Falling In Reverse - "I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)"

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"I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)" by @Falling In Reverse
Stream & download: fallinginreverse.ffm.to/vampire
Director: Jensen Noen
Producer: Phoenix Vaughn
Director of Photography: Anthony Kimata
Production Designer: Eric Hersey
Production Company: Blesscode Entertainment
REVAMPED by Ronnie Radke
Produced by Ronnie Radke & Tyler Smyth
Mixed by Tony Maserati
Engineered by Tyler Smyth
Choir singers:
Chase Matthews, Christopher Aaron, Donna Taylor, George Steeves, Jackie Simley, Jacob Lusk, Kelly Jones, Kym Foley, Leah Williams, Marcellina Hawthorne, Mike Sandberg, Mikel Cole, Neeyah Lynn Rose, Phillip Hunter, Russell Jackson, Sire James, Terry Marcheta Nicholson, Ronee Martin, Vickie Dove, Zuri.
Additional vocal production for choir: Russell Jackson
Written by Ronnie Radke, Michael Baskette & Dave Holdredge
Site: fallinginreverse.com
Store: store.fallinginreverse.com
Facebook: fallinginreverseofficial
Twitter: firofficial
Instagram: instagr.am/fallinginreverse
Tumblr: fallinginreverse.tumblr.com
Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
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Epitaph Records
Epitaph Records Před měsícem
Stream + Download "I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)" Here: fallinginreverse.ffm.to/vampire
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Před dnem
did you fkn plebs like your own comment lmao
TheBestGame Reviews
TheBestGame Reviews Před 3 dny
@Fingerboarding Channel he no drug abuse anymore he changed he have family now Girlfriend people learn from they mistakes
Bob Corning
Bob Corning Před 4 dny
@A. Clark ä
dragon breathjr.
dragon breathjr. Před 7 dny
Kevin Bram
Kevin Bram Před 13 dny
Like yeah got that yell scream from me Bram .
Child Yunaki
Child Yunaki Před 55 minutami
Vampire Chronicles looks a little different here?
Maxi crash
Maxi crash Před 2 hodinami
This is amazing :OOO
Kyle Brumsworth
Kyle Brumsworth Před 3 hodinami
Absolutely stunning. Really out done yourselves on this one. Bravo!
OhEmGee ItsEmily
OhEmGee ItsEmily Před 5 hodinami
This gave me chills. ❤
Zina F.
Zina F. Před 8 hodinami
This Band, this musician saved my life so many times since my youth. It began with the song "Situations" I think 13 years ago. Thank you so much. Keep goin until you´re 70. Greetings from Germany.
Sabari Diakite
Sabari Diakite Před 10 hodinami
Hi, my name is Sab. And i'm an addict. (To this song) :)
nkvd Před 12 hodinami
Now I have a hobby to watch the reaction to this song
CRAZYCRAFTER 186 Před 12 hodinami
Shivers I got shivers
Emerald Heart
Emerald Heart Před 15 hodinami
Wow... This is Incredible! Job very well done you guys!!! 🤍🌹
astromari Před 15 hodinami
DunaYT Před 15 hodinami
the voice is OP
lindA Před 17 hodinami
zacatek: 0:42 teeth 4:35 - 5:46 f zkracene: 5:02 - 5:46 zombie 2:11 - 2:54
Oz Webber
Oz Webber Před 17 hodinami
I honestly adore this version, as soon as I saw revamped I was like ayyyy I saw what you did there
Samantha McCoy
Samantha McCoy Před 18 hodinami
I goddamn love this version of the song.
AnnaMarie Figueroa
AnnaMarie Figueroa Před 19 hodinami
Oh my god this was perfect
Zavier Maddy
Zavier Maddy Před 19 hodinami
Going into this I was not expecting much considering how the drug in me is reimagined was just sad. But I fucking love this.
Jer Debonair
Jer Debonair Před 20 hodinami
Bro I think I cry or shake it off every time I play this
Jason Hillman
Jason Hillman Před 20 hodinami
"I want to do Cradle of Filth but make it Meatloaf."
Oleksandr Zaglada
Oleksandr Zaglada Před 22 hodinami
Жорка Před 23 hodinami
Браво! Оригинальная версия была хороша, но это уже искусство 👏👏👏
Bozhana Dubinska
Bozhana Dubinska Před 23 hodinami
Lost opportunity to name this song "I'm Not A Revampire"
DeathGirl Před dnem
Just... WOW.
HeyItsLacyMarie Před dnem
Ronnie without tattoos seems so weird to me...
Weaboosuki Sharai
Weaboosuki Sharai Před dnem
And here goes another one! Love it
Micky Deeren
Micky Deeren Před dnem
Love the direction youre taking. So much more emotion. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Gunnar Holmström
Gunnar Holmström Před dnem
What an absolutely magnificent song! I just cant stop listening and watching the video. Utterly amazing. What a voice he has developed! And the video is a masterpice! kudos!
