Derrick Lewis: "I want a piece of Alistair Overeem. Clap them cheeks"

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Derrick Lewis talks Curtis Blaydes, Alistair Overeem and the new Mars rover.
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Norman Jones
Norman Jones Před měsícem
Great fighter and one of the good guys
socalbassboy Před měsícem
4:08 lmaoooooo
Steven O'Brien
Steven O'Brien Před měsícem
I love Derrick Lewis. Literally the coolest part of the HW division.
Ben Lilliott
Ben Lilliott Před měsícem
Am down for Lewis vs overeem that could be fun
Adriano Santos
Adriano Santos Před měsícem
Eu admiro esse lutador os caras batem nele de tudo quanto é jeito ele da só uma bum acabou
Alan Grant
Alan Grant Před měsícem
"They could open up like a thousand Popeye's, instead they waste all that money on Rovers."
Sami Muhammad
Sami Muhammad Před měsícem
This is gold.
yo elp
yo elp Před měsícem
" He seemd like a very lovin guy, you know!!.......Na na nahh! Fuck that guy"! Damn Lewis. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
CodyTheCloutMachine Před měsícem
I don’t know why I’m feeling lead to share this but Christ says in the bible “seek me and you shall find me” so literally whatever you do that includes seeking him will lead to you witnessing Him reveal himself to you. Again, I have no idea why I felt the urge to share this, but if it’s even just one person I reach-
David LaRiviere
David LaRiviere Před měsícem
yesssss very happy he said this
Ian Farris
Ian Farris Před měsícem
I want somebody who looks at me like Derrick Lewis looks at Hypothetical Alistair Overeem.
Nik Scott
Nik Scott Před měsícem
Pay the man.
durham97 Před měsícem
Literally the goat of interviews 😂😂
Gil Soto
Gil Soto Před měsícem
Knock dudes out and be hilarious... easy money.
Kenny Michael Alanya
Kenny Michael Alanya Před měsícem
3:00 Derrick trying to get that 💵💵 fight. He knows it's an easy win
ice magic
ice magic Před měsícem
Brutal power n hilarious! Gotta love derrik lewis!
World Wide Suicide
World Wide Suicide Před měsícem
Derrick definitely plays cod lmao
Jiren Plays
Jiren Plays Před měsícem
Overbitch bout to get spanked by my boy. Lets go
Daniel Gregson
Daniel Gregson Před měsícem
Reem is a bit of a lame call out for Lewis, but it’s a big opportunity for Reem if he decides to salvage his title run
Josh Pena
Josh Pena Před měsícem
You just look like a guy from Comic Con
Josh Pena
Josh Pena Před měsícem
"We just landed a rover on Mars how do you feel about that?" Derrick Lewis: "Yeupp."
Josh Pena
Josh Pena Před měsícem
Respect to Derrick Lewis. He wear his heart on his sleeve n thats the restless shit you gone get. 💯🖤
Michael McCarty
Michael McCarty Před měsícem
Derrick Lewis thoughts on the Mars Rover: "Rover... Oh, yeah."
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Před měsícem
black beast + beast mode + conan = GOLD!! someone should make this happen
Ajolan Phillip
Ajolan Phillip Před měsícem
Lewis just needs to work on his defense and condition the knockout power is already there
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez Před měsícem
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TeddyKGB Před měsícem
Lewis is such an under achiever, he could be great but he's lazy
JiveAt5 Před měsícem
He wants a washed up old fighter😂😂😂what a puss
Shay Shay
Shay Shay Před měsícem
“Bring over that food your wife cooking” 😂
Chuey Ink
Chuey Ink Před měsícem
Derrick was about to say “they all look alike” 🤣
TJ Amos
TJ Amos Před měsícem
Rover? O yea
Watchdog Před měsícem
I miss Mighty Mouse! He was a cool guy!
TJ Amos
TJ Amos Před měsícem
Living in TX at the moment cant help but to like Lewis
reachTrees Před měsícem
We need Derrick Lewis in the UFC! Pay that man!
