I Tried Japan's MONSTER Ramen Challenge (ft. Abroad in Japan)

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Two idiots attempt to eat the biggest bowl of noodles Japan has to offer. Enter the MONSTER RAMEN CHALLENGE!
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Thank you to Yaro Ramen Akihabara for letting me film!

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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Před měsícem
5 years ago I did this and said “Never again”. Honestly, I wish I’d learnt my lesson. BUT I NEVER EVER DO.
MC Před 15 hodinami
A Pound in Japan
Dari San
Dari San Před 8 dny
At least you got your rubberflubber vitamins!
Pablo Suarez
Pablo Suarez Před 9 dny
Now do the monster gyoza challenge again xD
plyric Před 21 dnem
Don't worry, Chris, you'll win another 5 years down the road the next time you two compete in the ramen challenge. ;)
Sekar Maltum
Sekar Maltum Před 23 dny
i watched that video while having "requiem for a dream" running in the background .... :3 seemed appropiate
Darthsithiss Před hodinou
Aaaaannnnnd Chris does it again (loses) with a noodle hanging out of his nose!
BrusLee Před 9 hodinami
This could have been uncut, just 30min of pain :D
l0beda0st Před 9 hodinami
I'm sure you get more ramen (and chashu) if you get 10x 1000¥ bowls of ramen instead of that one 10,000¥ bowl. Either way, it's way too much food 🙈
Saurabh Adate
Saurabh Adate Před 10 hodinami
Chris: enough to kill a small child Even in Japan did not forget English humor
Jacky Tan Swee Huat
Jacky Tan Swee Huat Před 10 hodinami
I love their conversations 😂
Codnex Před 15 hodinami
Joey look if your ever in pain when doing one of these just don't it's never worth it.
Tomás Labbé
Tomás Labbé Před 16 hodinami
Harry Potter and the kidney stone (you know, for all the salt?)
Poo Poo
Poo Poo Před 22 hodinami
lol this is nothing . I once ate 8kilos of food at a restaurant and was still hungry.
magic myth2
magic myth2 Před dnem
i lost it when Joey litarly called Chris Yoda- "feel like shit i do" 🤣🤣🤣
Kenny Před dnem
Meanwhile Me Watching this with hunger
Syntheyia Digital bitch glitch
Syntheyia Digital bitch glitch Před dnem
Is he a lefty?!
Metho Před dnem
At first i though how hard could it be, then i saw the monster ramen and insta-give-up to even try something like that.
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Sakusa Kiyoomi Před dnem
I don't know if I'm envious, or if I'm grateful that I'm not in that situation.
Marc Před 2 dny
Joey starts singing Round The Twist theme song. Me: I remember that show that's now... 30 years old!
Jim Před 2 dny
man, you guys are soo good together.. wish u cn do more vid collabs
Seb Betts
Seb Betts Před 2 dny
Joeys version of round the twist > all
Candy Peeps
Candy Peeps Před 2 dny
I love bean sprouts. I can see my Mama eating this.
drucifer00 Před 2 dny
Here, your wee man there is from Norn Iron.
Jay Wolfy
Jay Wolfy Před 3 dny
I love the Round the Twist reference thrown in xD
Neil Barry
Neil Barry Před 3 dny
luke wins just cause i wasnt expecting to hear a NI accent.
UnusualTanker Před 3 dny
As a poor college student, this video basically describes my daily food intake
SteaJdj Před 3 dny
The introduction were he likes sticks up made me feel like I was high or something
Dark mater 33
Dark mater 33 Před 3 dny
Man singing around the twist haha
Anna Strings
Anna Strings Před 3 dny
The best ever food review show should try this challege!
CJ sorridente
CJ sorridente Před 3 dny
isso dai é menor que marmita de pedreiro, 30 mins é muito tempo pra terminar de comer
Hikaze Yattis
Hikaze Yattis Před 3 dny
That's my lunch on a hungry day
Limi Před 3 dny
Just a Random Bot
Just a Random Bot Před 3 dny
I saw this title and tought: ah fuck it's kaguya sama
Jonathan Chau
Jonathan Chau Před 4 dny
I miss akiba I had the best tonkatsu there hour wait in the rain
Black Owl
Black Owl Před 4 dny
This intro was epic xD
Michael Altamirano
Michael Altamirano Před 4 dny
here's a game: take a shot of vodka every time they saythe word b e a n s p r o u t
Tinnakorn Sai
Tinnakorn Sai Před 4 dny
notice they just giant weights within 30min lol
Mikuroko Před 5 dny
Is Chris left handed? Don't watch him much but I see him using chopsticks with his left hand in here
Amazing Andy
Amazing Andy Před 5 dny
I have never heard 野郎 translated as dude before haha.
