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Cody Ko

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Kat Wren
Kat Wren Před 49 minutami
okay so i was born in russia and adopted. what happens when they have a camera all the time kids will start to only associate affection with the camera and not expect it any other time or feel depressed the remainder of the time. it’s crazy.
Kam Connor
Kam Connor Před 9 hodinami
ur videos are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee make sure u stay real n dont switch up
Kam Connor
Kam Connor Před 9 hodinami
ahahah ur truthful and its awesome!!!!!! literally why i subscribed
GeorgeCartwright Před 13 hodinami
You know when I grew up, the stuff I would watch had stories and respected the fact that I could actually relate to things on an emotional level and didn't need constant visual and audible stimulation. My nephews they watch these grown ups playing all the meme games and they never EVER shut the fuck up, just constant sound, constant shouting, they say things like "lit" and "bruh" and "savage" and "sus" and I just can't take it. I mean are they going to grow up and be repulsed by their childhood or be products of it? This "everybody is famous buy my merch, watch me fake the weirdest crap for attention" thing is so over the line I cant imagine what it will result in with kids. I mean I straight up hate it, everything, the adults making kid content thing is so disturbingly and indescribably horrible I don't even know how to put it into words whats wrong with it. Its...grotesque.
Qualiangelica Před 2 dny
15:33 damn the sims lagged
SCI TOYS BOYS Před 2 dny
Can't wait until Cody has A whole child and his content becomes family vlogs
Maurice Biddle
Maurice Biddle Před 2 dny
The Bingham family and the Atwood family I think might be the only people that are still original
Welcome to Washington
Welcome to Washington Před 2 dny
15:34 the banister in 9 months: 🤰 👶
Antonio Lara
Antonio Lara Před 2 dny
Can You STOP Saying Bad Word?!!!
Scribbles 3641
Scribbles 3641 Před 3 dny
It was okay at first, but now it’s “I have kids so give me money”
Greta Jo
Greta Jo Před 3 dny
Greta Jo
Greta Jo Před 3 dny
i don’t watch family content at all because it’s boring and fake and the stuff they say is just so insensitive
zoobidoobiedoo 69
zoobidoobiedoo 69 Před 3 dny
Seriously, if I was 10 years old with 1k It would be easy for me to spend that money. Sick lego sets, Minecraft Minecon Cape, and tons of video games.
starla vasil
starla vasil Před 3 dny
the liquid death product placement HAHAH
42 _
42 _ Před 4 dny
imagine being a little baby, your parents film you and get 69 millions per one second. but they suddenly stop. you think "ah, they finally learnt a lesson", but then you see them doing the same thing to your young sister. and you realize that they didn't really need you. you were just a money generator. but you've grown up, so they can't make content of you anymore. you go to school and then someone tells everyone who you are. they start bullying you. your parents don't care. such a painful life.
Jessica Před 4 dny
OMG I don't watch those dumb videos and now I see why...just the absolute worst -_-
The_One_Titan Před 4 dny
"Hey we look alike!" The mom: Thats cause his real dad is your brother
Leul Degefe
Leul Degefe Před 5 dny
It is not funny I don't like the video you shouldn't say that to Rolity family
mya lol
mya lol Před 5 dny
Christopher Carter
Christopher Carter Před 5 dny
1:27 “you have more Bugatti’s than children”
Gaby Zico
Gaby Zico Před 5 dny
Please what is the name of this family’s channel??
Rayan K
Rayan K Před 5 dny
Cody the vid's funny and all but way too many ads.
Helen Li
Helen Li Před 5 dny
"family" content is just exploiting their kids for views and that's a hundred percent gonna create lasting problems :/
Emilee Thomas
Emilee Thomas Před 5 dny
When I watch family vlogger reaction videos I always wonder what reactors think of The Ballinger Family. I feel like they do a good job of making sure their personal life is personal and allowing their kids to choose the content they want to present to the world.
