I Spent a Day with a Japanese 𝐻Ǝ𝒩𝒯𝒜𝐼 Voice Actress

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The Anime Man

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Today, I sat down with Tamiyasu Tomoe: a Japanese adult voice actress to discuss nothing but CULTURE.
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John Bost
John Bost Před 17 minutami
Lone Wolf 101
Lone Wolf 101 Před 48 minutami
There are some pros and there are some cons. On the one side it's pretty cool to have a non-conventional job where you just need to record your voice and say some things. You're not stuck in an office with a regular 9 to 5, and your schedule is flexible. On the other hand, it's not a respectable job so you can't ever tell your family and many strangers, and you are out of a job if you your voice gets damaged or you lose your voice for any reason.
Aimer Před hodinou
i can imagine her staring into the white card board thru out the conversation.. gosh
Inution Před 2 hodinami
The fact this video is monetized surprises me.
Blue Sushi Isais
Blue Sushi Isais Před 9 hodinami
3:37 bro that was too fast for me
Blue Sushi Isais
Blue Sushi Isais Před 9 hodinami
3:37 bro that was too fast for me
kvisty Před 10 hodinami
she sounds like lilypichu...
Ryuji Kuroshi
Ryuji Kuroshi Před 10 hodinami
Yep its Makina and Rin
Fujiwara Takumi
Fujiwara Takumi Před 11 hodinami
Slow the video to 0.5x ,They sound like drunk anime characters talking to each other HAHAHA
Graciella Bautista
Graciella Bautista Před 12 hodinami
It makes me so happy to watch Joey speak in straight Japanese in this video. 😁
Mrthenarutotran33 Před 12 hodinami
I love her! It’s kind of ironic but for a adult VA she’s super wholesome and funny!
MyPlateMyFate Před 13 hodinami
Only Japanese women can explain being kinky in such an elegant and tasteful way.
Mior Zharif 1986
Mior Zharif 1986 Před dnem
RazorbackX99 Před dnem
Am I weird for actively watching it turn dark outside during the interview?
P1NEZ Před dnem
nice backround music
Hero Angelo Casquite
Hero Angelo Casquite Před dnem
why the fc* ur so good at japanese
roseofposeidon Před dnem
its funny how i watch these videos and im asexual- well i mean my friends recomended this vid KDHS
FBI Před dnem
3:39 she starts rapping and end in 3:42
Aljo 0319
Aljo 0319 Před dnem
is she not isekai'd? a pervert from another world isekai'd into our world, having those lewd imagination since she was little .. hahahaha
Cassiel Gespenst
Cassiel Gespenst Před dnem
She's actually very charismatic.
Haru Glory
Haru Glory Před 2 dny
Anime Man: oh no, that really excites me! Tamiyasu Tomoe: no no no.. don't get excited here. Anime man: ah not the kind of excitement you're thinking. Tamiyasu Tomoe: opps.hahaha Thank you very much.
Charoone Před 2 dny
Holy hecc I needed to use my sharingan to keep up w the speed she talks
Cyta Před 3 dny
I had to pause every 5 seconds q.q Can't read that damn fast!
Abhi! Před 3 dny
@3:57..wtf 😂😂 thats messed up.Just imagine how strong her imagination could be if she thought of that at such a small age😬😬.
Aug Sazory
Aug Sazory Před 4 dny
omfg that fucking thumbnail, where the fuck have i seen that one... PLS INTERNET HELP ME OUT!
Noob Judge
Noob Judge Před 4 dny
As a veteran Weeb I can confirm the rookies were dead during this whole conversation. 😎
Abdin Huda
Abdin Huda Před 5 dny
Overflow in the thumbnail? Man of culture indeed
ああ Před 6 dny
Ramsey C
Ramsey C Před 6 dny
You ever just notice it’s getting dark outside
Sinan Aydın
Sinan Aydın Před 6 dny
3:37 * Eminem has entered the chat *
Jesuloba John
Jesuloba John Před 7 dny
Yamete kudasai
Арйанна Либерти
Арйанна Либерти Před 8 dny
people are so mean lol there is nothing wrong with her for drawing picture like that lol (I drew worse) it doesn't mean she was sexualized at a young age, what matters is shes happy with her job lol
Marcos Prado
Marcos Prado Před 8 dny
Someone knows wath anime this characters cardboard are from, behind then?
