Everything Wrong With The Simpsons Movie In 15 Minutes Or Less

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The Simpsons Movie was long overdue when it came out, but generally delivered the laughs for most fans, and enough box office for Fox to eventually be sold to Disney. Oh, and it had sins, man. Lots of sins.
Thursday: animated non-Disney sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?!
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Bradford Myers
Bradford Myers Před hodinou
Cinema sins:this family is indestructible Me:no there just nokias
Eli The Doofus
Eli The Doofus Před hodinou
Nothing is safe from him.
Pickles Dill
Pickles Dill Před 4 hodinami
No sin/removal for General "Mariott Suites"?
Oluf The Explorer
Oluf The Explorer Před 4 hodinami
"power windows" because everything electric in a car iscalled power something in America in the same way a caveman would call anything technological magic. I just find that hilarious 😏
Pickles Dill
Pickles Dill Před 4 hodinami
I can tell that you don't watch the show because you would've pointed out that the Lard Lad Donuts company mascot is colored completely wrong.
Pickles Dill
Pickles Dill Před 4 hodinami
In the show he matches the character's skin tone, has blue overalls and a pure white shirt, has brown hair and black eyes, and the logo is blue and red, not yellow.
Azers Recordings.
Azers Recordings. Před 6 hodinami
no wonder i kinda stopped watching cinemasins. the nitpicking is so annoying. be cool dude
RevineYT Před 11 hodinami
15:09 no, in "Maggie's First Word" which came 15 years before this movie, her first word was "daddy"
Blazing Tacos Productions
Blazing Tacos Productions Před 14 hodinami
More like 16:34 of things wrong with you jk this video proves a good point I grew up with this movie
Screm-1471 Před 16 hodinami
SkittlesForTheColorblindPeople Před 17 hodinami
Worst thing: It came out in two versions in Flanders and the Netherlands besides English: Dutch and Flemish....... (For 99.9% of the time The Simpsons got an English version. For a very short time it was broadcasted in Dutch........)
Sue-Ming Burford
Sue-Ming Burford Před 17 hodinami
Under the dome hits differently now
CycolacFan Před 18 hodinami
No ones going to mention that Stephen King got a book and a TV series out of the town under a dome idea? Or that the Simpsons stole a Stephen King book plot? Whichever came first. I’m too lazy to look it up.
Charlie Films inc
Charlie Films inc Před 21 hodinou
3:32 better not look kids.
SleepLess Před dnem
0:38 once again the Simpson’s predicted riot
Jason LeSage
Jason LeSage Před dnem
Those were not helicopters. They were V-22 Ospreys, which are tilt-wing aircraft. *ding*
TheGoldenCatz YT
TheGoldenCatz YT Před dnem
Answer B)
Peter Garuti
Peter Garuti Před dnem
Why does no one try tunneling under the dome, the Simpson’s sink hole means the dome as some sections that are just on dirt and not rock?
Max's Adventures
Max's Adventures Před dnem
Maggies first word was actually "daddy" in "and maggie makes three"
Christopher Streat
Christopher Streat Před 2 dny
Oh Jeremy don't you know that there was no wall to the left of the wall because the writers needed some dumbass reason to make Homer cause unreasonable damage?
Retroboy2006 Před 2 dny
15:10 Maggie's first word was actually daddy, in the episode "Lisa's first word"
David Meland Ask
David Meland Ask Před 2 dny
booble maps had me crying hahahahh
MsBright Eyez
MsBright Eyez Před 2 dny
Everything wrong with chernobyl diaries
J V Před 2 dny
cinemasins being a ❄️???
SaltyPickles Před 2 dny
Cinema sins is basically like alpharad but for movies
Matt. W
Matt. W Před 2 dny
I'm still convinced 13:08 is an Eva reference.
Fuzzycupcake 66
Fuzzycupcake 66 Před 2 dny
Cinema sins says lgbtq+ rights
Sargent Phoenix
Sargent Phoenix Před 2 dny
I still like this film. It's just good before Simpsons just before it went slightly wrong.
John Seed
John Seed Před 2 dny
Actually Maggie’s first word was daddy
ENT Primarina
ENT Primarina Před 2 dny
13:10 I am not
Fuzion 07
Fuzion 07 Před 3 dny
No sin for how conviniant that the woman saved homer from the bear
Life Box
Life Box Před 3 dny
8:28 they’re in a dome using torches you know domes are airproof I didn’t see any ventilation system and it must be extremely hot inside the dome
Quagmire Před 3 dny
Nothing Video over
foxydapirate 09
foxydapirate 09 Před 3 dny
4:56 Itssssssss a movie
foxydapirate 09
foxydapirate 09 Před 3 dny
3:30 Not a Sin
hamilton euzarraga
hamilton euzarraga Před 3 dny
Maggie's first word is "Daddy", you twit.
