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If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you probably can’t get enough of the Harry Potter series! And you also definitely like to take a peek behind the scenes and Harry Potter funny moments. That’s why we decided to make a compilation of Harry Potter bloopers and gag reel!
You won’t only see Harry Potter funniest bloopers in this video, but you’ll also learn what Harry Potter cute moments happened on the set! For example, did you know that once Alan Rickman and Michael Gambon played a prank on Daniel Radcliffe? It was hilarious, and this video shows it as one of the magical bloopers in Harry Potter.
Besides, our Harry Potter BTS moments will show you who laughed the most on the set and who created the funniest bloopers in Harry Potter!
Why did Helena Bonham Carter like to play Bellatrix Lestrange? Learn it from our Harry Potter outtakes!
Besides, did you know that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger actors were such close friends in real life that filming their kiss was extremely weird? For Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, it was like kissing a sibling!
Now, please take a look into Harry Potter behind the scenes and have a good laugh at the funny bloopers we’ve compiled for you here. Enjoy!

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EmKay Před 2 hodinami
Don't watch this if you haven't seen the movies or read the books!!
EmKay Před 2 hodinami
Stupid invisaline smh I'm a red head with braces and I eat anything I want lol
Mini Tiko
Mini Tiko Před 12 hodinami
It is sad that Allen rickmen died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺
Sophie Byrne
Sophie Byrne Před 21 hodinou
Hermione be goin like ya cut g to dracos face
violet kramer
violet kramer Před 23 hodinami
well first her name is google lol
Garima Joshi
Garima Joshi Před dnem
she's beauty she's grace she will punch you in the face
lokiland Před dnem
The line is "Hope can be found in the darkest of places. All one needs to do is turn on the light."
YT turtle
YT turtle Před dnem
I didn't know that emma watson actually hits the person who plays malfoy in the face
Phoenix Minecraft
Phoenix Minecraft Před dnem
The actor who played Draco snuck chocolate on set and it melted in his robes pockets so they hade to seal the pockets on all the robes.
Ava Roblox gamer
Ava Roblox gamer Před dnem
I’m happy to know all of the mean characters in the movie are the most funny
Phoenix Blackburn
Phoenix Blackburn Před dnem
2:09 awwe dracos smile is adorableee! Also 6:41 omg the dancing is so cute
Emma Daniels
Emma Daniels Před dnem
Thomas Chaney
Thomas Chaney Před 2 dny
coffee time
coffee time Před 2 dny
I like how dombledoor just dance after the prank
bbsophiex rb
bbsophiex rb Před 2 dny
I’m the 6th Harry Potter Ron falling of the chair was not planed and was just funny so they left it in
hi im pink ,im dead
hi im pink ,im dead Před 2 dny
so that's why there scared of wandless hermonie 😅
Octo Nia
Octo Nia Před dnem
Helllo dead pink
Rania Zouity
Rania Zouity Před 3 dny
Not draco digging his bugers
Earth Před 3 dny
I'd let Emma punch me in the face 10x stronger than her punch to Draco
BlancSpaze Před 3 dny
4:43 prof. snape laughing. everyone else: wait!! that's illegal.
It was really funny. 🤣😆😆😆
April Storemski
April Storemski Před 3 dny
What if all the characters are dead even the main ones!?!?!?
April Storemski
April Storemski Před 2 dny
@Malini Sinha it is a dread to me
Malini Sinha
Malini Sinha Před 2 dny
Too terrible
April Storemski
April Storemski Před 3 dny
I kinda already new this.
Angie Bell
Angie Bell Před 3 dny
NIVIL R Před 4 dny
entire cast are awwwwwsmmm🥺
Isaac Flippen
Isaac Flippen Před 4 dny
Image 6th year is cancelled to covid offfffffs
Sweatly X
Sweatly X Před 4 dny
Ron looks like Ed Sheeran
madi6320 madi6320
madi6320 madi6320 Před 4 dny
do u like my pfp? it is Luna.