JD Games
JD Games Před 8 dny
Just found out that she's in Overflow
Bombsquad85 Před 8 dny
Being stupid I didn't check what role she played in Grisaia no Kajitsu, and it seems she played the role of Makina, which i believe 100%. I bet this was a lot of fun, as her lines were completly bonkers at times, but she geniuenly made me laugh.
Radish-Senpaii Před 9 dny
Them: Speaking Japanese Fast Me: *Watch and Listen* Them: Speaks more Japanese Me: Oh girl you gotta listen and learn lots
Aj BerZerK
Aj BerZerK Před 9 dny
Beauty behind the mask
JUUZOU Před 10 dny
Wow u can speak and understand japanese
Meaow Plug
Meaow Plug Před 10 dny
I have to know this but Is the thumbnail overflow the animation
Akashi あかし
Akashi あかし Před 11 dny
this video is for educational purposes
Tssukiii Před 11 dny
Anyone know where the characters from the background are from?
soan Před 12 dny
joey san, nihonggo jouzu !
Gabe_ Ilad8
Gabe_ Ilad8 Před 12 dny
Bro what the- I couldn’t even read the subtitles
cxydexz Před 14 dny
the hanime man
WyntrTyger Před 14 dny
This was one of the most fun interviews I've ever watched! :D
Artsiir Před 15 dny
18:12 I lov tsumamigui tho"
VDX Před 15 dny
The Rushian
The Rushian Před 16 dny
Tomoe: "Only play if you're over 18" Me: *clicking* "Yes I'm Over 18" button. Me: Ah perfectly balanced as all things should be!
Alvin REDDELTA Před 16 dny
fakku sponsored
Sonic Před 16 dny
Thumbnail girl name plz
BlueVash Před 17 dny
New fan for sure. One of the most entertaining interviews I've seen in a while.
An Před 19 dny
this video motivates me to keep learning japanese...
vuto Před 19 dny
Ok but...imma be real for a bit .......I I thought there would be alot of moaning
ysnsmth Před 19 dny
did they talk for a whole day? at the end of the video its night outside
Cora Před 21 dnem
omg she is so cute and funny 😂
Ash Před 21 dnem
Damnnnn her laugh......
Danen Sosnore
Danen Sosnore Před 22 dny
The way they're speaking reminds of KonoSuba. The VAs were just having fun
JA Chavez
JA Chavez Před 24 dny
I never knew speaking japanese would be a huge flex like daaayum
Senshi Před 24 dny
I watched this on low volume just in case
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren Před 25 dny
in enjoy this great inter view and lovely voice actress for sure!
isaac cumming
isaac cumming Před 26 dny
I'm unsure what I'd be classified as since I don't collect enough or any anime memorabilia I do watch a lot of anime and read doujin.
Sharvil Gupte
Sharvil Gupte Před 27 dny
Hey man plz give me tips for learning japanese
Jessica Durand
Jessica Durand Před 29 dny
What a sweet person! I love her bubbly and honest personality, she's so cute and fun! I love these interviews that Joey does, he also does it so well
I like Cheese
I like Cheese Před měsícem
Ok but Joey's japanese is such a flex what I've been learning for three years and I wish I could speak like that lmao
LivingTarget Před měsícem
The strangest thing about this interview is that every time Joey mentioned something about the "west" to her, he brought out the American accent.
Mr. Cringe
Mr. Cringe Před měsícem
Lol, if FilthyFrank came back, I would pay to make Joey a character.
