Do You Love Me?

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Boston Dynamics

Před 17 dny

Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.

Aaron Moher
Aaron Moher Před 13 minutami
I've seen better CGI in 20 year old movies. Who you trying to kid?
Aaron Moher
Aaron Moher Před 5 minutami
@Yellowstone The Pony This is cgi
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 11 minutami
This is not CGI.
Aaron Moher
Aaron Moher Před 17 minutami
Controlled with remotes or no?
Elif Před 18 minutami
Robotların bu kadar gelişmesi beni korkutuyor
Jungwon Lee
Jungwon Lee Před 23 minutami
There is atlas and spot
Jungwon Lee
Jungwon Lee Před 24 minutami
Jungwon Lee
Jungwon Lee Před 24 minutami
Abdul Waseh
Abdul Waseh Před 25 minutami
StillFreeinVT Před 26 minutami
This is disgusting and scary.
Deniz Demir
Deniz Demir Před 14 minutami
awe don’t be scared
Risitas Elpaellaras
Risitas Elpaellaras Před 36 minutami
The first robot, he can play soccer ? :)
n o
n o Před 37 minutami
Yes, i love you.
Hi Ich Bin Barney
Hi Ich Bin Barney Před 37 minutami
0 Fortnite Dance, 100% Robots teabagging their weak fleshling counterparts after winning a war... WITH STYLE! :D
Alex The Lion
Alex The Lion Před 49 minutami
This scares me... it’s terminator all over again
joe dirt
joe dirt Před 53 minutami
This is exactly why they built them for
Anfas Meera
Anfas Meera Před 55 minutami
They should make this an annual thing.
Harba Mon
Harba Mon Před hodinou
I just want to work with the company 💔
Its real right? its not cgi, ...
Yannick Tarik LPT
Yannick Tarik LPT Před minutou
@Aaron Moher Just google Boston Dynamics once, you can actually buy those robots lol
# Před 4 minutami
@Aaron Moher prove it
Aaron Moher
Aaron Moher Před 6 minutami
@Yellowstone The Pony ITS CGI
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 9 minutami
@Aaron Moher Its not CGI.
Aaron Moher
Aaron Moher Před 13 minutami
It's CGI
천호영 Před hodinou
i love you Boston Dynamics 💋❤🤞
Indira Marat
Indira Marat Před hodinou
Do you love me 💃
Yves Fernandes
Yves Fernandes Před hodinou
Já era já
Keegan Před hodinou
Yeah I'll be impressed when it starts Moon walking
Громов Před hodinou
Именно так они будут танцевать на наших трупах😉
Maharathy Před hodinou
2:15 the routine practice is so hectic that even the bot is sweating.
77 Před hodinou
it's cgi right? right?
moto mellows
moto mellows Před hodinou
No check out Boston dynamics dude sick robots
Phil STI
Phil STI Před hodinou
Samandar Samari
Samandar Samari Před hodinou
Lovely music and dance routine, nostalgic when I did it my way!..... -- will these be doing the Covid 19 Vaccine, which one? Johnson & Johnson or
Dabstronaut Před hodinou
Its CGI lol
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Před 56 minutami
No it’s not
JustAGuy1250 Před hodinou
fun fact, they're not that dog you see is something you can actually purchase from their store (if you have a few thousand for spare that is)
nyyotam Před hodinou
Gr8 job BD! Now fit them with prosthetics and send them to Mars!
EMB3R Před hodinou
yes, I love you
dbsill cockney
dbsill cockney Před hodinou
All fun and cute until they rise up and destroy us ;)
Anja Heinold
Anja Heinold Před hodinou
It‘s things like this that make me believe in humanity again
모과의 청춘고백Mogwa Log
모과의 청춘고백Mogwa Log Před 2 hodinami
what a cute...I want to get one of them..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Konqueror Před 2 hodinami
It may be cute now but in a few more years these robots are gonna be able to chase you down and punch you and kick you in your gut.
R.I.P. Decent Society
R.I.P. Decent Society Před 2 hodinami
I don't whether to laugh or start preparing for Skynet's attack....
The Troubled Coder
The Troubled Coder Před 2 hodinami
We’re fucked
仮置き場KARIOKIBA Před 2 hodinami
新 宝 島
Leslie Castle
Leslie Castle Před 2 hodinami
Demonrats covid compliance enforcement team
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Před hodinou
you need help
Em Před 2 hodinami
Fs in the chat for the twerking robot.
Peter S
Peter S Před 2 hodinami
While admiring engineering... it may be a time to one's pants..
