I built myself a proud parent machine

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Simone Giertz

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I built myself a proud parent because we could all use some more pats on the shoulder. And in case nobody has told you that they're proud of you in a while: I'm proud of you. Yeah, you! Here's a pat on the shoulder. Keep the 25¢, this one's on me.
Thanks to my friend Daniel Beauchamp for coming up with this idea with me. He makes a bunch of fun experiments in VR, go check it out: pushmatrix
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Vladimir Radetsky
Vladimir Radetsky Před 13 hodinami
OMG i wana spend all my money in it , that thing is fire
darkSorceror Před 2 dny
"Here goes nothing" *nothing happens*
Emmmannn Před 4 dny
Can I have this? My parents are not proud of me, at least a machine is if I have it
Reese Howell
Reese Howell Před 4 dny
I love this oh my gosh💙💙
Another channel told me you have a spy in your phone,lucky me i have not such phone in my possession. Maybe create something unique for a phone,like one with wheels,? Have a nice day
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Před 5 dny
Adam savage and I both hurt our fingers in a workshop accident last year... huh. I should wish him well on his channel. Mine was running my finger through a drive belt on my planer in August, and no it's not completely healed. Frig 2020. I had only 1 significantly good thing happen to me all year (plus the 1 major good news item in November), and to anyone else who had some positivity last year... we should be grateful :-P
27trains Před 5 dny
I love Simone!
Jaimie Sharkey
Jaimie Sharkey Před 6 dny
Is there a story for the stairs behind you? Interesting. Yes your machine is pretty exciting!
Rachel Neitzel
Rachel Neitzel Před 7 dny
13:27 Idk why this is so funny to me but BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
Azhar Hafeel
Azhar Hafeel Před 8 dny
What is that Circular thing you use at 1:53?
Xion Memoria
Xion Memoria Před 9 dny
It just occurred to me that my dad never said those words and my mom only said it once to soften the blow that she missed my HS graduation because my sister got arrested... Therapy time? Therapy time.
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) Před 15 dny
Weird. In my head this video was published years ago. Came back to rewatch it and found that it was just a few months ago.
Tête Dur
Tête Dur Před 16 dny
Also, I shared the kiwico link on my facebook. Should work.
Tête Dur
Tête Dur Před 16 dny
I need that circle-making thingie in the worst way. Take my money! Or tell me where to spend my money. I've been on lock-down for going on a year now.
Rudyolf Schiermeister
Rudyolf Schiermeister Před 17 dny
we need a hug edition for those people who need a proud parent hug
Mike Coshan
Mike Coshan Před 17 dny
This is totally awesome 😎
Deb Brown
Deb Brown Před 19 dny
The awesome humor has made me smile for the first time in weeks! Thank you! Until the crab thingy and I laughed so hard I fell on the floor scaring all my pets!
Fabio Neira
Fabio Neira Před 20 dny
Amazing! Congrats for the project creativity and awesome woodwork. Congrats from Sao Paulo , Brazil!
Chris Tharpe
Chris Tharpe Před 20 dny
What is that brass iris used to draw the circle on the template at 1:52?
Jeremiah Hessian
Jeremiah Hessian Před 20 dny
I hope you and your family are still well, just subscribed since your videos are amazing...and you know Adam Savage! What a cool person to know.
Connor Před 24 dny
finally! a parent that will love me
Skye Himalaya
Skye Himalaya Před 26 dny
It would've been funnier as Jamie, in my opinion
Jeremiah Shackelford
Jeremiah Shackelford Před měsícem
I am tearing up watching this
Jeremiah Shackelford
Jeremiah Shackelford Před měsícem
Oooh! I'm a recording artist and could totally do voice work for you! (Re: needing to source dad voice)
Jeremiah Shackelford
Jeremiah Shackelford Před měsícem
Hariom Před měsícem
Goat grazing in Rajasthan is something else csposts.info/cd/video/p95tpp2or66Ct9E
Fuhq Ewe
Fuhq Ewe Před měsícem
I miss the days when Adam was so amazing to watch, and didn't bash people who had opposing political views.
Per Hoffmann Olsen
Per Hoffmann Olsen Před měsícem
This is the absolut least sh*tty project and video ever! I think we are all proud of you.
Man Vs Mind
Man Vs Mind Před měsícem
🤣 F*** yeah. Epic video!
Lea Langemark
Lea Langemark Před měsícem
This reminds me of this game called "We Happy Few". Very dystopic and dark, love it! :D
japudjuha Před měsícem
I love this Simone, watching in December 2020 from Australia it got me in the feels. You go girl🥳
Magnuslatus Před měsícem
Adam lighting up like that when you asked him to be the voice actually brought tears to my eyes.
Maude Stafford
Maude Stafford Před měsícem
The flashy database hepatosplenomegaly replace because zebra formerly trace over a acceptable planet. pale, orange suit
Corban Allen
Corban Allen Před měsícem
"If you know someone who has a kid..." *I know no one who has kids lol*
stokhosursus Před měsícem
The C word might also refer to cancer when talking about disease. 🙃
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před měsícem
At 15:03, did it "eat" your quarter and do nothing? Simone, honestly, if the electronics are not reliable, not only might it NOT give affection when a quarter is dropped IN, but it might GIVE affection when NO quarter is dropped in. Either way, I lose 25 cents, I would expect this machine to ship with a guarantee that you will make good on every loss of 25 cents that I suffer. Deal?
