I Spent a Day Inside Japan's PӨɌNSTAR Theme Park

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The Anime Man

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SODLand is Japan's craziest and most out-there bar/theme park I've ever seen.
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Shibuya Kaho:

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Maoin1k Před 47 vteřinami
u really wanted to be there
S'mores Lord
S'mores Lord Před minutou
im sorry the video is good but i can't unsee the resemblance between a challenge video thumbnail and these lmao
Isaiah Foster
Isaiah Foster Před 3 minutami
julion smith
julion smith Před 3 minutami
Hope you went to Serena or stardust kyiru could be saving the tojo again
Khoo Yuhao
Khoo Yuhao Před 11 minutami
Mr. Q
Mr. Q Před 14 minutami
Me, a man of culture, writing all this name down for *RESEARCH PURPOSE*
Onigirii sann
Onigirii sann Před 15 minutami
Evan Yip
Evan Yip Před 16 minutami
Why did I watch this? Not sure Did I enjoy it? Yes
itzz_anime Před 19 minutami
Ok guys I'm moving to Japan now
bazanful Před 20 minutami
Hmm then, can I have some action with the actresses if I go there? 🤔
Pixilmon Před 20 minutami
MrLawlight Před 21 minutou
first time see a Japanese with big oppai
Anil Balram
Anil Balram Před 27 minutami
Japan is great at just teasing you without actually letting you finish.
René Olivo
René Olivo Před 31 minutou
"your eyes are so pretty" going for the safe feature because you know my nose is too big -_-
Daddy Jay
Daddy Jay Před 31 minutou
Bro mostly everywhere you see is hitomi tanaka
Witshyperbass Před 34 minutami
22min patreon AD basically....
RailgunKDA Před 45 minutami
i appreciate the new styles of content
Clark Side
Clark Side Před 49 minutami
This place: S. O. D. My Christian Mind: hehehe. SOD 'n Gamera.
Hugo zuriel Domínguez Hernández
Hugo zuriel Domínguez Hernández Před 55 minutami
Mighty MOGUN
Mighty MOGUN Před 55 minutami
What's there on 4th and 5th floor.? After all those efforts it can't end like this..!
Armg Han
Armg Han Před 56 minutami
Wait, how did I get here!?
Daniel Segura
Daniel Segura Před 59 minutami
shits intense
hi Před hodinou
Just change your channel name into bornman
Gozarusan Před hodinou
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Patrick Cardenas
Patrick Cardenas Před hodinou
Ohhhh boiiii I'm saving up for Japan just for this
Crispee Před hodinou
now this is the type of content I can get behind!
Mortal Před hodinou
so what about the payment they talked about in the beginning?
The Devil
The Devil Před hodinou
8:37 Don't get me wrong but she looks like anime girl.
Chris Jerry
Chris Jerry Před hodinou
if anything happens,a rude customer or anything does the police intervene or the yakuza?
peepoot Před hodinou
This is why the plastic memories and rental girlfriend made they are so good at propensity
Brown bomber
Brown bomber Před hodinou
Did you expect to see Shibuya Kaho there?
heavy Gaming
heavy Gaming Před hodinou
if that was me hearing the whispering i would go to the nearest bathroom scream and then drink some bleach
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang Před hodinou
I too am a conneseiur of culture.
Reg Aubade
Reg Aubade Před hodinou
The masks, sanitizers, plastic walls,... it's so ridiculous and useless. I swear, we are living in a Twilight Zone episode.
Racecar the Destroyer
Racecar the Destroyer Před hodinou
so nobodys gonna talk about his persona5 drip?
Hunter Nyenhuis
Hunter Nyenhuis Před hodinou
I wish my hair had that volume I can never pull it off
Megumi Hayashida
Megumi Hayashida Před hodinou
I genuinely appreciate the fact Kaho is actually well-spoken and not as naive as idols sometimes pretend to be. She's an entertainer/businesswoman.
pratyush behera
pratyush behera Před hodinou
04:36 man😂😂
vaporwavedog Před hodinou
7:37 the music video for the song Right Here In My Arms by HIM actually uses something like this
964 Luftballoon
964 Luftballoon Před hodinou
This would be a great intro place for a first time visitor to the area
priyanshu sharma
priyanshu sharma Před hodinou
u knw what i have decided that i will not till i visit JAPAN..
バカカバ Před hodinou
Joey, You could make a second channel soon called "The Porno Man" :P Great Video.
Eugene Hardy
Eugene Hardy Před hodinou
CSposts recommendations sometimes really good. Great video. Thank you.
Do you know Red Velvet?
Do you know Red Velvet? Před hodinou
place is lined with those legendary Tenga toys from that Asian Boss video only thing missing is a PS5 room where you can play against Honjou-san to win free services 👍
Super Satan Son
Super Satan Son Před hodinou
as a lewd artist, I can't help but get emotional watching the respect they have for adult entertainment
Ultimate Alex
Ultimate Alex Před hodinou
Kaho is fucking precious.
nope nope
nope nope Před hodinou
everytime she's on it it's a great vid and damn as some before it really is intriguing to go to patreon to see the whole show ^^ Would be very interessting how much it spikes with a new vid of this category ^^
Borb B
Borb B Před hodinou
Ok and?
VashCODM Před hodinou
Olly Iverson
Olly Iverson Před hodinou
I think the concept is great but man does the place look ugly. I guess they thought your attention would be only on the girls and you wouldn't notice the awful décor.
