How to Beat the DEATH GAME in "CIRCLE" (2015)

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If you were forced to participate in an aliens sick game of who lives and who dies, what could you do? In this video on Nerd Explains. I'll tell you how to beat Circle.
I’m going to throw us onto one of the red circles and see how we fare. We don’t have perfect knowledge and we don’t know how this ends, we know what the characters know at the start. Can we beat this situation? Let’s find out.
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Michael Nardelli
Michael Nardelli Před 7 měsíci
True Blue Aussie
True Blue Aussie Před dnem
IDoNotExist OK
IDoNotExist OK Před 3 dny
THE REAPER Před 3 dny
I think your the villain in this movie but idk
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Před 4 dny
@Nerd Explains Time to play Wheel of death sounds like an evil game show. " hi there everybody welcome to another exciting addition of trick or treat here you either answer the questions correctly and receive fabulous prizes. or failure to answer the questions correctly and receive the punishment. It all depends on you. and our lucky or should I say unlucky challenger today is James Sunderland. are you ready to play trick or treat? ok here is your first question merry go round, haunted house, ferris wheel, roller coaster, and tea cups. Silent Hill is home to a thrilling amusement park that both children and adults love. the question is what is the name of that amusement park? One Fantasy Land two Silent Hill amusement park three Lake Side amusement park. ok quickly on to question two Silent Hill witnessed a gruesome murder a few years back. a brother and sister were playing in the road when they were attacked and chopped into peices with an axe. torn flesh smashed bones splattered blood and finally. what a terrible tragedy what a gruesome end to such innocent lives what was the name of the murderer who committed this vile act? One Walter Sulivan Two Scott FairBanks three Eric Geins. now for our third and finale question south of lake is a deserted old neighborhood called South Vale from there to pailvale the central resort North West of the lake. there's only one road you can take just one road no more. the third and finale question is what is the name of that road? one Bacan road two Rendell Street three Nathan Avenue. that's the last of our questions have you got it all figured out? If you know the answers head to the store room on the third floor to collect your prizes. but be careful if your wrong ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! well then everybody thanks for playing see you next time bye bye." " what was that?"
Qoxayhn Před 4 dny
@Michael Nardelli ok
Clusmy Ninja
Clusmy Ninja Před 4 hodinami
Among us in real life huh..
StrobeFireStudios Před 4 hodinami
At this point, you and Cinema Summary might as well just join forces. You guys both release similar videos in the same months anyways.
Jamarien Benton
Jamarien Benton Před 5 hodinami
This guy was trying to hide frum the aliens cause he wearing a all black shirt in the dark
Cooky Plush
Cooky Plush Před 5 hodinami
Mrbeast: last one out of the circle wins there life!
Sanjith Schmidt
Sanjith Schmidt Před 8 hodinami
I know how to beat it you vote for two people at the same time
bootful cat
bootful cat Před 8 hodinami
Iza The poopie
Iza The poopie Před 16 hodinami
I’d rather die than live with extremely bad ptsd and/or paranoia for the rest of my life
Pa Ja
Pa Ja Před 17 hodinami
This was just alot of talking
That’sKindaMad Před 19 hodinami
So basically be a dick and win
That’sKindaMad Před 19 hodinami
I wouldn't live, my legs get tingly when I stand still too long
Fenjaei Před 21 hodinou
i love how when the kid was talking the subtitles said "asian kid"
DarkSaber132 Před 21 hodinou
basically the movie is the basis of society XD
Im just a guys I am good
Im just a guys I am good Před 21 hodinou
Okay I'm confused I thought we was a lady that woke up first and everybody but we were the man
Houndinous Před 21 hodinou
1:47 the First Lady got a warning why didn’t anyone else. They just immediately die. Do the aliens assume once 1 person understands everyone does? Those are some stupid aliens.
