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Dalton Atchlay
Dalton Atchlay Před 5 dny
The final boss der
BISHOP Před 21 dnem
3:31 that is the handle to older bathtub/shower valves.
Can’tseeanymore Před 23 dny
What is the deer from? A movie?
Caius En
Caius En Před 25 dny
lol.. Henry is sick guy but in a good way when he mentioned he want to take the dog home and the chopping gesture is gold.
Kharleel Yazit
Kharleel Yazit Před 25 dny
"Hold my hair" true indeed
meir rosenfeld
meir rosenfeld Před 25 dny
What you don't understand about that last meme is that, that is his wife. He's been banned.
Kelly Cookson
Kelly Cookson Před 26 dny
That was Buddha on the beach. How about some respect for poor old Buddha? ;)
David Barela
David Barela Před 27 dny
OJ Simpsons Hotwheel… Thats that car that was in a high speed chase or something
Matt T
Matt T Před měsícem
Some people do legitimately hunt using large-caliber revolvers equipped with scopes and even bipods :P
Asher Wolfson
Asher Wolfson Před měsícem
Henry, you gotta stop making dead dog jokes... you're gonna make her cry.
That80sGuy1972 Před měsícem
For the last one, I had a friend come to me to help her out of a working and locked chastity belt when she lost the key. She also knew I'm an ex burglar, locks only slow me down and key locks I generally handle about as fast as most people handle them when they have the keys for them. Most you can work with a small flat bar with simple wrist action. I am also quite valuable to my boss, he keeps locking his keys in his office. Irony - now as a working-class tax-paying square, I detest thieves. I digress, I helped that chastity belt friend by grinding down one of my keys from my collection like I did when she lost her handcuff keys. She should just stop using locks in the bedroom. She loses a lot of tiny keys. Either that or she thinks it's fun to see me pop a lock right open with a simple pick. With sensitive things like that, I don't ask questions.
Josh Capps
Josh Capps Před měsícem
Thats no moon.
Joaquin Tam
Joaquin Tam Před měsícem
12:24 the throne of games
Matt Nenki Network
Matt Nenki Network Před měsícem
It wasn't a door knob it was the top of a sink handle. You guys get something wrong every video that I have known since I was 5. Like the Melinium Falcon you though was the Death Star, you thought Alice Cooper was "some pot head", it keeps happening and is very cringe worthy.
The Dragon's Cave
The Dragon's Cave Před měsícem
someone needs to make a subreddit for scapes on things that don't need scopes.
Terrance Cunningham
Terrance Cunningham Před měsícem
11:10 is da sexually made pokemon
Josh Ramirez
Josh Ramirez Před měsícem
9:48 why do I find it so funny that way she says it
David Fulwiler
David Fulwiler Před měsícem
8:32 Does the rescue worker's uniform say "F**k Me" I know it can't but it looks like it does.
R B Před měsícem
In the moon pic the flag was waving
Stoney B
Stoney B Před měsícem
Too bad it isnt ham then you can get ham radio and is that naked guy from austin powers get in My belly and free dessing for you.re salade
rbohun1 Před měsícem
9:37 Majin Buu after defeating all the saiyans.
HorribleReeds Před měsícem
0:18 we have that cat too!!
MatthewGamer358 Před měsícem
At 3:33 that came off a sink
Ray Maung
Ray Maung Před měsícem
LOL OJ reference went over their heads
Retr0R1der89 Před měsícem
H:Why is the knob glass? J:Its a door knob The rest of us: Thats the universal bathroom sink/tub hot cold knob... literally everyone has used or seen one...
CERJ Media: Game Clips
CERJ Media: Game Clips Před měsícem
I was gonna say the same thing
Eye90 Před měsícem
9:11 ... It fits!!
Melvin Reed
Melvin Reed Před měsícem
13:30 princesses lock
KYLE LOPEZ Před měsícem
12:25 the game of thrones i would watch
Norman Morris
Norman Morris Před měsícem
That throne, with a commode beneath would be Henry’s perfect setup to never leave his computer, or Becky🖐🏻, or jinny 🤚🏻, the tables just missing the hand cream 🧴 and tissues 🧻
Chaos Org.
Chaos Org. Před měsícem
That was hilarious :D
Felipe Contreras
Felipe Contreras Před měsícem
The scopes on the knife and the grenade are for range.
