How to Beat "Escape Room" (2019)

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In this 2019 horror movie six strangers get invited to a special escape room where they have a chance to win a cash price of $10,000. The situation escalates when the threats in the rooms are real and they have to fight for survival. In this video we'll look at how to beat or cheat the rooms so that the characters can make it out alive. (How to Beat Saw theme) (How to Beat Escape Room theme)
0:00 Intro
1:00 The Waiting Room (Oven)
3:10 The Winter Cottage
4:18 The Frozen Lake Room
7:33 The Upside Down Room
9:42 The Hospital Room
11:50 The Black and White Room
13:09 The Library Room
14:32 The Game Master's Hall
15:15 Zoey's Return
15:50 Ending + Outro

Jacho Před hodinou
14:24 Among us
Ambient Gamer
Ambient Gamer Před 3 hodinami
Using heat alone to melt the ice was pretty dumb. At they very easy their could have scartched it with their finger nails... Another thing is they didn't have to run over and put their hands all over the lid, if they had just observed they could have noticed they need something to use as globes before touching it.
Khadija Abdullahi
Khadija Abdullahi Před 5 hodinami
For the trippy room, I guess they could’ve lifted the hatch using Jason’s shirt that he took off. But that wouldn’t have worked simply because they had no idea there was a poisonous substance on it
Stuart Hayes
Stuart Hayes Před 6 hodinami
The moving wall puzzle is the easiest puzzle to solve. Each corner of the central square is only reachable by one number, and that number is, by definition, also on its own track which doesn't cross any other number. You don't even need to know the combination, you can just trace from the corners to the outer edge to find that number and then move it into position, or just keep trying to get each number to one of the corners. Both methods would take no longer than 20 seconds to solve this puzzle.
Stuart Hayes
Stuart Hayes Před 7 hodinami
1:24 - Since the number she dialled up is closer 460 rather than 451, we could argue Zoe, through her incompetence, was the cause of their deaths. If so, avoiding the traps could be possible by not dialling up the wrong number on the oven dial. For all we know, the creators may have made that number (451) the required number to escape.
elk0 Před 13 hodinami
Me and my sister did the escape room and we got the puzzle wrong 2 times and the ceiling started coming down but at the 3rd try we escaped
Stormy Před 14 hodinami
Wow you really do your research. Looking up all those drugs just to explain a small thing? That's commitment man
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Před 17 hodinami
dont know why you said you couldn’t beat the second last room just toss clothes on it or have one person grab and open it
Spartans 59
Spartans 59 Před 18 hodinami
They could avoid touching the toxin on the hatch by using their clothes but it is very unlikely they would know the hatch is poisonous beforehand
Cam Gillette
Cam Gillette Před 19 hodinami
Yo man, I realy appreciate you making this videos.
mystery watcher
mystery watcher Před dnem
I think the star for zoey is one o the main characters in lost in space on netflix
JC Před dnem
One comment on the frozen ice scene. In bodies of water with a layer of ice on top the water temperature throughout is very inconsistent, so its actually very realistic for it team seem still in the hole but be very strong and uncertain underneath
Chic Rondon
Chic Rondon Před dnem
The sore window simplistically warm because hurricane indisputably clean worth a careless tachometer. romantic, adaptable good-bye
Alekz Vasquez
Alekz Vasquez Před dnem
This is the worst movie of all time
BB - 05BK 870362 Herb Campbell PS
BB - 05BK 870362 Herb Campbell PS Před dnem
I am sorry but it is like in every horror movie signal is just not available
gigiHHT Před 2 dny
Ok here we go: First up, some of them have do die to keep the movie interesting, and what your are proposing is techniques to make them all survive and second up you had time and no panic to think of the solutions. So this vid isn’t helpful at all, last you said that they didn’t have a rush, so then what happened when the oven room blew up? They had infinite time right?
Omega Deathwish
Omega Deathwish Před 16 hodinami
Well they would've had infinite time in the oven puzzle if they didn't put in the code of the door.
