Derrick Lewis explains extra punches on Curtis Blaydes after knockout | UFC Fight Night 185

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Derrick Lewis speaks to the media post-fight after his second-round uppercut knockout win over Curtis Blaydes at UFC Fight Night 185 in Las Vegas.
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Biddle Před 18 hodinami
"i got a little cheetos in my eyes right now". I hope this man is champion one day, for the pure humor of it. He's hilarious. lmao
Scott Brown
Scott Brown Před 5 dny
Overeem? Why? He just wants another knockout for the highlight reel..
Jordan Cummings
Jordan Cummings Před 9 dny
Derrick “Clap them Cheeks....No Homo” Lewis
Andy H
Andy H Před 11 dny
Hates 5 rounds. Needs 2 to get going. Sloth Lewis
King Julian
King Julian Před 12 dny
"Clap them cheeks, no homo" 😂😂😂 This man is a treasure
allen robles
allen robles Před 19 dny
Did he just say he couldn’t pull the trigger???😩 You knocked him out unconscious... lmao..
MoneyBread Před 20 dny
2:38 "My eye was bothering me, I think he was eatin cheetos" 😂😂
willliam cm
willliam cm Před 23 dny
🤣 many quotables
Drumming with Soapy
Drumming with Soapy Před 26 dny
I watched the end of that fight, and I must say, that is barbaric behaviour. It is NOT the ref's fault. That is pure barbarism, and, by his own admission, vindictive barbarism at that. He knew it was over; he wanted his pound of flesh. I think that is disqualifying as a matter of civilized organized sport.
Keaton Tyler
Keaton Tyler Před 27 dny
Derrick, just accept the 5 round fight and prepare and execute as if it is an actual 3 round fight. You can do it, big dawg! If anybody could persevere, its Derrick Lewis.
Infidel-icious Před 27 dny
Him saying he can't do five rounds is showing a major weakness to the top guys, especially Stipe.
S M Před 27 dny
You cant come to the after party with that shirt on!
William Kimmons
William Kimmons Před měsícem
The red did say stop almost as soon as the uppercut landed
Hussleman1 Před měsícem
Covers up the body armor n monster because they don't sponsor him that's was up!!!
Derek Keenan
Derek Keenan Před měsícem
The Realest
Barnzy213 Před měsícem
The way he covers up that monster can
Real deal J Steele
Real deal J Steele Před měsícem
I swear the knock out wasn’t as bad as everyones making it out to be, and he threw like 3 punches after the KO and like the beast said that was herb dean fault!
Ethan Tinsley
Ethan Tinsley Před měsícem
4:42 bro said “Retardo” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Perpetually_Biased Před měsícem
2:45. cheapshots. can't explain how it's not
Heath Detweiler
Heath Detweiler Před měsícem
Shout out to the undisputed undefeated champ who has never lost a single round!
Caleb Krehbiel
Caleb Krehbiel Před měsícem
My hot balls lol
polux Před měsícem
Who's the fighter been ko the most of all ufc? Lol😂😂
polux Před měsícem
Leave overeem alone, he s already done hahaha They all want overeem because he has weak chin 😂😂 Easy target lol He works for uber reem eat now😂😂
polux Před měsícem
I want overeem next OMG😨😨 Poor overeem, but i think overeem done lol Overeem chin took so much, all the brutalest ko was on overeem lol Some guy should do a video on that, even tho i like overeem he should retire before he die lol Hes already a legend, has nothing to prove anymore but i dont think overeem is gonna take the fight after this ko lol Yeah against jones would be the perfect match up, for both, if lewis wins, he deserves all the credit, a ko like that on jones 😂😂, who knows lol And jones has to prove hes on the level for heavyweight before fighting miocic or ngannou Lewis vs ngannou rematch would be good also, remember their last fight 😂😂
gd131 Před měsícem
0:56 "Nigganou"
Literally Shaking
Literally Shaking Před měsícem
DL is the undisputed champion of post fight interviews. Get this man a reality show.
Ruffin McCoy
Ruffin McCoy Před měsícem
Derrick Lewis would’ve been awesome crossover star in 98 wwf
H Lopez
H Lopez Před měsícem
lol Derrick a beast bruh. His personality is so like-able.
