How to Beat Every Saw Trap

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In Saw two men awaken to find themselves on the opposite sides of a dead body, each with specific instructions to kill the other or face consequences. These two are the latest victims of the Jigsaw Killer. In this video we'll discuss how you can beat all of the traps in the movie.
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Jay Bisky
Jay Bisky Před 4 hodinami
Wait so how does adam escape the last room
Master Reaper
Master Reaper Před 14 hodinami
So what was adams crime again? and why did he still get killed if all he had to do was "survive the time limit" ?
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming Před 15 hodinami
So jigsaw sawed his foot off?
Chris The Meme Man
Chris The Meme Man Před 20 hodinami
jigsaw kidnaps people and gives bogus reasons for killing them. he is just a psycho.
Susanna Robinson
Susanna Robinson Před dnem
Me: doesn't turn in an assignment on time 3 hours later... "time to play a game"
Name Change 94
Name Change 94 Před dnem
Hey shit head if they try get free from the chain they will get electrocuted
Harry Pierre
Harry Pierre Před dnem
Oh hell naw the man killing you if you skip work damn😂😂
Vaios Magouliotis
Vaios Magouliotis Před dnem
Seth Lee
Seth Lee Před dnem
I know this is crude but it's thinking outside the box. For the fire trap could you urinate to get the flammable crap off
Bacon Man
Bacon Man Před dnem
Bàcon man
DigitalX._.Glowstone Před dnem
How to beat Jigsaw : Be the camera man
Sophia Etka
Sophia Etka Před dnem
Wow. You know, people in saw are so fucking stupid. Especially in Saw 3D
Sophia Etka
Sophia Etka Před 2 dny
The first movie was so low budget, but it became so famous.
matty bear
matty bear Před 2 dny
Nobody: Jigsaw in almost every saw movie:YOU HAVE BEEN INJECTED WITH A POISON
Sir JD of the Internet
Sir JD of the Internet Před 2 dny
This shot at 7:41 is actually a subtle nod to the fact that Adam just suffered a major bruh moment
CreepypastaYT Před 2 dny
Tomato Playz
Tomato Playz Před 3 dny
Me:*actually watches an entire CSposts ad* Next day: *do you want to play a game*
kurt Před 4 dny
That 2nd trap with the 2 fat guys about the floor and them lying down is not possible cuz... well their fat which is the reason why they got chosen.
Aaron AJ Knight
Aaron AJ Knight Před 4 dny
Farts badly in sleep: (TV turns on): "Hello, I wanna play a game."
Luna Moonlight
Luna Moonlight Před 4 dny
Tbh, I would rather have a peaceful and painless death then living anguishing pain.
fanof war robots h:zd Henry stickmin
fanof war robots h:zd Henry stickmin Před 4 dny
What about cutting the chain, closest to the ring on your foot?
er er
er er Před 4 dny
can you make a video called how to beat pigsaw
im ugly af-
im ugly af- Před 4 dny
The location is United states ( yeah no shit detective pikachu)
FledKetchup7782 Před 5 dny
I'll stay away from large bathrooms
Kd8bao Před 5 dny
I was chosen once.. they don’t talk about it. I used these tactics and beat it
vicky Před 6 dny
I think just be a decent person might help you not to get in the games in the first place
Vivi Obi
Vivi Obi Před 6 dny
am i watching these series now for the 3rd time? *yes* do i regret it? *definitely not* :)
roblesmar Před 6 dny
Hahahhahahahha look at these idiots thinking its fake -Jigsaw
Jake Torres
Jake Torres Před 6 dny
Imagine if they shot the body lying on the floor bro would that mean that the entire saw universe wouldn’t exist
PrelaunchRocket Před 6 dny
Manu Decroubele
Manu Decroubele Před 6 dny
wait hold up zep had a gun when he arrived in the bathroom now if he reloaded his gun on the way to the chamber after his encounter with the police officer after adam kills zep with the toilet top couldnt he just grab the gun and shoot his lock and john or did i miss something here
Manu Decroubele
Manu Decroubele Před 6 dny
and also couldnt adam call for help using zep's phone(if he had one on him)
Yurrr Yurr
Yurrr Yurr Před 6 dny
You can’t beat the original reverse bear trap. It’s front piece is way too short and tall to fit between anything. The new version was long and short
victor angelo
victor angelo Před 6 dny
Hey I found a guy make a equal video I think he stole
victor angelo
victor angelo Před 2 dny
@I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition ah okk sorry :(
I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition
I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition Před 2 dny
It's not a original concept that he invented
B&E Concrete
B&E Concrete Před 7 dny
He really got fired
Nathaniel Cerdena
Nathaniel Cerdena Před 7 dny
"How to beat every Saw trap" Me: Yeah like that's ever gonna happen
xavier lopez
xavier lopez Před 7 dny
i will bet we all watch this for like just in case the pig mask comes for me.