Manuel Gnthr
Manuel Gnthr Před 3 hodinami
Most concerning about this technology is That this taxpayer funded research will be given for free to giant tech companies for profiteering and then be sold back to the taxpayer at market prices
Wendigo Před 3 hodinami
Ok ok we get it. Release the robot overlord already and get this over with quickly.
preblalar Před 3 hodinami
Uncanny... Looks like were getting closer to Horizon Zero Dawn.
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo Před 3 hodinami
Nice footage from the next Portal game
Raymonjo Joestar
Raymonjo Joestar Před 3 hodinami
Solid cgi
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 7 minutami
Your the kind of person to ask for an awnser and then refuse to listen to it. Even if your life expands on it.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Před 55 minutami
@Raymonjo Joestar I didn’t ask if it was cgi which it isn’t btw
Revenger 211
Revenger 211 Před 2 hodinami
Unfortunately for you, technology is that advanced..
Andrew Bellinger
Andrew Bellinger Před 2 hodinami
@Raymonjo Joestar well if you weren't so damn poor you'd buy one. I own three of them, and three labradoodles.
Raymonjo Joestar
Raymonjo Joestar Před 2 hodinami
@Andrew Bellinger R/didn't ask
Desdemona Před 3 hodinami
Rock out with your bots out! 🥰🥰🥰
3 n
3 n Před 3 hodinami
Do they dream of electric sheep
Scott Elijah Matlou
Scott Elijah Matlou Před 3 hodinami
Great book!
Konstantin Tkachenko
Konstantin Tkachenko Před 3 hodinami
Why not a "Pulp fiction" Thurman and Travolta
William Nogueira
William Nogueira Před 3 hodinami
it almost looks like cgi.
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 5 minutami
But its not. We think its CGI because we have never seen anything like it.
Minnie Rivera
Minnie Rivera Před 3 hodinami
Cath A. J. Stuart
Cath A. J. Stuart Před 3 hodinami
Let's face it, this is what we've been waiting for robots to do.
Meister W.
Meister W. Před 3 hodinami
Black Mirror
Kenneth Sandy
Kenneth Sandy Před 3 hodinami
COOPE COOPS! ! Před 4 minutami
@Kenneth Sandy cOnvInCinG MOvIe mAGiC
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 5 minutami
Its not fake.
Kenneth Sandy
Kenneth Sandy Před 20 minutami
Convincing movie magic
Naciye Alcı
Naciye Alcı Před 3 hodinami
its not
David Null
David Null Před 3 hodinami
The development is funded by the US military DARPA
geraldine rice
geraldine rice Před 3 hodinami
I think I watch this daily. Only yesterday saw the staff behind the glass, was looking at the guys.!!!!
Ninja Thumbs
Ninja Thumbs Před 3 hodinami
OK OK its real lol
Ninja Thumbs
Ninja Thumbs Před 3 hodinami
An b4 anyone says ergh your computing us to covid Well my bad i never meant to insult covid in any way by comparing them to us.
Ninja Thumbs
Ninja Thumbs Před 3 hodinami
When you find out monsters are real, thanks for the nightmares kuz when robots can realise they will realise were the world's problem an eradicate it like were trying to do with this other living organism erm what's it called again erm oh yeah covid
xxbigkisses Před 3 hodinami
incredible detailed movements for a robot. the women of the world want a robot who can keep house: put on latex gloves and scrub toilets, vaccuum and shampoo carpets, run the stove to cook, prep the meals, climb stairs as needed, do all that is asked of it without malfunctioning to the killing point, and plug itself in to recharge when it runs low.
Matthew Dunn
Matthew Dunn Před 3 hodinami
Nice dose of vintage sexism in a modern video
SuorinAirLover420 Před 3 hodinami
Wouldn’t men want that too idiot
ghosthunter806 Před 3 hodinami
Lol, perfect stability, guys. If a normal self-educating AI existed today, ATLAS would be a perfect body for it.
mahendra singh kushwah
mahendra singh kushwah Před 3 hodinami
Sofia software + this Hard ware == boom boom 😃😃
Abhishek Pathak
Abhishek Pathak Před 3 hodinami
this made my day
Klevi Mosallah
Klevi Mosallah Před 4 hodinami -
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 3 minutami
Get lost spammer
Klevi Mosallah
Klevi Mosallah Před 4 hodinami -
Klevi Mosallah
Klevi Mosallah Před 4 hodinami -
Klevi Mosallah
Klevi Mosallah Před 4 hodinami -
Klevi Mosallah
Klevi Mosallah Před 4 hodinami -
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 3 minutami
Get lost
Ludwig Schütze
Ludwig Schütze Před 3 hodinami
Shut up please
vropp Před 4 hodinami
Let me be among the first to welcome our robot overlords.