No Thanks
No Thanks Před měsícem
2:28 I know you're a little too young to remember, but that's actually OJ's Bronco. And the photo is his infamous low-speed chase as he eluded law enforcement for a crime he "didn't commit."
R1 Geek-L
R1 Geek-L Před měsícem
7:04 STOP Insert BRA**ERS logo
Dead Russian Liberal
Dead Russian Liberal Před měsícem
Today I’ve learned that sexy underwear makes anything... sexy.
Benjamin Fugman
Benjamin Fugman Před měsícem
That Hotweels Bronco was OJ Simpson's.
Asherdon0710 Před měsícem
That last one is how lock picking lawyer gets his gf to dress for sexy time lol
Lennart ryloth
Lennart ryloth Před měsícem
I love that henry still remembers the grilled lettuce from kitchen nightmares
cyborg hampster
cyborg hampster Před měsícem
A weaponized lego? Ouch. I think that's a war crime
Elite Ayanokoji
Elite Ayanokoji Před měsícem
Ngl 4:41 looks more like Donald Trump than Justin Bieber
John Glielmi
John Glielmi Před měsícem
that's called a chastity belt, was worse in Medievil days, was actually made out of Iron and the men going of on the Crusade would make sure thier wives stayed without sex while they were away
TytoAlbaSoren Před měsícem
13:21 Anyone having Robin Hood MKT flashbacks seeing this?
TytoAlbaSoren Před měsícem
2:28 Isn't that O.J. Simpson?
Tyg Rahof
Tyg Rahof Před měsícem
9:30 Buddha IRL...
Cecil Hodges
Cecil Hodges Před měsícem
Cody DelRincon
Cody DelRincon Před měsícem
Re-icer that runs on propane is on fire. Henry: at least its safe.
Josecuno TPS
Josecuno TPS Před měsícem
That revolver would work well for Russian Roulette
117rebel Před měsícem
Putting a scope on a revolver is actually a legitimate thing. Some hunters like to hunt with a revolver. It’s usually a revolver with a long barrel though.
megagamer 212000
megagamer 212000 Před měsícem
3:35 I thought it was a bathroom sink handle.
Kevin Phan
Kevin Phan Před měsícem
The next time they do a vid on their MXR reddit, 7:04 will be a meme I swear
aratacks Před měsícem
3:24 Shrek vs. Wreck it Ralph
binder8 Před měsícem
Umm ridge dont ship free worldwide.
Big Lion
Big Lion Před měsícem
Radio Demon
Radio Demon Před měsícem
The funny thing is about that Gordon Ramsay bit is someone did Grill a watermelon Hell's Kitchen
Tim Tom
Tim Tom Před měsícem
"hot wheels, you wanna get away from the cops? get this white van" also known as OJ Simpson xD "why is it glass" "its a doorknob" bruh dats a fucking sink handle
オッサくん Před měsícem
Do I really have to like the video to help her? Feels like boltcutters is a better option.
silvercrystalct Před měsícem
Anyone else think of The Lock Picking Lawyer when they saw that girl with the lock “Nothing on one, two is binding”
MegaManNeoX Před měsícem
7:00 Watch Jeannie.
LynnJynh9315 Před měsícem
4:47 When your girl asks you to work on her rims. :D
chuckles9702 Před měsícem
white van.... Do you have ANY idea what it was like to live through that time? Do you know what it's like before the internet, and EVERY FREAKING CHANNEL is covering that car chase. What it was like when it was the ONLY thing people talked about for months. We didn't walk 10 miles back and forth through the snow, that would have been so much sweeter than that!
Brent Ward
Brent Ward Před měsícem
the matchbox car at 2:36 is the white Ford Bronco that OJ Simpson ran from the police in when Anna Nicole was murdered. revealing my age here but i watched that chase live on TV >
David Blalock
David Blalock Před měsícem
We don't sub because we don't want to admit we watched this.
tuniSinn Před měsícem
It’s OJs white bronco. Youngsters....