LIL BARZ Před 7 dny
"What's the difference between me and you" -Im not in a trap yet.
Katy Vicente
Katy Vicente Před 7 dny
Me crying (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Mojo Před 8 dny
But how do you survive the GAS
Will Dymond
Will Dymond Před 8 dny
I never noticed that "Zep" is ben from lost
Kennedy Wilson
Kennedy Wilson Před 9 dny
I have way to survive just break the clock then time will never run out
Kennedy Wilson
Kennedy Wilson Před 9 dny
Me: Yay I love this movie stomach: oh god I just ate brain:Ahh what the hell was that heart: racing in excitement
Koah Marroquin
Koah Marroquin Před 9 dny
If I had to sit and wait for the police then I AT LEAST NEED MY PHONE TO PLAY AMONG US
Titi Titi
Titi Titi Před 10 dny
it always make me laugh when jigsaw cited Adam's death as one of those bad things that Amanda did (killing is bad I know but this would been quicker)as if he hadn't left him to die slowly in agony ...
Kg Kazoo
Kg Kazoo Před 10 dny
Someone: *Breathes* John: Connection terminated-
Ari Rico
Ari Rico Před 10 dny
U see i would have no problem cuttin into someone looking for the key but my dumbass woulda missed it n never found it that’s the only thing I’m worried about
Mike Angelo
Mike Angelo Před 11 dny
Amanda has drug addiction Jigsaw: Because of your drug addiction I want you to MURDER SOMEONE
Pi Před 12 dny
5:48 yeah but how do you remove the trigger?
Montero Ignacio
Montero Ignacio Před 12 dny
this videos are so entertaining
Brenikla Aminita Em
Brenikla Aminita Em Před 12 dny
I’ve seen I few theories on surviving the fire trap that I think are pretty smart; firstly, use the tape cord strip thingy (I don’t know what it’s called) and use it to wrap a large piece of glass or even the tape split into two pieces to attach to your feet. Secondly, use a piece of glass to scrape off some of the flammable substance in places that you need to get especially close to the candle, mainly your dominate hand. Of course this would take up some time to execute, but the makeshift shoes could inevitably save valuable time and pain tripping around glass, and lessening your susceptibility to the flame could save your life.
Taliya Orth
Taliya Orth Před 12 dny
Me: Hates Horror films Also me: FASCINATING DEATH PUZZLES
Alisa Nikolaeva
Alisa Nikolaeva Před 13 dny
Cool video! The only thing which makes me puzzled is that scene where Adam wakes up and unintentionally flushes the key down the bathtub. What was the purpose of leaving it and was he even expected to grab this key at all? His winning condition was basically “do anything and survive”, so he did. So I can’t get why he was left to die.
ashley thomas
ashley thomas Před 13 dny
I'm scared to watch this because I feel like when I'm sleep I'ma get kidnapped then put in a trap to see if I was paying attention
Joao Goncalves
Joao Goncalves Před 14 dny
I still wonder if adam hadnt tried to pull the gun on john maybe he wouldnt have turned off the lights and closed the door, it doesnt make sense to tell him where the key is and leave him to die
Ein Zuschauer
Ein Zuschauer Před 14 dny
Wait could Adam have escaped this trap somehow?
Joe Yummiestanimal
Joe Yummiestanimal Před 14 dny
Idk about anyone else but if I woke up in any of these situations I'd just kill myself in the least painful method available
ゆうき Před 14 dny
surely, Marilyn Manson could beat saw traps.
GamingFury HD
GamingFury HD Před 15 dny
Me: faking being ill to skip school Jigsaw: you offended me
Matt Gerrish
Matt Gerrish Před 15 dny
Mark Wilson actually lied about being sick and there could have been more details behind that. He could have been collecting checks because he was sick when he really didn't deserve them. Jigsaw is not above testing people who are pathological Liars. Jigsaws MO is to kidnap the morally wayward and teach life lessons through suffering.
Matt Gerrish
Matt Gerrish Před 15 dny
Dr. Gordon actually had until 6 a.m. to kill Adam, not 6 pm. In case you forgot he was kidnapped at night.
FBI Před 15 dny
So jigsaw has hidden blades so he is apart of the assassin's creed
Captain JR DUDS
Captain JR DUDS Před 15 dny
Just watched the first saw movie today and I was so angry at zep without knowing that the real killer is the one who played dead😡
Linda Trefan
Linda Trefan Před 16 dny
Ima be honest, if I woke up in a saw trap osrs I’d find the quickest way to kill myself. “I want to play a g- don’t kill your self, I spent all this time on this trap, goddamn it”
Black Dog
Black Dog Před 16 dny
WARNING: Chanel LSouzaFilmes is stealing your content.