The King in Yellow
The King in Yellow Před 23 hodinami
The Silent Man deserved better
Neon Bazzer
Neon Bazzer Před dnem
trying all possible solutions may help. can the clothes alone also be detected? never tried any use with their clothing. bodily fluids was also not brought up and the type of detection was not confirmed either . either by image, heat, motion, or touch from the platform itself. using the corpses around can also be an option with hindering detection they have to make sure that they fall inside other people's circle incase someone comes up with an idea using the corpses try to also touch other images or circle in the room if warnings come up if someone dies after trying what the first girl did even thou she only got warnings then this means theres either something intelligent is controlling the room or there is a set of rule/command on the room. you're just fckd if theres something intelligent watching the whole room if its a set of rules/command, then know that you guys weren't the first be in this situation and the "rules" were improved based on the previous result, this applies to both weather this was man made or something alien. either way, if you're all gon die anyway, atleast faken try everything and stop faken choosing who's the last to survive as a human and a male i would naturally choose the pregnant woman to survive and provide any possible help i could to her. even if shes the only one to survive among all of humanity, then theres still the chance of her child being male and start populating again, eve and her child style. if its a female child then she can still get pregnant and mixing ape dna to the human dna will still be better than extinction. its already a miracle itself how we humans evolved and got to the way we are now., and it took faken hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of years. i duno maybe im just dumb
Jayson Stretch
Jayson Stretch Před dnem
I wonder how much money it was to make this cause its just a Dark room with white lightz on the ceiling and a huge camera with a laser inside
Jayson Stretch
Jayson Stretch Před dnem
5:37 there is a dude named gabe helmy on youtube why does this dude look way to much like him
Rubin Chavarria
Rubin Chavarria Před dnem
Of course they chose a white guy to be the main protagonist
skyptyre Před dnem
honestly i would choose the child to die, its sad i know, but the pregnant woman is 2 people and are honestly more valuable
Lipovo 2019
Lipovo 2019 Před dnem
If the pregnant woman was left, she would have to vote for the baby XD
Dano Mehner
Dano Mehner Před dnem
Gerech Před dnem
i already watched the movie, kinda expecting another way to beat it not just explaining the movie
Gear Heads Unlimited
Gear Heads Unlimited Před dnem
Sadly I woulda used his strategy too. Cuz who wants to die. Noone
Leonardo Quarviando
Leonardo Quarviando Před dnem
Is it just me who don’t understand the rules?
Nathaniel McMurray
Nathaniel McMurray Před dnem
Fucking Beth...
Nathaniel McMurray
Nathaniel McMurray Před dnem
Fucking Beth...
sammy cat
sammy cat Před dnem
Okay the second lady she stepped Backwards maybe thats the reason, the first girl stepped forward So idk
GA NANA Před dnem
idk why but I just enjoy your voice man its so soothing
Miller Animation
Miller Animation Před dnem
ok there's 1 way that could increase your chance of survival lets say you find out how to vote first keep it to your self btw i do have a question so in the movie the baby is counted as a player dose the baby also vote??
TJ Před dnem
He would be good at among us
Raphael Gankema
Raphael Gankema Před dnem
If I would also be in the circle I would probably run out the circle first
Ognjen Ilic
Ognjen Ilic Před dnem
Here's an opinion that will make everyone immediately make you a non-target for everyone " MrBeast good, Morgz trash "
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Před dnem
Goo Wahooos
Mr.Kwamin Před dnem
What if you voted the circle thing?
Aldin Jogic
Aldin Jogic Před 2 dny
Damn among us updates getting out of hand
Starfishyi Před 2 dny
Among us irl
kurosaikii Před 2 dny
Yt recomeneded this to me on how to betray someone.
Nightmare Před 2 dny
This was the first ever nerd explains video I watched and it changed my CSposts recommended and I am so thankful
helekahi03 Před 2 dny
Talking too much lol
Hiromi Barrera
Hiromi Barrera Před 2 dny
Can you just vote the thingy in the middle??
itz Has boy
itz Has boy Před 2 dny
How to beat it: "Guys ,vote me. If i die, Then the aliens are gay" Aliens: *Confusion Intensifies"
Osamudiamen Blessing
Osamudiamen Blessing Před dnem
stripe801 Před 2 dny
if u seLect a kid or a pregnant woman to carry on the worLd u are a moron. who knows what’s on the outside. it couLd be very dangerous. heLL even if it’s returning to normaL earth that kid is not safe. if 500 peopLe won the circLe that means at Least 60 dangerous “eviL” peopLe are inhabiting the earth.
clmeraki Před 2 dny
“you’re on the clock. spit it the fuck out Beth” LMAO
wolfslander wolfstail
wolfslander wolfstail Před 2 dny
The man let the kid die thats just evil.