Pacbandit13 Před měsícem
Henry's journey to the dark side is complete 11:11
Tyler Parker
Tyler Parker Před měsícem
OJ Simpson fleeing the cops in a White Van.. That totally went over their heads! :O
Tony Morrill
Tony Morrill Před měsícem
Nor did they know that an old-school delta faucet handle isn't a doorknob..
mindsurfer101101 Před měsícem
....or the delta faucet knob
mindsurfer101101 Před měsícem
Y'all so cute and young, not getting the OJ reference
lance alexander
lance alexander Před měsícem
Timothy Summerour IV
Timothy Summerour IV Před měsícem
Y'all don't know O.J.s can? 😧
Teshlerond Před měsícem
I love how every time Henry cracks some dark humor, his immediate reaction is to hug Jeannie, as if searching for forgiveness.
Know No Good Silva
Know No Good Silva Před měsícem
The White hot wheels truck. This OJ's bronco
Xanbeth Před měsícem
hmmm 2:02 reminds me of my old work place.
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia Před měsícem
Guy Lynch
Guy Lynch Před měsícem
Great job. By the way the earth has two moons
Wage Robot
Wage Robot Před měsícem
The moon's moon is the Earth. You can see a crescent Earth from the moon.
Wage Robot
Wage Robot Před měsícem
Is that the O. J. Simpson van
alfonso ontiveros
alfonso ontiveros Před měsícem
Cat 6:00
Joshua Greenspan
Joshua Greenspan Před měsícem
It's cute that they're so young they don't realize why that's a Hot Wheels! '93 White Bronco. At least the Juice is no longer on the loose!
Talent Less
Talent Less Před měsícem
Guys what movie are they talking about at 5:47 ? Link pls
Dingo Dash
Dingo Dash Před měsícem
13:21 - Lockpickinglawyer be like: - Nothing on one - Nice click on two - Three is binding - Nice click out of three with a little bit of movement on that core - Nothing on four - Click out of five And we got this open. As you can see it offers very little security even for a non-skilled attacker.
Thompson airsoft
Thompson airsoft Před měsícem
Thats OJ simpson smidgets
Gabriel Liong the Dust News Guy
Gabriel Liong the Dust News Guy Před měsícem
wait why is there MxR comments on Coldplay videos
joster M.
joster M. Před měsícem
13:38 that wasn't just a 360, you went swirling and then crashed into a wall. the joke should have been, that "my wife challenged me sometimes, if i cant open it, there isn't any action"
Elyj'ah Bass
Elyj'ah Bass Před měsícem
Im suprised they dint know what the bronco was...
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Hopkins Před měsícem
This knife is for stabbing someone from very far away.12:48
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Hopkins Před měsícem
Sick Guideer. Lol 12:19
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Hopkins Před měsícem
What the f*** did they do to my boy Nemo!? 10:26
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Hopkins Před měsícem
That's not just a fire in the middle of an ice rink the f****** Zamboni caught fire
Grand Turtle
Grand Turtle Před měsícem
Why no buddha comments for big dude on beach??
Nick The Jick
Nick The Jick Před měsícem
"It lets you access the sausage radio" Damn, I thought that was only a legend
PolyGrind Před měsícem
maybe it's .....earth?!
Merlijn Bal
Merlijn Bal Před měsícem
well that scope would suck more if you use a knife like me cuz i use a knife like ezio from ac
David Danforth
David Danforth Před 2 měsíci
Yo its oj's bronco bud
curt weisflog
curt weisflog Před 2 měsíci
why dident you know that lol
BLAZZER360 Před 2 měsíci
Why the fat guy reminds me of a Budda on the beach?
Atreadis Před 2 měsíci
No one has asked yet, so I'll make the ultimate sacrifice. I hereby formally, and shamelessly, ask for the sauce of that last pic.
Aesthete Před 2 měsíci
Henry is funny Jeannie is so effing adorable.I think you two should make an album together. No lie!
JayEmTee85 Před 2 měsíci
I feel old now. They don't recognize the OJ Simpson Bronco chase for that meme.
Ride the Gamer
Ride the Gamer Před 2 měsíci
Daniel_H212 Před 2 měsíci
8:47 holy crap is that blood on the ice?
Midoriya Weed
Midoriya Weed Před 2 měsíci
12:40 Modern Warfare 2019 be like:
Lipo - Neodvrátíš svou tvář
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But he isn't home yet so you suck your own
Catching your friend in the act... priceless
Lipo - Neodvrátíš svou tvář
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