Grown Man Tries Watching "Bratz: The Movie" (why do I do this to myself?)

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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i won't be late to school
it's because i really care about it
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waterlily x
waterlily x Před 4 hodinami
9:45 so we're not gonna say anything about that girls long ass coat?? edit : 14:58 also, don't sports players have to have good grades to be able to play? if they don't know 9/3, how are any of them able to play?
Paige H
Paige H Před 5 hodinami
13:47 omg i used to watch this movie multiple times a week when i was little (idk how i could stand it) and i just realised that artie from glee is in it😭😭
Hahaa!!.. now i know why u hate people recomending movies!!🤖... nobody can survive this fugli movie!! Godddd!!!... its a trashhhh!!!.. do not ever go for recommendation !!!... yikessss!!!😒🤮
Makurrado Shi
Makurrado Shi Před 23 hodinami
Goddd I forgot how awful this movie was 🤣🤣
Chi Před dnem
If I had a secret room, it would 100% be my reading/gaming room where no one could bother me
Elena's Art Guide
Elena's Art Guide Před dnem
How dare they ruin bratz
Larissa MC
Larissa MC Před dnem
9:05 I hate it so much.... I imitaded your reaction
Baby Doll
Baby Doll Před dnem
I actually liked this when I was 7....
Lainie Medina
Lainie Medina Před 2 dny
Waaaaait! Why didn't I knew that my girl Logan from Dear White People was a Bratz? Also damn Lionsgate, a whole Bratz movie? Yikeeeees!
TheDucky399 Před 3 dny
13:47 before glee..
Andri UwU
Andri UwU Před 3 dny
IS THAT "TWO YEARS LATER" COMIC SANS?! I just noticed that after watching this video for the third time
Meowf Meowf
Meowf Meowf Před 4 dny
Esther P.
Esther P. Před 5 dny
11:55 BEST PART XDDDDD Watching Dylan internally die is just too funny... guess I'm a psycho too lol
Team Arrow
Team Arrow Před 5 dny
Prinipals get paid 80K-130K annually in Florida while teachers get paid 30K-40K annually, MAKE IT MAKE SENSE
Lucy Před 6 dny
its the fact that the science anime guy is literally tom hanks' son for me
LiaPlayz Před 6 dny
This entire commentary: Dylan trying to express how much this movie sucks
Ůniques Animation
Ůniques Animation Před 7 dny
This was my childhood when i was eight or so i just sat in my bedroom binge watching this very movie and all of the animations
Anesipho Nkonkobe
Anesipho Nkonkobe Před 7 dny
This was my childhood but I won't lie even as a child I felt the movie getting longer I swear
Godben Ben
Godben Ben Před 7 dny
Dylan’s reaction to movies like this is mine 1000%!🤣🤣🤣👌
the Queens
the Queens Před 8 dny
can I just say all of your video have "I wish she would die" "can she get crushed" "yo he should get stabbed" like dang what is it with death.
Sara Fatah
Sara Fatah Před 8 dny
Dylan sweetie, daredevil is blind, not deaf; he doesn't need to feel the vibration or the bass, he can hear it like anyone else would.
Jaylen Elizabeth
Jaylen Elizabeth Před 8 dny
um yes ms janel parrish for damn sure can act.
Jamira Singss
Jamira Singss Před 10 dny
I literally lived for this movie as a child. I was like it has cultural representation, broken family representation, hs is hard, losing friends, underdogs overthrow popularity, music, poor girl representation. What more could u want. 6yr old me was happy. I was so content.
Maddi T
Maddi T Před 10 dny
Michelle van Deventer
Michelle van Deventer Před 10 dny
21:07 lol
Tracy Stiles
Tracy Stiles Před 10 dny
Fuck to I loved that .that move I that it was cute ❤️ I like but u aer wrong about brats
Gabriela Fojtova
Gabriela Fojtova Před 11 dny
You should do Pitch perfect next time
Glitterglambaby19 Před 11 dny
You are upsetting my 11 year old self! But dude you’re hilarious 😂
Nicole Darwood9779
Nicole Darwood9779 Před 12 dny
Yes Janel Parrish was the best actress in this movie I agree 😂
Inez Chong
Inez Chong Před 12 dny
*things in This commentary that made my sister and i laugh* - Dylan hating himself - "the alarm clock is bigger than her fcking head" - Dylan wanting the girl to be crushed by the elephant - uncoordinated bobbing heads thing - "This reminds me of my high school days, where entire bands just fcking played in the parking lot coming into school." - "Do you keep an eight-year-old child worker like sewing you up Nikes n shit?" - Dylan wanting to beat up random ppl in the movie - Dylan crying because of dumb soundtrack lyrics
Spongebob Circlepants
Spongebob Circlepants Před 13 dny
Janel Parrish’s acting only got better from here she’s extremely talented
eihwaz359 Před 13 dny
Dude, watching this video, im realizing this movie is actually a real thing and not a dream. I actually forgot that this was a real movie...