Gibbons Tom
Gibbons Tom Před hodinou
Waa pervert
Keme Kun
Keme Kun Před hodinou
Dam that 3rd floor was really creepy afterall lmao i was laughing!i can't stop laughing!
K Shep
K Shep Před hodinou
Holy Hera 9660 subscribers! Good Job!
Okaasan Před hodinou
I woke up with a morning wood and it doesnt go down. CSposts tease me with this video. I guess I will start my day with committing a sin 😹
Xephyr Před hodinou
how did this man actually befriend his favourite av actress
Uzair Ayaz
Uzair Ayaz Před hodinou
wait is this the same bar where Sydsnap went?
Aizakku The Weeaboo
Aizakku The Weeaboo Před hodinou
me likey. this is very niceu
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara Před hodinou
wtf You using patrion like only fans😂😂😂😂
AppliedMathematician Před 2 hodinami
Ok, I just send Shibu Kaho a request. She seems to be the woman to have the right ideas for a PR stunt I need to do. I'll probably not get a response but I like the way she is, at least in this video.
PSV Gameplays
PSV Gameplays Před 2 hodinami
Well done! I want to visit japan to be hit by Truck kun. And to visit this adult theme park
Mared Před 2 hodinami
I would happily listen to Suzu reading a phonebook
Ohnakaplays Před 2 hodinami
No one notice how he told her to jump lmao
Alfred Evangelista Jr
Alfred Evangelista Jr Před 2 hodinami
This makes me want to get the patreon of Joey. Lol. Good on you braddah.
LEVIATHAN SAMA Před 2 hodinami
I wish emi fukada was there... ❤❤
Afmedic85 Před 2 hodinami
Omg The Robot Restaurant! That place is great
Vanya Egorov
Vanya Egorov Před 2 hodinami
The Coomer Man
Digital Artcast
Digital Artcast Před 2 hodinami
I had to mute this video several times lol
ZalyQQ Před 2 hodinami
Kaho is quickly becoming one of the bois
CPW Před 2 hodinami
Didn't syd go here?
Alan J. Tomasetti
Alan J. Tomasetti Před 2 hodinami
wait, she has to do it to you sometime 10:18? I don't get it...
GungraveAyumu Před 2 hodinami
Anyone, please help me find Joey's shirt! What kind is it and where can I get it!? It's beautiful! :0
Legends Never die
Legends Never die Před 2 hodinami
I Absolutely will visit that place
Tebocra •
Tebocra • Před 2 hodinami
18:42 dude I had my phone on full volume and didn’t realize what was happening I hope my mom didn’t hear that.
ARTANS WILLY 14 Před 2 hodinami
M13F1T Před 2 hodinami
Eyes: Treated Laptop: Yeeted History: Deleted Holy water: Needed
Moonveil Před 2 hodinami
While this is a theme park that I will never visit, it is really good that a clean and safe place exists for AV actresses to work in. I'd bet the majority of patrons who visit are also quite polite and treat them like actual human beings, which I reckon is a much better work environment than some random strip club.
Mustafa Před 2 hodinami
i like big baloons :D
Dustin Base
Dustin Base Před 2 hodinami
9:32 yes i am
kelvin arreola
kelvin arreola Před 2 hodinami
none as HARDCORE as this one
tonsofcode Před 2 hodinami
Wait, JAPAN PORNSTAR THEME PARK? Now that's a new level
HardCore Gaming
HardCore Gaming Před 2 hodinami
I wonder how many arguments with your gf making this content
GentlemanWiz Před 2 hodinami
Hmmm yes yes very educational
andrea piro
andrea piro Před 2 hodinami
ahhahahaha and that's why i love japanese. I would never go to those place for the simple reason that.. everything must be uber expensive. (id go if cheap i wont lie..) But these things only in japan
xgallium Před 2 hodinami
is it bad that I actually own the " things " if y'know what I am referring to on the table at 4:08
ThePresident93 Před 2 hodinami
This is the most gentle sodoma&gomorra theme park I've ever seen... This could only exist in Japan.
sexisforluzors Před 2 hodinami
I could not ever go to this place my virgin eyes and ears just could not
Firered9 Před 2 hodinami
You can see the rising levels of discomfort in joey under the table
Ross Delano
Ross Delano Před 2 hodinami
This research is needed for mankind
Aaron McKenzie Powell
Aaron McKenzie Powell Před 2 hodinami
We all know that Aki is watching
TheBlackBeltPanda Před 2 hodinami
Hell, I'd bring my GF and we can both be regulars lol
R P A Před 2 hodinami
suzu honjjo :3
RedstoneTF Před 2 hodinami
Imperial Japan would be ashamed lol
Adlan Kacak
Adlan Kacak Před 2 hodinami
the fact that i don`t have patreon account make me feel quite left behind from those interesting scenes tbh, lol ... also Honjou Suzu do have beautiful face & body feature tho =D 12:34 it`s straight up lesbian scene there, buddy! hahahaha!!
Balls Man
Balls Man Před 2 hodinami
the marketing strategy on this is genius
WideAwake X
WideAwake X Před 2 hodinami
This is good
Xtariz Před 2 hodinami
10/10 would get a drink and a massage...
john knight
john knight Před 2 hodinami
Tbh it only took 4 seconds of her voice to make me have a nosebleed
Lone Wolf 101
Lone Wolf 101 Před 3 hodinami
"I guess they make a big deal about being clean, because... you have to not contaminate the food" Right, _I,_ as a customer, have to not contaminate _my_ food that _I_ , and no one else, am going to eat....
NavAj Gaming
NavAj Gaming Před 3 hodinami
how do people do this😭
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