How to Beat Every Trap in Saw 2

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In the second Saw movie 7 strangers wake up in an unfamiliar house. A tape reveals that they are breathing a toxic nerve gas. Within 2 hours they need to work together to pass multiple “tests” to get the antidotes that can save them. In this video we’ll be looking at how the characters could beat all of the traps and possibly even cheat their way out.
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R《EZ》A Před 4 hodinami
Dream be like : lemme turn on the speed run sound
Zen Před 5 hodinami
Xavier we all hate you
Chikei Před 6 hodinami
5:43 just drink a fire resistance and its gonna be easier
Tom Kyoto
Tom Kyoto Před 7 hodinami
Why is Camila Cabello in the movie ? xD
Master Reaper
Master Reaper Před 15 hodinami
Correct me if I am wrong here... but dont Amanda and the kid never feel the effects of the gas? Wasnt it explained that there is no nerve agent in the gas and it was instead already injected into everyone other than amanda (she made the game) and the kid (hes not there to be punished, hes there to punish his dad).
Mr. Bulbs
Mr. Bulbs Před 16 hodinami
Bro please blarge the blood 😅
12 words Only
12 words Only Před 19 hodinami
Could they have taken the gun and used that to help the escape ?
simon Před 22 hodinami
5:58 damm
Bradford Myers
Bradford Myers Před dnem
Everybody should have grabbed amada in Xaviers task so that amada was were Xavier was standing pull to free her or at least try if they could free her they should all run at him and push him in forcing him to do the task
Ronald Joseph Cantillon
Ronald Joseph Cantillon Před dnem
Shit that girl is so dumb
Sarah Paler
Sarah Paler Před dnem
Me: *Pushes my brother a little* *The next day* Jigsaw: *So..I want to play a game..*
FrozenFish Před dnem
That muscular guy was an idiot
Nuggetpro21 Před dnem
Hahaha trap go *Crunch*
bv the pro
bv the pro Před dnem
If you want to beat all the traps just don’t do bad things lol
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez Před dnem
They could’ve used that bay to dig through the needles as well. Bunched up the blankets to stand on
Carter Blackwood
Carter Blackwood Před dnem
Me: taps johns desk John: hippity hoppety your dead like the grass on my property
Борис Германов
Борис Германов Před 2 dny
about the nail mask you said we will have infinite time to remove the mask if we dont start the timer you never said HOW to remove the mask
Michael Chin
Michael Chin Před 2 dny
When they show John at the end. He got beat so bad that he looks like the puppet Billy.
**Eve_Fox** Před 2 dny
Aaaaand.......this is one of the reasons why I'm afraid of needles. Thanks Saw.
Da Bear
Da Bear Před 2 dny
Why do so many of these just require you to just not panic in a situation where you want to panic
Roblox-username Ready player 2
Roblox-username Ready player 2 Před 2 dny
One of the ppl look like Karl from mr beast😂
sniper wolf
sniper wolf Před 2 dny
Has anyone noticed that obi looks like Niko from gta IV
CheetosDoritos Před 3 dny
i'm not really sure about the first one because jigsaw is usually watching everyone in time so if you try that you'll get a pig in ur butt
Zander roda
Zander roda Před 3 dny
Hello Michael I have a game for you !!!!!!!!!
Mini - Jimin
Mini - Jimin Před 3 dny
That’s probably cause these guys are chads
Rosemary Simpson
Rosemary Simpson Před 3 dny
The nebulous acrylic formally afford because brazil pragmatically treat amidst a maddening child. mountainous, evanescent rain
Soft_Clxod Před 3 dny
Me: drinks Water Jigsaw: *do u wanna play a game*
charles Před 3 dny
My way to get out of the traps its...... turn off the TV or eject the DVD 🤣
Kristy LolsX
Kristy LolsX Před 4 dny
How to beat the saw traps: *stop panicking, don’t be stupid*
Dāgs Rikters
Dāgs Rikters Před 4 dny
Btw i think Obi could take off his jacket and smother the incoming fire untill he gets to pull the devils lever?
Paul_berger Před 4 dny
Aaron AJ Knight
Aaron AJ Knight Před 4 dny
(Beaches out loud in public) "I WANNA PLAY A GAME."
comic cat
comic cat Před 4 dny
In the first movie he killed someone because they skipped work, in this movie he killed someone becaus he did their job?
Elise Blair
Elise Blair Před 20 hodinami
I think it just shows how insane jigsaw really is without realising. He thinks he’s doing good when really he is just punishing people for mundane mistakes they made in life! Narcissistic and a complete sociopath
mike tubman
mike tubman Před 4 dny
The outrageous syria wailly deceive because chauffeur intermittently belong across a lame tower. better, knotty air
ItsLash Před 4 dny
*Drives too slow on the ramp off the freeway* Jigsaw: "You have chosen to undermine America by blocking the flow of commerce..."
