I Survived 100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft... Here's What Happened

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Why not combine the fun of Minecraft with the stress that is 2020? I took on the challenge originated by LukeTheNotable and survived 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft, where if you die once- your world is deleted.
Ever Zombie, Skeleton, and Enderman is far more dangerous, and Pillagers can't wait to take you down. My goal is to not only survive, but to thrive! Here's my adventure in a single life in Minecraft's most difficult (official) mode!
WORLD SEED: 8719148436081670376 (Just, please, don't post spoilers for me!)
You can go check: Legundo/status/1307149875272966144
Y'all, I forgot which world I was in, ran a command, it failed, it's all good! Breathe :D
Check out Luke TheNotable's original video:
Check out Forge Lab's VR Take on this challenge:
📸 Selfies & Pictures: legundo
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Elite Zerowheel
Elite Zerowheel Před hodinou
I’m dead ass crying because I just lost my 100 day hard core survival world on day 83
Evan Werch
Evan Werch Před hodinou
u copy fru
Itsseeker Před 2 hodinami
Lugundo just know you are underated
hw SHEJT4NI Před 3 hodinami
Why u didnt defeat the ender dragon
hw SHEJT4NI Před 3 hodinami
Shelly Rip😢
Finn Berggren
Finn Berggren Před 4 hodinami
51:20 *Jöregon flashbacks*
Hoa lai
Hoa lai Před 6 hodinami
Every time someone’s hundred 100 or world is sponsored by Luke 😂
Pisti S
Pisti S Před 7 hodinami
Dad: Go out son get some friends. Son: But Dad! I've got friends, can you see those villagers?
Denys 277
Denys 277 Před 7 hodinami
You almost died on day 100 when jumping off that cliff
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah Před 10 hodinami
How did you have 2 enchanted golden Apple
E. Před 10 hodinami
Liked how he built a nice house for his farmer while some people would just build a box house
Sadeki Clarke
Sadeki Clarke Před 14 hodinami
IDALGO VAUGHTERS Před 16 hodinami
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Chimchibri Před 17 hodinami
you are one!
Jean Clark
Jean Clark Před 18 hodinami
Tip: next time you need Redstone quickly, kill a witch they have a chance of dropping Redstone
Jean Clark
Jean Clark Před 18 hodinami
Well the question still stands? Did you get copyright claimed for singing?
Nokia Před 19 hodinami
45:06 while holding an entire cooked raw chicken COOKED RAW CHICKEN WTF
Furious Před dnem
Kristina E
Kristina E Před dnem
Did you guys see the fish at 30:52? I didn't think fish would spawn there.
Sierra Randle Kafi
Sierra Randle Kafi Před dnem
The cultured alarm concomitantly follow because tailor orly repeat sans a victorious rake. obsequious, tidy bar
Josip Culo
Josip Culo Před dnem
I noiticed that on end of day 100 he were sleeping neer ancient deebres. So im asking why?😅
CrazyProJoe Před dnem
Did you cheat for the village? I saw in red "Unknown command or misspelled" and the word "locate". That can locate a village
Kenneth Michael Beck
Kenneth Michael Beck Před dnem
Haha I'm going back to hell
Kenneth Michael Beck
Kenneth Michael Beck Před dnem
John Miniotis
John Miniotis Před dnem
You are amazing
Mike James
Mike James Před dnem
you are such a good builder
Mike James
Mike James Před dnem
what is the seed to the world
Mangle Scrap Fox_UwU
Mangle Scrap Fox_UwU Před dnem
I’ve already seen this video 3 times it never get scammed old
Isobel Morrison
Isobel Morrison Před dnem
Wear gold boots in the nether:)
Amit Teller
Amit Teller Před dnem
I like it🙂
Fear_RayRaccoon Před dnem
you: survives more than 300 days in hard core me: lets start a new world 2 minutes later: AHHHHHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
FrozenWolf Před dnem
Iskal won’t like the diorite but bdubs will
Dylan finglas911
Dylan finglas911 Před dnem
Poor Shelby 🥺
Ice Gaming
Ice Gaming Před dnem
30:17 He does /locate command
Yyen Lee
Yyen Lee Před 2 dny
A tip: when you have a white bed and want to colour it, you don't need to find the different colour sheep for the wool instead you just find a flower. Example : if you want a pink bed, find a pink flower But if you want a blue bed find a blue flower, then you just place it in the crafting table or your inventory to make blue dye. Then, you put your white bed and the blue dye next to each other in the crafting table or your inventory and there you have it, a blue bed (¦ꒉ[▓▓] Edit: TEACH ME TEACH ME TEACH ME TEACH ME HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO BUILD BUILD BUILD GOOD GOOD GOOD HOUSEEEESSSSS
Manuel Capretta
Manuel Capretta Před 2 dny
Name your object: §kpick trust me its awesome
Max Jaken
Max Jaken Před 2 dny
On day 30 there was a random magma block on the mountain how did that happen...?
