How to Beat the ZOMBIE HORDE in "DAWN OF THE DEAD" (2004)

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If you found an abandoned mall in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, what would you do?
In this How to Beat video, we’ll follow the survivors, see if we can make better decisions, and ultimately attempt to beat the zombie hordes in, Dawn of the Dead. If you think you have a better way, let me know in the comments! If you like these how to beat videos, consider subscribing.
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Nerd Explains
Nerd Explains Před 2 měsíci
Can you guess the next video: If you woke up in a 14x14x14 room...
Allison Reamor
Allison Reamor Před 5 hodinami
How it escape covid-19 😂😂
Pafufu Před dnem
The Cube?
Pizza Lover
Pizza Lover Před 2 dny
The cube
Terrance Neal
Terrance Neal Před 8 dny
Jhon william
Jhon william Před 9 dny
Spongebob squarepants
ASHUTOSH Yadav Před 31 vteřinou
The first thing I am doing in an zombie apocalypse is make armour with books . Save my arms and legs. They can't bite through that
Mia Isme
Mia Isme Před 14 hodinami
Never mind the dog did survive
Mia Isme
Mia Isme Před 14 hodinami
But did the dog survive?
Shivan Harrylal
Shivan Harrylal Před 14 hodinami
The way I get get freeeeee movies ngl
CARLOS RAMIREZ Před 18 hodinami
"Louis, are you doing?" Louis than proceeded to F*CKING FOOTBALL TACKLE ANNA
Kenneth Liang
Kenneth Liang Před 21 hodinou
Always watch or listen to the news.
ZGWarp Před 23 hodinami
why dont they just get reapers coat so they have infinite shotguns
Me.noah88 Před dnem
i bet that if there was an apocolypse we would be so prepared we could stand in the open
spaghetti0 Před dnem
when he said the part about adrenaline turning you into a parkours. that is actually kind of true. my cousin can climb a wall 2 times his size in a matter of seconds with an adrenaline rush. he basically turns into a ninja. 2:54
jorge rios
jorge rios Před dnem
Make a moat with a corridor leading into a big grinder like the ones they use to grind up metal in recycling facilities do this until every zombie ever comes to you and meets a Grindy death
Not A Sandwich
Not A Sandwich Před 2 dny
call an ambulance - but not for me (gets bit)
Shon B
Shon B Před 2 dny
i think i could kick a child kinda easy
stripe801 Před 3 dny
haha wow! i thought when u first said her name u were caLLing Mekhi Phifer “Luda” as in Ludacris. i was so pissed off 🤣
moshi koi!
moshi koi! Před 3 dny
lol i loved this movie when i was 3 and i still do
Constance Martin
Constance Martin Před 3 dny
The erratic delete noteworthily match because patch potentially produce up a vigorous white. rustic, lonely replace
Yeet Your mun
Yeet Your mun Před 3 dny
When you cook the zombie meat at 139 degrees Gordon Ramsey: that’s some good s*** there
BubberGroves Před 3 dny
Fuse Fallen
Fuse Fallen Před 3 dny
I love that clip of FLAIR. He is one of my favorite CSpostsrs lol
Grant Strout
Grant Strout Před 3 dny
At the timemark 12:04 there was a pp
Xxghost gamerxX
Xxghost gamerxX Před 3 dny
Let’s just hope there’s a movie call the kid. He’s acting up again.