Donna Faye
Donna Faye Před 13 dny
Moms be like watching this I hope this movie gets a bandit😂
Haley Davis
Haley Davis Před 13 dny
There were 2 more mimes in the hallway at 8:01. 😂
Carolina Barros
Carolina Barros Před 14 dny
Him about Jenna “she’s probably the best actress on the movie “ Jenna winning about 6 choice awards years after 😂
Jaylen Elizabeth
Jaylen Elizabeth Před 8 dny
@Carolina Barros oh aha lol
Carolina Barros
Carolina Barros Před 8 dny
@Jaylen Elizabeth ahaha yes 😂😂 my phone corrected automatically 😂
Jaylen Elizabeth
Jaylen Elizabeth Před 8 dny
Aly Cardenas
Aly Cardenas Před 15 dny
why was no one gonna tell me that Artie from Glee (kevin mchale) was in this at 13:41 he’s the guy on the stage
Zaria Bossy
Zaria Bossy Před 15 dny
Am I the only one who just noticed that Kevin Michael is in this movie from glee
Zaria Bossy
Zaria Bossy Před 15 dny
tuconm Před 16 dny
Dylan: Why are we still here just to suffer. Me: your the one who wanted to watch this trash movie so yes !!!!!!!😤
Isabelle Mellado
Isabelle Mellado Před 17 dny
I’m not sure if I should be proud or sad that the marching band at the beginning and that is shown throughout the movie is the marching band my dad works with and that I occasionally help with as well.... I’m kinda proud 😂
alyshasymone Před 17 dny
Fun fact: I went to a school where we were indeed the falcons and had our drum line outside our school on the first day.. every year. Then they went through our hallways during classes as well
I’m Jisoo I’m Okay
I’m Jisoo I’m Okay Před 17 dny
lmao I hope I'm not the only person who went through a "colorful" phase because of this movie ;(
jessica Carolyn
jessica Carolyn Před 17 dny
This was my favourite movie as a child 💀
VBluejay Před 17 dny
drinking game at the word "dawg"
Star Lockhart
Star Lockhart Před 17 dny
But seriously what the heck 9×3 I was doing that in first grade!!!!!
Ella Olugbodi
Ella Olugbodi Před 18 dny
Raymie Před 19 dny
Does anyone else hear "... loving spagetthi" at 17:42?
Ka Lee
Ka Lee Před 19 dny
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bradley nielsen
bradley nielsen Před 20 dny
i HATE that this is Dylan’s introduction to the absolute masterpiece that is the bratz universe
Davia Cole
Davia Cole Před 20 dny
I am CRYING LAUGHING lol firing up my childhood like this lmao
Niamh Hanna
Niamh Hanna Před 20 dny
when you realise there are actors from pretty little liars, dear white people and vampire diaries are in this movie
Mamas Před 20 dny
Katrina Karell
Katrina Karell Před 22 dny
Dylan you need to go back to fourth grade. That is how Sound Works. And that's how deaf people hear music by the vibration.
Sofia Hauptmann
Sofia Hauptmann Před 22 dny
"You know who wear sunglasses inside? Blind people. And douchebags." pls tell me someone gets the reference... Dean Winchester
Alisha Simpson
Alisha Simpson Před 18 dny
yesss!! that’s got to probably be my 2nd favourite episode in the whole series after the scoobynatural one☺️☺️
Leeso Před 23 dny
Ur crazy this movie was ICONIC only elite ppl grew up watching it
Meowf Meowf
Meowf Meowf Před 24 dny
MissPumpkin91 Před 24 dny
Ah yes, the typical hispanic family: mom, dad, abuela, siblings, and of course a full mariachi band in our living room ready to fill us up with the music of all hispanic people, very well, very authentic
JocelynTheComedian Před 24 dny
I like how he buys movies on yt when the movies are free on Netflix and hulu and also Disney plus. Like all the movies he watches.😭😭😂😂
Maddie Knudsen
Maddie Knudsen Před 24 dny
may we just appreciate that the 'nerd' that is Jade's love interest is Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks...
Luverofmysoul 2
Luverofmysoul 2 Před 24 dny
Omg, why was Artie in this. He's far to good for this sludge.
Sarah Fraley
Sarah Fraley Před 25 dny
Dylan; I swear to god if ******** happens me; hes not gonna like the next scene
Alex-Marie Constable
Alex-Marie Constable Před 25 dny
this movie is part of my childhood so yes I am biased but he missed a lot of the deeper meaning within the story because he was to busy roasting it but this was very entertaining and I loved yelling at you while you yelled at the movie
Sophie Adams
Sophie Adams Před 26 dny
React to legacies
yuri ramirez
yuri ramirez Před 27 dny
The debonair amount reassembly heap because point namely x-ray minus a invincible poland. unknown, inquisitive revolve
Julie Nielsen
Julie Nielsen Před 27 dny
There’s a video game of this movie good for teens.