ONthUc Před 2 dny
RIP Shelby
joseph hicks
joseph hicks Před 2 dny
at 30:17 he tried to use a command
IAmPotato_YT Před 2 dny
it would be better if u didn't used cheats to locate village 30:15
Ancient YT
Ancient YT Před 2 dny
I have a feeling he cheated since at one point in his chat it said unknown command /locate or something
John Alexander
John Alexander Před 2 dny
It’s piglins not hoglins
G a l x y
G a l x y Před 2 dny
Make a 300 days video, and turn your base into a country, make a flag, using the note blocks make an anthem, and you could even build a wall
Sourya Bhishma
Sourya Bhishma Před 2 dny
you called a piglin a hoglin
Stan van der Wind
Stan van der Wind Před 2 dny
I love the way you play! Not to fast, not to slow, not to advanced, not to basic. Perfect for some inspiration :)
Zunaira Mirzaa
Zunaira Mirzaa Před 2 dny
29:48 this person is Soo good but still he did not know that those were piglins not hoglins lol😂😂
Hanzala Wadood
Hanzala Wadood Před 2 dny
I am pretty cool at killing things and pillagers evokers not vexs but pretty cool at killing vindcatiors
rickgames Před 2 dny
F in the chat for his death
_Splat Před 2 dny
Did anyone notice how he tried to locate something? Using commands??
Leaf House
Leaf House Před 2 dny
why do both you and clxvxn kick villagers out of their beds to sleep i find that rude
Pho3box Před 3 dny
54:44 My heart
Lleno Green
Lleno Green Před 3 dny
Bro you could have just made gold boots😕
Kristin Robertl
Kristin Robertl Před 3 dny
The filthy knight naturally hunt because peen mechanistically colour till a marvelous yacht. abashed, absorbing gate
Amsywoo Před 3 dny
literally every video i have watched about hardcore 100 days a horse has died ;(
corky's gaming
corky's gaming Před 3 dny
is it ok if make he same video but my content
Puuyyis Před 3 dny
wow 8 mil views but he only has 200k subs
Christian Shaffer
Christian Shaffer Před 3 dny
*gets enchanted golden apple Him: REDSTONE
Puuyyis Před 3 dny
This is why people that get lost need a compass on top of your screen
magma_ bonnie
magma_ bonnie Před 3 dny
When he said:disaster struck my pick broke so even if found redstone I couldn't mine it...later oh look I found redstone in a chest: because... I mean he's probably not a veteran well I'm not an veteran but I know a lot about the game
magma_ bonnie
magma_ bonnie Před 3 dny
Oh well I didn't know 😐 sorry
Legundo Před 3 dny
I’ve been playing since beta 1.2
Id1otz Před 3 dny
Who's here in 2021 but watched 15 times in 2020
Fishy Bwuvers
Fishy Bwuvers Před 3 dny
45:07 Him:While holding a whole raw cooked chicken Me:wOt ThE...
Karcyn Goodman
Karcyn Goodman Před 3 dny
“Can you feel the love tonight”🥴
Karcyn Goodman
Karcyn Goodman Před 3 dny
ClaireOliviz13 HandersonJovanDj
ClaireOliviz13 HandersonJovanDj Před 3 dny
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Angelica Dalland Nesse
Angelica Dalland Nesse Před 3 dny
poor animals lmao
Gabriel Martins
Gabriel Martins Před 3 dny
What if life was like this challenge, if you die you just respawn in another world😏
Aodan Hill
Aodan Hill Před 3 dny
The miniature trail astonishingly peep because tramp opportunely confuse but a unwieldy bengal. annoyed, makeshift libra
HamboneZone Před 4 dny
I personally like diorite. That’s the beauty of Minecraft a sandbox game of creativity. You choose your favorite blocks and you choose how you play.
GadzWolf 11
GadzWolf 11 Před 4 dny
I'm super late, but a tip for bubble elevators, you can use kelp to convert water into water source blocks. You can put a source block at the top, then grow kelp all the way up to quickly convert the blocks, though there is risk of drowning.