Br Joe
Br Joe Před 2 dny
one of the members could have jumped into the water with the hook of the fishing rod and then they just had to pull it back
multitude Před 2 dny
this was a very underrated movie
Shadow Queen
Shadow Queen Před 2 dny
Mihnea Kara
Mihnea Kara Před 2 dny
If they tried to break the windows and escape, the camera would see the cheating and kill them all.
JaymesSinnah Před 2 dny
It would be good if movies like this gave viewers several options of what the characters can do with multiple plot lines/endings. I'd definitely rewatch
Jannette Yeet
Jannette Yeet Před 2 dny
I hate the face cams
luis Chipres
luis Chipres Před 2 dny
chaos Před 2 dny
ive watched all of his vids on im unkillable
Y /N
Y /N Před 3 dny
Technically they couldn't cheat, the main goal was to see who was left alive since they all survived a disaster as he last standing.
Zachary Před 3 dny
U did realize the phone is broken?
Isaac Brown
Isaac Brown Před 3 dny
Why tf was I only able to hear "Daddy" instead of "Danny"?
Nate Taylor
Nate Taylor Před 3 dny
One guy could open the latch then he gets the antidote or they wrap the poison with clothing sorry is anything I said could be wrong
Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker Před 3 dny
I really wish there was a sequel :(
Brycen Gumbs
Brycen Gumbs Před 3 dny
Eh no in the black and white room one person opens it while the other find the antidote ez well no dangerous
adbon Před 3 dny
"There's no signal so we can't call anyone" Someone who actually understands how emergency calls work, "You don't need a signal to call 911"
SK Lation
SK Lation Před 4 dny
The hospital room is actually way easier to beat, smash the cameras and turn the valves on the gas canisters shut. Valves shut no gas can come out. There is 2 valves on the containers, hand turned and if they are not removed there is alway a way to shut them. I have worked with gas containers like these and the solution is so easy, how would anyone miss that.
SK Lation
SK Lation Před 4 dny
I mean at 11:03 u can see both the valves accesible, also pretty sure the upper valve doesn't do anything tbh, looks like a pressure regulator but there is nothing attached to it and there is a hole beneath it, so it wouldnt regulate any pressure building up. Anyways shut the valves and don't suffocate.
Carrot Cove
Carrot Cove Před 4 dny
for the antidote couldnt u try to split it?
Dalton Ramsey
Dalton Ramsey Před 4 dny
*K I L L M E*
üç Kafadar
üç Kafadar Před 5 dny
Well couldnt they share antidote 50/50? Like does he need to take antidote %100. He can just inject himself %50, stop and inject other %50 to other guy. Or am thinking like an idiot :/
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Před 5 dny
I feel like they could still have some interesting rooms of death without the huge expense. Plus the amount of people and construction crews and designers that would have to be involved to put on just one of these events would be massive. I cant believe there are that many people who would be interested in committing murder.
Kaleb Rodgers
Kaleb Rodgers Před 5 dny
Another movie that has a party game turned into a death trap with the same premise. "Come here to win $10k". The movie "Would You Rather" did this exact plot too. You can tell they didn't care about anything but the actual game itself
Nzo Bacani
Nzo Bacani Před 5 dny
Good video
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Před 5 dny
In the beginning they look like among us character red is damn sus
???????? Před 5 dny
I'd love to go to the escape room just me and this youtuber, he would make this entire experience a breeze
Chandog14 Před 5 dny
When I say this I’m saying it with respect I love your vids but the pool table isn’t just legs it has boards so u can’t climb under neath
nyce Před 5 dny
For any new CSpostsrs reading this: Don't be discouraged, hard work pays off!