Syn0psis 1
Syn0psis 1 Před 2 dny
I think we can all appreciate this man's reaction to Beth lmao
some dude
some dude Před 2 dny
Stressing over your last moments in some type of game is a no for me, the light beat doesn’t even seem that bad, looks like an instant death to me
SKY FALL Před 2 dny
among us part 2 ???
Maksemoos Balo
Maksemoos Balo Před 2 dny
You have a higher chance if you are a kid like me
Maksemoos Balo
Maksemoos Balo Před 2 dny
It’s basically a gigsaw game
Marek Peplinski
Marek Peplinski Před 2 dny
Of the pregnant woman was the last one standing she would have had to sacrifice her baby probably, because the baby would die soon after if she died. Just think about that
Gabriel Klos-McRoBB
Gabriel Klos-McRoBB Před 2 dny
One word. Lasso.
Moonjin Před 2 dny
“First round” GenZ : Sweeto d00d and d00dettes imma yeet myself out PERIODT Ps: I wish I was that first woman who got the fancy electric seksy red lighting charm necklace for free
Joey Ricardo
Joey Ricardo Před 3 dny
I cried so much when the Mexican guy died 😖😭
Seth Hardes
Seth Hardes Před 3 dny
I can't bear to watch this movie for real they killed a kid and know 5hat they do it in other movies but it's different and i know what it means and i know you people know what it means Pure stupidity
Dainsleif Před 3 dny
As a data scientist, i won't give them data at all, just make everyone dies including myself. The death is kinda fast too, maybe we won't feel it.
Dainsleif Před 3 dny
It's not alien, it is confirmed that it's future Jubilee using Tenet machine
Emo_ gurls
Emo_ gurls Před 3 dny
When he said that people that look lil they are a criminal thought “but maybe it’s a fashion choice and the probably could help like don’t jump to conclusions boi “
Stuart Mingo
Stuart Mingo Před 3 dny
This is more like among us
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth Před 3 dny
Ok, I don’t know this but here’s a thought. Stepping out of the circle causes you to die but what if you jump on a dead individual circle? Would you die? Would you live and not be targeted for votes? Could you vote? Would it just make it your own circle?
Omega_Poggers Před 3 dny
So nobody wanted to do anything about a flying alien saw game in the sky
Suchful Sinner
Suchful Sinner Před 3 dny
There is no plain, I'm sacrificing myself but I'm taking a sucker or two with me.
ZEO Před 3 dny
No chance . The beam randomly kills one person every 2 minutes. The rules have no sense because the writers have NO IDEA what they were doing.
Sinjewi Před dnem
Honestly, yeah, this movie is pretty fucking bad. The whole death game genre of horror movies is fun because it's great to theorize about how to win and escape, but because there's less rules in this game than a Mario Kart game, you have no clue on how to outsmart the game.
ZEO Před 3 dny
,,She got a B ... LETS KILL ER!" That is perfectly good logic to me honestly. =)
Greentophat Před 3 dny
Bruh, just take charge, everyone will easily follow a leader if there is panic.
Sangwon B
Sangwon B Před 3 dny
Among us when down by 5players be like
Fun n stuff
Fun n stuff Před 4 dny
If mr beast was a villain
ngila 2
ngila 2 Před 4 dny
Me:sees a kid Also me:DON'T DIE KID YOU HAVE TO LIVE!!!!
Ryan Bahnsen
Ryan Bahnsen Před 4 dny
This video gets a W from me for making a Le Chefre reference. One of my favorite bond villains (probably butchered his name 😆)
Ceo of weebs
Ceo of weebs Před 4 dny
why not go all at once and destroy the fricking machine by pissing on it...
Ceo of weebs
Ceo of weebs Před 4 dny
If i were in this kind of situation i would have just convinced everyone to step out of the circle so that we can all die and to not waste our time playing this knowing that we will all probably gonna die
RapticGaming Před 4 dny
Among us vibes
Literally Who
Literally Who Před 4 dny
What happened to the bodies? They just vanish?