Taylor Před 5 dny
acacia kersey is one of the worst examples of when a washed up influencer turns being a mom into a business
Emil Před 5 dny
*Baby starts crying* Family vlogging channels: Jo guys please like and subscribe and join the free iPhone giveaway
smooshpopper2 Před 6 dny
Okay that baby sure is cute though
dwbi Před 6 dny
bro if you made a video every 2 days you'd have a family vlog and 9 bugattis too, im wondering wtf YOUR cpm's are
Lise S
Lise S Před 6 dny
These kids are going to be so damaged in the future. They will have a really weird perspective on love and on how life works. They'll be wondering if they were there to make their parents money, or were they really loved? How will their view on society be, it will not be relatable to them. I would be completely grossed out by the fact that the entire world has seen my worst moments. Do these parents not think about what this might do to their children? You must be pretty narcassistic tbh.
Nathan R
Nathan R Před 6 dny
It’s probs not healthy for the kids watching the videos too
Nathan R
Nathan R Před 6 dny
They do acc look alike tho lmao
Nathan R
Nathan R Před 6 dny
The saddest thing is the younger ones who will have there whole childhoods documented like this, the camera will be a part of there life forever
Nathan R
Nathan R Před 6 dny
Family vlogs are home videos on crack
Velocity 69
Velocity 69 Před 6 dny
Roman Atwood’s the only one who can do a family channel
Chip Před 6 dny
well now I have to subscribe
Anthony Milc
Anthony Milc Před 6 dny
This is literally the Truman Show lmao
Clau-95 Před 7 dny
its like children watching the family they think they want to have.. really sad honeslty
gabby rodriguez
gabby rodriguez Před 7 dny
this is so insightful
Easter Makeda
Easter Makeda Před 7 dny
Went on a school trip when I was like 12 to San Diego. My parents gave me like $200 and I bought the stupidest things 😂😂😂. Shamu hats and like San Diego zoo stickers, not actual merch just stickers 😂😂. Could not imagine a whole $1000
Josh Hoffman
Josh Hoffman Před 7 dny
its like th truman show is coming true lol
Mochi Raka
Mochi Raka Před 7 dny
why df nw rrrrr >>>? buffq grggg eg*
Burt Randolph
Burt Randolph Před 7 dny
15:26 They put those mommy milkers on a family channel?
Burt Randolph
Burt Randolph Před 7 dny
That baby’s first word will be “subscribe”.
Grace Chester
Grace Chester Před 7 dny
cody using his beer can as his child is unironicaly the funniest part of this video
Ominousghost Před 7 dny
I Stan the Labrants but that’s it
Leah Parent
Leah Parent Před 7 dny
Feels like they're just exploiting their kids.
Lord Marvin
Lord Marvin Před 7 dny
These people are vampires
Aimen Ahmad
Aimen Ahmad Před 7 dny
This is sad to watch
orangejuice Před 8 dny
Another weird thing is that she would record vines with her son and it would be about her being hit on bc she was hot and the son protected her? and weird stuff like that
Merlyn Navarro Sánchez
Merlyn Navarro Sánchez Před 8 dny
Why are yall so calm after that baby picture oh my god
Pastel Pink123
Pastel Pink123 Před 8 dny
5:21 i mean shit thats how my parents talk to me
Username123 Před 8 dny
That baby's first word is gonna be subscribe
Sophia C G Kelly
Sophia C G Kelly Před 8 dny
I don't just seems like in the first year or so of filming everything is fine, and chill. But after they start getting money, views, and sponsors they start to control everything, and make stuff up for clout. It seems like nothing is fun anymore, because it's only for views...only for money and power. They start to stop caring about their children's opinions, and the things they would like to do. Instead they force them to film these stupid, cringy videos just for the heck of it.
JimmyRizz Před 8 dny
15:33 wth is the guy doing to the rail😂😂
Kera Hoagland-McGee
Kera Hoagland-McGee Před 8 dny
Again he’s a fuckin kid!!!
Kera Hoagland-McGee
Kera Hoagland-McGee Před 8 dny
Meanwhile in the news: 10 year old throws rager now that cameras are off since he was born! 😂
Kera Hoagland-McGee
Kera Hoagland-McGee Před 8 dny
I agree like when I have kids I’d like to keep them from the public eye as long as possible it’s so fucked lol
Lunacy Před 8 dny
If it weren't for Austin and Catherine having a child that they put in front of the camera they wouldn't be nearly as popular, and I personally can't understand how someone could do that to another human life just so they can make money. That is your child and you should be protecting them from harm, not practically throwing it at them by having a camera in their face all the time. These kids have thoughts, feelings and emotions and they can't grow as a human being if anytime they have a change in their life, or any kind of regular growing pain then there's a camera shoved in their face....I can't stand it.