lifelessbot123 Robloxian
lifelessbot123 Robloxian Před 3 dny
Dead rising story plot
Justin Cortez
Justin Cortez Před 3 dny
how to beat the walking dead
Kajus Markunas
Kajus Markunas Před 3 dny
This was so long but probably the best explained video ever and i enjoyed it
KR4TOS - bbx
KR4TOS - bbx Před 3 dny
Trevor and franklyn vs zombies
Siqk Před 4 dny
He used apart of flairs video 4:46
Anahi Montano
Anahi Montano Před 4 dny
The unequal search interspecifically stain because trapezoid interstingly prepare into a painful boat. mammoth, vagabond shock
Anahi Montano
Anahi Montano Před 4 dny
The dependent flat utrastructurally polish because weeder curiosly spot into a vengeful gondola. flowery, stupid spot
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Před 4 dny
The damn chainsaw could have been safly secure somehow and why the hell would someone even have a chainsaw running while in a moving vehical. by the way Silent Hill Two has a man James Sunderland with a chainsaw fighting monsters in that town. In that town that they call home get ready for Red Pyramid Heads arrival this is Silent Hill this is Silent Hill lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah lah.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Před 4 dny
What did I just get through saying about Shawn and others following him into a pub for christ sakes. " hello anybody home think Mcfly do you realize if I hand in my report and your handwritting I'll get fired now you wouldn't want that to happen would you?" that reminds me I gotta get back in time to see Wiz and BoomStick announce the new survivors in this years all new season of Death Battles!!!!!!!!! 👍👍🤘🤘 🎸🎤
Logan Vervoort
Logan Vervoort Před 4 dny
how to beat the horde be a dog
Onehitkilljoy Před 4 dny
if any thing happens im going to the nerd
Lucian Russell
Lucian Russell Před 5 dny
Didn't cry because the doggo was fine
b0nqtee Před 5 dny
do alice in borderland?!
Jakub W
Jakub W Před 5 dny
I can't bare how stupid this movie is
Willie Smith
Willie Smith Před 5 dny
Probably the most realistic “I’d probably try that” zombie movie ever made.
FPsWarfare Před 5 dny
Can you do more zombie type how to beat videos please
Trevor Frye
Trevor Frye Před 5 dny
Cj is a literal legend
Trenton Doyle
Trenton Doyle Před 5 dny
Watches thus wuth my dog then when he talked about the dog my dig just stared At me like your not doing that your gonna starve
Star Platinum
Star Platinum Před 5 dny
How to survive: Be chip with hands.
Mandalore863 Před 6 dny
36:46-36:52 *laughs in COVID*
alejandra lopez
alejandra lopez Před 6 dny
Can you make How to beat the games Left 4 Dead or/and Deadrising !
Ayden Harper
Ayden Harper Před 6 dny
He put flair and bonzo in the video😂😂
Revrse Před 6 dny
when i watch tese videos sometimes i wonder what did theses people do to piss god off so much
D4rk Taco
D4rk Taco Před 6 dny
So all of them die
1776 Před 7 dny
Totally lost it at “circus zombies.”
Darwin Anthony
Darwin Anthony Před 7 dny
I love shotgun because it is good for close range
:O Před 7 dny
And why were all nukes banned again?
Hec G
Hec G Před 7 dny
I thought that little girl was their daughter lmfao
EMONEY 666 Před 7 dny
Duck- _ -Duck
Duck- _ -Duck Před 7 dny
Don’t dis potato’s 😤
Mister Nibbles
Mister Nibbles Před 7 dny
Disagree about revolver viability. As a last resort revolvers are the best option as they require less maintenance and are bit more reliable than a magazine fed weapon. While I would not advise engaging multiple targets with it, it has less moving parts and goes bang more often about three percent more of the time. It doesn’t sound like much, but that click is scary when it’s the last thing you want to hear because you can only field strip your weapon. Clearly your first choice for weapon would be high capacity rifle, but revolvers are a solid reliable ankle gun.
Wade Smith
Wade Smith Před 7 dny
4:25 we just gonna ignore the random women watering her yard in the middle of all this
Padtixx Před 8 dny
Wouldn’t have gone in the sewers, H2S Gas could kill you quicker then a bite
Pack Rattus Computer
Pack Rattus Computer Před 8 dny
XD thrown Nicole off the roof. Ngl that's what I thought when I watched the movie first time xD
unidentified lol
unidentified lol Před 8 dny
Best way to survive be the camera man
Evan Power
Evan Power Před 8 dny
My man at the start only pumped his shotgun late because it was bad ass
Ggmanplays Live
Ggmanplays Live Před 8 dny
2:29 when u do some bad n ur mama say she gonna wup ur ass and she say come out the room
Sean Wisniewski
Sean Wisniewski Před 8 dny
You can also use a solar still to purify water, but that requires a lot of sunlight and other things to actually make it effective.
