How to Beat Every Trap in Saw 3

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In Saw III Amanda sets up multiple traps for Jeff, a father of two who lost his son to a drunk driver. In his trial Jeff meets some of the people responsible for his son's death as well as the people who let the driver off very easily. Jeff gets to decide if he can revenge on the people who have done him wrong or if he wants to forgive them.
Couple of notes (because you guys pick up on my mistakes very fast):
- Eric Matthews wasn't killed by Amanda, he appears again in Saw 4. There it's revealed that Amanda only knocked him unconscious and put him in a new trap. (But that doesn't change Amanda's intentions)
- The pipes in the meat locker weren't hot (that wouldn't even make sense), they're cooling pipes. When Jeff puts his cheek against it, his skin sticks to it.
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Phoenix’s Universe
Phoenix’s Universe Před hodinou
Savannah Kerr
Savannah Kerr Před 3 hodinami
I’d be like the key is right here
Boopernaut Ap'adams
Boopernaut Ap'adams Před 11 hodinami
I would've broken the glass box for the shotgun trap making it so much easier to get the key
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Před 14 hodinami
Jeff's wife could've survived if she took out the shotgun shells when the hammers were pulled about
Madisunie Před 14 hodinami
Can we just talk about the fact that jigsaw literally took the little girl for no reason?? What’d she even do...
XZL Jaffa
XZL Jaffa Před 16 hodinami
Shotgun trap. U could break the glass with an object in the area then look at the trap as it is examined to bus the trap so that it would not fire the judge and you could get the key without there being death
Samuel Curtis
Samuel Curtis Před 19 hodinami
I'm no expert with shotguns, but I'm pretty sure the reason the judges face is so messed up on the other side is due to it being an exit wound. Just a thought.
Ivan Pirhala
Ivan Pirhala Před 21 hodinou
Theres oné thing that i Can tell is.... EVERYBODY WAS STUPID
Kittykat Gamer
Kittykat Gamer Před dnem
13:40 or just take out the shells
Favourite Dogegamer
Favourite Dogegamer Před dnem
If it were in the chain trap, is would just give up. That shit is way too painful
Controversial News
Controversial News Před dnem
I will say this the shotgun necklace would at most burn the skin the damage would be minimum if any just very loud the shells going off would just be a mini explosion but the explosion couldn’t be held so it would go everywhere that’s why there is a berral to a shotgun to make it have more force behind it and control it u can find out more info if u look up myth busters shotgun shell on a stick they show how little damage it can do
James Mulvey
James Mulvey Před dnem
She could have just pulled the shotgun shells out :/
Conrad Jack
Conrad Jack Před dnem
Im starting to think that the collar could have been removed by cutting the strap with a scalpel
Mike Greene
Mike Greene Před dnem
my name jeff!!!
Ryker Kitteringham
Ryker Kitteringham Před dnem
These movies are terryfying
cookie cat
cookie cat Před 2 dny
Jackthedragonkiller Před 2 dny
Why do people in these movies never realize that glass is fragile and can be broken with force. Yeah you might get cut but you won’t die. Like the shotgun key trap, break the glass, get the key.
William Carlson
William Carlson Před 2 dny
break the bokx with the shot gun
Chris The Meme Man
Chris The Meme Man Před 2 dny
This wasn't the first saw movie I watched but the first one I remember watching.
wyatttv3 playz
wyatttv3 playz Před 2 dny
On the shotgun collar you could have also pulled out the shells and ground a hard object and shot them at Amanda and John
Swurpy Boii
Swurpy Boii Před 2 dny
Cameron Colding
Cameron Colding Před 2 dny
Lost me on the first one when you compare a guy being chained with only a hacksaw to someone with full range of motion with a crowbar.
ツGaming with kate
ツGaming with kate Před 2 dny
How to beat any horror movie “Be the cameraman”
Krazy Erlis
Krazy Erlis Před 2 dny
Allison didn't deserve it :( Jigsaw should be put in his own rigged trap >:)
Sean Casey
Sean Casey Před 3 dny
Those shells would do near no damage due to them not having a barrel to accelerate the bbs
Hello Itsme
Hello Itsme Před 3 dny
You know the pigs are for Gideon because he was John Kramer his unborn baby son
Ebiegberi Adonkie
Ebiegberi Adonkie Před 3 dny
Please do how to beat "triangle", the 2009 movie. It's a time loop movie.
Ebiegberi Adonkie
Ebiegberi Adonkie Před 3 dny
EeveeVidz Před 3 dny
SAW traps: exist william afton spring lock incident: am i a joke to you?