Dice Goobliin
Dice Goobliin Před 16 dny
I hate horror, why am i watching this
Serizawa Před 16 dny
a Brazilian youtuber copied your video bro
Fabi Lol
Fabi Lol Před 16 dny
The doll hates this man
Agente 9977
Agente 9977 Před 17 dny
Hey, theres a brazilian guy that copied your video and just translated to portuguese and is having a lot of views from your work. He just repeat what you say
Agente 9977
Agente 9977 Před 16 dny
@Serizawa mano... O cara só copia o que esse gringo aqui fala e pronto. Dá um like aí pra ver se essa po#a se destaca
Serizawa Před 16 dny
Achei q ninguém tinha notado aquilo kkkkk
trick blox
trick blox Před 17 dny
Hunter Henderson
Hunter Henderson Před 18 dny
that one really strict teacher be like XD no but really 0-0
SwayStar 123
SwayStar 123 Před 18 dny
adam actually won his trial poor guy still died, his only task was to stay alive till 6 o clock which he did!!!
James Young
James Young Před 19 dny
Jigsaw: You have 10 minutes and 50 seconds left to solve the puzzle. Live or die, make your choice. Me: *watches video*
SavageBoy 150 Gaming
SavageBoy 150 Gaming Před 19 dny
Not many people know that jigsaw only kidnaps people that did bad things
Ciel Chen
Ciel Chen Před 18 dny
well, he killed someone for helping too many people so...
Addison Parker
Addison Parker Před 20 dny
so basically don't do drugs, don't cheat, don't lie, don't kill anyone, don't try to kill yourself, don't steal from anyone, don't hurt anyone, don't be depressed, don't make mistakes, or you'll be captured by people wearing pig masks and probably be killed.
MODULOK1979 Před 21 dnem
There is an easy way how Adam and Lawrence could excape without to mutilation by themselves
Rieley Black
Rieley Black Před 21 dnem
Didn't adam survive tho? im confused
Trap Pharaoh
Trap Pharaoh Před 21 dnem
So why leave Adam to starve? What did he do to deserve that??
Eireee17 Před 22 dny
The Saw Traps Makes The Movies
Ink Daisy
Ink Daisy Před 23 dny
That's. Allele
Ink Daisy
Ink Daisy Před 23 dny
Solo Machine Gaming
Solo Machine Gaming Před 24 dny
You can't escape because he speaks for the dead
Rohan Man Shakya
Rohan Man Shakya Před 24 dny
Luna O'connor
Luna O'connor Před 25 dny
HitStart: you should do the exact opposite. Me: Oh! I know! Throw the wire onto yourself!
abs punchee
abs punchee Před 25 dny
when i saw saw (lol, pun) for the first time i knew was heavily into bdsm
Spider Gaming Hindi
Spider Gaming Hindi Před 27 dny
Jigsaw already died by cancer
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Před 29 dny
#1 they probably could have cut the shackle band too.
Dodongo gaming
Dodongo gaming Před měsícem
you didn't talk about the key in the bathtub
CatLover123 Před měsícem
*Duoling when you miss your Spanish lesson*
Jewel Meer
Jewel Meer Před měsícem
Now I'm pissed thinking about how adam rly didn't deserve to be condemned to death in this first movie. Kind of a plot hole. I'm just now realizing this after all these years lol
Mr. Sandguy
Mr. Sandguy Před měsícem
You say that Kratos comes from Fortnite Do you want to play a game?
Blixky Před měsícem
I need an anime like saw bruh
Noob 2000
Noob 2000 Před měsícem
How to beat jigsaw: be the camera man
Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo Před měsícem
The ending gave me the chills when I was a kid, the way he says game over and the man screams in terror and him being locked in haunted me for a while but my dumb self kept on playing it and got nightmares the rest of the week smh.
four Před měsícem
imagine this guy gets trapped in a saw trap “so you think you can beat ALL of my traps?” * quietly takes off handcuffs with a random key he found * “i- you’re free to go”
technoblade neverdies
technoblade neverdies Před měsícem
how to survive this: don’t do bad shit
Allan Of El Salvador
Allan Of El Salvador Před měsícem
Oof, what a twist. The tumor guy is the real bady. Now i wish i had actually seen the movie instead of this quick vid. But alas.
WalkingArcadeMachine Před měsícem
The one way to beat them all is to simply go to work
Cathy Davis
Cathy Davis Před měsícem
HitStart: *says the name of jigsaw is "billy the puppet* Me: *HUZZAH A MAN OF QUALITY*
Raw LAHiabetes
Raw LAHiabetes Před měsícem
The real trap is your mental weakness. You missed it entirely
hubert siedlecki
hubert siedlecki Před měsícem
Detective tapp wasn't killed there he is in the saw video game
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