I Spent a Day with Japan's Biggest Rock Star

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Today, I got to sit down with GACKT: one of Japan's biggest rock stars, celebrities and all-round mysterious cool guy!
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Bun Rock
Bun Rock Před 3 hodinami
He's so relaxed, and absolutely hilarious
Neimykanani Před dnem
Interviewing Gackt must be the most terrifying experience as a person who occasionally watch Gackt on TV hahahah 😂 He has a very huge energy and power in Japan 🥲
Keep It Spicy ML
Keep It Spicy ML Před dnem
i miss kamen rider decade TWT
Wdalixy ༄
Wdalixy ༄ Před dnem
This is literally my most favorite youtube video ever
Ryan Gunawan
Ryan Gunawan Před 2 dny
wait,...this released on 11 january but the tour is on february
Fear me Not
Fear me Not Před 2 dny
Even Gackt knows FACEBOOK is trash
Brendan C.
Brendan C. Před 2 dny
Is Gackt a pathological liar? wtf lol
SolBuster Před 3 dny
I'm 31. Been a fan of this man since I was like 15. I now JUST learn he can speak english this good. Holy shit this is beyond surreal. EDIT: HE DOESN'T STOP WITH THE JOKES WHAT A SENSE OF HUMOR.
Wheelio Před 2 dny
Same. It's really only in recent years his English has improved though. Gackt is one of those rare dudes who keeps mastering new shit the older he gets.
TP Před 3 dny
Raja Před 3 dny
He seems very chill lol
ミントイチゴ Před 4 dny
Most stars feel like they have done so much, that they are bored. They all seem sad, that probably why their suicide rate among stars is so high like they always OD on drugs. I think they would be more happy if they retired and go in hiding and live their lives like a normal person.
Wheelio Před 2 dny
I definitely don't think Gackt is bored. This interview is one huge troll for him. Just look at his videos on his YT channel.
Fire Witch Of The Old
Fire Witch Of The Old Před 4 dny
He seems alot different in this interview than the one with Aki.
Floral Fancy
Floral Fancy Před 5 dny
I think Joey is competing with Chris from Abroad in Japan, with that video title.
Nana Lopez
Nana Lopez Před 6 dny
Gackt was trolling even before trolling was a thing.
Nana Lopez
Nana Lopez Před 6 dny
Okay. I want to start a YT and gain followers just so Gackt can let me interview him! Gackt and his music are my whole childhood and adolescence. I’m endlessly jealous of Joey! I love Gackt so much!
OkamiWA Před 6 dny
.....really 🕶
Ho lee Chit
Ho lee Chit Před 6 dny
Omg this is gakupo
Princess Caramia
Princess Caramia Před 7 dny
I cant believe I just found this! I couldn't stop fangirling 💯💘
thatzombieplace Před 7 dny
Gackt is a legend, good to see him still active asf
skorpia g
skorpia g Před 7 dny
Dude has huge feet😳
リブラダマリス Před 8 dny
Claudia Před 8 dny
What a uninterested guy is he. He don't like youtube but start a channel because he was bored. It seems he has to little things he like or he is bored of himself. I already stopped watching this after a short time. Now I know why I'm never became a fan of that guy. he IS boring. and TALK boring Hey fans, you may keep him and have fun.
xSPiTFiRE42x Před 8 dny
Thanks Joey and Gackt! Very entertaining video. Gackt is an amazing musician!
A Piece Of Cheese
A Piece Of Cheese Před 10 dny
Whoa...I had no idea he spoke English at all. It's amazing that his humor is exactly the same across languages.
therealshadow99 Před 10 dny
Wow... Gackt dissing on Namie Amuro... That was cold. xD
Ib Raen
Ib Raen Před 10 dny
Oh my Gackt!
Alexandra H
Alexandra H Před 11 dny
I'm late to the party but.... I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED GACKT
Takumi Usui
Takumi Usui Před 11 dny
Okay If he wanna get invited to a country: @GACKT come to germany and hang out with me in Stuttgart, we can have a waffel lol
blupengu Před 12 dny
"i wanna quit being gackt" "no you cannot" LOOOL
Wing Sai Chang
Wing Sai Chang Před 12 dny
OMG Gackt’s voice sounds so sexy when speaking still and his pronunciation is very very good compared to other Japanese artists. I love his music. He plays multiple instruments and he is an AMAZING singer!! 😍😍😍
Wing Sai Chang
Wing Sai Chang Před 7 dny
And the title is misleading, should be changed into "Interview with Gackt". I was expecting an outing with Gackt!!
