How To Beat: Don't Breathe

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If you were trapped in a house, hunted down by a blind special forces killer, and you can’t make a sound… what would you do?
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Socially Awkward
Socially Awkward Před 34 minutami
How to survive dont breathe: Don't underestimate pepple
Jake Despa
Jake Despa Před hodinou
Screw the burglars, literally hahaha
Jake Despa
Jake Despa Před hodinou
Its easy 😏 just breath 😁😂🤣
ʚ .coffeeholic. ɞ
ʚ .coffeeholic. ɞ Před 3 hodinami
ayee dylan minette from wallows music
ricy -san
ricy -san Před 5 hodinami
Honest if it is a veteran you are trying to rob. I want you to stop think about what you are about to do because the moment you go in there you just dug yourself a grave
XxXwolf gamerXxX
XxXwolf gamerXxX Před 5 hodinami
I just watch a whole movie in 15 minutes
Just NIK
Just NIK Před 5 hodinami
I thought I never watch this and I actually did watch it lol
Leon Yuan
Leon Yuan Před 6 hodinami
And all hope is it lost...... But they do have one more trick up their sleeve
BB Spoon
BB Spoon Před 7 hodinami
i mean if you want to be real, with how many gun shots went off without the police coming they should have tested the police response time near by just in case, if it was slow, they should have gone in, kill the man, get the money, maybe free the girl if they find her, and easy game
Pietro Garcea
Pietro Garcea Před 8 hodinami
Best way to beat don't breathe: don't rob a blind dude
Max Galvan
Max Galvan Před 9 hodinami
Or or the best way to beat it.....dont fucking rob a veteran in fact don't be a robber
bedioc z
bedioc z Před 9 hodinami
Best course of action: Just don't breathe. Easy :)
꧁iiluckyclover꧂ Před 10 hodinami
Breathing thru your nose does not make a noise. Unless you sniff. They are also in another place rooms away from where you are. If you have a mask on pieces of holes in your mask that every mask has, the air is going in the mask, so you can breathe silently.
Anti TikTok
Anti TikTok Před 11 hodinami
Best way to beat Don’t Breathe: don’t rob a veteran’s house
GamerJ Před 11 hodinami
Watching this at the movie theater: Everyone happy she made it out Me: Shes literally robbing a blind old man
stolen name probably
stolen name probably Před 12 hodinami
did the veteran win
stolen name probably
stolen name probably Před 12 hodinami
Plz tell me he did
Sanji Před 12 hodinami
Just don't breathe simple Why is this a thing to talk about are y'all low iq or something all you have to do is don't breathe it's not hard
Hysterical Před 13 hodinami
I wish the rape part wasn't in the movie. It just kind of feels like it was forced in at the last second so we wouldn't route for the badass old blind man. This movie could have been an excellent reverse horror movie but it just felt... lackluster with that "twist"
MooneyFeelingTooney Před 13 hodinami
Pfft, i know how to beat don't breathe, the answer, don't breathe dummy
Ramsey Hanneman
Ramsey Hanneman Před 14 hodinami
Bruh the way he had the girl chained up was the only fucked up part about this. If he’s blind and getting robbed he has the right to defend himself even with his gun.
Agar.io_ Kelo
Agar.io_ Kelo Před 14 hodinami
Simple solution , at the beginning the warning shot should of been his head
KWILKSP Před 15 hodinami
The writers most likely decided to keep the captured lady gagged because they had no fucking idea how to explain how a blind man captured her in the first place
Precious Idiot
Precious Idiot Před 16 hodinami
Bunch of idiots 😂
Jelly Jax
Jelly Jax Před 17 hodinami
I would never watch this so I can see the moive for free🙃
Rhianna Před 18 hodinami
Yea I would accept death me quiet? No NEVER
Brent Mangunay
Brent Mangunay Před 19 hodinami
wait at first i thought he was tubbo lmao \
「Ɍ֟፝ɮ」 Mapre
「Ɍ֟፝ɮ」 Mapre Před 19 hodinami
Why would they go for THE VERTIRIAN
emina coleen lopez
emina coleen lopez Před 20 hodinami
The actors of the movie: Blind Guy - *The blind quiet kid* The 2 robber dude's - *Jocks* The girl robber - *Regina Goerge* The girl robbers sister - *Gretchen Wieners* The girl hanged - *The blind kids ex*
HyperProYT Před 21 hodinou
I coughed watching this.