C. A. Wagner
C. A. Wagner Před 5 dny
Never have I liked a video with in the first 3 seconds. That entrance was the reason.
Jacky Fan
Jacky Fan Před 6 dny
Have you ever, ever felt like this That weird gut feeling, you're about to take a shit.
bibliofanatic Před 6 dny
I see that 'around the twist' reference
Sofii Před 6 dny
Negueto Otokoto
Negueto Otokoto Před 8 dny
Does this look easy for anyone else or am just too fat? 😂
Grimslade Leviathan
Grimslade Leviathan Před 8 dny
"The Chamber of Shit" A septic tank?
Ashley Před 8 dny
If there was an option for extra noodles instead of bean sprouts i'd try it, not a fan of sprouts.
Help CSposts won’t let me subscribe
Tokiomi Tohsaka
Tokiomi Tohsaka Před 8 dny
You should start with the noddles before they soak more of the liquid.
Vugen18 Před 9 dny
This ramen lookes boring af tho.. looks like a bowl of bean sprouts !!! U have to to this again with a more appealing bowl of ramen. Yes i think that sounds like a good idea!
Vugen18 Před 9 dny
This is soo good! More vid Chris mooooreee!!!
Rukyura Myky
Rukyura Myky Před 9 dny
Starting to worry about christ's brain being fried like nicocado avocado in 2 years from all of the shit food
Lightning Gamer
Lightning Gamer Před 10 dny
I’m sitting here going that looks amazing then i know if I ever sat with that in front of me I would be like could I have half of it please 🥺 I can’t eat all of that! Way too much bean sprouts for me everything else I think I could manage
Rick Donnelly
Rick Donnelly Před 10 dny
Why didn't Y'all weigh it before and after?
Zeros Alchemist XV
Zeros Alchemist XV Před 11 dny
This ramen would be like a snack for me. :P
Syed Anniq Jawaid
Syed Anniq Jawaid Před 11 dny
I shouldn't be watching this in Ramadan...
Epsynus Před 11 dny
I want more of these, that'd be super cool!
Kai Rallison
Kai Rallison Před 11 dny
I wonder if you can get the monster ramen as take out. I could get a solid 3-4 meals out of that. just bring it home and sections it evenly into a couple of containers. fast food meal prepping for busy weeks
MarginalSC Před 11 dny
It's not the same without a tiny girl showing everyone up.
Matthew Ojok
Matthew Ojok Před 12 dny
Joey just gave us the best Around the Twist remix we needed.
Joe'sWeirdWorld Před 12 dny
*_Naruto Uzumaki Has Joined The Chat_*
Lana Bozoian
Lana Bozoian Před 12 dny
This made me hungry
Rasputin Varez
Rasputin Varez Před 12 dny
>have you ever, ever felt like this Ah, the Australian national anthem of 90's kids
sun min lee
sun min lee Před 12 dny
[[[ 방사능 오염수 무단 방류국가 일본 ]]] 방사능 오염수를 태평양에 버리는 일본은 대한민국의 적국이다. 전세계의 적국이다. 스가를 비롯한 일본정부는 방사능 오염수로 포카리스웨트를 만들어 마셔야한다
Cat Anne
Cat Anne Před 12 dny
Chris, never shave again, you look like a sexy pirate with facial hair.
retrogamingfanatic Před 12 dny
Christopher Borad
Clarissa Rojas
Clarissa Rojas Před 12 dny
Is it bad that I feel like I could totally finish that bowl of ramen 😬
Aikaterine Illt
Aikaterine Illt Před 13 dny
Riboflavin was too damn much for me
Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker Před 13 dny
Interesting point: Yoda only really spoke poorly before he revealed himself to Luke.
granadan legacy
granadan legacy Před 13 dny
Anime mans channel taking a toll on him, all those gray hairs!