Jorden’s World
Jorden’s World Před 28 dny
Let’s get him to 1MIL
Chasity Leon
Chasity Leon Před 28 dny
just get netflix and the dude was deaf
S c
S c Před 29 dny
i enjoyed this movie when i was 12 but i have no idea how dylan sat through the whole thing without the nostalgia and the commentary/ editing by someone else witout killing himself
Valecia Coats
Valecia Coats Před 29 dny
Ik I’m late but Dylan mad is the best😂😂😏
Skylar B
Skylar B Před 29 dny
The best actor plays a psychopath in PLL
Skylar B
Skylar B Před měsícem
In 5th grade I brought my bratz to show everyone and someone stole them. I cried for like a month.
Skylar B
Skylar B Před měsícem
I cried because the toaster wasn’t working when it wasn’t plugged in so my family have called me toaster girl ever since. So yes I am that f-ing stupid.
Cheri Berry
Cheri Berry Před měsícem
What is it with these grown ass dude CSpostsrs reviewing younger girl demographiced movies? Like I watched these two dudes review Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses recently, and they're here like criticizing it, and I'm like 'you're not exactly the target audience.' 🤣
Rust Jones
Rust Jones Před měsícem
The best jokes were every single damn one, you read my thoughts! But this movie needs to be censored because it can definitely cause permanent brain damage
Piter Před měsícem
I am not a dog
Shania Wilson
Shania Wilson Před měsícem
That is how sound work😭
Вероника Лэмми
Вероника Лэмми Před měsícem
I was laughing hysterically through the whole video, this movie is so dumb
Yachi Tato
Yachi Tato Před měsícem
I'll just wait until dylan watches & does a commentary on 'triple dog dare'
Pan D & Fox E
Pan D & Fox E Před měsícem
I can’t watch this without a straight face 😂🤣😆
RicoGuy Před měsícem
im... in pain
abbey hall
abbey hall Před měsícem
wait, i just realized kevin fricking mchale is in this!! i also stan janel parrish, she was the best in this movie!
Lethu Mthiyane
Lethu Mthiyane Před měsícem
Mona from Pretty Little Liars Anna from Vampire Diaries Nina from House of Anubis Samantha from Dear White People Chelsea from That’s So Raven and Raven’s Home Loca from That’s So Raven Stella from Jonas
Lethu Mthiyane
Lethu Mthiyane Před měsícem
Tom Hanks is Dexter’s father irl
linea pallesen
linea pallesen Před měsícem
Deaf people can play music too, and they can "listen" to music as well, they feel the vibrations. :))
PsychoFox8 Před měsícem
"We get it Mona, you can freakin' sing"
EMGaming Před měsícem
This is probably my favorite movie commentary of yours, I can't stop laughing the whole way through lol! Love your stuff Dylan, thanks for making great content and making me laugh, keep it up! ♥ (Yes I know I'm almost 2 years late)
Britney Darling
Britney Darling Před měsícem
DAWG. also, great teeth.
elkay Před měsícem
this movie is not even a joke, cauz jokes have meaning
Faith Ingraham
Faith Ingraham Před měsícem
I had no idea that the guy from Glee was in this movie
sanastheory Před měsícem
you’re criticizing a movie targeted for little girls being a grown man.. do the math
Janine E. V. L.
Janine E. V. L. Před měsícem
Well I mean the principal knows that his daughter doesn’t need the scholarship so he just gives it to the Bratz (idk Im trying to make sense of nonsense)
Janine E. V. L.
Janine E. V. L. Před měsícem
The mimes could have been for Thespian induction week, at the beginning of the year for freshman and at the end of the year of the students who want to be in it next year (still doesn’t make a ton of sense but 🤷🏽‍♀️)
Elena Garcia
Elena Garcia Před měsícem
this movie is literally a fever dream
Lethu Mthiyane
Lethu Mthiyane Před měsícem
Meredith is rich she can afford College so she doesn’t need the scholarship
Lethu Mthiyane
Lethu Mthiyane Před měsícem
What is with this guy and wanting people to die?
Vanessa Barbas
Vanessa Barbas Před měsícem
Binge watching your Movie Commentary playlist and this one has to be the funniest so far. I’m in so much pain from trying to quieten my laughs because my niece is sleeping 😂
Kagura Miochanlu
Kagura Miochanlu Před měsícem
I wish we really did live in a world where teaching 6 + 1 + 2/3 would make you a genius. If that was the case I’d probably be as smart as Einstein.
back to the future 123
back to the future 123 Před měsícem
I was just binge watching Dylan ,and I found this video . I am in the middle of it and I just realized I watched this movie . I don't even remember it .😂😂😳😳
Trini Tech
Trini Tech Před měsícem
he like Jesus this was not what I wanted I'm glad its done!!!!! Never again!!!! Idk why I even liked bratzs as a kid also I had a bunch of toys N stuff Like bedding of this when I was 11 years old now I'm 23 and If I could re get that stuff back I'd ethir burn it or dump it no joke lol
Talitha Rasha
Talitha Rasha Před měsícem
Tanya Před měsícem
Take a shot everytime Dylan says dog 🤣🤣
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