Khadija Abdullahi
Khadija Abdullahi Před 3 dny
Honesty the real villain in this movie was SAMF Jeff
Nickburshyboy Před 3 dny
slow ass f***** jeff be like
Matthew Estacio
Matthew Estacio Před 3 dny
How many saw movies are there
Goofy_Goober Před 4 dny
14:25 He has somewhat of a professional and elegant voice and when he said “bitch” it just completely threw me off 😂
Putin On a stroll
Putin On a stroll Před 4 dny
Keep your lights on so he can’t get you like the monsters
potato plays
potato plays Před 4 dny
How can i beat the traps 1:say to the detector to free him Or call the police ( u ait gonna die neither )
PinocchioToe Před 4 dny
This video save me from these everyday problems
abigail rose
abigail rose Před 5 dny
jeff makes all of his decisions way too late
I dunno What I’m doin
I dunno What I’m doin Před 5 dny
I craped myself, in other words I’m extremely scarred
BATOOST Před 5 dny
Jeff coulda beat these traps if he wasn't so muthafuckin' slow
Minnie Mouse but worse
Minnie Mouse but worse Před 5 dny
Aight bye guys I ate shredded cheese from the fridge without my mom knowing 😔
Jeff Liu
Jeff Liu Před 5 dny
No... is this really my future
roblesmar Před 6 dny
My favorite trap is the mechanical skull splitter trap
roblesmar Před 6 dny
Wait are we talking about saw?
potawatadingdong Před 6 dny
This entire movie can be summed up with "I wasn't gonna save you, but I changed my mind"
ghew ghewson
ghew ghewson Před 6 dny
8:29 C H U N K Y F L U I D
Toby Lawrence
Toby Lawrence Před 6 dny
All the saw movies tell me that the police are the stupidest and people people are rash
TKOA Před 6 dny
This dude better stop making these videos before he gets targeted by Saw.
grayson gonzales
grayson gonzales Před 7 dny
question if the acid melds metal then how did the key survive?or maybe the key didn't work because the acid corroded the out side of the key but not the entire thing so it didn't work
Error fin
Error fin Před 7 dny
How I watch the saw movies:
BlockBusterXx Před 7 dny
Irrelevant detail but I always interpreted it as if the bars in the first Jeff trap were cold, not hot, hence his face sticking to it
Robert Seastrom
Robert Seastrom Před 7 dny
At 11:42 you could also just break the glass on one side were the key is and grab the key from the bottom
WhyWeGrow Před 7 dny
In the frozen water trap. The pipes aren't hot. They're freezing cold. That's why the skin on his cheek peels off after freezing to the bar.
IG2212 Před 7 dny
First trap, he could've just dragged a table and dropped it sideways with the top turned towards the bomb, giving him makeshift cover, even if some nails went through, it would be at a much slower speed and much less lethal.
Tomaku-San RnG
Tomaku-San RnG Před 8 dny
Jigsaw: *gets revenge and kills a guy for practically killing his nephew* Man wants revenge on someone for killing his son: Jigsaw: You're an awful human, who even does that? Die.
honey badger gaming
honey badger gaming Před 8 dny
If you noticed the large rings where around his achillies tendon, and thats just a large slab of muscle so technically speaking wouldn't that be impossible to remove?
Jerry Main
Jerry Main Před 8 dny
bruh, you don't have to go in depth on all of this, just don't die! its that easy! how do people not realize this!!!! just don't die! like the butterfly one, don't die! just think of being alive and you will stay alive! you don't need to be all like, "I'm a little piss-baby, I'm going to die" JUST DONT FLIPPING DIE!!!!!!!
Mint flavored yogurt The yogurt is gogurt
Mint flavored yogurt The yogurt is gogurt Před 8 dny
In the freezing trap he should just kink the the hoses then tie them in a not and there’s no more water sprayed on her
Bakon_ Nee
Bakon_ Nee Před 8 dny
This is litteraly like Danganronpa executions.. what i mean is you can survive it but in the end you just die 100%
xkilluaa.x Před 5 dny
The Roaming Hazard
The Roaming Hazard Před 8 dny
The shotgun collar probably isn't even lethal as non of the shells are contained in a barrel. And the fact that the some of the shells have used primers and others missing completely, lol.
TOOGI BEAR Před 8 dny
It’s a hacksaw! With a metal sawing blade lol you can saw the chain with the hacksaw
ドン Před 9 dny
I feel like this guy would escape a saw game without getting scratched. Alone
It’s Phantom ツ
It’s Phantom ツ Před 10 dny
For the shotgun trap saving Timothy, can’t you just find something to break the glass tank with? Doing this quickly (cough cough. Jeff) can make it easier to get the key in time or just mess with the gun so you don’t get shot by it. Plus, the rope for the key and shotgun trigger run through the top of the glass tank, so breaking it basically, if done right, can remove the shotgun component. Honestly, the worlds easiest saw trap solution.
jakob Buerger
jakob Buerger Před 10 dny
For the shotgun one I feel like everyone should have the common sense to get out of the way of a shotgun with LIVE amunition when he was taking the key
Imad Pekaric VI2
Imad Pekaric VI2 Před 10 dny
My nam a jeff
Jaco van Niekerk
Jaco van Niekerk Před 10 dny
I only saw this movie and hated it... the stupidity makes me think of these recent "how to get the treasure" or "save the princess" ads that annoys the hell out of me. Mind you, this movie in itself is torture.
NotAGoodUsername 360
NotAGoodUsername 360 Před 11 dny
I like the theory Jeff suffered a head injury from his fall off the forklift that is responsible for his poor choices
Sam Witherington
Sam Witherington Před 11 dny
if you watched Dead Meat, his name is not Jeff. It's SAMF Jeff. You know exactly what that stands for.