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před měsícem
2:27 -- Simone, my father never had a "suit" job. Blue collar all his life. Will your Manufacturing Empire be offering a non-suit version? With a white oval patch above the shirt pocket? Edged in red-thread piping, with my father's name embroidered in the same red thread on the white oval patch? Maybe an A.stronaut S.pace S.chool patch over the other pocket? The shirt pockets could be added on in three dimensions protruding frontwards so that I can store in them the tools and pens that my father would have actually carried around in his shirt pockets. Then I can borrow his tools. Maybe Adam Savage can record "I know, Son, that when I lend you a tool, you will always return it to me, and I see this time is no exception. Good boy" and that recording can play whenever I put a tool back in Dad's pocket?
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před měsícem
13:25 -- Simone, the obvious anagram for "PROUD PARENT" is "NU'DE RAPPORT", isn't it?
VicknAIR FPV Před měsícem
I’m not crying! Ur crying!! 🥺
Paloma Escribar
Paloma Escribar Před měsícem
"necessity is the mother of all inventions, but nobody has a clue who the father is" ajajajajajajajajajajajjajajaja best quote ever
reverend Shade
reverend Shade Před měsícem
On the bright side if the son fucks up it can't say "look me in the eyes and tell the truth" no head lol
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před měsícem
Simone, does your Manufacturing Empire sell this with an attachment-arm that will backhand any child who comes around FISHING for a compliment? I mean as if that's all a parent has to do with their day, is cultivate a child to have a secure ego and high self-esteem?
Topher The11th
Topher The11th Před měsícem
My father had one of these for my use. I always had a quarter to put in it because he gave me an allowance of 25 cents a week. Even when he was unemployed he would never lack for money to give me to operate the machine because he got all of the coins that the machine collected through its coin-slot.
Seiya Hatanaka
Seiya Hatanaka Před měsícem
her deep voice sound canadian
Kay Tracy
Kay Tracy Před měsícem
C word.
Thomas Gartman
Thomas Gartman Před měsícem
I regret that I have but one thumbs up to give for this video.
Machess Před měsícem
Are you swedish? 16:17
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson Před měsícem
She should team up with Mark Rober
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Před měsícem
04:45 No, your coach sucked :'(
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Před měsícem
02:32 Me Neither :-)
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Před měsícem
Luiz Před měsícem
It’s my favorite project 🥳 “and I am so proud of you tube” ....nooo I mean proud of you
Chocolate Pie1819
Chocolate Pie1819 Před měsícem
You swear so casually that it doesn't even feel like you swore
John Floyd
John Floyd Před měsícem
"That'll do pig, that'll do."
VoidDagon [Struffolo]
VoidDagon [Struffolo] Před měsícem
Awesome project; I kinda feel i need one of this... Maybe a bunch of this
Alics E. Junn
Alics E. Junn Před měsícem
That's so sad and so cute at the same time, I love this A LOT !
Kuba Falkowski
Kuba Falkowski Před měsícem
Weird machine,but if makes you happy that's good 🙂😁
M J Před měsícem
It needs a switch for son or daughter.
lopezb Před měsícem
Soooo creative (and funny).
Shayna Bubble
Shayna Bubble Před 2 měsíci
Accidently unliked then had to relike this video because of how wholesome it is 😂
Loudvic Palamara
Loudvic Palamara Před 2 měsíci
can I be your friend? :D
My Name
My Name Před 2 měsíci
This is useless and makes no sense. I LOVE IT. Doing things just because. Living the life. Oh girl you are one of a kind. Never change, please.
Benjamín Rodríguez Sánchez
Benjamín Rodríguez Sánchez Před 2 měsíci
I think that any father would be proud of you! Well done!
Lewis Moten
Lewis Moten Před 2 měsíci
Love the proud parent. My dog told me that your call to Adam was a cue for him to get a treat.
Brian Baker
Brian Baker Před 2 měsíci
Make sure that you stay 6 feet from that robot, Simone! Robo-distancing.
Poulose George
Poulose George Před 2 měsíci
I love you Simeon
Haziq Khairudin
Haziq Khairudin Před 2 měsíci
What about the c word?
Mohamed Kasim
Mohamed Kasim Před 2 měsíci
It wud be fun to have build WALL E and EVA .. with their voices..btw You have great parents🤝..
Mohamed Kasim
Mohamed Kasim Před 2 měsíci
Okay just watched Adam building Eva n Walle whoa... That's solved the puzzle of her intellectual ability... Cool girl n cool dad!!
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22 Před 2 měsíci
I only cried a little
Burnt Beard
Burnt Beard Před 2 měsíci
The first 40 seconds in and I already love it.