Lunacy Před 8 dny
I don't feel okay with these family vlogs eitherrr
Walter L
Walter L Před 8 dny
1. get children 2. exploit them 3. collect the coin
xxthatsnotmexx Před 9 dny
To be fair, when I was 10 I would have used that $1000 for video games lol. And I was 10 in 1996 so I could have bought a good amount lol. 😅
Kalob Hunt
Kalob Hunt Před 9 dny
Bro I got my 4 thousand dollar income tax and I feel rich as fuck I couldn’t imagine getting 50 thousand. Fuck.
功夫Yiga Před 9 dny
I have no idea why people watch them. They are so boring that I can even finish watching a video that’s mocking them.
Soccckk Před 9 dny
fr tho i wonder if they had to take acting lessons before they became a family channel💀
lili arredondo
lili arredondo Před 9 dny
don’t ever tell anyone not to cry especially a child that leads to repressed emotions, self hatred, self doubt, and a lot of other things that the child will have to deal with later in life. also this part gave me chills it made me so sad 9:20 this child is clearly hiding his emotions from himself and his parents he does not feel what he’s saying and he doesn’t want to be acting but he has to
lili arredondo
lili arredondo Před 9 dny
if this kid ever decided he wants to be content in life, he would realize that he doesn’t have parents that care about him
Chunke Monke
Chunke Monke Před 9 dny
Someone needs to tell him that the comments are turned off bc those videos are meant for CSposts Kids
Chunke Monke
Chunke Monke Před 9 dny
4:16 why did I think he was going to say omg little Timmy is eating some dog shit😂
Gilbert Ybarra
Gilbert Ybarra Před 10 dny
I think you hit it right on the nose though, Cody. In some way, the kids will grow up with some serious issues. It’s sad to think about tbh. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel if that serious talk about my daddy issues that I had with them on camera wasn’t so intimate after all.
ewan cairns
ewan cairns Před 10 dny
Am i the only one who noticed that the mother and son are the ones that did those really weird instagram comedy videos when the kid would be like really oddly sexual towards his mother????
maxine hardy
maxine hardy Před 10 dny
literally WHY does the guy who drops his fake baby just fuck the railing WHY
Zoe Alexa
Zoe Alexa Před 10 dny
The only families I watch are the Ballinger family and Roman Atwood's family because they act normal unlike some of these
yvonna smack
yvonna smack Před 11 dny
Handshake: “boom boom AYE”
Elizabeth Cross
Elizabeth Cross Před 11 dny
As the child of a youtuber, the focus of the videos are even on the family for us and it 100% affected us and what we can do around the house and worrying if cameras are on us.
Gee Nicole
Gee Nicole Před 11 dny
I dunno how these people do this. I tried to do a vlog style video of our beach vacation (not for CSposts but for my family and friends on FB) and I was over it quickly. I felt weird trying to record while we were in the car with the dogs going nuts and the kids nagging about “are we there yet”, my husband getting annoyed with people on the highway etc....These people definitely have their kids (AND their spouses) trained well. Or have extremely great editing skills. 😂
Lizkai Před 12 dny
that little kid was like "yeah okay shut up already, i get the mansion to myself time to play fortnite all day" you know he wasnt about to wake up on time "everyday"
Adryanna Mataele
Adryanna Mataele Před 12 dny
I actually thought family blogs were a great idea when I had my daughter, I wanted to show all of my family how my daughter has been doing, we have a lot of family oversees and I thought it would be fun. And then when I actually watch family vlogs it just gave me such bad vibes I couldn’t stand all the popular ones I immediately dropped that idea. There is one Japanese mom blogger who just films what she does with her son with no talking and that’s it and THAT is a nice one but yeah, family vlogs seem to get pretty toxic~
Tor Martin Bjerknes
Tor Martin Bjerknes Před 12 dny
That bookshelf in the background looks so clean.
O O Před 12 dny
i like cody ko even before i did drugs
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Před 12 dny
Family vlogs should be considered child exploitation and illegal world wide.