Jason Heron Cifre
Jason Heron Cifre Před 21 hodinou
I like this youtuber cause his smart and he reveals to me really cool horror movies
ZoeIsHere Před 23 hodinami
What was this goo
Confirmed_123 Sym
Confirmed_123 Sym Před dnem
I’m very confused at 14:41 can someone explain to me what is going on?
Silly Bean
Silly Bean Před dnem
its like Granny from that game but instead its an CRAZY OLD DUDE WHO CAN DO ANYTHING EVEN WHEN HIS BLIND
Sir Před dnem
This gave me chills, I great video.
Canadian Trooper
Canadian Trooper Před dnem
I have he best pan; dont fucking break into his house in the first place.
Noahkiene Před dnem
What's the stuff he warms up
AirBorN Gaming
AirBorN Gaming Před dnem
I hate the ending of this movie purely for the fact that it implies he's only seen as a victim.
Nodner Rendon
Nodner Rendon Před dnem
robbers listing be like:intresting.
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy Před dnem
How to beat don’t breath: don’t breath.
crushers but less edgy now
crushers but less edgy now Před dnem
Best way to beat don't breathe is to just bring more guns, and don't hesitate
HotdogeFor1 Před dnem
next plan:*go to mexico while the veteran find us*
Logan Romig
Logan Romig Před dnem
If I was the guy carrying the gun I would have given the gun to someone else so if shit went down they could pump his ass
Adrian Pacheco
Adrian Pacheco Před dnem
I feel like Alex deserve to be the only survivor but he was stupid enough to go and help the girl
TraceguyRune Před dnem
How does the washer machine disorient him? Has he never done laundry?
Adrian Proveaux
Adrian Proveaux Před dnem
He is blind jhon wick
Xander Widmar
Xander Widmar Před dnem
Bro just dont breathe
BJHOfficial Před dnem
I wonder how many robbers this video has helped
Fulton Folper
Fulton Folper Před dnem
hey floyd take notes
Doctor Death
Doctor Death Před dnem
I know don’t breathe easy aa knowing your age Or 2. Old man walking around doing the daytime maybe jump him and tie him up 3. When you broke into his house maybe beat his ass and tie him up 4. When he distracted and it’s two on one go jump him But I forgot characters on scary movies only have an iq of 1 sometimes double digits
christoph Funk
christoph Funk Před dnem
This guy is a tank
Lil Cyan
Lil Cyan Před dnem
We’ll just don’t steal so you can live
VIBEZ Před dnem
How to rob a house FBI no no no don't do dat
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine Před dnem
Yo yo wait.. he has uhh frozen white goo.. in a fridge?
Weird rare Human
Weird rare Human Před dnem
How to beat dont breath (in my opinion): realize this guy isn’t as easy as he looks to rob and find an easier target
Oneeva The Protogen
Oneeva The Protogen Před dnem
TinyBuilds:Finaly a worthy aponent. TinyBuilds:OUR BATTLE WILL BE LEDENDARY!
Ngl I feel bad for the blind guy he didn't did nothing wrong if they didn't Rob this guy this wouldn't happened
That guy is a savage
That guy is a savage
Euanimations Před dnem
The blind man is like a last of us clicker
Keyondre Athaullah
Keyondre Athaullah Před 2 dny
How to make veteran completely can't hear: just use double mega phone
Dino fan
Dino fan Před 2 dny
How to beat him: get ur fellow fat neighbor to ding song ditch him whilst hit em on the neck with a crowbar and get the fuck outta there
Carl Michael Arpon
Carl Michael Arpon Před 2 dny
Or just practice a martial art before going inside a professional military house
Brabo Apag
Brabo Apag Před 2 dny
Step 1 : don't robbed
sykot newaz
sykot newaz Před 2 dny
Him :
Alpha The Gamer
Alpha The Gamer Před 2 dny
Lesson of the day: Don't be a robber, you're not Naruto who can just frickin make clones and leave
Flood Forums
Flood Forums Před 2 dny
Just don't breath bro he won't be able to hear you
Spoder スポーダー
Spoder スポーダー Před 2 dny
you beat him by not robbing him in the first place
epicgamer ninja
epicgamer ninja Před 2 dny
How to Beat dont breathe; Don't rob him(if its to good to be true it probably is)
JustAKxd Před 2 dny
Moral:Don't rob a fu*cking blind man.....