Flix Před 6 dny
zoey was da imposter
Gamer 101
Gamer 101 Před 6 dny
It's easy to come up with ways to survive these situations when you're not apart of it but i think if you're actually that desperate to live you're not really thinking of a smart way to survive it's just survive best you can. idk it's just what i think maybe goes through the characters heads in these kind of films, especially in saw as well
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Před 6 dny
Highschool Reunion 0:55
Klee Před 6 dny
Way to live thru the black and white room, have the strongest person open the hatch and then have them use the antidote
anna Před 6 dny
you look a lot like cameron monaghan
Matylda Maćkowska
Matylda Maćkowska Před 6 dny
in the room with the halucinogenes they can take of their jacket and open the hatch threw material hopefully avoiding poison or only one of them opens the hatch and there is one antidotum so noone dies
Soma Das
Soma Das Před 6 dny
MrSadisticLlama Před 7 dny
Its so nice that a bunch of rich and powerful people got inspired by Jigsaw and made a big fancy organization in honor of his promotion of teaching people to be smart and work together.
Mark Mark
Mark Mark Před 7 dny
Or you could just refund the game
MHeart5 Před 7 dny
So this is where among us was inspired😃
Patriotic Commentary
Patriotic Commentary Před 7 dny
The movie didn’t account for one of the characters telling someone where they were going.
galaxy horse
galaxy horse Před 7 dny
this man doesnt look like how he sounds
Alan Stoddart
Alan Stoddart Před 7 dny
Another thing they could do to the ice block would be peeing on it. Gross yes but it would melt from it .
OddNoobSwe Před 7 dny
Zoey entered godmode like wtf
Dragon Reaper 8
Dragon Reaper 8 Před 7 dny
They couldve legit called 911. You dont need service for 911. But idk if they could do much.
nekoreou Před 7 dny
imagine being in a horror movie with this guy I’d trust him with my life and try to form an alliance 😂
DylmanOMG Před 7 dny
She didn't fall from that she grabbed the phone did you even watch the movie
Gonzalo Ponce ツ
Gonzalo Ponce ツ Před 7 dny
I really want a secuel of this
Gonzalo Ponce ツ
Gonzalo Ponce ツ Před 7 dny
the best epic prank
KayinsBandito Před 7 dny
Wait so when the guy died wouldn't his heart rate become low enough?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Před 7 dny
0:10 red sus 😭🤣🤣😭💀😭😭😭😭😳🥱🥱😭😭💀😭😭😈😉🥴🥴🥵😂🦾😈🥴🤨😭♥️♥️💤👍♥️😂💀♥️🗿🤨😉
Thanatos164 Před 7 dny
14:26 Zoey is the Impostor.
Do You Like Chessee
Do You Like Chessee Před 7 dny
14:23 red sus
Lodomir Official
Lodomir Official Před 8 dny
Can you make a video about "Allice in borderlands" ?
lol us
lol us Před 8 dny
bootleg saw
Smokey Bacon
Smokey Bacon Před 8 dny
hEy GuYs LeTs PuT 451 iNtO tHe OVEN DIAL. lets ignore the books about burning stuff
Abi Dubs Prodection
Abi Dubs Prodection Před 8 dny
I love that movie... it's like saw but with mach less to non grafic death wich is somthing I appreciate alot.
Grimm Před 8 dny
i got you to exactly 23k likes.
Marshall Duncan
Marshall Duncan Před 8 dny
Pretty sure 10000 dollars isnt worth ur life
rosestar1324 Před 8 dny
How to beat the game: use that phone to call the cops. You don’t need a signal to call them. Idk how the people were watching the show (whether it’s prerecorded or live-streamed) but if it’s streamed live then they couldn’t use any jammers, so the phone could still have worked.
eshaycun Před 9 dny
It wasn’t a pull up Amanda had to do it was a muscle up to get up the pull table and it can be hard for people who don’t have the strength or people who have never done it before
Laura Jay
Laura Jay Před 9 dny
I also thought, why didn’t they go back to the oven room once the firebomb went off? The fireplace in the cabin room only flicked down when the last chap got in the cabin. They could have used the stuff in the room (such as the antlers) to lift the grate. Climb back through the duct and then with the explosion in the oven room they can leave through the entry door
Exodus N
Exodus N Před 9 dny
This is a very cool video, neat examination of the situations. (It also highlights how dumb some of the people are in this)
Triscuit Dah Biscuit
Triscuit Dah Biscuit Před 9 dny
movies like these may not be great and all but I find them fascinating and fun
StormJetsu official
StormJetsu official Před 9 dny
Actually you did get one room wrong there is a way to beat the black and white coloured room without anyone dying if one of the guys actually just took off one of their piece of clothing and used us grip and possibly not to get covered in the hallucinogen none of them could have died or get hallucinated by the liquid if one of them just opened the hatch if one of them was strong enough that is.