Alina Espinoza
Alina Espinoza Před 4 dny
Wait a second...! The narrator of this video sounds like the boy narrator from the channel “share my story” LMAOOO
AS - 04RM 833016 Tony Pontes PS
AS - 04RM 833016 Tony Pontes PS Před 5 dny
Nice vid hope you make more
Robyn Lanigan-Duggan
Robyn Lanigan-Duggan Před 5 dny
There are so many you tube videos of harry poster and there all the same
Mark Henry Abello
Mark Henry Abello Před 5 dny
I heard that the red card was thought up by the producers because of Rupert Grint.
bienne m
bienne m Před 5 dny
Missmia Před 5 dny
“But I am the chosen one” slaps “um ok sorry”
Rajveer Lilani
Rajveer Lilani Před 5 dny
DAVID MARIN Před 5 dny
Lucius: *slaps Draco* Draco: I aM dEaDdD my father will hear about thi- wait dAd??
Lia Banana
Lia Banana Před 5 dny
No Matter How Many Ridiculous Scenes are on Harry Potter...They Are All Still Legends! 😂🤚🏻
Ellen Crown
Ellen Crown Před 6 dny
I took a test and I am Slitherin
Cemre Tube
Cemre Tube Před 6 dny
Poor Draco I actually hate Hermione
asethetic roblox
asethetic roblox Před 6 dny
Hagrid died irl so he had to be replaced u didn't mention that
Doges Are Cute
Doges Are Cute Před 6 dny
Day after my b-day was when this was posted......IT'S A SIGN! XD
elizabeth liones
elizabeth liones Před 6 dny
when he said will immerse u to hogwoarts i litirally opened my window and said someone is going to take me to hogwarts tonight and i packed my stuff and it was a waste of time the own didnt come
Hadis Muradi
Hadis Muradi Před 6 dny
“RuPErT DoNT SmILe!!!!!” That’s a sentence I’ve ever heard
Kilisitina Tuaimeiapi
Kilisitina Tuaimeiapi Před 6 dny
9:46 Huh? I thought it was that Daniel actually knew how to dance so well that it's hard for him to screw up...
Ana Seekings
Ana Seekings Před 6 dny
When Alan said he made Rupert sign it and it’s in his possession 🥺🪄
Cam game
Cam game Před 6 dny
How do they know what it's like to kiss a sibling
discy Norris
discy Norris Před 7 dny
harry: i am the chosen one hermione: hits him harry: ok sorry um
William Martin
William Martin Před 7 dny
spoiler alert
Bai Mariam Abbas
Bai Mariam Abbas Před 7 dny
why is no one talking about severus snape & dumbledore's prank on harry? IT WAS HILARIOUS
Gotcha life And roblox
Gotcha life And roblox Před 7 dny
Ok so you know how you said kissing the other sibling they are identical to be siblings
Marie X
Marie X Před 7 dny
I would love to be a actor on the Harry Potter set
Anime Potterhead
Anime Potterhead Před 7 dny
Umbridge acctuly being funny
Maryplayz roblox
Maryplayz roblox Před 8 dny
1:57 “none of us quite have any idea what’s going on” just got to me 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Benina Agas
Benina Agas Před 8 dny
Ron: Oh Dan you look like one of my cows XD
TikTok jakedixon123
TikTok jakedixon123 Před 8 dny
Rip Alan Rickman 🪄 wands up
Wyatt Renfroe
Wyatt Renfroe Před 8 dny
Hold up who saw Tom Felton picking his nose
Jessica T
Jessica T Před 8 dny
With the dancing one that is wrong because Daniel was really good at dancing but he had t act like he was horrible.
Isabella Masiello
Isabella Masiello Před 9 dny
RIP alan, we will never let you be forgotten. wands up /*
Babydrarry Před 3 dny
Lila Mittelstaedt
Lila Mittelstaedt Před 9 dny
"I'm an angel, I'm an angel" That is so funny
Phoenix Před 9 dny
I LOVE Emma aka hermayony
Jestar black Heart
Jestar black Heart Před 9 dny
8:56 nothing to see here just harry getting pulled up
Tiger Před 9 dny
4:28 adults laughing at a fart joke. Not something that you see every day
Avery Incognito
Avery Incognito Před 9 dny
I love Harry Potter and I did not notice that in the mistakes
Mitch Lears
Mitch Lears Před 10 dny
Pat Vahdat
Pat Vahdat Před 10 dny
pornessian_parapio Před 10 dny
I want my future kids to watch this too👀
Chase Lending
Chase Lending Před 10 dny
"Moving on to one of the most loved characters in the Harry Potter franchise..." That narrows it down
PiaE L.