ItsLash Před 4 dny
*blm angry there isn't enough black representation in horror movies* I argue thats good because they have common sense and dont get themselves in these situations
im ugly af-
im ugly af- Před 4 dny
My friend: wanna play a game? Me : sure. *2 hours later* me : -drowning into a pool- My friend: *wheeze*
Murras Před 4 dny
I don't think Michael could survive the venus fly trap because it was john krammer evaluating his game. If he tries to cheat I bet jigsaw would trigger something to force the trap to kill him
Briden Blaine
Briden Blaine Před 4 dny
He could of used the scalpel to cut the timer string and the he maybe get more time to cut his eye
Dante Picarillo
Dante Picarillo Před 4 dny
Why can’t horror movies have people like you
Just some plant cells -
Just some plant cells - Před 4 dny
Saw in a nutshell: A bunch of dumbasses panicking in life and death situations
MatyJones Před 5 dny
HappyMoneky Před 5 dny
8:04 Getting some danganronpa v3 flashbacks right about now
Global Warrior
Global Warrior Před 5 dny
"Please dont use me on the door" Door shoots them I mean hes a man of his words I must say
Madam Magnum
Madam Magnum Před 5 dny
How to beat this game dont be stupid, stupids
riseskjh Před 5 dny
simply tell the bear trap to stop, it cannot legally snap on your head without your consent 🤚🏼
Justinbuddy56 Před 5 dny
I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t find some way to cover the vents from pumping in the gas. If they found something like thumbtacks they could easily tack their clothing over them. They could’ve probably even used the syringes, to stick their clothes over the vents. Then again this horror movie iq
Minnie Mouse but worse
Minnie Mouse but worse Před 5 dny
Me: wow I’m proud of this drawing Jigsaw: _ah yes, S E L F I S H_
Logan Wolv
Logan Wolv Před 5 dny
Damn, this just goes to show me how blindly i watched this movie wich i actually enjoyed. Love this series btw.
Vondin Před 6 dny
Jigsaw trap then: reverse bear trap Jigsaw trap now: astolfo
xkilluaa.x Před 5 dny
touch some grass plz (but that was funny 💀)
Neon Před 6 dny
Im absolutely terrified of needles. The scene where she jumps in the pool of needles made me throw up.
OG roles
OG roles Před 6 dny
Dude the first trap i kinda like a springlock suit
Cassandra Cohen
Cassandra Cohen Před 6 dny
I'm watching this just i case I get kidnapped for littering
Travis Howell
Travis Howell Před 6 dny
Congratulations, I now have a giant dumb fucking cinder block on my head or now am stuck in the "help me big brother-san, I'm stuck in the giant window" pose with no way of knowing how to actually remove the restraints around my neck and chest, the 2 lower locks are also part of the trap... and if you wanna go the route of not pulling the wire then congratulations, I have a stool within arms reach to work with and since no one died, there would be no chatter bringing dear ol Donnie Burger to save me. Congrats, you just made it so I get to starve to death XD. You're a genius, a true Sherlock Holmes.
Jake Torres
Jake Torres Před 6 dny
With the razor blade glass trap couldn’t you just break the glass? And got the antidote from the shards?
Jezibel_SilentSoul Před 4 dny
It was probably non breakable
Juicy Před 6 dny
This is my friend when we watch horror movies
ProXYoDa 420
ProXYoDa 420 Před 6 dny
Watching this with hindsight the cloaked figure limping over to the police informant is dr Gordon not jigsaw and gotta say it was a nice reveal at the end jaw 7
CLD Před 6 dny
Very interesting, but you assume someone would wake up knowing whats going on alot.
camden rust
camden rust Před 6 dny
They could have used the bat to break the box
shadwolfdxd Před 7 dny
1 guy looks like karl from Mr beast
Banana Před 7 dny
Dont be disgusted challenge
ziekiepoffelwoff Zeke
ziekiepoffelwoff Zeke Před 7 dny
Ok not too lie I love this guys channel
Amari Elias
Amari Elias Před 7 dny
Lol looks like Queen Elizabeth has a compelling.get cause the queen was alive for a long time and jigsaw never dies no ok ill stop
blarg minton
blarg minton Před 7 dny
Me: **clicks video** also Me: **brain registers "in Saw 2"** i thought this was going to be an entirely different video...
NeighborhoodStudios YT
NeighborhoodStudios YT Před 7 dny
I have a theory. Jigsaw is Keven from home alone but as an adult. . .