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth Před 3 dny
My assumption is the aliens use them or eat them...
Lachie Blakemore
Lachie Blakemore Před 4 dny
hello red head more immune to the sleepy stuff then others
Total roblox Player
Total roblox Player Před 4 dny
Wanna know who survives if everyone dies? The baby inside the pregnant woman. Ok ok u spoilers might say ThE bAbY wIlL dIe tO
SBSP Calming Rain
SBSP Calming Rain Před 4 dny
Lady: Go wahoos Aliens: Get her outta here. ⚡
butterflymode Před 4 dny
“Spit it the fuck out Beth” and “go wahoos” sent me- 💀💀💀💀💀
TheBuddyBoy Před 4 dny
Among surley went to the next level!
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming Před 4 dny
tbagmcswag Před 4 dny
Holy shit its jub....aly?
Mafer Valdez
Mafer Valdez Před 4 dny
this is a hardcore version of Jubiliee's game , who is not...
Snow Rage
Snow Rage Před 4 dny
First off wanna say it’s kinda fucked up to put a kid in a movie to where it kills them nobody wants to see that
1ndolent TARGET
1ndolent TARGET Před 4 dny
You are on the clock spit it tf out beth🤣🤣
Zaky Muflih
Zaky Muflih Před 4 dny
Imagine, the last man standing got out and died later in that day.
Osamudiamen Blessing
Osamudiamen Blessing Před dnem
I hope
groot Před 4 dny
could you say something useless?
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous Před 4 dny
"ok guys i know how to beat this game first 48 people have to sacrify themselves, except me and a pregnant woman and then i'll betray her"
AdmiredZKAgoat Před 5 dny
Me in this game irl: DoN’t SiMp FoR hEr
Dinah B
Dinah B Před 5 dny
Does the beam go through people
CTW Před 5 dny
highets budget for a movie ever? quite possibly.
Jade Laurel
Jade Laurel Před 5 dny
I wondered why none of them ever addressed the aliens like, "This might seem like the easiest and quickest sociological experiment to gain a rapid and low risk understanding of humanity, but I can be of much more value than my role in this game. If you exempt me I'll help you however you want, and you can kill me if I lie or don't actually provide assistance," or tried any other kind of negotiation with the aliens who were obviously monitoring them. To me the experiment was to replicate a microcosm of society, abducting one individual to represent different demographics of society and placing them under immense stress to observe their behaviours, particularly their interpersonal communication. They probably did this exact experiment hundreds of times across the Earth. Then compiled that data to generate a general understanding of humanity. Like a crash course in human 101. I don't think there's any way to win the game other than what's depicted in the movie. That's why I'd try to extricate myself from the game by offering to be more helpful than I could be dying in or even winning the game. Survive the game by not being a player. Worth a shot imo.
Andy Hú
Andy Hú Před 5 dny
Lmaooooo he had to 1v1 the fetus in the Gulag
Noob MashTer 69
Noob MashTer 69 Před 5 dny
17:51 Tame Impala almost won that round
BR_KnowTorious Před 5 dny
Among us in a nutshell:
kenji montalban
kenji montalban Před 5 dny
Bro this is among us but everyone's the imposter and we're always in a meeting
King Quan
King Quan Před 5 dny
I would’ve just stepped off. No point in participating in this ambiguous game.
lucille the demon
lucille the demon Před 5 dny
Haha this would be easy i am invisebul for others
Pedroz Pizzas
Pedroz Pizzas Před 5 dny
that kid GIRL is standing circle red😭she gonna die
vic lester
vic lester Před 5 dny
The Great White Shark
The Great White Shark Před 5 dny
That kid is my idol and a hero to me . Especially in the time we are living in. Just a innocent soul. Why ET why just go home will ya
Rai Tea
Rai Tea Před 6 dny
Just vote out sistem! When vote starts arrows and circle light up, that's mean circle around sistem is interactive to voting,like arrows. I dont't think that circle around sistem it's for nothing. Sory for my bad english.
Aphelele Sibisi
Aphelele Sibisi Před 6 dny
Me as one of these people : uhh I dont mind being here , I had no plans but can I sit down , no , okay.
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