*Disney Descendants 2 and 3* - one GOOD, one BAD

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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which descendants movie is good and which one needs work? Let's talk about it
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K_BeAr- K
K_BeAr- K Před 44 minutami
I know you don’t like movie recommendations butttttttt.....I just read a book series, divergent and they have movies on them too. So maybe if your up to it read the books? I think you will rather enjoy it!!! I love your channel so much thank you!
Kyleigh Harmon
Kyleigh Harmon Před 3 hodinami
I love how Dylan doesn’t even notice Booboo Stewart is in this (guy from twilight)
Aster Lucia
Aster Lucia Před 5 hodinami
Dylan is kinda chillin' like a villain'
Rachel Carranza
Rachel Carranza Před 7 hodinami
my brother are mad that am laughing so hard because of this is so funny 🤣🤣
Sandra S
Sandra S Před 8 hodinami
Dylan is chillin' like a villain
Kamryn Melancon
Kamryn Melancon Před 11 hodinami
HE SHOULD WATCH JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS!! its so good, and it has some characters from this movie
The Humpl
The Humpl Před 13 hodinami
Once upon a time is pretty much this with death and no singing, i think he'd like it
James Snow
James Snow Před dnem
why can't Disney just use the musical formula correctly (if you cant talk you sing if you can't sing you dance) is it that hard
James Snow
James Snow Před dnem
why don't they make copies of the magic items and store the real ones in a valet so no body can use them
*•.Pebble .•*
*•.Pebble .•* Před 2 dny
Dylan is chillin like a villain >:)
Delaney Arnold
Delaney Arnold Před 2 dny
I think it's hilarious how he says stab the guy already stab him! But then says it's a Disney movie like 2 seconds afterwards. It's a Disney movie there is not going to be stabbing.
Maddie Dickie
Maddie Dickie Před 2 dny
Me realising how dark descendants would be if Dylan made it 😂
GachaJade Před 2 dny
*GaSp*How dae you Dont make fun of My Devie Ship!(Doug and evie)
The Void
The Void Před 2 dny
"Oh my god, save this child! That's so sad! I really hope she dies." - Dylan The Professional Movie Watcher - August 24, 2020
Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard Před 2 dny
Okay but we know he has a Ursula kink why was he so judgemental haha
Rewa Tripathi
Rewa Tripathi Před 3 dny
7:10 that joke is my 13th reason
Mudukuti Jaden
Mudukuti Jaden Před 3 dny
Audrey: I'm so sorry Mal:it's my fault Me:oh hell no Me:get the hell out of my kingdom
Monika Witowska
Monika Witowska Před 3 dny
is he pregnant??? bitsh i freaking died
Jana Eloff
Jana Eloff Před 3 dny
y'all see that 3 of the characters in the final descendants movie is als9 in julie and the phantoms🤣
sushimi Před 3 dny
the way dylan just leans forward in anticipation for mal and evie to kiss only for them to not kiss and him being so disappointed and lead on
Diana Quezada Pomahualí
Diana Quezada Pomahualí Před 4 dny
Me parece o los actores de doblaje en el español latino, hacen a estas películas más aceptables?? xdxd
Jaileen Vargas-Garcia
Jaileen Vargas-Garcia Před 4 dny
I just think that at this point he should finish the Kenny Ortega musical trifecta, and watch Julie and the Phantoms.
Lizzie Apple
Lizzie Apple Před 4 dny
hey grandma makes the best cookies okay
Gita Ulaga
Gita Ulaga Před 4 dny
The only reason why Ben found out that Mal spelled him is because he jumped into the magical lake
Kiah Před 5 dny
I miss Cameron 😔
Kitty Katt
Kitty Katt Před 5 dny
Dylan: "Tho like.Epic rap battles of.history" Me (that loves Erb): *has a seizure wondering if he reacts to those too*
Alex Eloriaga
Alex Eloriaga Před 5 dny
Dylan... I just got here and how are you talk through the best two songs in the entire series? No mention of how amazing they are... *sigh*. You're right on about everything else though. I think your commentary made the movies better.