Alfred la Alpaca
Alfred la Alpaca Před 4 hodinami
Yes, but can you, a robot, love me?
Jihye Lee
Jihye Lee Před 4 hodinami
This is not CG????? I can't believe this!!! They are the BTS's strongest competitors!!!!! : )
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 2 minutami
Yes. This is real. Amazing right?
Day and Knight
Day and Knight Před 4 hodinami
But can they dance like a robot?
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před 2 minutami
Your asking the real questions here.
Seyed Sajjad Daneshmand
Seyed Sajjad Daneshmand Před 4 hodinami
Investors pouring billions of dollars into robots Engineers: Look at 'em dance, God we are smart Investors: :|
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
What'sup with 2 spaces
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
But investors don't make it, engineers make It's just for testing, if it can dance It can do anything, even fight
K MM Před 4 hodinami
pretty freaky
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
No lol
Rogue Shadow
Rogue Shadow Před 4 hodinami
This is the scariest thing I have ever seen
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
Why they just dancing
BoTFranK Před 4 hodinami
i remember the early showings of these things when they fell over trying to walk, amazing how far they have gotten, imagine what they will be able to do in the future
Sam Markey
Sam Markey Před hodinou
Fight in wars?
Y O Před 4 hodinami
You need to hire more blacks into your company. They should be programming the dance moves, not whites and Asians.
Yellowstone The Pony
Yellowstone The Pony Před minutou
Soooo...your telling us that only black people can dance? Dude. Thats racist.
Dragnoft Před 4 hodinami
i want a robot like that please
Sunshine Před 4 hodinami
*Why are comments here automatically sorted by newest?*
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
Really wtf
Sunshine Před 4 hodinami
*Welcome to comment section, where you will find every Comment is few minutes ago*
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
Newest first
Tsukuba Dynamics 2021
Tsukuba Dynamics 2021 Před 4 hodinami
I made a parody video of this video!
Sunshine Před 4 hodinami
*I searched up 'Dancing dog' , I'm here now again* 😂
Micah Powch
Micah Powch Před 4 hodinami
Damn, theyre really gonna make "Robots: The Musical" up in here
Konnichiwasup Před 4 hodinami
When a robot dances better than you
itwontcomeout5678 Před 4 hodinami
For real haha I am kinda learning just from watching these guys.
Sunshine Před 4 hodinami
Haha so funny 😑
Serjohn Před 4 hodinami
whats the point when wheels are just better than legs
itwontcomeout5678 Před 4 hodinami
Wheels move faster on flat level ground, but legs can traverse rocky terrain quicker and smoother
Ali Said Güdekli
Ali Said Güdekli Před 4 hodinami
This is not lovelable. This is creepy for me.
itwontcomeout5678 Před 4 hodinami
But they love U
Serjohn Před 4 hodinami
different atmoshpere if the routine was performed on top of a grave
Serjohn Před 4 hodinami
i find it bizzare how horrible of a taste of music those robots have
itwontcomeout5678 Před 4 hodinami
Don’t diss the Motown >:(
Serjohn Před 4 hodinami
one step closer to robocop
Serjohn Před 4 hodinami
imagine if the camera turned around and it was a robot filming it
Sunshine Před 4 hodinami
Stfu kid stop spammin
Nisa Naz CEZİK
Nisa Naz CEZİK Před 4 hodinami
Nooo I don't like it
Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh Před 4 hodinami
Those robots are far better than humans , the sync right there baby!
Halima Brewer
Halima Brewer Před 5 hodinami
Have watched this around 20 times, shared it several times, posted it to people I thought would love it. The engineering and computing involved in this knocks me out. LOVE it. I look forward to the day when I can see robots helping the disabled, and working for ordinary people a bit more. And doing things on Mars and the Moon. I look forward to more videos - not aimed at industry - I am an English teacher, not a head of any industry or an engineer or software developer myself, but do teach people who hope to become one. thanks.
itwontcomeout5678 Před 4 hodinami
@Archer Elms no, this is NOT CGI.
Archer Elms
Archer Elms Před 4 hodinami
@Stephen Miller Yes, I have seen what they've been doing lately. That's how I can tell things are definitely very off about this. Plus I've seen a lot of CGI
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
@Stephen Miller that's just 9 yr old thinking he is teacher of Elon musk
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
@Archer Elms Animation - Cartoon Cgi - For movies
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller Před 4 hodinami
@Archer Elms have you seen the evolution of these Boston dynamics robots over the past 10 years? I don't think you know what your looking at, while there is clever editing, this is not animated. This is a commercial demonstration of capability while not freaking out the general public.
