3 dny
Just imagine the pain the person who washes the dishes there must feel everyday
shiro Před 3 dny
Sorry but all that I can think of is how annoying to be a dishwasher in that restaurant lol Also Sharla earned my respect hahaha subbed immediately
Prashant Surti
Prashant Surti Před 5 dny
Aki is looking so beautiful
kayytz Před 5 dny
Charlotte: " fuck off " Waitress: 👁👁
Robert Beurre
Robert Beurre Před 6 dny
After this, I want to assume that they threw up their internal organs in the parking lot.
Valerie Choi
Valerie Choi Před 8 dny
i feel bad for the person doing the dishes
shouto Todoroki
shouto Todoroki Před 8 dny
Good job man
koharu akane
koharu akane Před 9 dny
She earned the subscribe
L Před 9 dny
Gluten Free!!! Okay I have to do this challenge. Pretty sure I can hit 200 bowls. :D
ScrewFearMe Před 9 dny
I wonder how much I would be able to eat there, because I feel like I'm always hungry, or get hungry again VERY fast
Tom the Pain Train Conductor
Tom the Pain Train Conductor Před 9 dny
God bless to whoever has to put up with washing all these bowls
Emma Czarnosz
Emma Czarnosz Před 9 dny
Joey: "i don't know whether I'm gonna be over average or above average" me: wot? 😂
Im_a_prø_at_Imperfectiøn Před 11 dny
I wasn’t subbed for 5 years !?!?,?
Im_a_prø_at_Imperfectiøn Před 11 dny
So about the guy eating 500 bowls being an average male most likely he wasn’t lmao and he was as popular or famous as her, r maybe he did it as a hobby. I can’t see no food fighters not eating there
Salty Boi
Salty Boi Před 11 dny
Joey: My mind is telling me No but my BODY my BODY is teeing me YEEES
Subham Das
Subham Das Před 12 dny
Hai douzo😂
GammaRayBOOM Před 12 dny
They keep saying bowl n I hear ball, even the subtitle says ball 😂
Jerry LAN
Jerry LAN Před 12 dny
Rip the dishwasher
Region Nerd Alert
Region Nerd Alert Před 14 dny
above the fold nice!
KaiserMikael Před 14 dny
10:05 She knew, she knew what she did xD
Kayla Elaine
Kayla Elaine Před 14 dny
Sharla just saying "fuck off" to the lady was hilarious
Jfm 21
Jfm 21 Před 15 dny
thats alot of noodles
Zoltan Kiss-Craciun
Zoltan Kiss-Craciun Před 17 dny
The 🇭🇺 part of Sharla did it! (neeh). Anyway subscribed.
okao Ejiri
okao Ejiri Před 17 dny
i feel like my step dad could do it to 100 easily
coolguyhino92 Před 18 dny
....anyone else quietly imploding at all the talking with their mouths full..??(!)??
coolguyhino92 Před 18 dny
2:03 "I don't know if I'm gonna be *over* average, or *above* average" ..umm.....what?
God does not love me
God does not love me Před 20 dny
I'd probably be full at my 30th bowl 🥣
Horror Otaku Girl
Horror Otaku Girl Před 20 dny
This is making me so hungry rn lol
Akemus Před 21 dnem
Sharla cussing out the lady
Syakirin57 Před 21 dnem
That poor waitress getting the f from sharla 😂
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin Před 22 dny
i kinda want to do this. Except I live in America and haven't travelled to another country before.
Bleh Bleh
Bleh Bleh Před 22 dny
So you are about 3%-5% soba
Bottle 12
Bottle 12 Před 22 dny
imagine the shits they took
Bottle 12
Bottle 12 Před 22 dny
Chris is funny
Oh Hi There
Oh Hi There Před 22 dny
aki doesn't even know how to properly hold a chopstick and lives in Japan...not fair
Charlotte Manasco
Charlotte Manasco Před 23 dny
I can see pregnant women doing that challenge, LOL.
Jas Bless
Jas Bless Před 23 dny
yay for SHARLA!
Royolty Loyalty
Royolty Loyalty Před 24 dny
Soba... did you betray me with your taste? Comment if you know what I'm referring to!
Kyle Quiriconi
Kyle Quiriconi Před 24 dny
I would hate to be the dish washer here, especially on a busy day
Haradin13 Před 24 dny
Well Sharla just earned a sub from me for that showing. Well done!
Lee _UwU
Lee _UwU Před 25 dny
She pulled a sneak on Joey
Jan Ripa
Jan Ripa Před 25 dny
Mission accomplished Joey! I liked the video and subscribed to Sharla's channel.
