Fans who are down bad.

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Cody Ko

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Cody Ko
Cody Ko Před 4 měsíci
Check out SimpliSafe here: SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.
Master MIND
Master MIND Před měsícem
Do it squirt?
ur mum
ur mum Před 2 měsíci
i’m poor
a guy from nz
a guy from nz Před 2 měsíci
Hey Cody, they spelt simply wrong
The PandaMan
The PandaMan Před 3 měsíci
ya know cody gotta say this could've been a one page google docs in mla format that you then could've posted on a Snapchat in a twenty page story. just saying.
Jack Mangold
Jack Mangold Před 3 měsíci
lmao youre the only person they follow on twitter now
Yolo Swag
Yolo Swag Před dnem
Quintin Spaulding
Quintin Spaulding Před 2 dny
@11:30 I’m sayin gimme an 1/8 free rn and I don’t trash ur rooms 😂😠
The Anomity
The Anomity Před 3 dny
Man i love this!!! 😂😂😂
jakeskatesbro Před 4 dny
Anyone wish this Cody guy would just shut up and show us the messages ? He easily could’ve just made a PowerPoint for us and it would’ve been a 30 second video , cmon dude
Your Average Piece of toast
Your Average Piece of toast Před 4 dny
"Oh neat" is the whitest thing I've ever heard
Kodi Angel
Kodi Angel Před 5 dny
Yall if someones a bitch or a douche to you just block em, they were never worth your time
Wumbo Před 5 dny
Still waiting for the “Do it squirt?” Merch
Maggot Meatballz
Maggot Meatballz Před 7 dny
Lol chemtrails are not even disputed anymore boomer! Maybe get on with the times?
Karthick Před 7 dny
7:20 alabama song reference 😂
Kangarooster Před 7 dny
You're well-spoken dude.
Emily O’Brien
Emily O’Brien Před 7 dny
really thinkin about when my ex said “poggers” after sexy time. pain.
Mauricio Cervera V.
Mauricio Cervera V. Před 7 dny
4:26 sometimes I forget he's canadian
Angel Frankie Emerson
Angel Frankie Emerson Před 8 dny
ugliest date contest. you really got dinner with the shmucks:-(
Snoop_dono Před 9 dny
this video is better quality than most of the stuff youve been posting just in the first 5 minutes. theres no forced jokes. the jokes that do come out are more relaxed, and have a natural flow about them.
Stuff and Stuff
Stuff and Stuff Před 9 dny
Cody what is this, Wayne's world 3?
Cameron Vince
Cameron Vince Před 11 dny
Video starts at 5:28
Depth of Hades
Depth of Hades Před 11 dny
That ugliest date contest was an American Dad episode lmao
Johanna Guzman
Johanna Guzman Před 11 dny
I love your Chanel you’re one of my favorite CSpostsrs 💕💕💕💕
yng.malibo Před 12 dny
5:29 for when it actually starts😂
Radhika chander
Radhika chander Před 13 dny
When cody started talking about that rude girl smelling, i thought he was using that as a bridge to advertise some perfume
Quinn Arnold
Quinn Arnold Před 14 dny
I think ones who are really down are the ones who get on a dating app specifically to be rude to people. What a sad existence.
Sacred1Hawk Před 14 dny
back-end developers are the true warriors
GuyNamedJay 22
GuyNamedJay 22 Před 14 dny
5:30 down bad comments
SuperNerd Gavin
SuperNerd Gavin Před 15 dny
You could tell they were fake cause all the screenshots were the dudes perspective. The dudes wouldn’t share that shit lmao
cherryhoneyricola Před 15 dny
I started crying at the “ugliest date” one (lol) - what an awful thing to do to someone. I hope that person is doing OK. The fact that they have a sense of humour about it makes them miles more attractive than 95% of people on these dating apps
nomer440 Před 15 dny
simplisafe is condoms for simps?
Tayanna Harrison
Tayanna Harrison Před 16 dny
Small dog. Short king.
Julia Cardarelli
Julia Cardarelli Před 16 dny
no one: cody: pronounces lmao as LUHMOW
Miranda Před 17 dny
not the memeologist!
Kraaahsam Ay
Kraaahsam Ay Před 17 dny
6:40 is literally all of my dating lesbian dating experiences like always with girls it’s always like haha sure would love to have a girlfriend haha same and with guys it’s so much easier
Kraaahsam Ay
Kraaahsam Ay Před 17 dny
Also sorry if that makes no sense I’m stoned as fuck but it’s 4.20
Craig Před 18 dny
It doesn't make me feel any better knowing there are more people than just me getting rejected - if anything it makes me feel worse knowing that finding a significant other is this hard.
free ._. bee
free ._. bee Před 18 dny
That sorority one for ugliest date reminds me of the movie sorority boys. Fuckin classic movie, one of the few comedy movies that still bops in today’s social climate
[blank] Před 18 dny
party that is a contest for ugliest date are called pig parties if i remember correctly, and they are kinda f*cked up even for me lol
[blank] Před 18 dny
look here bud. i live in the middle of f*ckin' nowhere and the last timr someone called the police on the road i live on it took 10 minutes to get there. and i live down the road from the middle school of my county. i don't think i care if i catch a serial killer or wtf ever on camera at that point 🤣
Caustic Cactus
Caustic Cactus Před 21 dnem
God, I could have printed out the auto closed captions and read this in 29 seconds.