Benjamín Aguilera
Benjamín Aguilera Před 2 měsíci
2:54 "The deepest I can go this is"
Divine Presence
Divine Presence Před 2 měsíci
Smart emos:
Dumashead101.5 Před 2 měsíci
14:00 best joke of the century!
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers Před 2 měsíci
You are so very cool. I have now subscribed to your channel. I am also very impressed by how good your dad jokes are in this dad inspired video.. I am from New Zealand. And a dad. Just keep being you. I am proud of you too.
David Před 2 měsíci
We need one of these at work. Except is says your doing a great job
Beth De Voe
Beth De Voe Před 2 měsíci
I love it!!! "Son"??? Why not kid, champ or any number of other options?? So disappointed.
Yakin _
Yakin _ Před 2 měsíci
Marvel Boi
Marvel Boi Před 2 měsíci
Do you still want to go to space?
Andrew Kuznechov
Andrew Kuznechov Před 2 měsíci
You are amazing )
Helen Carter
Helen Carter Před 2 měsíci
Hi Simone I’ve just found your Chanel on CSposts and wanted to say I think you’re brilliant! I love your unique approach and beautiful designs! Are they available to purchase at all? I also wanted to say that as a childless woman in her 40’s I would be very proud to be your mom!
fluffy ezio
fluffy ezio Před 2 měsíci
The top comment refers to someone being soft and I dont know what that means so intead of leaving a reply im gonna start a coalition
MagicallyLazy Před 2 měsíci
Omg I would 100% back this as a kickstarter project, I need the validation
NDL newbie
NDL newbie Před 2 měsíci
does anyone else think this would be a robot wallace and gromit would make?
Rob- Livingston by Hand
Rob- Livingston by Hand Před 2 měsíci
Hilarious. I hv been sad and you made me laugh.
Marc Herrera
Marc Herrera Před 2 měsíci
I want that circle template... shutter thingieee...
Lanae Babs
Lanae Babs Před 2 měsíci
I love watching her videos because I learn so much about how I was using all of my dad's tools wrong 😂 (may or may not have broke his sander, a drill bit, and many other things that I don't know the names of)
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Před 2 měsíci
Is it just me of does her dad look just like Carl Fredrickson from up?
Gabriel Neumayr
Gabriel Neumayr Před 2 měsíci
She is standing there looking like an angle and :it's a box
Jan De Bondt
Jan De Bondt Před 2 měsíci
Seems like daddy wanted a son :D poor you ;)
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens Před 2 měsíci
on the quarantine you'll be fine the only thing you got to remember is they're not finding code they're finding CBD and THC so that's really what they're doing to you they're saying stay at home cuz your butt but at the same time you know you can go for walks and you can have fun and you can have a good life and you don't have to get high every hour you can get high at 4:20 in the morning when you wake up and 4:20 in the morning when you're done working
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens Před 2 měsíci
Straight enough
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens Před 2 měsíci
I tried to do it this other one in $29 right now and I got $9 but it's in cash it's not in credit and I got like $2 on my American Express so even if I put all my money together I only have 9 to 11 I only have $11 so maybe I'll try like send me invoice and send it to me anyhow or either remind me when I get paid I get paid on the 1st the 3rd the 19th and the 25th but I only got paid $9 today some days I only get paid $2 but we have to because we got to pay for this it's a two bedroom house duplex okay but the other rooms one room then the daughter's room and then the son's room and then the shower room and then the laundry room then the bathroom then the kitchen then the basement and the basement is the same sizes all four rooms so that's what I got going on all right thanks sending how I'm not I don't know what to say I'm a dork I wish we could just get together and smoke a little smoke drink a little drink and have a good time I'm sorry I didn't know you were Jason I'm sorry I didn't know you were Simone and I'm sorry I didn't know I'm sorry I left you but I had to because the guy who died was like David and him I was the next person to die that's why I had to leave
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens Před 2 měsíci
I love your circle maker my parents had one in their room in the closet and they never let me use it I got to use it one time and I think I made like a three-dimensional Jimmy neutron style rainbow but yours is like gold ours was plastic but maybe I could buy one too if you just say what the name of it is and then I could buy one
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens Před 2 měsíci
I had my first child when I was nine so I don't really know who they are or their exact names but I was like there is another one that looks like me you know so I think this is a good good invention because you know for me it's like doing time and then you say I'm proud of you son and then it's like well I did have a light bulb that lasted seven years or 6 years
Hanxy Před 2 měsíci
this machine could probably tell emotionally inavailable parents to care about their kids. It’s like a metaphor that so many parents don’t tell their kids they did a good job that a machine had to be built to do it.
TheBuildKing Před 2 měsíci
I've watched the first 40 secs of this video a dozen times. Always makes me laugh.
Katie Bowen
Katie Bowen Před 2 měsíci
that coin jar at the bottom is gonna be full by the end of the week.
DarkNinjaCorporation Před 2 měsíci
I would definitely purchase my very own Proud Adam™️
Matthieu Leperlier
Matthieu Leperlier Před 2 měsíci
What a wholesome machine
Tom Cagan
Tom Cagan Před 2 měsíci
A fun project!!
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