Strawberry Gacha
Strawberry Gacha Před 9 dny
In the black and white room, if everyone made it couldn't one person could open the safe (or whatever it it) and the others can look for the antidote for the other person
Hi Před 10 dny
1st step of beating escape room is beating it
Lieutenant NITEWOLF
Lieutenant NITEWOLF Před 10 dny
I mean easy way that can work to keep the floor from dropping it seems like an old land line just take the phones off of the receiver and no phone ring. That can work and if not well the pool table or go along the edges of the wall. That's the best idea for the bar that I can think of. The drug in the black and white room could be some sort of LSD maybe a really high dose that they start tripping and likely kill them. That's something I'm very unsure of most of the rooms seem very likely to survive so far. Yea most of these rooms seem to easy but maybe the second movie will be alot tougher.
Violet Molloy
Violet Molloy Před 10 dny
saw had something to do with escape room but the game master is diffrent
jj kfl
jj kfl Před 10 dny
Could they not have just turned the dial down in the oven room?
Matt_Loaf Před 10 dny
14:25 *Among Us: the movie*
XxJumpy JoyxX
XxJumpy JoyxX Před 10 dny
But I mean what if you were in their position, think about this: you enter an escape room with no sense of what's going to happen but you wanted to do it for the money and or the fun, But you soon realise it is a death trap and you want to get out of there immediately. would you take a minute to just stop and think or rush to get the fuck out of there? for me, I would rush to get out of there bc I don't wanna die. 👍
XxJumpy JoyxX
XxJumpy JoyxX Před 10 dny
wait. now I'm starting to get it after each room they make sure to destroy it so there is no evidence of the room, that's why at the end the police found nothing and why the room was burnt (bc the fire that came after they left to the next room burnt it down) and they also take out the bodies in the room and make it look like they died from natural causes (yall might've already knew that one)
Theyeetmaster 64
Theyeetmaster 64 Před 10 dny
For the black and white room only one of them could have opened it and the other could get the antidote and inject the other person with it to have both of them live.
HunT3d Před 10 dny
They could pee in the glass
Mimey Před 10 dny
In the black and white room i would help the other person to get the thing open then use the antidote on him so we would both survive that room
Moral of the Movie: Don't take offers from sketchy black boxes and get 10000 dollars by working hard
Grace Cox
Grace Cox Před 11 dny
The tall statement worryingly embarrass because reminder similarly wish beneath a psychedelic africa. defeated, brown saxophone
Sam Lemons
Sam Lemons Před 11 dny
my biggest thing with the 3rd room, i get it wasnt SUPER cold before danny fell in, but, why couldnt they use Andrews lighter to light something on fire before they lost it, it could have kept them so much more warm
Anime Boy
Anime Boy Před 11 dny
How about how to NOT accept the puzzle box invitation
Ben Nowak
Ben Nowak Před 11 dny
Here's how to beat it.... keep the weird puzzle box and note but don't go.
Calyn Smith
Calyn Smith Před 11 dny
All this for only 10k 😐
jas3 Před 11 dny
Why is your volume so low speak up holy shit
Mewx The Shadow God
Mewx The Shadow God Před 11 dny when the ghosts of the players realize that they were suppose to all die
Abhishek P.V
Abhishek P.V Před 12 dny
very underrated, you deserve more bro 😘
Gabby Koz
Gabby Koz Před 12 dny
The quiet snowboarding informally heap because flute radiographically harass anenst a damaged fold. windy, tedious sweatshirt
The Youtube Video Factory
The Youtube Video Factory Před 12 dny
How to beat the black and white room: have only one person open the hatch, and give them the antidote
William Sproule
William Sproule Před 12 dny
I really thought the handle from the first room would have been used in the third room
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