NobleNormie117 Před 21 dnem
11:20 thats pure evil wtf
Rachel Reii
Rachel Reii Před 22 dny
Than I log off and I'm fine again 🤣🤣🤣 me asf
Jacob O'Burke
Jacob O'Burke Před 23 dny
9:25 I cried laughing. So dumb!
almeduhh Před 23 dny
I sent a girl my phone number over Snapchat and she said why did you send me your number 💔suicide
Jellybean Spider
Jellybean Spider Před 23 dny
funniest shit ever
TheFlamingTornado1 Před 24 dny
Weird question but does anyone know the name of the sad piano song that keeps playing during certain moments? It actually sounds so nice
Livi Hoffman
Livi Hoffman Před 25 dny
my bf told me that years before we were dating a girl from his highschool and him went on a walk around their neighborhood and she said "oh i just wanted to let you know i always had a crush on you", he didnt realize she still did and said "thats neat" to her... and then there was silence. him and i laugh about it to this day lmao, he was too innocent
Emily Před 25 dny
lmao if someone brought me to their ugliest date contest someone would be going to the hospital for most severe injuries contest
Andi Jayy
Andi Jayy Před 25 dny
this is one of the funniest videos i’ve ever seen. thank you.
David Loeza
David Loeza Před 26 dny
Can I come to the wedding?
Stl Homie
Stl Homie Před 27 dny
fuck simpli safe, that shit makes it so hard to sneak out
David Lafaye
David Lafaye Před 27 dny
I feel like Cody is trying to subliminally get sponsored by Liquid Death.. hmmm very subtle
Tammy k
Tammy k Před 28 dny
did he really just say he’s only sent 1 shirtless pic in his life what
TheFlamingTornado1 Před 24 dny
Old men like Cody aren’t so up to date with the modern tech, forgive him
SmokierSumo Před 29 dny
dont talk down cody for believing in this stuff hes 30!
brandon0109 Před 29 dny
The sweet home Alabama rift had me in tears
Casey Aubert
Casey Aubert Před 29 dny
Cody has Father hands. Not Daddy hands- father hands.
Miguel Vazquez
Miguel Vazquez Před 29 dny
Do impaulsive bro!
Robert Greene
Robert Greene Před měsícem
5:28 video starts
CloakedDisguise Před měsícem
"I trust everyone. I like to think everything is real and is not meant to hurt me". I hope he doesn't look at the flat earthers
Samantha Schoen
Samantha Schoen Před měsícem
“memeologist” is the best profession I’ve seen. The study of memeology
Forine Před 21 dnem
you _can_ get a degree in memes
GlitchMitch 70
GlitchMitch 70 Před měsícem
Mike Zanzi
Mike Zanzi Před měsícem
Shits hilarious cody saying sorry for being sponsored 🤣
louis normandeau
louis normandeau Před měsícem
SitDownBeHumble Před měsícem
9:42 I think I woke up my entire house with how hard I laughed at that 😂😂😂
Darian 101
Darian 101 Před měsícem
Isabella Lorente
Isabella Lorente Před měsícem
I’ve gotten the thumbs up too many times on sum quality shit
ModyDody Před měsícem
Cody is the only youtuber i watch thru the sponsor segment on. Even that is entertaining.
_mari✨ Před měsícem
Can u do a part two
Marcus Beganovic
Marcus Beganovic Před měsícem
Conrad does sound like the type of guy to like buzzfeed
E Smith
E Smith Před měsícem
Video is brought by simpsafe 😤
charlie__woodchips Před měsícem
“the sponser of this video im sorrryyyy” 😂
Ayyy lmao
Ayyy lmao Před měsícem
2:26 This some Simulacra crap o.O
Memes 4 the masses
Memes 4 the masses Před měsícem
9:58 why is that guy actually ajit pai
butidontwantone Před měsícem
Wow, so validating in a way I was not expecting lol. I have always been one who has been very trusting too who also enjoys fantasy novels etc a lot.. so believing things I shouldn't has been a thing for me too lol. Nice to hear I'm not alone!
Madeline Mammone
Madeline Mammone Před měsícem
Once I told this guy I liked him and he rejected me. Then about two months later me and one of my best friends went on a trip to New York together. One day when we were just chilling in our hotel room she gets a DM from that same guy saying he likes her. For the rest of my vacation I was sitting in the background of their FaceTime calls watching supernatural awkwardly in a hotel robe.
Bag Of rats
Bag Of rats Před měsícem
@Madeline Mammone happy for you sis
Madeline Mammone
Madeline Mammone Před měsícem
@Bag Of rats eh it’s fine I’m a lesbian now anyways
Bag Of rats
Bag Of rats Před měsícem
Damn that sucks ass....sorry
Kelsey Před měsícem
I’m late but hoping you can answer this... do it squirt dough?
Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross Před měsícem
He could have came back from the “you don’t need any more snacks” with a “ yah, but I need you”
Dreamer Productions
Dreamer Productions Před měsícem
yo you gotta be an actor bro
Martim Melo Ferreira
Martim Melo Ferreira Před měsícem
And they say no its the worst thing they can say
Sadie cable
Sadie cable Před měsícem
Sadie cable
Sadie cable Před měsícem
deadline Před měsícem
Hey wait. I didn't know giving your number was like a way of a flirting. I. What. I'm malfunctioning a bit.
Forine Před 21 dnem
i assumed instagram was just the norm since internet is easier to access than signal. plus sms is really insecure and who wants to remember a long ass number anyway? plus, what benefit is there to getting someone's number? you can call on instagram just the same as on sms.
Nonexistent Sapling
Nonexistent Sapling Před měsícem
Me too ):
Freakishd Před měsícem
You must be really clueless in other aspects of life too
Yness !
Yness ! Před měsícem
omg I SCREAMED when "sweet home alabama" starte, this was SO funny
Young MC
Young MC Před měsícem
Bros had a rough one. Matched on Tinder with this girl. Won’t lie wasn’t really my type anyways but hey, it’s quarantine. You gotta cast a wide net. Anyways her profile said she’s 5’. I wouldn’t usually bring that up but it’s kinda relevant here. So she matched with me and immediately was like “What are you 5’4? Lol” I go “No I’m more like 5’9-5’10 but I guess those pics do make me look a bit short.” She goes “Hmm still too short for me.” Before I can even say anything in response like “Okay well best of luck” or “Thats ok, we all have our types” or even “Wait what but I’m almost a foot taller than you.” She unmatched so I couldnt respond at all. I had to almost respect the bluntness of it but at the same time I was like “wait what the fuck did she just match me to unmatch right away?”
Alexfromfoodcity Před měsícem
What music does he use for the down bad bit
TheFlamingTornado1 Před 24 dny
I want to know too, that’s what’s really making me down bad :(
Reagan Cochrane
Reagan Cochrane Před měsícem
i was so not prepared for that last line
Roya Před měsícem
cody looks dead inside when he does the ad
Finn 300
Finn 300 Před měsícem
What are you supposed to say when you get nudes?
SexyLegs Před měsícem
This is my favorite Cody Ko video by far
Elijah Drury
Elijah Drury Před měsícem
Part 2
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Před měsícem
awesome dance in font of the motion sensor! it was supa kool !
Giovanni's Daedra
Giovanni's Daedra Před měsícem
The ugliest date thing is so awful, like why would you get someone's hope's up like that when you know I'm gonna crush the competition? Brothers I will raise your self confidence to the roof! I'll make the other guys look like Michael B. Jordan just by comparison.
Johnson Před měsícem
This video made me swear off dating 💀
Gryein Před měsícem
One time I had tinder gold and someone who looked like they could potentially be my type swiped on me, so I matched, only to receive the unprompted message: “Sorry, I don’t date goths.” Pretty confusing to read as someone who was neither goth nor actively searching for someone to date
Forine Před 21 dnem
i've had bumble for like 4 weeks now and i've had 1 swipe. i would be down bad, but i never expect much from these apps anyway.
Squillz Před měsícem
The fucking Sweet Home Alabama intro sent me lmao. I loved that
The absolute worst
The absolute worst Před měsícem
I’d been talking with this guy for an entire year, and we even talked about, ya know, sexy stuff. I could only see him once a year during this conference thing. We were sitting next to each other and I tried to hold his hand. He responded by pulling his hand away from mine, laughing, and saying, “What’re you doing?!” pretty damn loud, I might add. Nope it wasn’t because we were in public. It was just cause... idk. Fun times. :’)
The absolute worst
The absolute worst Před měsícem
In middle school I heard these guys were competing to see who could get the lamest/ugliest girl to dance with them. I was in 6th grade at the time. This eighth grader can up to me, all his friends surrounded me in a circle, and he came through it to ask me if I wanted to dance. :’) So yeah I went and cried in the bathroom after that.
每天。 Před měsícem
The sun gets brighter when you smile 🌞
Megan Pena
Megan Pena Před měsícem
Zach Butner
Zach Butner Před měsícem
Idk if it’s funnier or less funny that if the dude was actually about to die and asked some random girl to jeem him off
People Sins
People Sins Před měsícem
This whole video is COdy== saying stupid smart people buzz words i am confused a little rn. I was going to buy merch but then its sold out, very sad rn.
party like it's 1949
party like it's 1949 Před měsícem
1:43 stream chemtrails over the country club 😩
MainMommyJeans Před měsícem
I just got a job and I have never been prouder than to now be a Back End Little Bitch Boy
SUGAS ARMYYY Před měsícem
Cody, has never looked more like a “Cody,” than he does in this video...
Dudes who are down bad.
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