I Spent $500 on Mystery Anime Lucky Bags

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The Anime Man

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Gacha Gods, please forgive me for what I am about to do to my wallet.
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Depression Anime Lucky Bags: csposts.info/cd/video/pa2FsqmjbrFetbc

Crescentia, Kira Greenfield, Moocifer, Grant Brown, Lucy First, Jolly Jostar, Silas-john Burke,
Alex Thompson
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Afeef Mukadam
Afeef Mukadam Před hodinou
14:34 oh lord no that's that's the king Roger
Kyo Ono
Kyo Ono Před 2 hodinami
I like this version, however the manga is better. In the manga Joey dies when goku son eats shit!
Kyo Ono
Kyo Ono Před 2 hodinami
I understand, however u did not eat mexican mole. "And" I!!!! feel offended??
Joshua Pursel
Joshua Pursel Před 5 hodinami
Notice the wallet says Damon Slayer
Dkdavidlp Před 7 hodinami
9:30 could be daraen from fire emblem
Ninad Lunge
Ninad Lunge Před 13 hodinami
Joey calls him anime man and he refers to The King of the Pirates Gold D. Roger , black beard. JUST GIVE UP YOUR TITLE.😑😅
Neko Senpai
Neko Senpai Před 14 hodinami
5:55 i’m kinda offended lol
Natalee Davis
Natalee Davis Před 19 hodinami
Seeing his suffer with ze itsu brought me great joy
MDLGamingX Před dnem
7:21 Kirby's crack. Kirby's come_hell_tow
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Před 2 dny
My wake up alarm is the kirby theme song
wafic khalife
wafic khalife Před 3 dny
you can t disrespect zenetsu like that cmon man
theBOREDguy Před 4 dny
Joey: Idk who use wired headphones anymore... *inner broke intensifies*
brock jayden hinds
brock jayden hinds Před 5 dny
Hey man just letting ya know the dude U called black beard is actually Gol d Roger
Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson Před 6 dny
That 'make up thing' in the Sailor Moon bag you didn't know was one of the things Sailor Moon uses to transform, and whenever i've seen it it's been fairly expensive.
Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson Před 6 dny
I recently saw a kirby x jujutsu kaisen fanart, where itadori is kirby, he sucks in some sukuna fingers and turns into a sukuna kirby, and it made me laugh so hard, lol
Japanese Culture
Japanese Culture Před 6 dny
Ayaan K
Ayaan K Před 7 dny
He really called Roger Blackbeard you have already seen Roger because he made appearance before punk hazard
AlbaTross Před 7 dny
Whoa, I think St. Gloriana is my favourite school from Girls und Panzer, so that's great! I just love their arrogance. TBH, while I kind of like mystery bags, I don't think I'd spend nearly as much as you have on them. But thanks for the entertainment.
Elizabeth Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson Před 7 dny
I still have wired earbuds, I have off brand AirPods, but I always forget to charge them.
Christian Joo
Christian Joo Před 8 dny
When you said Gold D. Roger was Blackbeard, i was like bruh.......(slapped my head). Roger is the King of the Pirates like come on, you should at least remember his face lol
Plebian Cat
Plebian Cat Před 9 dny
Zenitsu literally best boi so i woulda loved that lucky bag
Kero & Yumi
Kero & Yumi Před 9 dny
12:11 “card captor” ... ummm that’s not Card captor. That’s Happiness Charge Precure “ハピネスチャージプリキュア!” Character name Aino Megumi (Cure Lovely)
K Před 10 dny
Imagine having enough money to buy yourself the airpods 😂
TheDark WolfBUL
TheDark WolfBUL Před 11 dny
you can put small change in a baggie bro! Never seen Snoop dogg having such a swick baggie! He is jelious!
Ronie Ronnie
Ronie Ronnie Před 12 dny
chris munro
chris munro Před 13 dny
10/10 would not buy.