Lorenzo Před měsícem
Wtf they interviewed from morning till it was night damn
Zulu Cruz
Zulu Cruz Před měsícem
4:10 she’s Darkness in real life
Jukejointjeze0n Před měsícem
If the subtitles are correct, this woman is a god damn treasure.
Bilgin Mehmed
Bilgin Mehmed Před měsícem
This is some rap god shit.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Před měsícem
Every time she open her mouth Even I could feel it 😆holi*
Suella Před měsícem
Kind of proud now that I am not the only one who knew about such adult genre when I was young. I knew about such a genre because I was the 'tech' one in our fam circle and usually the one who knew a lot about computers. I knew about the genre in the middle of kindergarten. I kept it a secret tho. 😂
Suella Před měsícem
I laugh at the times I kept being proud of saying I love ecchi in front of my family, but I'm SOOO GLAD they dunno what it meant. 😂
Shiro no Shumi
Shiro no Shumi Před měsícem
Fan desu, saludos desde Perú,
Shinobi Před měsícem
4:26 the moment Joey realized she’s crazy
Sasasukeboi susukeboi8
Sasasukeboi susukeboi8 Před měsícem
what anime is she voice acting pls answer?
S春香 Před měsícem
AngeTusk Salako
AngeTusk Salako Před měsícem
Fact: She is the VA for Rin from Little Busters and Ayane from Overflow
LeConq2554 Před 7 dny
And if I'm not mistaken, she also sang a song called running dreamer for the game Koikatsu.
Ujjwol Unknown
Ujjwol Unknown Před měsícem
In subbed anime the Japanese is much slower.. And here my brain explodes 🤯
Fisayomi Akinlofa
Fisayomi Akinlofa Před měsícem
Bro This is my first time hearing Joey speak in Japanese
Night_Fiend6 Před měsícem
I love her dress.
Earl Arch
Earl Arch Před měsícem
Sponsord or not, buying and supporting the authors in their works was really a great thing for them to continue their work.
Erografos Před měsícem
the subtitles for the whole video must have been a b....ch to finish them.....so much appreciated omg she talks so fast
Samantha Gardstein
Samantha Gardstein Před měsícem
i am currently practicing manga drawing, i still have a ways to go, i have 2 books from christopher hart for manga drawing. i hope after a while i get to where im seen as good. i would love to share what i draw
Excelon The 4th Avalon Heirs
Excelon The 4th Avalon Heirs Před měsícem
Just some update, we got Little Buster spin off anime adaptation this year.
vcness Před měsícem
she seems like such a sweet person
Helen Pham
Helen Pham Před měsícem
Dude, the both of them speak so fast, I can't keep up. And I'm reading the freaking subs. Welp, time to lower the playback speed
Ivanco Kumawa
Ivanco Kumawa Před měsícem
Tsundere is Salty
Burning Wolf
Burning Wolf Před měsícem
We men of culture do not recognise her voice.
Phebble Před měsícem
Not me turning the video speed down so I can read the captions 😳
Pixelchu Před měsícem
I respect this video a lot. 34 minutes of content, English translations, and Joey’s fluent Japanese. Also that VA is so cultured lol.👌
ArtD Jogja
ArtD Jogja Před měsícem
wait!! she's Knight cup favorite waifu?! OMG
Cakez Před měsícem
she talkes so fast holy crap
XxREKLESSxX Před měsícem
when she voice act, do they do what the prot to him to fill what she voice acting ?
120FPS4K Gang
120FPS4K Gang Před měsícem
"When I thought about how I was going to meet you I got a bit embarrased" Fast forward several months to seeing cosplay AV being filmed live. What a ride.
Ruka Před měsícem
before he start talking about grisaia i had no idea i was looking at makina fucking irusu
Miyakocchi Před měsícem
She's so sweet omg :"D She talks about her work really passionately and genuinely, I love it.
McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump Před měsícem
Her voice changes modes so many times
ꜱᴏɴ ʜᴀᴋ
ꜱᴏɴ ʜᴀᴋ Před měsícem
well atleast they get paid to moan into a mic
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