Karl Heisenberg
Karl Heisenberg Před 11 dny
Concerning Troy and the classroom trap: After all other chains are removed, he get a pretty large degree of freedom. Probably not enough to get to the bomb directly, but I am pretty sure he could get it with the help of a chair, knocking the table over and/or grabbing it with his feet. Than he could either try to detach the detonator or throw it out of a window (of course after shattering it first by throwing some other chairs)
Paul Jarosz
Paul Jarosz Před 12 dny
contrite sinner
contrite sinner Před 12 dny
The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9 [KJV]) - ; - ; - ; - And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27 [KJV]) ; - ; - ; - ; And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30 [KJV])
The Scream Street Podcast
The Scream Street Podcast Před 12 dny
Fairly positive the bars were freezing cold, thus his skin sticks to them and he must rip it away himself. Similar to the kid who sticks his tongue on the pole in A Christmas Story. Seen this film tons of times. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
Randomized Před 12 dny
Don't smash the lock, saw the lock, I've done it before with a saw half the size
Sophia Sullivan
Sophia Sullivan Před 12 dny
Let’s be honest we r all watching this “just in case”😅😳
Robert Ernest
Robert Ernest Před 12 dny
At least Jigsaw gives them time to work and escape, but Amanda kills.
Robert Plattner
Robert Plattner Před 12 dny
I liked Alyson. Wish she lasted a few more movies.
Saucy Dragon
Saucy Dragon Před 13 dny
Explain the plot badly: a guy that lost his son gets put through a series of tests and kills everyone
June Před 13 dny
It's funny to know that in this film, an African-American male got only 6 months for intoxicated driving and a hit-and-run.
Manuel Breems
Manuel Breems Před 13 dny
Can't she just remove the shorgun shells? XD
CircusWolf Před 13 dny
I know it sounds dumb but these videos and all the funny comments saved me tonight
David Gray
David Gray Před 13 dny
For the pig shredder trap, he could try and break the glass and take his sons possessions out so he doesnt have to feel any emotional pain
Elle Před 9 dny
I think the key was hidden in one of his toys so that he couldn’t find it without burning them but it has been a while so I may have remembered wrong
Katie Belle
Katie Belle Před 10 dny
I was thinking the same thing
Notaveragecr Před 13 dny
The answer to the traps: dont be selfish.
Floofie floo
Floofie floo Před 13 dny
God the plot to Saw 3 was a fucking mess. So many bad decisions and stupid choices .
Jonas Legend
Jonas Legend Před 13 dny
I remember i saw that twisting trap when i was kid... Couldnt forget it like for 2 months
Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan Před 14 dny
He could have used the heart monitor on himself
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Před 14 dny
"If you ever find yourself in this situation" Are you implying something ?
Joe Yummiestanimal
Joe Yummiestanimal Před 14 dny
Just going to point out the shotgun coller wouldn't have worked. There were no firing pins therfore none of the primers would have detonated and she would have been fine. But well logic...
Faith Před 14 dny
maybe if jeff would MOVE and quit thinking about if he should kill people or not he might be more successful
Faith Před 14 dny
pretty sure the pipes are freezing cold lol but same effect
Wyatt Dnistrian
Wyatt Dnistrian Před 14 dny
Bruh he helps people just for them to die a second later
Andrew Telfer
Andrew Telfer Před 15 dny
He could just saw the chain js
Zack Plays Ke
Zack Plays Ke Před 15 dny
When hitstart gets in the saw movie:Flash of traps The people he's with:Wtf this guy is the trap genius
Jamal Tucker
Jamal Tucker Před 15 dny
Timothy Young's fate is one of the most undeserving deaths in the series.
Ejhyxles Před 15 dny
someone:about to die me:hmm yes nice title
Mandi Před 15 dny
I don't get the comments saying that john would be frustrated if someone smart and calm beats his traps. Like , isn't that his purpose? ( which is clearly not hoffman and amanda's purpose ) For someone to survive his traps and have the same "epiphany" that he had when he almost died? "Live or die , make your choice." He's telling the players that their safety is in their hands. Whether they cheat the traps or not , as long as they survive and be "reborn" (according to his twisted philosophy) then that's it.
cain marsh
cain marsh Před 15 dny
11:00 the truth is both the judge and Timothy needed to die so that Jeff could be alone for the ending. If one or two of them were in the sick room scene then Jeff probably wouldn’t of done what he did.
Justin Armand Badiola
Justin Armand Badiola Před 15 dny
mah name's jeff, no not really
Mahad Baloch
Mahad Baloch Před 15 dny
I noticed the shotgun wound being on the wrong side
Logan Howlett
Logan Howlett Před 15 dny
Samuel Wright
Samuel Wright Před 15 dny
I breathed someone else's air, I'm next.
Deku on crack
Deku on crack Před 15 dny
Moral of the story: *dont hold grudges*
BeeTheImmortal Před 15 dny
You wouldn't even need to kill Amanda, just knock her out with the blunt part of the axe.
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