John Athanosopoulos
John Athanosopoulos Před měsícem
he's a classic. A good family man.
Christopher Leech
Christopher Leech Před měsícem
Derek Lewis is quality, literally doesn't give a fuck what he says
IzzyTek Před měsícem
6:35 MM Shoutout
michael lilienfeld
michael lilienfeld Před měsícem
Buy bitcoin
Kaleb Harmon
Kaleb Harmon Před měsícem
Mars rover is a pretty big deal
Carlos Zuniga
Carlos Zuniga Před měsícem
Why is no one mentioning his line about getting a submission and joe rogan calling him world class lmao
Arinze Oluh
Arinze Oluh Před měsícem
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Georgi Andreev
Georgi Andreev Před měsícem
Blagoi Ivanov got robbed against Lewis.
rozzer Před měsícem
He's so layed back it's unbelievable
Angel Před měsícem
Come on why not call out a real contender overeem has nothing left to prove
E P Před měsícem
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stick boi
stick boi Před měsícem
Derrick is such a down to earth guy so even happier for him after putting Blaydes in the Twilight zone ..
SOSAXP7 Před měsícem
Who is here after Curtis Blaydes got laid out like a sack of potatoes!!!
Alpha Q
Alpha Q Před měsícem
Overeem has suffered enough brain damage kos in his career.
Bee9 Gee9
Bee9 Gee9 Před měsícem
Blaydes really almost ended up in ICU, damn
Irv Swerving
Irv Swerving Před měsícem
Who’s here after he slept blades?
omar 1234
omar 1234 Před měsícem
that was some really vicious ko man , reaaaal vicious
Scott Who?
Scott Who? Před měsícem
What a scary dude. Putting high level heavy weight guys out cold. That’s no joke.
Mikael Krukoff
Mikael Krukoff Před měsícem
clap dem cheeeeeeks
One up One down
One up One down Před měsícem
Damn he really put that dude in the icu
Irishooligan MMA
Irishooligan MMA Před měsícem
What I tell ya 2nd KO for Lewis....hope you bitches brought a pillow for ya boy
Lil Rooskie
Lil Rooskie Před měsícem
I swear that first reporter be asking the same question
Guess Who
Guess Who Před měsícem
Ngannou beats blaydes twice, Lewis beats ngannou
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur Před měsícem
Lewis didn’t really beat Ngannou. They basically had a shadow boxing match. That fight didn’t prove anything for either guy, they were both just scared to engage with each other.
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur Před měsícem
Damn I legit thought Blaydes was dead after those two follow up shots. That was so brutal.
Reggie Hammond
Reggie Hammond Před měsícem
he just starched the soul out blaydes holy shit what do you do with this guy? him vs stipe make it happen fuck ngannou already
Demetrius Fudge
Demetrius Fudge Před měsícem
Let's go Derrick. WHAT I tell yall
Alkaline Autonomy
Alkaline Autonomy Před měsícem
Anout the money, “yeah, you can have it.. that tax is a bitch” Big man felt that one
Iron Lord Ein
Iron Lord Ein Před měsícem
Mighty Mouse might come to heavy weight lol i died there
Tyler Size
Tyler Size Před měsícem
Why does fat face john Morgan always ask the first question?