TheSagaciousEngine Před 5 hodinami
People in the 80's: In the future robots will try to take over the world! Robots:
Nivedita Narendran
Nivedita Narendran Před 5 hodinami
This+Sophia=Chitti Robot🥴🥴🥴🥴🤸‍♀️
Make It With Pam
Make It With Pam Před 5 hodinami
Those robots dance better than I do!
westernjohnny Před 5 hodinami
I’m sorry, you’re too much of a pushover.
tichu7 Před 5 hodinami
Real robots, but animated... They have a bit too much airtime that real world physics would give them. Definitely not 9.8m/s^2
ぐうたらぼっち Před 5 hodinami
Vitaly Kucheryavyy
Vitaly Kucheryavyy Před 5 hodinami
Best regards from cowboys from Vologda, Russia:)! Frankly speaking your company is now moving to the dead end. Consider the following: 1. During the interaction between horse and a man the proper Human-Horse-Interface could be created based on the modern telecommunication technologies. It could be done as a small phone-headset in the ears of the horse which in its turn would be connected with the proper headset of the horse rider. In this case you could command your horses at the larger distances. 2. In the conditions of modern emergencies and epidemics such form of communication could be of the very high importance for survival of the mankind. If we would connect a horse with the headset to the network of the road transmitters which would send the command to the horse we would get more cost-effective and accurate mean of delivery than any industrial robot you produce. 3. All aforementioned is easy to implement in currently available hardware and software. 4. At the same time we could also exchange with the horse with some signal messages, to say nothing about the horse could be equipped with cameras, radars and other assets. It could be the real prototype of the UGA (Unmanned Guided Animal). Looking forward to see your next funny videos! May God keep you safe!
CITADEL Před 3 hodinami
@Vitaly Kucheryavyy Согласен, жаль жаль что у нас подобный потенциал в исследованиях не реализуется... Из-за чего людям приходится покупать забугорные механические модули по ценам в миллионы рублей...
Heyy yy
Heyy yy Před 4 hodinami
Wtf bot
Vitaly Kucheryavyy
Vitaly Kucheryavyy Před 4 hodinami
@CITADEL Да ради бога! Пускай играют в свои исследования, ибо за ними, как и за всем американским ВПК, своя коррупция! И дай бог, чтобы какая-то польза для человечества из их разработок получилась!
CITADEL Před 4 hodinami
@Vitaly Kucheryavyy бро, сейчас существующие наработки подключают к оставшимся мышцам, считывая импульсы подаваемые мозгом (миоэлектрические) , такие протезы рук сейчас повсеместно используются, притом подключение идет без хирургического вмешательства, так-же и стопы, а вот коленные модули это другая тема, нужны надежные и безотказные механизмы способные исполнять команды точно и без задержек на обработку сигнала, поэтому я не перестаю удивляться разработкам бостон динамикс в плане работы и кинематики, о том как удалось добиться столь компактного расположения узлов, хотя конечно иногда мне кажется что в основе у них всё-таки гидравлика везде. Кстати есть уже наработки для людей с синдромом запертого человека или просто для тех кто парализован, специальный имплант который считывает электрическое возбуждение определенного участка мозга и через специальный декодер направляет на сеть приборов, которые возбуждают мышцы в нужных местах. Получается эдакое подобие внешней нервной системы, обходящее поврежденный участок позвоночника и т.д.)
Vitaly Kucheryavyy
Vitaly Kucheryavyy Před 4 hodinami
@CITADEL Да ты сам даешь, бро! Ознакомься с трудами Института Мозга Российской Академии Наук!!! Там четко сказано, что до полного понимания работы нейронов не хватает существующей разрешающей способности томографов. А ты о каком-то нейроинтерфейсе пишешь! С лошадью бы разобраться;)!!!
Влад Воронов
Влад Воронов Před 5 hodinami
3D graphic
minni Před 5 hodinami
I love u
Waterman Před 5 hodinami
No, I don't love robots.
H F Před 5 hodinami
Ok. Well I'm ready for robots to take over. Can't be any bigger mess than it is now. Just imagine if they are gender, colour & religion neutral.
ROZE Před 5 hodinami
la tecnología avanza con el mejor estilo
SomethingElse Před 5 hodinami
Shot on Spot
Bob Bobby Bobson
Bob Bobby Bobson Před 5 hodinami
I can’t tell if it’s real or it’s cgi at some points it looks real then at other parts it looks fake
uman Před 2 hodinami
Possibly a composite. They have many cuts. One thing is for sure. The robots did not dance the whole piece. They made single moves which were then cut together. And some stuf was defintively CG supported (if not fully made with).
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