Pain By Faith
Pain By Faith Před 14 dny
4:24 lmao
Theveganflower Před 14 dny
All I could do throughout the video is: "Gackt sama!!!!" I've been in love with him since 13 I'm 26 now and still love him lol I love how he's still such a troll
Joe Pilling
Joe Pilling Před 15 dny
Pretty sure he DOES talk better english than this, i think that's one of his trolls too. I've seen him speak perfectly in interviews. XD
Duffy Anna
Duffy Anna Před 15 dny
Gackt 😂😂😂
Megan W
Megan W Před 15 dny
I love Gackt. This has made my night.
NuggetTato Před 15 dny
His voice.....I was not expecting him to sound like that (Pikachu face)
Dat Tizio
Dat Tizio Před 16 dny
this is like a larry king interview but in reverse
Stteee El
Stteee El Před 16 dny
this is a five thousandth comment, wow its cool
Stteee El
Stteee El Před 16 dny
21:52 im from russia :D
kiyoshi kaishi
kiyoshi kaishi Před 17 dny
i on gackt marathon right now on youtube
Marian Lund
Marian Lund Před 18 dny
Gackt's voice has always been deep but not this deep. Sounds like he's strained it.
jokagy san
jokagy san Před 18 dny
Anyone who is a real fan of Gackt knows that this is how he answers every interview, regardless of whoever is interviewing. You never know what you're getting. Thanks. This was so much fun.
Frederick McCary
Frederick McCary Před dnem
Gackt = Random Choice Icon in video games
Jess Jess
Jess Jess Před 18 dny
Best band ever Malice Mizer
qwertyuio Před 19 dny
why do they pronounce malice mizer like that? Mizer comes from the word miserable or mizérable
Jovanna Williams
Jovanna Williams Před 20 dny
This was a disappointing interview and the tour video was also disappointing. Did he really imagine Gackt would be the type of person who would want to talk about his wealth the entire time? If he didn’t know what to ask Gackt he may have considered taking questions from his fans before hand. I only watched this because of Gackt and I will not be subscribing.
Doesn't Matter
Ruli Jo
Ruli Jo Před 20 dny
I want to chill with gackt so much! Just have to remember, that i should not eat snacks 😂
RB123 Před 23 dny
arturo corral01
arturo corral01 Před 24 dny
He’s either the n drugs or he described a future anime
Purrr Purrr
Purrr Purrr Před 26 dny
Oh my fucking god.....he was probably the main reason for my sexual awakening in my teens mejdikjsdkjsjkdjiwdjjiwdnjwdkjakdjiandian So when I’m Japan, break into houses ......✍🏽✍🏽✍🏽
Belen Sepulveda
Belen Sepulveda Před 26 dny
Makai Před 26 dny
Malice Mizer 🖤
elizabeth Před 26 dny
This video makes it really hard to believe that Gackpoid and GACKT have the same voice.
MrMountainYam Před 28 dny
Now Joey gets to break about having watched henti with Gackt
Blue Hood
Blue Hood Před 28 dny
I am confused.
Dylan Před měsícem
Never knew japan had rockstars wow
Nazareth Před měsícem
Hearing gackt speak english is tripping me out ngl.
Brett Ray
Brett Ray Před měsícem
I bet his favorite anime is urotsukidoki lmao
tediata jaramillo
tediata jaramillo Před měsícem
OMG Gackt's voice 😯💓✨
Mah Nà Mah Nà
Mah Nà Mah Nà Před měsícem
I'm from Norway I too use to call him by the english pronunciation. But by the time I found out how his name is really pronounced (many years later) I had gotten so used to it that I stuck to that.
Angel Morales
Angel Morales Před měsícem
Joey you earned my subscription with this video.
Angel Morales
Angel Morales Před měsícem
I'm 34 I first heard gackt when I was 13, Miserable and vanilla is where I began and I'm happy that he began my japanology...
thatzombieplace Před 7 dny
Lol same
Joseph Jin
Joseph Jin Před měsícem
I miss Klaha
Rosie Crossley
Rosie Crossley Před měsícem
His English is near perfect 👌 I get the feeling he is talking baloney I don’t believe for a second he sneaked into six armies lol 😂
Thomas Heiberg
Thomas Heiberg Před měsícem
Trash taste
Ayana Před měsícem
Looks like he was not feeling the itv so he decided to have his own little fun. lol
Swazzy Před měsícem
I love this man
Kagerou Před měsícem
As usual, interviews with Gackt barely have any substance. Jokes and stuff is great but I get tired of him being "in the character" all the time.