Mark Newcomb
Mark Newcomb Před měsícem
Popeyes just got hella clout for no reason 😂😂😂
Herman Calderon
Herman Calderon Před měsícem
Gotta love Derrick Lewis, hope everything is good back at home for him. This guy grew on me as time went by, going for him on this one ☝️
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi Před měsícem
imagine derrick dominating blaydes on the ground and getting the submission
eric howie
eric howie Před měsícem
This guy should get into stand up once he's done fighting...What a funny guy
Louis Abramson
Louis Abramson Před měsícem
“I don’t know what it’s like to not have after parties.” -Black Beast
Steven Mungia
Steven Mungia Před měsícem
Texas strong baby we held our own
OutlawMe Před měsícem
He reminds me of a Big ol teddy bear haha
Chris Kane
Chris Kane Před měsícem
I think Blackbeast would sleep the Reem his chin has been suspect lately n I’ve rooted for Reeem but after that last beating he took he looks done to me he’s top 5 but that’s cuz there’s no depth Steipe Nngauno Blackbeast n Bones Jones are it really
Chris Kane
Chris Kane Před měsícem
He’s my favorite HW he’s a stud I’d like him to get the belt at least once before he’s done he’s really fun to watch at a moment’s notice he dead’s people
er8sr Před měsícem
Mighty mice haha Derrick is funny asf
Keel He
Keel He Před měsícem
Derrick probably thought the Mars Rover was a Range Rover but the little one is still expensive from NASA and by the way dumbest question ever
big blob
big blob Před měsícem
When his fighting days are over he could be a stand-up comic.
Green Report
Green Report Před měsícem
VANcity hall
Ayush Abhishek
Ayush Abhishek Před měsícem
This is a new guy? 😂😂😂
Norman Osborn
Norman Osborn Před měsícem
This is what's gonna happen he's gonna take Derrick down and lay on him
ok Před měsícem
Awesome guy and an awesome fighter.
Randy Fackler
Randy Fackler Před měsícem
The one the only....
DirtyRobot 13
DirtyRobot 13 Před měsícem
Really difficult to pick a side here, cause I like both these guys. Lewis is funny as hell, Blades is such a humble dude....
john brittain
john brittain Před měsícem
The most entertaining guy on media week in all of MMA
Xam Nicolas
Xam Nicolas Před měsícem
“Don’t Drop Your Mouth Piece” 👀
Willem Visser
Willem Visser Před měsícem
Hé gotta knock-out curtis 1e round or he is gonna lose
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto Před měsícem
Since the old Conor is gone, Derrick Lewis has the funniest interviews. Thank you Derrick 😂😂😂
Scott Carnegie
Scott Carnegie Před měsícem
Apologies I fell asleep.....
Evil Piranha
Evil Piranha Před měsícem
I love how he speaks his mind with the humble like attitude even know we know he is a killer!
Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes Před měsícem
How much dat rover cost man? A lot, more than the whole ufc. Lewis: waste of money, could have open Popeyes chicken everywhere. People are hungry man.
TENZIN TEN Před měsícem
Philthy Phil916
Philthy Phil916 Před měsícem
Real humble, scary guy. Only scary cause I know what he capable of. His last 2 fights were impressive Ws and was still looking he had enough gas to go a couple rounds after the fight. Hope he gets a bump in pay, he deserves it and entertaining
blaseblah Před měsícem
In from Cali. I'm not with that snow shit in Texas, you can have that
H3N Před měsícem
3:13 I wanna clap them cheeks! No homo! 👊😂
Ryda Tv
Ryda Tv Před měsícem
I would lol so hard if this man gets a submission. Mad love for you Derrick
jakey runescape
jakey runescape Před měsícem
When he said after he gets his first sub joe rogan will call him "world class" I died... That shit too real lmaooo..
E Sinclair
E Sinclair Před měsícem
Derrick come on man. Don’t negotiate yourself out of money. They probably know what opportunities Derrick has or doesn’t have already outside the ufc but still don’t mug yourself.
Twistaz Před měsícem
Derrick -"Did you go to comic con like 2 years ago?" Interviewer- "No" Derrick- "Well you look like someone I saw at comic con" Interviewer- "I unfortunately look like a lot of people that go to comic con" LOL I fucking lost it.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Před měsícem
Lol classic
Aleksandar Grum
Aleksandar Grum Před měsícem
Big Lewiski
Kluk z kvjetinace
Kluk z kvjetinace Před měsícem
Dude saves all his energy to do a jump switchkick in heavyweight LOL i love it.
Nullington Void
Nullington Void Před měsícem
Again the fatguy gets the mic first ? Who's he been blowing.
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