Gattsujim Před dnem
this is a masterpiece!
BENEMMETT1 Před dnem
continues to amaze me every time. absolutely love all your work falling in reverse
Nina Sant
Nina Sant Před dnem
They made a whole movie compacted into 6.17 wtf!!!
CookieGacha Před dnem
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez Před dnem
One word Masterpiece!!!
V I R A L I O N Před dnem
royal casanova
Nelson Silva
Nelson Silva Před dnem
When FIR meet Meat Loaf
Haon T. Emberhog
Haon T. Emberhog Před dnem
I think we can all agree he is a great fucking singer
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Před dnem
SO good :)
Gerald Palmer
Gerald Palmer Před dnem
Come on y'all tell me ronnie singing like this would sound even more amazing with early 2000s Amy Lee
Golden Nyx
Golden Nyx Před dnem
Everyone always talks about ronnie, but no one notices the "in loving memory of Derek Jones"
Patriots Nation 4 life
Patriots Nation 4 life Před dnem
Legit sounds like Mr Crowley to start off I could literally hear ozzy say "Mr. Crowley the second it stopped
Alan-_-Dark Před dnem
Olalajffjslkjkvkkxktk me llamo Alan Oscuro xdcjjdjsdgk
Tracy Před dnem
The “‘my head is always spinning from this dizzy, blurry vision” part tho 😱
Sléęzy Fręsh
Sléęzy Fręsh Před dnem
I.. I didn’t know the original could be topped- 😩🤌✨
Amy S
Amy S Před dnem
This song went from quick jabs from a featherweight to some solid body blows from a heavyweight. The lyrics finally have the tempo to make a solid impact. Awesome.
Miss Midnightt
Miss Midnightt Před 2 dny
It's great to hear more of these type of vocals from him. Ronnie has such a powerful/beautiful voice. Would love to hear the revamped songs live!
Vikingpinata Před 2 dny
This is a masterpiece
Thomas White
Thomas White Před 2 dny
Straight GENIUS!!!!
Lee Compton
Lee Compton Před 2 dny
I've been a fan of ronnie, since he wasnt famous... I can tell you kids of 2000s this is what a musician and artist looks like.
Tamara Luna
Tamara Luna Před 2 dny
super ;) supremas estas versiones
Sullen Taylor
Sullen Taylor Před 2 dny
Only on the 50th listen did I realize that is *PAIGE FROM WWE!!* I feel dumb 😂 😂
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira Před 2 dny
Bastian Stroh
Bastian Stroh Před 2 dny
When is the musical coming out?
Corentin Delrue
Corentin Delrue Před 2 dny
Amazing, shivering, masterpiece !
Drawnosaur Před 2 dny
After the previous clips, where Ronnie is waving his arms, it is strange to watch him just stand with his hands down XD. 0:43
Sergio Von Kaiiser
Sergio Von Kaiiser Před 2 dny
este tipo es una obra de arte
bayu setyawan
bayu setyawan Před 2 dny
Yeah, another amazing rearrangement! Can't wait for my favorite one, Raised by Wolves or may be Rolling Stone.
Miss Ragnarok
Miss Ragnarok Před 2 dny
Watched this the first time thinking “damn - the lady is beautiful!!” Watched a second time - “wait, why does she looks so familiar. Still gorgeous but I’ve seen her face somewhere” Watched a third time - “Holy crap that’s Paige!! No wonder she’s so stunning!”
Anon Před 2 dny
I hope this is a turning point for Ronnie
S t a r s e t
S t a r s e t Před 2 dny
This is art pure🖤
TopShelfGaming Před 2 dny
Simply put??....... Fucking amazing! a musical masterpiece!
Gabby Burks
Gabby Burks Před 2 dny
Rvie Velado
Rvie Velado Před 2 dny
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Larry Green
Larry Green Před 2 dny
As a very big fan of yours, I've gotta tell you that I have a really dire request. Chemical Prisoner next!!!!! Please, please, please do that one next.
chris riker
chris riker Před 2 dny
can we please give this man a clear as day. BRAVO BROVO 👏👏👏
Tracy Před 2 dny
Why is a new melodramatic dramatic Victorian vampire power power ballad EXACTLY what I needed right now
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie Před 2 dny
I’m so happy I stumbled across this
Blade Před 2 dny
The theatrics kinda remind me of a little piece of heaven from avenged sevenfold
CrookedHatMan Před 2 dny
Unofficial Theme Song of Resident Evil Village
shiNIN42 Před 2 dny
It started with a Popular Monster cover a few days before. I checked out the original and listened to it zillion times, finding it way better and just perfect, now I am here, listening to this over and over and wonder if it's the best music video I ever saw according to my taste. I am in love :D If I wanted to kill myself but wasn't in a big hurry, I would live a bit more just to listen to it more. This song makes my life so much better now and yep, my life isn't good now but my inner hedonist is very happy and thankful now.