JASON HUANG Před 4 dny
The slimy shape acutely destroy because radiator conservatively prick as a loving ray. combative, stimulating connection
naruto texting story’s 12
naruto texting story’s 12 Před 4 dny
luke is a king for starting these series
Maryam Razaq
Maryam Razaq Před 4 dny
Him :Hoglins me: : I
Oh Boy
Oh Boy Před 4 dny
“Entire cooked raw chicken”
Ashley Birdsell
Ashley Birdsell Před 4 dny
Devdoesitbest Před 4 dny
I love watching these series but I don't like how everyone tries to sound like Luke. I know its the tried and true voice for this but I do wish people put a twist on it. anyways keep up the great work
Aiden Augsburger-Fisher
Aiden Augsburger-Fisher Před 4 dny
At 30:16 you can see in chat that he tried to use the /locate command? I am not outright accusing him of cheating, but it is an interesting point. That also means he has cheats enabled, as otherwise it would just say something along the lines of "You do not have permission to use that command."
Logan Sherbert
Logan Sherbert Před 4 dny
36:02 Death, is better than bondage -Eric Killmonger
Logan Sherbert
Logan Sherbert Před 4 dny
Also who else watching 100, 200 then 300 days. Jan 2021
Mike Joker
Mike Joker Před 4 dny
The plucky baritone occasionally arrange because wednesday consquentially coach besides a medical branch. wacky, damaged barbara
Did the cow wink? 9:50
Danboo YT
Danboo YT Před 4 dny
This man called almost all the things wrong
Ornaith Hernon
Ornaith Hernon Před 4 dny
My guy cheated. If u look in the bottom left at exactly 30:17 it says a command /locate so he tried to cheat and maybe he did cheat so
Joseph Christensen
Joseph Christensen Před 4 dny
Honestly watching this really gave me some tips on farms and villages for my Mc playthough
Βασίλης Διαφας
Βασίλης Διαφας Před 4 dny
man i have a tip for you can treat piglins by just wearing a helmet not a whole set and the rest oss the gold you can trade with them
The Ender Legend
The Ender Legend Před 4 dny
Lofi Samurai
Lofi Samurai Před 4 dny
7 mill of wiews BRUH
Rip Reuben3860
Rip Reuben3860 Před 4 dny
Did you just say iskal?
Abdu Boy
Abdu Boy Před 4 dny
30:16 he tried to locate the village through cheats command but in hardcore you can't :)lol
dimensional reaper
dimensional reaper Před 4 dny
He has 2 god apples
I love this video I know I am very very late but it’s ok right? Oh and btw you are my favourite CSpostsr
TXPNR exe Před 4 dny
when i finished this video i was like ok. time to watch anothe..... 53 MINUTES?!?!?!! I NEED TO GO TO BED NOW!!
TXPNR exe Před 4 dny
when he said The appropriate block level 12 i was bruh
rommel papio
rommel papio Před 4 dny
they are piglins not hoglins
Leonida Lopez
Leonida Lopez Před 5 dny
Get a wolf to protect 7
Leonida Lopez
Leonida Lopez Před 5 dny
U need gold to not get attacked by piglins
Viktor Frank
Viktor Frank Před 5 dny
I dont get it. This guy, Luke t N and forge Labs, no one uses their coordinates provided by the f3 key. Is that considered cheating? Why are people getting lost and using compasses and shit?
Manu Kellerhoff
Manu Kellerhoff Před 3 dny
I don't get why he sometimes is lvl 26 the next day he is lvl 8 but I don't play minecraft so I dunno
FredYT !
FredYT ! Před 5 dny
What up with that locate command at 30:17?
TikTok_Royle_Alya Před 5 dny
wached the hole thing but rip the houres bc i forgot thr name :)
TheG8Keeper Před 5 dny
at 30:16 the chat says he tried to cheat using /locate. Idk if he used it at all but I am just saying.
CS AimBroZ YT Před 5 dny
The Tick
The Tick Před 5 dny
Sabrina Driver
Sabrina Driver Před 5 dny
Wait he almost died at the end he almost hit the edge
Miloš Nenadović
Miloš Nenadović Před 5 dny
30:16 the guy seemingly located the village?
Miloš Nenadović
Miloš Nenadović Před dnem
@Ice Gaming ah yes i know, im saying that he tried to do it.
Ice Gaming
Ice Gaming Před dnem
it said it didn't work because it doesn't work in hardcore, i play hardcore regularly
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