I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week - Day 4 & 5

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Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan

Před 2 dny

7 days. 1 penny. day 4 and 5. 0 fricks left to give.
learn more about CTFB ► www.centraltexasfoodbank.org/​
watch my gaming channel ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_RSg...
support Front Steps ► frontsteps.org/​

Iris Rosales
Iris Rosales Před dnem
Omg that’s me!
Mélida Baca
Mélida Baca Před dnem
IRIS! What’s your Instagram?
Angie Finnerty
Angie Finnerty Před dnem
love you iris!!!!!
YasYasTR2009 Před dnem
Iker Medina
Iker Medina Před dnem
Dr Dim
Dr Dim Před dnem
zombieee Před 15 minutami
jaedengamergirl Erickson
jaedengamergirl Erickson Před 16 minutami
but.... the party at the park from 8 to 1 you... forgot.
Stíofán Spealáin
Stíofán Spealáin Před 19 minutami
Getting into a hotel bed is the best feeling in the world haha
Thomas Sun
Thomas Sun Před 20 minutami
wait a minute........... why do you sound like omnious nebula
Melanie Valdez-Brown
Melanie Valdez-Brown Před 20 minutami
Happy birthday jayla
stupid-hands hi
stupid-hands hi Před 22 minutami
Whats that place at and call
Skyler Dunaway
Skyler Dunaway Před 23 minutami
now you know what to do if you become homeless and poor lol
Trent Animations
Trent Animations Před 24 minutami
That shotgun 😂
Saucy Cactus
Saucy Cactus Před 25 minutami
Wait did he ever go to the quince
The Poolside Hangout 3
The Poolside Hangout 3 Před 29 minutami
who agrees the first episode was the best
Fowlan Allen
Fowlan Allen Před 30 minutami
How funny! My kids found this on CSposts and that's me and my dog!
Deb Gillitzer
Deb Gillitzer Před 31 minutou
Happy birthday Jayla !!!!!!
G-Bone Před 32 minutami
I love you.
Joseph Nunez
Joseph Nunez Před 32 minutami
I thought he was actually going to go to that girl’s quinceria😔
Trevor Dane Daniels
Trevor Dane Daniels Před 33 minutami
Yo that was awesome when you came out of the McDonald’s good job man keep it up.
Brody Stanley
Brody Stanley Před 34 minutami
Two words let’s get it that’s 3
Wyatt Beals
Wyatt Beals Před 35 minutami
That camera is insane 😂 Watch out for cougars 😆
Ken127 Před 36 minutami
7:32 It says $2 for 3 not 2 for $3 haha
Ella Alcorn
Ella Alcorn Před 36 minutami
we love you iris
gummybe4rr Před 36 minutami
what is the background music called in the intro?
VAN NIEL Před 37 minutami
Helo ryan trahan make more this is cool becuse this thing will make us survive in a city or something XD but cool thing and good idea
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka Před 38 minutami
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYLA We wish you happy birthday
Doggo Needle
Doggo Needle Před 38 minutami
He cheated he used his phone to work for Uber eats which he didn’t buy with the money that came from the penny
22 Muhammad Andromeda Nur Firdaus
22 Muhammad Andromeda Nur Firdaus Před 39 minutami
I beg you all of american people please save us in gaza palestine, iam 10 years old and i have sister, please save my sister and my mom please,may god bless you
Gisella Yoshimi
Gisella Yoshimi Před 39 minutami
Happy Bday Jayla
Yeeyee Před 43 minutami
Bro better show up to her quince🤨
Kevin J
Kevin J Před 46 minutami
Attention starved and lack of creativity is this "influencers" main problem.
Gina Finch
Gina Finch Před 47 minutami
"The amount of lactic acid in my buttocks right now is SCIENTIFIC dude" 😂
[Pug Rider]
[Pug Rider] Před 47 minutami
2 more days so excited!
Natnael Demelash
Natnael Demelash Před 47 minutami
I am worried for your health eating McDonalds for 1 week isn't good.
K Moore
K Moore Před 48 minutami
Has he had water
Splop Před 49 minutami
Him: makes $1,000,000 in a day Me: why don’t all homeless people do this?
That gamer Demon
That gamer Demon Před 49 minutami
Happy birthday jaly
Brady Hughes
Brady Hughes Před 51 minutou
I love how day 4 is 14 minutes but day 5 is 4 minutes long
Mateo Hecimovic
Mateo Hecimovic Před 52 minutami
McDonalds is probably thinking “when did this guy come in town?”
Kool-Aid Man
Kool-Aid Man Před 53 minutami
JB Man
JB Man Před 53 minutami
Wait why was he in his house when he was talking about how much money he raised
GGbot Před 53 minutami
"below 50degrees" bruh fifty degrees is the highest ive ever had in canada
Kawaii Bby
Kawaii Bby Před 53 minutami
Can we talk about the kind high schoolers tho :’)
The Marshall Boys
The Marshall Boys Před 54 minutami
Hey Ryan, my family started a nonprofit called families 4 families and it is a nonprofit that feeds families in need all around the country now. I know u probably won’t see this but I was just wondering if next episode you could donate to my families charity.
aiden bell
aiden bell Před 55 minutami
Happy bday jayla
Saffronduck gaming
Saffronduck gaming Před 56 minutami
It’s iris
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Před 57 minutami
Who gives a FACK.
gio sison
gio sison Před 58 minutami