Richard Ford
Richard Ford Před měsícem
Did Gackt just decide that he was going to screw with Joey before they started? It's really funny stuff
Onah Kasuita
Onah Kasuita Před měsícem
love this man
Shaura Před měsícem
This is awesome! Gackt and Joey. You're cool. 👍😁🤣😃🖤
Belly Corregidor
Belly Corregidor Před měsícem
Oh, he is the voice of the Vocaloid Kamui Gakupo right? 😮
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson Před měsícem
I hate the fact that I became a fan of Gackts now in 2021 I have always been familiar with him from other singers and whatnot but I envy those who have been his fan for 20 years or so
Stardoll life by mary
Stardoll life by mary Před měsícem
Not him disrespecting Malice Mizer, the band thats he owes his carreer to ☠☠☠
Starchaser Před 18 dny
if you read a quite recent interview he did in '18 he basically explains that both parties left on bad terms..Gackt was basically frustrated bc the band didn't contribute too much in the writing process and he had to organise them what to do and what concept they''ll follow. I suspect that prob Gackt wanted to have solo credits in the music as well but the band disagreed
Stardoll life by mary
Stardoll life by mary Před měsícem
@Kat May everyone is like" tHiS iS a JokE"
Kat May
Kat May Před měsícem
Finally, someone agrees
Pily Dahlia
Pily Dahlia Před měsícem
Rock Star??
No Longer Human
No Longer Human Před měsícem
Lol okay so he may be incredibly wealthy but him really not wanting to be Gackt and them telling him no is fucked. He is owned. Poor guy.
No Longer Human
No Longer Human Před měsícem
Yeah as an American... sorry about destroying Okinawan culture and I believe the language was even because of us, lol.
Shdwm_ Před měsícem
i know Gackt from Kamen rider decade and journey through decade MV
Autumn Kieffer
Autumn Kieffer Před měsícem
He is such a smartass. I haven't kept up with this man's career ...haven't looked him up since maybe 2004? Glad to see he's still trying to not be Gackt but is still Gackt. 😆
磷酸Dream Před měsícem
Joey is pretty much standing on top of the weeb group
watrgrl2 Před měsícem
That man is hilarious.
Olivia Muniz
Olivia Muniz Před měsícem
Rouillie Wilkerson
Rouillie Wilkerson Před měsícem
Definitely one of the best Gackt interviews ever!
Cleo Boyce
Cleo Boyce Před měsícem
Screams with all my heart and soul! I’ve been a huge fan of his since I was in high school. Of course he does an interview and he trolls for 25 mins 🤣! So awesome!
Mell Mag
Mell Mag Před měsícem
The weird energy might be because he just got into a controversy for his women clothing brand G&R. Their brand got accused of copying another famous brand, and he did an apology video on the incident which he was accused for being insincere.
Mina Grudge
Mina Grudge Před měsícem
Just use Japanese language because English make gackt go crazy n high..
Kevin Rouse
Kevin Rouse Před měsícem
Dents Au bois pourri
Dents Au bois pourri Před měsícem
Of course Mana Sama is still alive!
David Galvin
David Galvin Před měsícem
Are you actually Japanese your just a wanna be
Stephanie Stogner
Stephanie Stogner Před měsícem
"Thank you for the threat of death."
Stephanie Stogner
Stephanie Stogner Před měsícem
Like a vampire...just invite him.
Stephanie Stogner
Stephanie Stogner Před měsícem
I definitely Namie Amuro 😆
Stephanie Stogner
Stephanie Stogner Před měsícem
I think I just heard that Gackt invited me for dinner..as long as I don't snack.
Robert Steinberger
Robert Steinberger Před měsícem
Gackt so doesn't give a f**k
Karla Gaudi
Karla Gaudi Před měsícem
He is giving me a Johnny Depp vibes because he's super calm and yet can bust out funny lines during this interview. Overall really amazing guy¬ Gosh! Literally grew up hearing and seeing Gackt. Amazing
Brother Před měsícem
Malice Mizer, let’s go!!
AltADDU Před měsícem
Foreigners like the people in the comments love him, but the Japanese hate him for a reason...
AltADDU Před měsícem
he's controversial on youtube in Japan for starting many unnecessary dramas and conflicts and handling them likens a total child.
Kat May
Kat May Před měsícem
Foreigner that doesn't like him here. But just have to ask... May I know the reason you're speaking about
SmolRea Před měsícem
I love this man so much.
Kiku Geku
Kiku Geku Před měsícem
Ive been saying his name wrong the whole fucking time ;_;
DaniPooo Před měsícem
I think he's on to something about the "japan and sneaking" In pretty much every japanese video game you just casually walk into people's houses... maybe trash some boxes and jars... That has to come from somewhere... :P
WM O Před měsícem
Same old Gackt nothing has changed. 🤣 The last thing that Gackt is, is stupid. He's very intuitively smart. I guess I'm going to have to join the Japanese military to finally learn Japanese completely. You should visit El Salvador we are the most sweetest most family-orientated people you'll meet. Will treat you like one of us and feed you delicious wholesome food you can't live your life without ever have trying a pupusa you're missing out big time. Just don't wear anything fancy or jewelry or you might end up missing body parts.
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