E Girl
E Girl Před 25 dny
How do people eat this much
Brett Wilder
Brett Wilder Před 26 dny
not the full meal he cut parts out he didnt eat it all
Wreck-It Rolfe
Wreck-It Rolfe Před 26 dny
Aki sounds more Canadian
GaliaHero Před 26 dny
10:37 how nice of you to shoutout ya mate Chad
Crotchwhistle Purple
Crotchwhistle Purple Před 26 dny
5:44 She's definitely lying. She only said that because of Aki's fatass comment. 11:18 Absolutely not.
KimchiYeo Před 26 dny
There are like 3 noodles ina bowl xD can't call that a bowl of noodles :P cheaters!! haha
Krahs the Shark
Krahs the Shark Před 27 dny
I will only subscribe if you eat 1000 bowls
ANAK KEPRI Před 27 dny
maybe mike chen can beat that 570 bowl record.
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen Před 27 dny
WTG Sharla!
moriah93ohio Před 27 dny
When Sharla said ‘fuck off’ 🤣😂
mateo perez
mateo perez Před 27 dny
thats what she said 9:07
LENNY! Před 27 dny
*Soba lady just doing her and refilling bowls.* *Sharla: FUCK OFF* me: poor Soba lady.
Lia Harris
Lia Harris Před 28 dny
Pretty sure Conner would hit down 200, no cap
SilentVinyl Před 28 dny
Lots of soba
Eeveez Před 28 dny
shoto todoroki would do this every other day
Shuetyee L.
Shuetyee L. Před 29 dny
11:11 *rude*
Sere Delphox
Sere Delphox Před 29 dny
the lady was serving so sweetly, everytime pouring noodles her 'hai douzou' is so precious
LindsayCordova Před měsícem
Ah i love Sharla!! She’s my favorite.
The Morgan Riley Show
The Morgan Riley Show Před měsícem
I felt it when Sharla said 'fuck off'
MoshpitGrimreapr Před měsícem
I need to try this next time I go to akihabara!
DisAPear Před měsícem
idk why but i have a feeling i could go up to at least 150 bowls
Miyamoto Naoko
Miyamoto Naoko Před měsícem
is this all you can eat price or like they charge per bowls?
Cal Před měsícem
2:03 "idk if I'm going to be over average or above average" -The Anime Man
Tomo Johnson
Tomo Johnson Před měsícem
Hah, I was dumb enough to go and do this by myself pro tip - don't do that The pressure of the woman waiting for you is so grueling when you're the only one, I did get 105 bowls though
マイケル Fake Show
マイケル Fake Show Před měsícem
You’re not a man until you eat 200 bowls worth of nattō
mommy Před měsícem
Bang Supa
Bang Supa Před měsícem
this is like if you want experience eating with stacking plates like in the anime you should try it
Unbegeistertes _
Unbegeistertes _ Před měsícem
9:10 hehehehe
OBLIVIANGAMER 231 Před měsícem
"100 Bowls and your officially a man" People who misheard bowls as in balls: BRUH
Thomas Heiberg
Thomas Heiberg Před měsícem
Trash taste
Slyder Ace
Slyder Ace Před měsícem
Sharla's first time doing the challenge on Camera?! I could've sworn I've seen her do it last year on Chris' channel...?O_o?
dragon king42
dragon king42 Před měsícem
How much did this cost
leo sky
leo sky Před měsícem
This is one of those things where I look at the smallass portions and think "come one I could do that easy"... But I also know that doing it for real is probably a whole other ballgame
HachimenRoppi Orihara
HachimenRoppi Orihara Před měsícem
Chris, connor, and Joey all come here and battle it out in a major free for all
UNLebanon Před měsícem
I'd hate to be the one stuck washing the dishes at that place.
UnitingMilk Před měsícem
congrats to Sharla gah damn
LarisaPlayTube Před měsícem
It’s not a bowl, it’s literally a bite 😂
Amelio Trevino
Amelio Trevino Před měsícem
Mark Před měsícem
Love it! More of this guys. This is so much fun. Go have a good barf and get back on the horse next week.
SelLillianna's Games
SelLillianna's Games Před měsícem
That "fuck off" was so real lol great job!
Natalie Westbrook Art
Natalie Westbrook Art Před měsícem
Elvis Presley Doppelgänger 💯
dezzy Před měsícem
this is what normal dinner in my family is "i'm done" "no yo're not eat more"
Myth-lemon Orange
Myth-lemon Orange Před měsícem
imagine the person that's going to wash the dishes
Another edgy guy with white hair
Another edgy guy with white hair Před měsícem
That's a lot of noodles
Hidy zheng
Hidy zheng Před měsícem
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