bela Před 5 dny
i wish he watch julie and the phanthoms
bela Před 5 dny
me as a brazilian person,thank u for connected with us
Victoria Wise
Victoria Wise Před 6 dny
lol children don't overthink as much that's why
April Moulton
April Moulton Před 6 dny
you know not all movies have to have stabbings and deaths and stuff. sometimes some singing and some magic, a dragon, and some people with not great hair is okay to watch. lol
Alexis Parvin
Alexis Parvin Před 6 dny
there making a fourth this summer
Cora Henderson
Cora Henderson Před 7 dny
omg i thought it was just my gay a$$ brain making them gay! but like..... mabey they are bi because purple and blue are the bi flag(and pink)
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Před 7 dny
For some reason, when chad said "ok" I heard "gay"-
April Moulton
April Moulton Před 7 dny
so, they put mal's mom in a tank in her room until they can figure out how to either turn her back, or find a spell to make her good, and then turn her back. also the angry pirate dude is not ursula's son, hes hook's son duh. and the sandwich was a pb and j not grilled cheese. lol
Blueberry Boy
Blueberry Boy Před 7 dny
28:16 “one of the requirements for being chosen is that you have sick dance moves” The hades dance scene: 😌🤚
Journey Manuel
Journey Manuel Před 7 dny
I'm just four mins in and his reaction to Evie touching "🤓's" hand has me LMAOOOOO 💯💯💯
Bryanna Burrell
Bryanna Burrell Před 7 dny
The first news with Ben was like acting as the boss of been that’s what I don’t like about this movie but you’re not saying that but you should see
Micah Guillemette
Micah Guillemette Před 8 dny
"You cant convince me that this smoke show ends up with dork dork number one" and because of that, i am rooting against your success and disliking this video.
Kaivon Nix
Kaivon Nix Před 8 dny
excuse me but doug is so sweet😭 and i love his hair in the 3rd movie😭
emma almond
emma almond Před 8 dny
Space Between was a full on love song, you cannot convince me otherwise
Jamira Singss
Jamira Singss Před 8 dny
Also i think the reason they did nothing w jay and Carlos is bc Cameron Boyce who plays Carlos died suddenly so they amplified mal and evie. bc they can’t show that they are missing scenes.
Jamira Singss
Jamira Singss Před 8 dny
the fact that uma’s song was all about WHATS MY NAME WHATS MY ÑAME UMA UUUUMMAAAA! and he says her name wrong... DID U NOT HEAR THE SONG
Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle Před 6 dny
The pirates say uma Also it sounds a lot like oohing or however you spell it Keep in mind it was his first time listening to the song
Ahtayne Plantak-Tilley
Ahtayne Plantak-Tilley Před 9 dny
Dylan: Theres some good songs here Also Dylan: "Like a Villian?". I HATE YOU
00:00 Před 9 dny
Dylan chillin like a villain
Animator Ireenie
Animator Ireenie Před 9 dny
31:04 I laughed way to hard at this
Liv Jones
Liv Jones Před 9 dny
So much hairdye, so many roots :(
klaudia diamondlund
klaudia diamondlund Před 9 dny
this entire thing just reminds me of every witch way on nickelodeon because it's so. bad.
Elisa Camou
Elisa Camou Před 10 dny
Notice how Ben kisses the ring when the ring is on Uma's finger, but when the ring is on Mal's finger, he kisses her hand...
Elisa Camou
Elisa Camou Před 10 dny
"Oh great. Now they are going to buy drugs. That's why you don't give money to the homeless" What-
Elisa Camou
Elisa Camou Před 10 dny
"Don't tell me that this Smoke show is gonna end up with dork dork number 1" LMFAO
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira Před 10 dny
bill skarsgard'ın burnu
bill skarsgard'ın burnu Před 10 dny
Ash Seely
Ash Seely Před 11 dny
A short recap or all three movies: no one gets stabbed
Mel Vilela
Mel Vilela Před 11 dny
as a lesbian, i am also ready for a lesbian disney princess
Xxwolfie_ libbyXx
Xxwolfie_ libbyXx Před 12 dny
We all just gonna forget the fact that mal KILLED Audrey!?
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Před 12 dny
I had the same reaction when I saw Doug with long hair😳
Aleyna Před 12 dny
Should I make a Discord server for Dylan???
Shy Před 12 dny
Jay's only plot in the third movie was flirting with gaston's son.
Shy Před 12 dny
The descendants movies are so bad but they make me realise how much I miss Ever After High
moonxaep Před 12 dny
"I need a lesbian disney princess" Elsa: Hey how you doin :D
Caseyroseyx Před 13 dny
*Dylan chillin chillin woahhh like a villian, chillin* ahaha sorry Dylan, I had to lol. Its such a good rhyme!😅
Flame Před 13 dny
Connie is like how Legolas has infinite arrows but with swords
Flame Před 13 dny
I guess Gaston got over Belle I'm just imagining Gaston and Beast like that one scene in Pirates of the Caribbean when they try getting Jack back from Davy Jones' Locker "Ya shot me!" "No I didn't" or "I don't even know you" and "I've never met this man in my life"
Emy Ice
Emy Ice Před 13 dny
But did anyone notice, that Chad is just in all of the movies, doing something that's just completely pointless for the plot.? Like, he is funny, but why?😂😂😂 He is just so irrelevant for the story.
iminlovewithlouispartridge Před 13 dny
iminlovewithlouispartridge Před 13 dny
iminlovewithlouispartridge Před 13 dny
iminlovewithlouispartridge Před 13 dny
Marcus Martinus
Marcus Martinus Před 13 dny
YOU HAVE TO REACT TO TEEN WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
certified idiot
certified idiot Před 13 dny
wait so i cant say dylan is chillin like a villain
ilaria Před 13 dny
I guess you scraped them pennies.