TheRealTampaDude Před 7 dny
The whole Saw series is bullshit, so...
Sampuh Hupmas
Sampuh Hupmas Před 8 dny
This wasn't very enjoyable to watch purely because of how retarded the victims were. Like, SURELY after the first couple of traps you'd be way more cautious and would examine each room before doing anything else.
Justin Před 8 dny
Why did I watch that lol
Adam Hardy
Adam Hardy Před 8 dny
The girl with her arms in the blade box was easily the most idiotic death in the entire movie. Natural selection at work!
isaiah harmon
isaiah harmon Před 8 dny
god thats creepy
Nathaniel Cerdena
Nathaniel Cerdena Před 9 dny
Me: Finishes online work and turns it in late Jigsaw: So anyways I want to play a game
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker Před 9 dny
He could stick the mask in between two bars
Classic Shway
Classic Shway Před 9 dny
maybe the poisoned air made them stupid
Mayura Sahay Kumar
Mayura Sahay Kumar Před 10 dny
my only complain is that imma be so scared imma forget everything
Top Scream
Top Scream Před 10 dny
Next up: How to beat every trap in Thailand
NotAGoodUsername 360
NotAGoodUsername 360 Před 11 dny
I think the point of the exterior valve scene was to show the incinerator had been rigged so the exterior valve didn't turn, turning it just caused the grip to fall off.
Shivam Maurya
Shivam Maurya Před 11 dny
He took the film quite seriously.
Haydar Sahin
Haydar Sahin Před 11 dny
I guess the big problem is that someone would be in shock if he would be in one of these situations. So to stay calm and think strategically is not simple
itsmaewong Před 11 dny
Does anyone else watch “how to beat ____” videos just because ur too scared to watch them but u wanna know what they’re about?
SHAND FAMILY Před 11 dny
He forces someone else to get hurt what a selfish piece of garbage
Ixol Před 11 dny
me: *holds pencil with 4 fingers* Jigsaw: *"You fucking madman. I will make sure you suffer the most out of everybody i have kidnapped, you horrible human being- no, demon of another kind."*
Chauncey Romano
Chauncey Romano Před 11 dny
Me:*doesn't do my Italian classes on duolingo* jigsaw:"your life is a joke"
DeadEyeLotus Před 11 dny
While all of this is true we have to keep in mind these characters were all actors to begin with paid to act this silly. Now, if this was real well that's a different story.
Mr. Anubis
Mr. Anubis Před 11 dny
keep in mind he said your son is in a *"safe place"* then he was found in a safe with an oxygen mask
Tag Gunter
Tag Gunter Před 12 dny
9:11 broooo I think I hate needles
sxnnı_shadəs Před 12 dny
If I were to be one of the characters, as the gacha retard I am and as everybody calls me, I would be the one to: 1. Not understand the deep and kinda garbled voice 2. Cry 3. Panic like crazy And 4. Rock myself back and forth while wishing that this all was a dream. Okay good bye aha-
lil_bro2000 Před 12 dny
where can find this movie?
Alia Bonifacio
Alia Bonifacio Před 12 dny
Asad VMS
Asad VMS Před 12 dny
Moral Characters in horror movies are stupid asf
Alone Před 12 dny
If they didn’t get killed they just killed them selves.
The Painted Skull
The Painted Skull Před 12 dny
That fucking needle pit still infuriates me to this day. If Amanda didn't turn into a psychopath I would feel worse for her.
Sanchez King
Sanchez King Před 12 dny
Anybody else here who physically cannot watch the syringe pit scene?
Courtney Kimball
Courtney Kimball Před 12 dny
i don't like saw
Tin - Brawl Stars
Tin - Brawl Stars Před 13 dny
11:40 also people around her could hold the blades upwards with their fingers so she can save her hands
Luichi Před 13 dny
this the only horror movie i cant watch
mR_ misser69
mR_ misser69 Před 13 dny
that is kind of gross
Electron Force
Electron Force Před 13 dny
look im just sayin uve gotta be prety messed up to enjoy this movie like imagine seeing a guy try to cut his own eye out so he doesnt get impaled by nails and thinking "wow, whatan amazing movie"
Jezibel_SilentSoul Před 4 dny
Ikr can you imagine these peeps parents/ family watching
Just a person That plays Minecraft and roblox
Just a person That plays Minecraft and roblox Před 13 dny
Ever stuck in a needle fest? Just get out!
ReaperXX-om4r Před 14 dny
im scared now
ReaperXX-om4r Před 14 dny
Nero Před 14 dny
"He's in SAFE place" always loved that line
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