1:49 do I just see CO2 coming out from the back right
Sophie Playz
Sophie Playz Před 59 minutami
Have you lost weight from making trips like that? ( this is no hate and absolutely not saying you were fat.)
gio sison
gio sison Před 59 minutami
1:33 you mean 3 words
abduster Před 59 minutami
Wow number 3 on trending
Nicholas Leacock
Nicholas Leacock Před hodinou
Live of a penny for a month
Grace.E Williams-Smith
Grace.E Williams-Smith Před hodinou
We respect u
Siimply Sweet
Siimply Sweet Před hodinou
ruben and quin...
Brayton Waters
Brayton Waters Před hodinou
The Mc chicken should be renamed as the mc chemicals, same with all their burgers there literally just made of chemicals and like 2% meat.
Josef Borow
Josef Borow Před hodinou
Did anyone else notice this? "Thank you very much" "No problem" "You Too" 16:49
Averi leigh
Averi leigh Před hodinou
It was three words lol 🤣
Rylee Playz
Rylee Playz Před hodinou
What about that girls birthday party
Ben Invest
Ben Invest Před hodinou
*5 things to quit right now:* *1. Overthinking* *2. Trying to make everyone happy* *3. Living in the past* *4. Worrying* *5. Doubting yourself*
Ellie Sadeghi
Ellie Sadeghi Před hodinou
LukeVX Před hodinou
tristan esparza
tristan esparza Před hodinou
B77 Před hodinou
dude pls continue to share these videos I looooove it!💙😂
Ap0lloO Před hodinou
You should totally do a lemonade stand lmao. Bring back the good old days of childhood.
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson Před hodinou
pinecsne Před hodinou
guys you should totally check out his other serieseseses they're pretty good too 😎
Showna Před hodinou
ngl but i feel like being an uber driver is a cop out from profiting from the original penny. kind of runniness it :/
Keagan Taylor
Keagan Taylor Před hodinou
I wish I could donate, but alas...I'm only a mere child. 😥
Dodo Dude
Dodo Dude Před hodinou
Fortnite Gaming
Fortnite Gaming Před hodinou
Where is the kid that give you 20 bucks
Jhonny Tenezaca
Jhonny Tenezaca Před hodinou
Guys the fundraiser hit $10k
Ovakai Před hodinou
Jane Dough
Jane Dough Před hodinou
Watching you shotgun that soda for $8 reminds me of when I'd pay my brother $3 to shoot nerf darts up his nose.
BH Equipment Enterprises
BH Equipment Enterprises Před hodinou
Your in Fredericksburg that’s we’re im from recognized the buildings
starshapedstar Před hodinou
(S)-Elsie Nelson-Walling
(S)-Elsie Nelson-Walling Před hodinou
lol where is is he when he said 8,000 in a house ???????? lier
ANYTHING ELSE? Před hodinou
Cool and all but please show me one serious guy who asked
Professor Noob
Professor Noob Před hodinou
Ruben and Quinn, what legends
YeahImNick Před hodinou
Ayy number 3 on trending
Stephen the creeper
Stephen the creeper Před hodinou
Well I no now what I will do when I’m homeless
Oscar Gamer Roblox And fortnite
Oscar Gamer Roblox And fortnite Před hodinou
bruh i live in houston
Aaron Iverson
Aaron Iverson Před hodinou
Hey Ryan I dare you to try and find a different restaurant other than one in town
NvEaRfΨ Před hodinou
I wanna see more vids like this
Livi Vlogs and Stuff
Livi Vlogs and Stuff Před hodinou
Omg I was in this video
Braincells Před hodinou
the 1.7k dislikes are from people with less than 4 IQ.
———— Před hodinou
You never went to the Jayla’s party 😂
Dekker Runyan
Dekker Runyan Před hodinou
wait didn't he try to sell his bike?
Ivan Gemmill
Ivan Gemmill Před hodinou
I thought I was the only one that listened to that song 0:26
tylerfuller09 Před hodinou
it 's pop
TheBlaise123 Před hodinou
The only reason this works is because he is an attractive person that people will notice and well be attracted to.
TheBlaise123 Před 17 minutami
@Jennifer Jiang it’s sad but it’s a looks based world
Jennifer Jiang
Jennifer Jiang Před hodinou
Eva Ronnan
Eva Ronnan Před hodinou
13:32 ~ iM a sLeEpY bOi
Bryce Muse
Bryce Muse Před hodinou
I became a big fan in 1 video
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Před hodinou
CSposts is cancer
Brian Miskanin
Brian Miskanin Před hodinou
NolanTheLegend Před hodinou
NO THAT IS NOT ILEAGLE he's just giving to the poor
———— Před hodinou
I was curious why you weren’t uploading
Reborn! Mommy!
Reborn! Mommy! Před hodinou
11:47 Dangggggg that was so swag 🤡🤡
Kenadee Alexander
Kenadee Alexander Před hodinou
OMG i am a huge fan of you iris
Nirup Charan
Nirup Charan Před hodinou
When are you again see guinn
Goonie Nanko
Goonie Nanko Před 2 hodinami
To the 1% people who see this have a good day and stay safe❤️
Z Před 2 hodinami
I started with a thumb tac, and traded my way to a telescope. But in a way, the most vauable thing here wasnt the telescope at all. No, it was the packet of beans, and I traded the telescope for it, and I can just go buy another telescope.
Collin Jordan
Collin Jordan Před 2 hodinami
We’re is Chris and the food truck:(
vexX 254
vexX 254 Před 2 hodinami
Quinn carried the series
Marcus Stoor
Marcus Stoor Před 2 hodinami
happy bday jayla
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