L Traficante
L Traficante Před 3 dny
You were supposed to add 50 more sins for no Sideshow Bob.
Schuyler Před 3 dny
The grandpa was already in church before they walked in
Secret Před 3 dny
The cinema sins hater one made me laugh so damn loud. Like I just got it lmfao
abraham van helsing
abraham van helsing Před 3 dny
after the movie collins must of got thanos snapped
RINHUNTER9426 Před 3 dny
Sin for using power windows in his car with out the key....what da??? My man! I own a commodore where i can still use the windows for up to a min without the key in. not worth the sin
tin stuff
tin stuff Před 3 dny
D3 delaney
D3 delaney Před 3 dny
Continuity error on their end because season 3 episode 9 Maggie says "Moe"
Dillon Ohlemiller
Dillon Ohlemiller Před 4 dny
I still think it needs a sequel movie for the series finale
Comedy Gamer
Comedy Gamer Před 4 dny
Nothing wrong I thought it was really good
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner Před 4 dny
For the homophobic things 1 It’s not 2 it’s 2007
Harm Kuijpers
Harm Kuijpers Před 4 dny
OK, spider pig is worthy of a sin removal.
Arthur MacKay
Arthur MacKay Před 4 dny
0:55 also Marge switched seats
armasandoval52 Před 4 dny
12:44 then that makes the entire simpsons cast disney characters
elim nido
elim nido Před 4 dny
spider pig is coming for you and your first born
Garrett’s Sports rants
Garrett’s Sports rants Před 4 dny
You’re now owned by that evil corporation, that’s what makes them an evil corporation.
Martin Hoerchner
Martin Hoerchner Před 4 dny
"Pa" is a word. Give yourself one sin.
Melissa Callaway
Melissa Callaway Před 4 dny
Wait isn’t Maggie’s first word daddy from the episode where homer shows where all the Maggie posters were in his office
Liam Advena
Liam Advena Před 4 dny
I never noticed all the fucked up lines in this movie as a kid
Ma x
Ma x Před 4 dny
3:28 that´s why it´s so good
Henk van Peer
Henk van Peer Před 5 dny
18 stars... that is not america... YET! On it’s waynbecoming a failed state. under God, of course.
Henk van Peer
Henk van Peer Před 5 dny
Yeah sure, as if the guy who hosted the apprentice is ever going to be president...😳😆😂
Owen McKernan
Owen McKernan Před 5 dny
Booble maps
Unnecessarycommenter Před 5 dny
I think this is one of, if not the only movie that has had 3 sins taken off by CinemaSins
Jacob Correa
Jacob Correa Před 5 dny
Dude you forgot to sin the two people next too milhouse's dad changing
John BigBootes
John BigBootes Před 5 dny
Those aren't helicopters, they are Osprey V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft. I'm sinning you for not doing your research.
You Know
You Know Před 5 dny
Tom hanx lubs children
You Know
You Know Před 5 dny
"So many eyes an such sharp teeth, Its like Christmas at the Kennedys" could anyone elaborate on this line
Barcelona Club futbol
Barcelona Club futbol Před 5 dny
Are these videos meant to be criticism or funny cause its terrible either way, I mean I watched this with hope but he literally points out almost no errors and just makes lame jokes or points things out that are either on the screen or answered later. I will give this channel a sin for not doing its one job well.
Francis The frog
Francis The frog Před 5 dny
*It’s empty*
Ricky Jr. Orona
Ricky Jr. Orona Před 5 dny
"I'm the mascot of an e-".... oh...
Commander Darokahn MC
Commander Darokahn MC Před 6 dny
Movie character: *breathes* CinemaSins: YOU AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW IS GOING TO HELL
roy bg
roy bg Před 6 dny
A waste of 16 minutes...... Trump supporters might like it though.
BradDaMan Před 6 dny
Jeremy doesn't seem to get that the Simpsons is a cartoon.
deathrider7 Před 6 dny
It's a fucking cartoon.
Caleb Howard
Caleb Howard Před 6 dny
Does this movie not make you think back to Stephen's King 'Under the Dome'?
