How Do You Ruin Pizza? - Eat It Or Yeet It #11

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Today, Garrett ruins pizza for us for 15 minutes straight. This round of Eat It Or Yeet It just may be our *LEAST* favorite pizza place.
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Lily Ngo
Lily Ngo Před 4 hodinami
I love pineapple what is wrong with you!
Aldurin Fireheart
Aldurin Fireheart Před 12 hodinami
Oh my god, is that Joe Bareta, mastermind behind the Movie Movie game, which now has a kickstarter that people can go support?!?! That’s awesome!
Melanie Sanborn
Melanie Sanborn Před 2 dny
4:24 I guess Matt wants me to die......
Dean Sheets
Dean Sheets Před 2 dny
Pineapple on pizza is amazing
Nihit Khunteta
Nihit Khunteta Před 2 dny
So are we gonna ignore the typo at 9:23....... ?
Sectr Reptile
Sectr Reptile Před 2 dny
I'm not gn die over pineapple on pizza 😌 It's hawaiii.... besides I want the spicy dough 🤔
Aidan James
Aidan James Před 2 dny
Matt Rob is so damn annoying. He ruins every video. He is constantly interrupting and complaining. If he's a producer it explains why some of their videos flop so badly.
foster dowdle
foster dowdle Před 3 dny
Noob Quality
Noob Quality Před 4 dny
10:37 Matt : "whoaaaaaaaa *eek*"
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Před 4 dny
Pig stomach is just menudo lol Shut the fat guy up, pineapple is good on pizza and I’m a fat guy too. I’m bigger tho.. sorry Matt I’m a passionate advocate for pineapple and pizza
Rohan Wadsley
Rohan Wadsley Před 6 dny
I’m sorry but vegemite pizza is awesome
Saad A
Saad A Před 7 dny
While I was eating pizza this went into my recommended I’m not joking I’m writing with one hand right now on my ipad
Kai Stensson
Kai Stensson Před 9 dny
Pineapple on pizza is the best
Spencer Hickman
Spencer Hickman Před 9 dny
Should have done em dirty and did anchovies
TheDogtorIsIn Před 9 dny
*Matt Raub ripping open the box* me: Heeere's Johnny!
ALCOHALIK Před 10 dny
Matt Raub being a douchebag. Oh wait that's just him.
Hails Fox
Hails Fox Před 10 dny
Aussie kids eat vegemite and cheese on bread everyday for lunch, chicken is different but would definitely work.
Solus AWD
Solus AWD Před 11 dny
Hands down best smosh just because of Matt that man is funny and wholesome
Lingiune Před 12 dny
Keith is so dramatic it’s not even bad
Haley Rupert
Haley Rupert Před 12 dny
Shayne you take too long, you always wait till the end.
Haley Rupert
Haley Rupert Před 12 dny
I don't like pineapple on pizza either!!!
Karl sebastian Andaya
Karl sebastian Andaya Před 13 dny
I like pineapple on pizza that is so good
Karl sebastian Andaya
Karl sebastian Andaya Před 13 dny
Pineapple on pizza is so good
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Před 13 dny
I'm not a big fan of Keith
Janet Acosta
Janet Acosta Před 15 dny
Matt Raub is the worst smosh member and that's facts
YAGCompany Před 16 dny
Courtney realizing the spiciness is one of my favorite moments in Smosh ever
Marshmallow Vlogs
Marshmallow Vlogs Před 18 dny
Keith and Matt Raub have proved themselves as members of the brotherhood of pizza places of course Shayne is our leader
Morgan Trousdale
Morgan Trousdale Před 18 dny
Hawaiian pizza is great I don't care what anyone says
Peter Harris
Peter Harris Před 18 dny
Matt raub is the worst part of smosh
Hailey Trembley
Hailey Trembley Před 19 dny
I eat pineapples on my pizza
Greyッ Před 19 dny
Pineapple pizza is fucking amazing 🍕
dark rider559
dark rider559 Před 19 dny
I love pineapple pizza
It's like Keith is too dumb to follow simple rules and mechanics.