bagman4896 Před 2 dny
You know if the vet wasn't a rapist, I'd really be on his side for this
Levy McGarden
Levy McGarden Před 2 dny
Best choice to not get killed STAY OUT OF HIS HOUSE
Goyo_Revenge Před 2 dny
i love that movie we watch that
Angel Hidalgo
Angel Hidalgo Před 2 dny
the man blind, he cant saw anything since he ain't know what he looks like
Kaito Takahashi
Kaito Takahashi Před 2 dny
how to beat DONT BREATE: kill the dogs first then the Veteran,bring weapons and several cars so there has to be more than one getaway house but about the girl, break the bell before bringing the girl out.. thats it lmao
DungeonsDungeonsAndMoreDungeons Před 2 dny
6:15 I would advise breaking those windows. Right, windows anybody? Windows?
BomberSlug Před dnem
Lazar Gun
Lazar Gun Před 2 dny
If he could see he eould be the mxt Hitler
John Alfiero
John Alfiero Před 2 dny
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Ice Freddy
Ice Freddy Před 2 dny
The dog
Ice Freddy
Ice Freddy Před 2 dny
I would just shoot me his ears And shoot t dog
{Amelia_sides} Před 2 dny
I would hide in the basement and put things on my face-
W b
W b Před 2 dny
Just dont breathe
Samuel Mackey
Samuel Mackey Před 2 dny
that girl is from zoeys extraordinary playlist
ImInAWhiteBox Před 2 dny
If I'm her I'm using the money to get the fuck out of whatever country this is in. (Oh yeah and gun training as a fail safe)
jack riff
jack riff Před 2 dny
So exited for the second one coming out this year
Hayden Butcher
Hayden Butcher Před 2 dny
Best way to beat him. Don't go in there
Bruu1y Plays
Bruu1y Plays Před 2 dny
Step 1 don't breath
Lord Avalon
Lord Avalon Před 2 dny
Honestly robbing a blind veteran is just a dick move
John D
John D Před 2 dny
Ummmm how is artificial insemination worse than rape???
Schardo Před 2 dny
Step 1: don't rob someone else's house
Gabriel HUGHES
Gabriel HUGHES Před 2 dny
The best way to beat it is just don’t breathe
TheBigBoi5 Před 2 dny
I would become fat man and have human flesh shield
RuoXuan Xia
RuoXuan Xia Před 2 dny
Blow the entire house up or just bring a fucking mimigun We’re doing this American style!
Synical Criminal364
Synical Criminal364 Před 2 dny
Yeh only way is to go to the hospital and ... *you know what*
Namgyal Před 2 dny
Escape granny
Patrick Kinnaird
Patrick Kinnaird Před 2 dny
The final mistake they made was not taking the scissors from the old vet. The scissors were in his vicinity and he had to have cut himself free, the final two could've lived but nope.
BigDiccBoi Před 2 dny
Why is this from the bad guys perspective
Gay Bowser
Gay Bowser Před 2 dny
Andris Ozoliņš
Andris Ozoliņš Před 2 dny
I like the fact that he’sblind, but he has pictures in his house.😆
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Před 2 dny
I just wouldn’t rob him
Halit Kurt
Halit Kurt Před 2 dny
thats how to beat dont breathe: U CANT SURVIVE MAXIMUM 3 MINUTES WTH
Why You Wouldn't Survive #ALIVE
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