Dark_Melancolia Před 2 dny
kim knight
kim knight Před 2 dny
This is pure genius and his voice his amazing - such a talented man x
Апиат Глотт
Апиат Глотт Před 3 dny
Вы серьезно??? Я этот клип увидел неделю назад, меня уже прёт!!!
what Před 3 dny
Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket Před 3 dny
Michael Jackson from Ghosts said hi
Shawn Wherry
Shawn Wherry Před 3 dny
Nicholas Staker is gay
Xaver_D Před 3 dny
Lyrics : Well, I'm not a vampire But I feel like one Sometimes I sleep all day Because I hate the sunlight My hands are always shaking Body's always aching And the dark is when I feed Well, I can lure any woman that I want to in my bed With me And whiskey seems to be my holy water Mothers better lock your doors And hide your daughters I'm insane Well, I can feel it in my bones Coursing through my veins When did I become so cold? For goodness' sakes Where is my self control? If home is where my heart is Then my heart has lost all hope Well, I'm not a zombie But I feel like one today Self-induced comatose, chemical daze My head is always spinning From this dizzy, blurry vision And my stomach has had enough I feel like a lady That is pregnant with a baby 'Cause I'm always throwing up Hi, my name is Ronnie I'm an addict (Hi, Ronnie) Daddy should've never raised me on Black Sabbath I'm insane Well, I can feel it in my bones Coursing through my veins When did I become so cold? For goodness' sakes Where is my self control? If home is where my heart is Then my heart has lost all hope God bless all of you now 'Cause I'm going straight to hell And I'm taking you down with me 'Cause you know damn well I'm insane Well, I can feel it in my bones Coursing through my veins When did I become so cold? I'm insane Well, I can feel it in my bones Coursing through my veins When did I become so cold? For goodness' sakes Where is my self control? If home is where my heart is Then my heart has lost all hope All hope All hope
Chifan Andreea
Chifan Andreea Před 3 dny
Purge_B00mZ Před 3 dny
bro we need a movie an ronnies life plz make it
Natro Před 3 dny
If there was ever a son of a bitch to be jealous of their vocal range, Ronnie is the one. Absolutely blows me away.
Megara Megz
Megara Megz Před 3 dny
Is that Saraya-Jade Bevis?
Danny Rollin
Danny Rollin Před 3 dny
My heart is pumping dude...what is this ? Feels just like me..
Tyler Conroe
Tyler Conroe Před 3 dny
I straight up cry with all your videos, your heart is so deep. Distorted and lovely
TheBestGame Reviews
TheBestGame Reviews Před 3 dny
This song should win Grammy awards amazing song and video clip or should be soundtrack to horror movie it will be amazing soundtrack
Elonair Vitela
Elonair Vitela Před 3 dny
OMFG, this song in the background while playing League Of Legends with VIEGO!!!!
ANNE gorda
ANNE gorda Před 3 dny
se ta doido
Devonte Wright
Devonte Wright Před 3 dny
tutak botak
tutak botak Před 3 dny
this is shit idk how the best rock emo band turn into this that's sad
xXBebeXx Před 3 dny
isabella. Před 3 dny
Ali Heshmati
Ali Heshmati Před 3 dny
BobZ Před 4 dny
La verdad que Ronnie es de mis artistas favoritos, me encanta su musica. lo descrubri con el album "the drug in me is you" y investigue sobre el, me encanta. Saludos desde Argentina
Sebastian mathues
Sebastian mathues Před 4 dny
Does anyone else get a mr. Crowley vibe in the opening
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Před 4 dny
i hadnt listened to fir since their first album or two. then i saw this and i was like holyyyyy shit. ronnie has gotten so much better over the years. this is really impressive. i got chills
THE WOOD PB Před 4 dny
Barnabas collins tá diferente
Talia Pereira
Talia Pereira Před 4 dny
Paige and Ronnie.. 😍🇧🇷❤🤘🏻
Alien Nyx
Alien Nyx Před 4 dny
Absolute legend as always 👏👏👏
meganrusson Před 4 dny
What did you say about being an emo in the 2000s? Yea, talent.
Ariauna Marais-Besson
Ariauna Marais-Besson Před 4 dny
Lol, he reminds me of Aro from Twilight
Chelovek Pauk
Chelovek Pauk Před 4 dny
"I'm Not A Vampire" Thats what Vampire would say
Justin Ludlow
Justin Ludlow Před 4 dny
not gonna lie...I expected a FUS RO DA! this shit is straight up skyrim. Love you guys tho keep doing you.
Vrexxzzz Před 4 dny
Falling In Opera :D
jordan hurley
jordan hurley Před 4 dny
Anyone else get chills
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