Jessie_Behner Před 16 dny
Joey: "I am a big fan of Sailor Moon" Also Joey: continually misnames the characters outside of the figures lol
Ebba ronnqvist
Ebba ronnqvist Před 16 dny
"Damon slayer"
Ebba ronnqvist
Ebba ronnqvist Před 16 dny
IN the bags I would like put sticker in them
FNAFgames123 Clements
FNAFgames123 Clements Před 17 dny
Apparently Gold D.Rodger=Black Beard 😅
SacredOpposum Turley
SacredOpposum Turley Před 17 dny
bro yo camera messed uppppp
Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson Před 18 dny
You can send the Zenitsu stuff to me, if you want, I love him. x'D
Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson Před 18 dny
i got a d.gray-man hollow and a haikyuu little 'baggy' when i was in japan i used them for spare change.
SAYKAT DOLAI Před 18 dny
Is no one going to talk about how joye literally called the main cause and the main hero of one piece the pirate king himself black beard...😑😑😑
ray woods
ray woods Před 18 dny
i have meta knight and a kirby plush
teegan2 aj
teegan2 aj Před 19 dny
not the zenitsu slander
It's Mickus
It's Mickus Před 20 dny
11:17 yaay, anime loot boxes
ElfWarrior Runaan
ElfWarrior Runaan Před 20 dny
Huh So That's What You Get In Those Bags, I Always Wondered! Thanks Joey And I Collect Rubber Keychains Sometimes For My Bag.
Christopher McIntyre
Christopher McIntyre Před 20 dny
Anyone willing to help out an anime newb and let me know some sites that deliver to the UK?
cquarin Před 21 dnem
not u not knowing what idolish7 is and thinking happiness charge precure was cardcaptor sakura 💀
ScruffySensei Před 21 dnem
I’m not gonna lie that Luffy figure looked super cool but that’s just me
Patches Quinn
Patches Quinn Před 23 dny
Totally Gol D. Roger is totally Blackbeard haha
Jason_ GLMM
Jason_ GLMM Před 23 dny
My man be hating on zanitsu XD I whh Nu dinehdnf sbb N d hi dnn N hddbb N is dhdnd (I did that cuz I don’t know what to type :DD
Lily-Chan 123
Lily-Chan 123 Před 23 dny
joey: what do you even use this bags for!!!! Me : use the bags for snacks 0-0
Morea Pllana
Morea Pllana Před 25 dny
f Just to inför u i searched it up and that figurine of sailor Jupiter is with 80 dollars
Peanut butterfly
Peanut butterfly Před 25 dny
I believe those baggies are supposed to be use as reusable plastic baggies for candies or dog treats.
KimchiYeo Před 25 dny
The demon slayer wallet had it spelled wrong it says Damon slayer xD worth 150 total ? my ass xD i can get bunch of the videos stuff on aliexpress.
Vlad g
Vlad g Před 26 dny
joey I need a link the kimetsu wallet I can't find it anywhere pls can I get link.
Marios Psomas
Marios Psomas Před 26 dny
That was Gol D Roger the king of pirates
SeerPlayz Před 26 dny
Blackbeard? Nu gol d roger
Mitra Avesta
Mitra Avesta Před 28 dny
If they exists in my country i would be bankrupted in a day
llen vr
llen vr Před 28 dny
I got so mad for no reason when he said sailor moon was sailor mars like when he saw the bow with my melody next to sailor mars lmao
asuranrocks Před 28 dny
the 3 zenitsus was worth the pain coz nezuko nendroid came
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple Před 28 dny
I would gladly buy those
zombi sexdoll
zombi sexdoll Před 28 dny
Those mash and makise figured got me jelly
Jihun Ju
Jihun Ju Před 28 dny
14:35 its roger
MK Sanchez
MK Sanchez Před 29 dny
I get why you hate zenitsu but hes so relatable! He's like the embodiment of my fears if I ever have to fight demons.
AnitaChen Před 29 dny
Zenitsu is cute tho😂
Yeet Playz YT
Yeet Playz YT Před 29 dny
My fav item we the wallet
spazoid42 Před 29 dny
Baggies for sticker, maybe pins
Adnane Berrada
Adnane Berrada Před 29 dny
12:52 sauce
Llyn Hosuh
Llyn Hosuh Před měsícem
Me: sees muichiro for half a second Also me: has a stroke because I love my under appreciated boy
Logan Před měsícem
I could be wrong but i think the bags are to store earphones in
ShuHao Před měsícem
Damon slayer 😭
ShuHao Před měsícem
zenitsu is so fucking cuteeeee .....why 😭✊🏼
TheSilentsama Před měsícem
The reason why it's only available for year end and early in the year is because they compile all the leftovers from all the ichiban kuji that year and beg them..it's basically all leftovers
sango potato
sango potato Před měsícem
18:59 “ay girl you wanna do some drugZ” i- what- HE SOUNDED SO DIFFERENT WTF AHGAGAH
Colette Před měsícem
Most Lucky bags are complete rip offs. The reason they’re sold at the end of the year is to get rid of whatever didn’t sell that year. Also that Nezuko goes for $60 and $80.