Leopard 3402
Leopard 3402 Před 6 dny
1:3t had us in first half ngl
Hi Před 7 dny
Declan Chu-Ricci
Declan Chu-Ricci Před 7 dny
All of these sins are exactly why I love this movie
Mr Potential
Mr Potential Před 7 dny
7:28 someone explain the gag I haven't seen this movie in years and forgot
Samuel Plays
Samuel Plays Před 7 dny
The friend that ruins the movie by telling everything thats wrong:
Moon Před 7 dny
Since when is joking about race, sexuality, and animal abuse something that is wrong? It's a fucking joke.
Alexis Byrd
Alexis Byrd Před 7 dny
Noooooooooooo!! Not the Simpson's movie.
MR.T Před 7 dny
I get it this guy complains on the movies saying "that couldn't happen" but it kinda anyoing to hear this guy cry over movies maybe it cuz he has no life.
Tyvrell Cooley
Tyvrell Cooley Před 8 dny
I just realized where is Flanders the whole time the mob is trying to kill the Simpsons. I can understand him going after Bart and Homer since they done horrible things to him. But we all know he has the ability to convince the town to not attack Marge, Lisa, and Maggie
Brian Lokenall
Brian Lokenall Před 8 dny
Booble Maps. Lol.
ThatAlphaZo4 Před 8 dny
12:44 that is actually funny
Drew Horst
Drew Horst Před 8 dny
Red Robins has bottomless fries so maybe Flanders got a refill 🍟🍟
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse Před 8 dny
I miss when he said "that's racist" and was just joking. Now, I'm pretty sure he is legit triggered and calling it 'racist'.
K M Před 8 dny
You'll sin insensitive jokes, no matter how benign, but you wont sin overt progressive bullshit that is forced into the plot unnaturally
Wesley Ward
Wesley Ward Před 8 dny
Simpsons movie 2 when
Jonah Perry
Jonah Perry Před 8 dny
Video is actually 16:34...DING
Patrick Cope
Patrick Cope Před 9 dny
10:43- Let's be real, that game was rigged from the start. Both buttons release the hounds.
Psycho Sociopath
Psycho Sociopath Před 9 dny
Phallic pig crapper. Give me 1 sin for every person who posted before me. And minus 1 sin for me if I pointed out... CARGILL is it funny that its the name of the worlds biggest food supplier and environmental destroyer?
BlakeSmith17 Před 9 dny
i can also use the power windows without the car window.
Treb Kielc
Treb Kielc Před 9 dny
Factor takes everything out of the equation . . . Even the money part, Bruh?
Callum Brookes
Callum Brookes Před 9 dny
I just made it
TheEmeraldSword Před 9 dny
I did research after he said the pink car doesn't have an alarm, and Homers car is from the 1960's (Plymouth Valiant) and car alarms where invented in 1913. Sure, Plymouth probably said no to adding an alarm, but further study may be required so that is a maybe on if he's right or not.
Sue Miley
Sue Miley Před 9 dny
Alex Reilly
Alex Reilly Před 10 dny
Before I watched this CS vid I was like hmm why haven't I watched the film in years..it took one second of feminazi bs to remind me
Avinash Tyagi
Avinash Tyagi Před 10 dny
Actually Maggie's first word was Daddy, but no one heard it
JohnDoeHedgegg Před 10 dny
“18 stars and 11 stripes. That is not America yo." That was America, in its baby years.
Cheese Lester
Cheese Lester Před 3 dny
He said “That’s not America. Yet.”
Gregory Amicar 57
Gregory Amicar 57 Před 10 dny
Why is the music different
Gregory Amicar 57
Gregory Amicar 57 Před 10 dny
Finally! We got this video existed!
the Zandroid
the Zandroid Před 11 dny
I just don't understand why the Carnie counted Homer's fall as a try if he was just gonna give him a bonus, he still ends up with 3, so... what's the point?
BlueFireDrakka Před 11 dny
realistically Marge would only actually have to replace the nipple (yes thats what its called, you can giggle now) of the bottle between her three kids when they were babies, ye olde shit was made to last yo, Glass baby bottles are ironically the safest when it comes to the real danger of baby bottles (harmful bacteria buildup) since you can safely just boil the hell out of them and anything harmful would die. and depending on the height and where its dropped they can survive hitting the floor. and despite my tepid love/hate-mostly hate relationship with this series...Im still kind of sad about DR Nick
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