Michael J. O’Neill
Michael J. O’Neill Před 12 dny
3:50 nah Cody you are right, it’s 100% weird af
JOSEPH DAVIS Před 12 dny
i open a gift and it's a fanny pack I'm leaving bro
Daju Před 13 dny
Even if they believe that they have anything of value to "teach" just because they're lucky enough to succeed bothers me. Like why do people like that think they have some sort of secret ingredient or reason behind their success when it didn't start off as a particularly planned course of actions but sort of just happened and then especially when they just have one example which means they or nobody else knows if they're able to recreate success on purpose. Like if you've got 10 businesses and 9 worked out fairly well then there would be a case that you know what you're doing but just stepping in it doesn't really qualify you to act like you're a guru worth taking advice from. Additionally they or people who believe in this crap don't seem to be capable of rational thinking. Because it should be pretty darn obvious that for every filthy rich person there must be a ton of poorer people in the world because if everyone who wants to be rich could that wouldn't realistically add up with how little wealth there actually is in the world. Also it should be pretty clear that if you need like 10mil+ subscribers for each person you obviously need alot more "regular people" for every social media success story. It's just so delusional to act like that stuff doesn't matter as long as "you want it enough".
rosepetal34 Před 13 dny
so the only thing i watch that is kind of family vlogs are tom daleys vlogs but his sons face is never in the videos/ anywhere on his social media there are no pranks or clickbait its just chill family time like this week it was colouring and talking about a jumper he knitted/ also the vlogs are centered around him with his husband and kid just making occasional appearances/ given how homophobic the uk press was about him and his husband having a kid i can understand wanting to share small bits of happy family life , i find these families terrifying though
Victoria Unsworth
Victoria Unsworth Před 13 dny
That made me look up and realize how much cody is raking in. Apparently 4750 a day. 1.7 million a year
Exurbis Před 13 dny
"Omg we really do look alike, wow that makes me feel so much better!!" 😐
Anthony Graetz
Anthony Graetz Před 13 dny
This is video child abuse
Gabriella Marie
Gabriella Marie Před 13 dny
You don’t have to tip toe around saying this is terrible for kids and beyond cringey haha
Adrianna Rose
Adrianna Rose Před 13 dny
the ballinger family and the mcleod fam are the only ones we stan
phanfinger Před 13 dny
The first few years of life are so important as children are learning not only how to speak and all the nuances of language but also how to control their emotions. Parents and child care providers are the ones who help with this. You cannot do this if you fucking stick a goddamn camera in their faces.
T.M.P Official
T.M.P Official Před 13 dny
The literal truman show... but by choice... creepy
Redzman Omar
Redzman Omar Před 14 dny
It means you have to make good contents Cody you go. Plus your the best
Redzman Omar
Redzman Omar Před 14 dny
Their making progress.All you do is reacting bro.
Malin S
Malin S Před 14 dny
I hate family vlogs. I also do not like that people bombard social media with millions of photos/videos when they have children. If I ever have children I'll make rules for my relatives and friends; never post my child's face on your social media.
Sulimar Před 14 dny
I can never imagine how they feel. Even for me, when my mom finally sits down to spend time with me, and pulls out her phone only to take a picture. Then goes back on her phone the whole time; really hurts. It feels like in order for her to have good pics for Facebook she hangs out with me. So I can’t even imagine how these children feel. Ps. Love my mom to death she just really love approval from Facebook and it’s annoying.
Paola Coccioli
Paola Coccioli Před 14 dny
What makes me really sad is that some of the kids might be watching these channels looking for family life content and parent role models that are missing from their own homes... Bruv just imagine exploiting little vulnerable kids for money and fame...
Hannah Před 14 dny
The Honey ad segue was shameless. SHAMELESS. XD
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki Před 15 dny
kids under a certain age should NOT be on the internet. i’m sorry.
jZEN10 Před 15 dny
it’s funny cuz my family is more interesting than the families on youtube, but something about recording every single part of your life and your family for people to see is weird to me.
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez Před 15 dny
thanks for always giving the funniest content lol
Quintin Spaulding
Quintin Spaulding Před 15 dny
“no no no, don’t cry” Cody forgot about the manual zoom😂😂
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