Sean Wisniewski
Sean Wisniewski Před 8 dny
However, a solar still is generally better at purifying water then just boiling it. Also, I would establish a sense of order among the group I am with, and attempt to get them to think smart and really consider the situation. If I do not find a group I would attempt to find a way to use that to my advantage such as being able to move more quietly or being able to move far quicker than.
Disbea FakeName
Disbea FakeName Před 8 dny
Luis could have survived if he had LOCKED HIS DOOR. Like a normal human does.
Alex Bencomo
Alex Bencomo Před 8 dny
I don’t understand how people can say Oregon wrong so much 😂
Koffee Před 8 dny
Can you review night eats the world?
Renegadebane Před 8 dny
I've always wondered how the little girl zombie broke into what I assume was a locked house without making enough noise to wake two people who are presumably close to waking up.
Drake Před 9 dny
I agree that the low amount of ammo in the Shotgun is a problem, but it does have its benefits. For one, accuracy is a lot less of a problem, since there are multiple projectiles that all have a chance of hitting, as opposed to just one from a regular pistol or rifle. That said, the survivors in Zombie movies all seem to have "ex-special forces" level accuracy, so in that case accuracy appears to be a non-issue, but if they had a more realistic level of accuracy then the shotgun would be extremely useful. The other big advantage is that while a body shot from a pistol won't even slow a zombie down, a shotgun would probably, at the very least, trip up the zombie, giving you another second or so to get away. Not to mention, if you take out it's legs, then that would obviously slow it down a lot more, possibly even tripping up the other zombies in the horde a little bit. Finally, a well-built shotgun also can serve as an emergency club MUCH better than a pistol. Obviously it'd be less effective at that than a crowbar or something, but not having to switch between firearm and melee weapon would be beneficial. I'd also point out that, realistically, if they needed much more than 6 shots in that situation, they were already going to be screwed. They're not hunting zombies, they're trying to protect themselves and move on as fast as possible so they don't have time to get overwhelmed, so a weapon that they don't have to spend time as much time aiming and is better at slowing down enemies could be more useful than one that can be reloaded more quickly.
gaming legend
gaming legend Před 9 dny
Dude after that dog line I kinda don't like u dude. I know I know if your desperate but c'mon their like humans too dude am 💢😡😡
john dunne
john dunne Před 9 dny
wouldnt another option to get supplies to and from the gun store be a bow an arrow to send a rope over? there was a sporting goods store in the mall and if you miss pull the arrow back and try again until you find the right angle
galatic gamer
galatic gamer Před 9 dny
If I was in a zombie apocalypse and I see a chopper but it didn't see me and I had a gun I would of shot in the air then they would hear me
Magnus Před 9 dny
As soon as you said dogs for food, I immediately disliked. You are a monster. You dont eat dogs. That's a line we as humans must not cross
SOME ONE Před 9 dny
If Kenneth is holding a chainsaw and then flipped back my guess is that the chainsaw hit and killed him, probably in his stomach since you don't see that on camera.
Kylle Gutierrez
Kylle Gutierrez Před 9 dny
Hey bro love your video and im nerd too!
Kylle Gutierrez
Kylle Gutierrez Před 9 dny
Why he just cut the old mans hands
trash bag
trash bag Před 10 dny
Ngl i almost threw up watching this 👀
grffin neff
grffin neff Před 10 dny
I think the brain thing is more about shooting it in the spot that control all the nerves, without the brain to send signals to the rest of the body, the body can’t move, which kills them, that’s at least how I see it
Nezuko Před 10 dny
This movie is basically me trying to fight off all the misquotoes
Sienna Brebner
Sienna Brebner Před 10 dny
I always thought that kid at the beginning was their child 😐😐😐😅😅😅
Seagull Před 10 dny
But you forgot. Guns are bad and kill people. No one should own a assault weapon or assault gun. Guns kill people ya know!!!!!