PiaE L. Před 11 dny
Draco is so cuteeee💚🐍🐍🐍🐍🍏🍏🍏🍏💚💚💚🥺🥺🥺🥺
Chloe Suarez
Chloe Suarez Před 11 dny
But did anyone see tom picking his noes in the background 🤣
Chole Kehoe
Chole Kehoe Před 11 dny
Sian Wakeling
Sian Wakeling Před 11 dny
stop with the harry potter jokes, lets be sirius
Henry Rice
Henry Rice Před 11 dny
6:08 Sirius incidents lol
Sya Seward
Sya Seward Před 11 dny
Just before I watched this the add was a Harry POTTER game
The Bookworm
The Bookworm Před 12 dny
Dolores Umbridge is a dirt stain on the pristine tablecloth that is Cat Lovers.
Art with Emmie
Art with Emmie Před 12 dny
He really said like dumbledore said even in the darkest of times one should remember to turn on the light like NOOOOO it’s happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light 😫 that triggered me
Matthew Rowland
Matthew Rowland Před 12 dny
10:10 funny
‘aesthetic_Potato’ Před 12 dny
Daniel is an amazing dancer and they actually say it was so hard for him not to dance professionally, I think they got the wrong info lol
Adi Před 12 dny
My bestie always used to tell me I was like Hermione Granger. The other day I did a quiz and apparently I have the same IQ as Emma Watson 😂
Paityn Angove
Paityn Angove Před 12 dny
The Sleepy Toad
The Sleepy Toad Před 13 dny
“Not that it’s possible to become a cartoon character” Shifters: AM i A JokE tO yOU
kpop fan
kpop fan Před 13 dny
Dawn Spittle
Dawn Spittle Před 13 dny
Natty Boo
Natty Boo Před 13 dny
On one of the things, Tom was picking his nose
Freya Hagan
Freya Hagan Před 13 dny
Who else saw draco / Tom felton picking his nose at 2:02 😂😂😂
Joanne Taylor
Joanne Taylor Před 13 dny
Oh my God new fact I didn’t notice it’ll change your life OK don’t be too sad or don’t not believe me but .... Snape can smile!
Sophie Amy
Sophie Amy Před 13 dny
Who else really wants to see the picture Rupert drew!!!
Octo Nia
Octo Nia Před dnem
Stefano Lopez
Stefano Lopez Před 14 dny
I watch this video wile smilling
alia irdina
alia irdina Před 14 dny
Not to be confused with Emily Watson. For other uses, see Emma Watson (disambiguation).
Moon Moni
Moon Moni Před 14 dny
Just realized he would have been a really good young spider man
Lily Belle
Lily Belle Před 14 dny
I just got a add for hogwarts quiz test...ever since I’ve been watching Harry Potter videos this has been happening...
Zylo Jordn
Zylo Jordn Před 14 dny
Dan thought he looked good in womens closed :DD
Ginerva Molly Weasley
Ginerva Molly Weasley Před 14 dny
That's so great that Alan Rickman kept the picture Rupert drew of him even though it wasn't nice!!
Malak Waleed
Malak Waleed Před 15 dny
Good job for Harry potter and Draco
Lanky Box Rules
Lanky Box Rules Před 15 dny
Did yall know the actor of Ron had to leave when emma had to kiss david on set
Jerker Sjogren
Jerker Sjogren Před 16 dny
joanna sniegucka
joanna sniegucka Před 16 dny
Oh dude I miss that film!!!!!!
Hermine Martinez-Almanza
Hermine Martinez-Almanza Před 16 dny
It is five in the morning and in the fart part i laughed so hard..
Cloe Bitkover
Cloe Bitkover Před 16 dny
emma is an aries and this video explained it
I Jel
I Jel Před 16 dny
I litterly cried when servers died
umbridge is the physical embodiment of monday
Bella Giordano
Bella Giordano Před 17 dny
Just hermione and Ron playing patty cake on set 😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂 IM DYING
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