XcchiVe Před měsícem
bro its roger not blabeard,
Zane Před měsícem
I think you got tenga'd from the big bags
Thomas Heiberg
Thomas Heiberg Před měsícem
Trash taste
crackhead HaLfDeAd
crackhead HaLfDeAd Před měsícem
Joey: Baggie Me: *dying if cuteness*
Annelise Heard
Annelise Heard Před měsícem
Kirby is a cutie
Aaliyah Henry
Aaliyah Henry Před měsícem
I like the small luffy figurines
Adrian Chan
Adrian Chan Před měsícem
Japanese Fukubukuro is a Japanese term formed from fuku (福, meaning “good fortune” or “luck”) and fukuro (袋, meaning “bag”), and therefore literally translates into “lucky bags.” It is a popular Japanese tradition that traces its origins back to the Edo Period (although some argue that it started in the Meiji Era)
Starwisp Před měsícem
My heart do be hurting when u said zenitsu is ur least favorite boy
Sarah Crowley
Sarah Crowley Před měsícem
You should host a giveaway with the items you didn't want in the bags.
Nina Slanina
Nina Slanina Před měsícem
you are a mand man
Vety Burr
Vety Burr Před měsícem
"I don't know if anyone has wired headphones anymore since airpods became a thing" wow Joey, speaking in privilege over there
Kimberly Cruz
Kimberly Cruz Před měsícem
“not the girl from madoka magica”
Crossy Před měsícem
I went to Disney land once and my headphones were entangled in my bag so the security guards thought it was a bomb
arash sasani-nilgon
arash sasani-nilgon Před měsícem
Oh wtf, Nezuko for $100? I'm in Canada and just bought one for $80 after taxes in store last week
SUPERCHICKEN155 Před měsícem
HMG_Ryder_ Kevin
HMG_Ryder_ Kevin Před měsícem
The person you thought was black beard was actually Gol D. Roger
Leandra Williams
Leandra Williams Před měsícem
Let rewind on card chapther sackura for a minute $0
xperfect34 Před měsícem
I'm sure tons of people said it already but at 12:19 no that is a girl from Madoka it's Homura before she changed her appearance.
Miku Piku
Miku Piku Před měsícem
My Christian mother did not like this video
starlight crest
starlight crest Před měsícem
Sailor venus. Maybe 75 dollars. Cosmic compact
starlight crest
starlight crest Před měsícem
Everyday is a Kirby day
Hordy Jones
Hordy Jones Před měsícem
ArtificialWeeb Před měsícem
14:38 Me: Did he just say Blackbeard?, IT’S GOL D ROGER
dragon king42
dragon king42 Před měsícem
I know he said don't kill him but seriously he called Gil D. Roger the king of the pirates Blackbeard
Aeroguns4114 Před měsícem
That wallet says Damon Slayer.
Kira Hoshi
Kira Hoshi Před měsícem
seriously who tf was that character
Bambi Bam
Bambi Bam Před měsícem
The one piece and demon slayer box are fire... also your least favorite demon slayer character is actually my fave 😂😂😂 shame on you.. ma boii zenitsu does not deserve this...
/j Před měsícem
waste of money
Erografos Před měsícem
i dont know what is more sad, that valuable resources are wasted on worthless crap with absolutely no practical value or that there are people who buy them? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, WHERE R U ?????????
Defficult Před měsícem
damon slayer
AHLUE Před měsícem
bruhhh.... blackbeard? really? XD
Jessica Castro
Jessica Castro Před měsícem
Omg the one piece figures!!! Lucky!!
i'm scared to open these anime mystery bags...
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