Jeremy Sugalan
Jeremy Sugalan Před 20 dny
Stan Damien! Love Pineapple on a pizza❤
Violent_Bulldog Před 20 dny
8:06 Courtney: It’s fine Courtney 0.2 seconds later: *Instant Regret*
blake hughes
blake hughes Před 20 dny
i hope you all ate the big bite otherwise i would scream
Kyle de guzman
Kyle de guzman Před 21 dnem
The best episode of eat or yeet
Hans Alib
Hans Alib Před 21 dnem
The bell was beside Matt's foot. :x
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu Před 21 dnem
You can make any food taste good as long as you cook it correctly, you can’t just put pineapple on pizza and call it a day, you got a roast the pineapple correctly and put it together with good ingredients that work with each other. A good pineapple pizza should be acceptable but if you just throw pineapple on a pizza I will say no
Maya Waters
Maya Waters Před 24 dny
Producers captions: “Man, I feel like.. Thank you ??????” Me: Was I the only one able to understand was he was saying after “thank you”?!?
Tino Recchio
Tino Recchio Před 24 dny
"you can't ruin pizza for me" A couple minutes later "That is an abomination" Matt Rob 2020
Emma O'Connell
Emma O'Connell Před 25 dny
Screw you matt
valdis edgars jēkabsons
valdis edgars jēkabsons Před 26 dny
Hwaiian pizza is fire, and idc what anyone said.
Heather B
Heather B Před 26 dny
Well... guess I'll just DIE THEN. Lmaooooo I also like.... VEGGIE LOADED PIZZA *gasp* the horror
Carly Spedding
Carly Spedding Před 26 dny
Okay but that first pizza is like what i have for lunch on a regular basis
Brier Hamblin
Brier Hamblin Před 27 dny
F u Keith and Matt Rob I like Hawaiian pizza
Lex TheDragonLady
Lex TheDragonLady Před 28 dny
I love pineapple on pizza. Matt you're not welcome at my funeral lol
Macnatty Před 28 dny
Courtney: (judging) You're a folder? You're pizza folder?? Those of us from NYC: Yeah you got a fucking problem with that whassamattayou?
April HOPPA Před 29 dny
I dip my pizza crust into pineapple juice
Bo Malo
Bo Malo Před měsícem
Macnatty Před měsícem
I love how vicious they are about people who put pineapple on pizza meanwhile Courtneys fave go to is pineapple and jalapeños on pizza.
nadhirah basir
nadhirah basir Před měsícem
keith is so dramatic😂😂😂
Cat Mom To Autumn and Moose
Cat Mom To Autumn and Moose Před měsícem
Canadians love their Hawaiian pizzas !!! Add green olives for the salt flavour makes it amazing!!
Loot and Logic
Loot and Logic Před měsícem
I was having a great time until I hated Matt and Keith's words, do others comment like that on a food you like and enjoy? Guacamole has a fruit but I don't see you guys complaining eating it with nachos or tacos. (Switch flipped from here on out, haven't slept for 2 days) Pineapple helps the heart and burn fat, guess someone wants to stay spherical. It's like watching the girl on a cooking show that hates eggs but loves mayonnaise all over again. No wonder I enjoyed the videos when damian and shayne were the stars of the episode while never seen a smosh games video because guess who is a part of it?!! And the Koah pair says it all, between them Noah brings their pair ratings up by 3/4 while 1/4 for the other one
Alex Hristova
Alex Hristova Před měsícem
In Bulgaria we have a "tripe soup", which is basically the edible inner lining of a pig's stomach. I have never thought of putting that on a pizza, but maybe? For sure thought, it's an acquired taste.
Iansane138 Před měsícem
Damien is my spirit animal. He is everything I want in a friend.
Tuxified Art
Tuxified Art Před měsícem
pinnapple on pizza is the best pizza.
Per-Erik Nielsen
Per-Erik Nielsen Před měsícem
I laughed when Shane and Damien cracked up then Matt Raub get hickups :) :)
Sebastian Illum
Sebastian Illum Před měsícem
hawaiian pizza is actually pretty good
Morene Firewolf
Morene Firewolf Před měsícem
Garrett after Shayne eats the pizza with no issue: You're okay with that!! Enter Damien: takes another bite.
Emma Moore
Emma Moore Před měsícem
i wish I got what keith got, I lOVE pineapple on pizza
Bri Před měsícem
I feel like keith is always so dramatic when he yeets something
Bri Před měsícem
Just a compilation of matt raub hiccupping
Fłamę Před měsícem
5 guys 1 girl... seems too familiar......
Mike L
Mike L Před měsícem
Eat it or Yeet it Your my favourite pizza place....
Datta Sheregar
Datta Sheregar Před měsícem
This video has so much "boys" energy and I love it
Erich Ellen Mae
Erich Ellen Mae Před měsícem
I absolutely love pineapple on pizaazzz
Adriana Gonzales
Adriana Gonzales Před měsícem
Man, they were little bitches about the pineapple.
hollirichards Před měsícem
Pineapple on pizza is delicious!