Ren T
Ren T Před 14 dny
I feel like next Joey should collaborate with Felix and bang Chan (Stray kids) and do something chaotic with the Aussie boys-
Brandon Fernández campos
Brandon Fernández campos Před 14 dny
Hey son!!!
Captain BroadSword
Captain BroadSword Před 15 dny
Doesn't "Yaro" mean rascal in Japanese?? If so, why is it written above the counter??
Ken Sama
Ken Sama Před 15 dny
average american serving of ramen
Nihfonos Před 15 dny
nice entrance lol
Saif Ali
Saif Ali Před 16 dny
Im muslim so do they have no pork
Dylan DillyD
Dylan DillyD Před 16 dny
If matt stonie was there he would of finished in 10 min 😂
Rysa Před 16 dny
Chris is left handed!?
Ethan G
Ethan G Před 17 dny
Bro that's just an American portion
bxrtha Před 17 dny
this video is worth it because of "nekku ando nekku desu"
sgtalzu Před 17 dny
whats the manga on his shirt i have been looking for manga to read and totally forgot the name
Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson Před 18 dny
Next, the giant gyoza challenge. But i think i'll pass on this challenge. I'll go to a maid cafe or something instead when i visit akihabara.
if its not have pork, probably i can finish it, mostly on this month XD
Rogen Official
Rogen Official Před 18 dny
One small bowl of Ramen is enough to make my stomach feel sick for whole day ! So I really can’t imagine the pain you two going through.
Jo Rheine
Jo Rheine Před 18 dny
is that a junji ito shirt joey
amnesia Před 18 dny
bro is sai jyda chowmien tho mera dost shadi mai lapet jata hai😆😆 *true story*
Stray Kismet
Stray Kismet Před 19 dny
Aesop's Fables, There was a fox and a wolf, whom found a loose board in the farmers storage, where they dined on cheese rather than hunt and forage, the Fox would quickly dart in and out to see if he could still fit through the boards, yet the wolf would scarf giving no leave to the taste. The farmer came home and the fox escaped but the wolf was too fat to salvage his fate.
Alpha Dragon Queen
Alpha Dragon Queen Před 19 dny
😳 I want to try it
Void Opalll
Void Opalll Před 19 dny
Their doing a food challenge and Joey is wearing the most unappetizing shirt XD (what a strategy)
Russian Goose
Russian Goose Před 19 dny
Me watching this for the 6th time: Harry Potter: and the Sorcerer's Beansprouts
Ezi Před 19 dny
as an american. I could eat two. Im built for this challenge
KameHameHuy Le
KameHameHuy Le Před 19 dny
And this is a normla sized meal for my fat ass
Aaa Před 20 dny
How can you eat anything with so much talking? nMy head is spinning from a hangover and vrebal overload, have to p ause videro lol cant typy with one hand
Cool Dip
Cool Dip Před 20 dny
Honestly this boul looks smaller than the one Natsuki won at...
Lei Choi Lam
Lei Choi Lam Před 20 dny
U guys spent an awful lot of time talking,swearing and laughing than eating lol
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith Před 20 dny
6:28 OMG round the twist was my childhood!!
Home Videos
Home Videos Před 20 dny
Congrats @Theanimeman, your now my favorite CSpostsr 2. Jacksepticeye 3. Cd dawg va 4. Etc
Phuck Hugh
Phuck Hugh Před 20 dny
Teh softboiled egg looks heavenly. I could easily do this challenge.
soap Před 20 dny
Are you goin round the twist! Memory of childhood right there!
ElfWarrior Runaan
ElfWarrior Runaan Před 21 dnem
I Feel Sorry For You Two Buut You Took The Challenge At Your Own Risk So.... Yeah!
H. Kazuhira
H. Kazuhira Před 21 dnem
chemistry between you guys is magical.
Shinji D
Shinji D Před 21 dnem
this is like eating 3 shabu shabu servings. Not really much XDD U should never chew too many times when doing a fast eating challenge
AlexeyTea Před 21 dnem
Maaan, I am so in love with Chrises humor.
Lysander Inc Animations
Lysander Inc Animations Před 21 dnem
11:10 Is it me or does the Camera man sound like he's from Belfast, Northern Ireland?
Jackson Weeks
Jackson Weeks Před 21 dnem
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