Jessica Jonsons
Jessica Jonsons Před 14 dny
The beast wasnt cgi-ed they have a video on the descendants youtube channel of the process of them putting the make-up and hair on
Tessa Master
Tessa Master Před 14 dny
Hitler killed himself he never went to jail
Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle Před 6 dny
It was an example of how he did horrible things (Audrey’s actions weren’t as bad tho) and said how if someone did something horrible they’re just forgiven easily in the descendants universe
Batya Shukrun
Batya Shukrun Před 14 dny
Dylan has a good point. When I wrote my fantasy series, the villains were villains. They did terrible and cruel things, but that's what made them who they are, that was their role in the story. But here, the villains are ordinary people just a little more angry, arrogant and careless. But this is it. Which is a shame because it's one of the things that prevented the film from realizing its true potential. Not to mention the fact that it does not exactly make sense.
Queen_rAr•W• Před 14 dny
I liked Doug he was cute in the first 2 movies but the 3rd one......oooo mmmm nooo Then I liked mal in the first and 3rd movie hated her on 2 you can tell the Ben really loved him and she didn’t really give me that love he deserved
Liah Pham
Liah Pham Před 14 dny
okay so, i see you making this mistake and i just wanna correct you and make it easier for you to understand whats going on, the magic "love spell" did work on him but it washed away in the lake when he swam in it in the first movie- because it was "enchanted"- if that makes any sense
Órlaith Murray
Órlaith Murray Před 14 dny
Dylan is chilling like a villain
sumrah sana
sumrah sana Před 15 dny
“Do dress makers get paid that well in this world?” Dylan it’s a disney movie, princesses have like 3 different outfit wardrobe changes in a movie
Shawn Kuhn
Shawn Kuhn Před 15 dny
Damn it why was i getting triggered by Dylan
megan ruth
megan ruth Před 15 dny
last movie it was said magic doesn't work on the ile and now it does?
Keira Posey
Keira Posey Před 15 dny
The person who plays jay is Seth Clearwater in twilight
Elizabeth Hersom
Elizabeth Hersom Před 15 dny
In the third high school musical I fell asleep, the first movie was easily the best, same in descendances.
Lolas Challenge tube
Lolas Challenge tube Před 15 dny
it is not a staff it is a scepter
Sophia Pinto
Sophia Pinto Před 15 dny
Didn’t Doug say who his dad was in the first movie?!
Sissy Před 15 dny
“FUCKINGG CRINGE!” “Dork dork number 1” “Ahhh he's a sugar daddy!” “Oop you got me in the friend zone haha” I love his commentary 😂😂😂
Precious Clarke
Precious Clarke Před 16 dny
Okay but at 22:40 no one can tell me that Beast (Bens dad) doesn't look like one of those blue and yellow cans of Pledge lmao
maria gabriela
maria gabriela Před 16 dny
44:41 it's how i felt about most marvel movies lol
LILAH RIFE Před 16 dny
"who put their fishing rod into that octopussy" i am DEAD 💀
LILAH RIFE Před 16 dny
dylan: "oh he's her sugar daddy" yeah totally dylan
Lynn Esquer
Lynn Esquer Před 16 dny
Ni siquiera hablo ingles pero amo tus videos! ¿¡que clase de super poder es ese!?
Manon van der Aalst
Manon van der Aalst Před 16 dny
That moment when you said "they should be lesbians" with space between, bitch true, but yeah you know Kenny Ortega just loves to ship best friends and enemies and they end up marrying someone who doesn't fit them at all 🤣
Iria Rioja Gómez
Iria Rioja Gómez Před 14 dny
ejem Ryan and Chad ejem
Drew Lucy
Drew Lucy Před 16 dny
lmao Dylan really said who would want to get with Ursula even tho he was attracted to her when he was younger
somethin something
somethin something Před 17 dny
This made me laugh more than it should have.
Paula Jackson
Paula Jackson Před 17 dny
This is my first time watching him and usually it takes a lot of videos for me to sub but I pressed that bitch instantly
Lia Pandinha
Lia Pandinha Před 17 dny
Dylan really doesn't like chilling like a villain
Add Mar
Add Mar Před 17 dny
Dylan hating a character and at the same time calling home my boi
So here’s my thoughts
So here’s my thoughts Před 17 dny
Why are all the theories about the plot from him better than the actual plot about the movies
Naomi Clarke
Naomi Clarke Před 18 dny
it wasnt meant to be the last one but then cameron died so they stopped
Naomi Clarke
Naomi Clarke Před 18 dny
u got really attached ahahaha
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