Totoro Chan
Totoro Chan Před měsícem
This is the disclaimer guys 😂 only personal stuffs: Garret should try bitter melons, boiled balut eggs and shrimp paste. Also, pineapple on pizza is fine to me, I mean 😂 tomatoes are allowed, why are other fruits not?
Aoife Clancy
Aoife Clancy Před měsícem
I love that they call Joe, Uncle Joe 😂 it's so heart warming
Chris Langley
Chris Langley Před měsícem
Pineapple on pizza is fantastic but a pizza made of pineapple not so much
LC Studios
LC Studios Před měsícem
Where Is the Ramen
bryson davis
bryson davis Před měsícem
People that dramatically overreact to pineapple on pizza are the worst people. Let's be real
Lockz1111 Před měsícem
Another game with Keith, another game you have to put up with cheating, it really shows when all they had to say is "well you've played with Keith before."
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka Před měsícem
13:41 he should have said “here’s Johnny!”
Cody Courson
Cody Courson Před měsícem
Does anyone else just notice half way through the video that you're smiling like an idiot randomly lol
Physicsw0rks97 Před měsícem
I like how joe slightly lifted his eyebrows when he was eating the pizza
Holly Dolly
Holly Dolly Před měsícem
Matt Raub is shouting like hating pineapple on pizza is a personality trait
Kavy Cecilia
Kavy Cecilia Před měsícem
If you want a Hawaiian pizza I will make you a real Hawaiian Pizza
Davide Abondio
Davide Abondio Před měsícem
i'm italian and from now on a supporter of the church of matt raub
ShreksLeftElbowPeircing Před měsícem
pixar called they said they want the dad from inside out back
Caylie Anderson
Caylie Anderson Před měsícem
I would absolutely LOVE to be on Eat it or Yeet it, not gonna lie-
Rogue Maverick
Rogue Maverick Před 2 měsíci
Joe looks like the dad from inside out
Austin James
Austin James Před 2 měsíci
After Joe said he wasn't going to open the big pizza box without ringing the bell, I thought they were just going to oblige and give him the bell.
《 Darkedy 》
《 Darkedy 》 Před 2 měsíci
There was a pizza ad on this
Im just Pete Davidson
Im just Pete Davidson Před 2 měsíci
Fourzer0seven was there cool
Kevin Beaudoin O'Bomsawin
Kevin Beaudoin O'Bomsawin Před 2 měsíci
One of my favorite eat it or yeet it. I would have eated all of these.
Denise espinoza
Denise espinoza Před 2 měsíci
0:53 Joe looked like a 6 year old kid when he wiped he’s mouth
Death 2000
Death 2000 Před 2 měsíci
SaintCorVic Před 2 měsíci
Guess ill just die lol
Ella Boyenga
Ella Boyenga Před 2 měsíci
There are two types of people in the world. The ones that like pineapple on pizza and the ones that don’t like pineapple on pizza.
Lilliana Lopez-Miller
Lilliana Lopez-Miller Před 2 měsíci
I want an Eat or Yeet it with more So Random members
Nihit Khunteta
Nihit Khunteta Před 2 měsíci
I agree with Matt Raub, pineapple on a pizza or the reverse is an abomination!!! And if you think that's an abomination, what if you add bitter gourd, watermelon, melon, brinjal, cherries and jam(mixed fruit and strawberry) on pizza ?
Death 2000
Death 2000 Před 2 měsíci
You just don't know how to enjoy a good pizza
Blackeye294 Před 2 měsíci
I like how there’s Demon Slayer music when the spiciness gets to them.
Tackytaco Před 21 dnem
Omg, I know right
Lucas Miles
Lucas Miles Před 2 měsíci
Andrew Garfield?
Jorja The Alien
Jorja The Alien Před 2 měsíci
Courtney: It’s fine- *dies of spicy*
Jorja The Alien
Jorja The Alien Před 2 měsíci
As someone who has had pineapple on pizza but doesn’t commonly get it, it’s not that bad. It’s just kinda sweet. I just prefer pepperoni.
Gabriel Pinales
Gabriel Pinales Před 2 měsíci
Me liking pineapple on pizza and Matt saying just die me wat no f u
Alexander Lopez
Alexander Lopez Před 2 měsíci
you want a unique pizza you should try one with pineapple and anchovies with spicy peppers
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