John Fritz
John Fritz Před 10 dny
There’s no way to kill said entity. It’s not of this world. It’s from another space and time. That’s why it’s an ‘entity’. In essence; you’re fucked. Plain and simple.
Jerome Wilshank
Jerome Wilshank Před 11 dny
Never liked the trope of zombies lasting fever if not killed. Most zombies seem to decompose at least, but not even that seems to put a stop to them. They just decompose to the point that they’re real scary, but not enough to kill them or stop them from being a threat.
LittleGamerBoy Před 11 dny
imagine ripping off cinema summery💀
Freakley Před 11 dny
With the amount of bio degradable material and waste and canned goods and rotting food you could probably create a self contained eco system on the roof in the first few months and with rain and the spread of the roof you could probably make it sustainable and even efficient with the tools in the mall Edit: and with the glass parts you could easily rig hanging baskets to maximise the amount of crops you produce.
Timothy Pierce
Timothy Pierce Před 11 dny
Me: see a dog Nerd explains: sees a walking dinner plate Me: making a potato farm
School Twin
School Twin Před 12 dny
just use a nuke bro!
First Name
First Name Před 12 dny
My da could build a vegetable garden so I'd like to think multiple people with a full shopping centre of supplies could do so
WEEB BEE Před 12 dny
If u want to beat it bite the zombies and they human now👌👌👌
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel Před 12 dny
See? Even zombies love dogs.
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel Před 12 dny
They should’ve thrown Steve off of the bus as a distraction.
Иван Ганев
Иван Ганев Před 12 dny
themetal pole pole is haf broken good or makeshift weapn
MagnusFortis Před 12 dny
When people make these movies they act like people don't know what zombies are
MagnusFortis Před 11 dny
@D D but we have some idea of how to react when people start biting each other
D D Před 11 dny
I mean no one has actually seen zombies irl. So that's why they make it like that
Vipric 81
Vipric 81 Před 12 dny
14:23 that’s only if you use slugs. The buckshot gives you a better chance to hit more vital organs, the more pellets the more the damage. 28:14 you have no idea how wrong you are. That’s going to be hard, and will most likely won’t even go INTO the skull! Unless you own and shoot guns, don’t even.
Ahmed Tag
Ahmed Tag Před 13 dny
So how many of Yall are agreeing on Abondaning Nicoles Dumb Ass ?
nikolas yankov
nikolas yankov Před 13 dny
I have nightmars Bc Of This And I Live Alone
bobisnotmeme yeet
bobisnotmeme yeet Před 13 dny
Tsultrim Zala
Tsultrim Zala Před 13 dny
Gabriel Před 13 dny
I felt bad when Monica got hit with the saw. I wonder how zombies dentify who is a zombie but yeah, just give it a few weeks and the zombies would all die of natural causes, don't make it worse and add to their number.
jason bennett
jason bennett Před 13 dny
Okay wtf. It just occurred to me. That if Michael had told everyone he’d been infected in the bus. He could’ve swapped places with CJ. Saving his life.
dukedizzy Před 13 dny
dukedizzy Před 13 dny
MaSsan Bot#439
MaSsan Bot#439 Před 13 dny
The roomy interest proximately melt because lunge oppositely joke apud a damaging replace. spiky, parched straw
yami naku
yami naku Před 14 dny
Oh and by the way melee Wepons like Axes Knifes or Daggers or heavy Weapons and short or old Weapons are very bad choice but fast maybe light strong and long are good Hostbittels are bad because well people lots of people would have been there so they would have died or been a infected that made it in or at the beginning of the out break they where being treated and turned these are just tips for People who love monsters like Me.
yami naku
yami naku Před 13 dny
Dubelberoll Shotgun is good just don't get to close and don't fight in hourds
Mitch_Henn Před 14 dny
It's also funny how the tiny propain tank created a massive fucking explosion, yet the massive propain tank TJ blew up on the bus only created a little one
MrFakeBeast Gaming • 100 years ago
MrFakeBeast Gaming • 100 years ago Před 14 dny
Imagine there was a horror movie called " *THE BEAT* " "How to beat the beat" XD
Brookie Support Team
Brookie Support Team Před 13 dny
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