K_R_A_N_G_ Před měsícem
When asked about the leg kicks he received. “ he was really waking my legs up..” 😂💀
Donovan Myers
Donovan Myers Před měsícem
D Lew look like Westbrook and Ne-Yo love child 😂😂😂
James 906
James 906 Před měsícem
Lol "we go fucking around & retire on yo ass"
King Kaos
King Kaos Před měsícem
Clap them cheeks ... no homo 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Killabee-23 Před měsícem
He called Ricardo retardo, god I love Derrick Lewis.🤣🤣🤣
TooFreshproductions Před měsícem
Derrick Lewis is nice , If Ngannou Kos Stipe which he probably will, I can see him getting a title shot and fighting Ngannou again, Lewis is a bad match up for him. That big ass head of his can take a lot of punishment and he's got the Ko power to counter Ngannou coming in. Could be the new champ soon.
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson Před měsícem
That's one big bad funny basterd lol
Say it How it is!
Say it How it is! Před měsícem
I got some where to go! Lmfao... always on brand.
aliyahhardy Před měsícem
Kinda reminds me of Shaq for some reason.
David Stevens
David Stevens Před měsícem
"...he woke my legs up" Translation: future opponents, please don't kick my legs
Vince Yahshuah
Vince Yahshuah Před měsícem
Shit he was waking me with the leg kicks😆😂
Vince Yahshuah
Vince Yahshuah Před měsícem
Clap those’s cheeks..! No Homo 😆😭😂
Faisal Saleem
Faisal Saleem Před měsícem
Derrick Lewis Hot Balls help warm not only Houston but all of Texas. lol. Thanks Derrick.
Anonymous Gesticulations
Anonymous Gesticulations Před měsícem
Pls dont let the 'Rona get Derrick.. we need this guy
Vankruze Před měsícem
Derrick Lewis is an outstanding power puncher with high fight I.Q who could be champion but he has the wrong attitude. Dude you should WANT to be champion you shouldn't be afraid of five rounds if it's too much then lose a bit of weight and get that cardio on another level up and you should be fine. I swear the only thing holding this guy back is his mind!
Draven Tyler
Draven Tyler Před měsícem
@8:13 A message for Houston and Texas LOL
444 COLUMBUS 444 IS BACK Před měsícem
I wanna see the rematch between Volkov and Lewis -
K H Před měsícem
i want to see him fight amanda nunes
Jordan Gladney
Jordan Gladney Před měsícem
"you messing up, you messing up" 😐 outside of that one uppercut, he HANDLED you standing. if he never shoots, blades never gets knocked out. 🤷🏽‍♂️ those wild, winging shots aren't always gonna do it.
TCS Prynce
TCS Prynce Před měsícem
Literally the most likable guy in the ufc. He’s been through a gauntlet of wrestlers recently and he keeps winning. His interviews are always hilarious because he’s just himself. Nothing but love for the black beast and his family
Old Grappler
Old Grappler Před měsícem
that was an absolutely terrible shot....
stank nug
stank nug Před měsícem
love this guy
I love this man.
Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy Před měsícem
This guy is stone cold hilarious 😂😂😂
kaal gede
kaal gede Před měsícem
wolves201 Před měsícem
Hmm....gotta ban those follow-ups when a fighter is clearly ko'd. One day some serious damage is going to be done.
Karl Anarberson
Karl Anarberson Před měsícem
Start paying guys a “good sportsmanship” bonus for NOT punching an already KO’d fighter when there is an opportunity to do so. 25k for smaller events, 30-40k for a PPV event.
Ka Mil
Ka Mil Před měsícem
Derrick Lewis has got the best personality in the UFC. Fuckin comedian.
Y3Ls3w Před měsícem
Axe me a question.
A E Před měsícem
Noooo Can't come to the after party with that shirt On. ~ Lewis 2021
Ryan Monk
Ryan Monk Před měsícem
5 rounds my body like nah I’m gonna retire on your ass 😭😭😭
michael zeigler
michael zeigler Před měsícem
Super necessary 😂
kcfd3s Před měsícem
this guy is fucking funny, seriously! 😂😂
cole o'neal
cole o'neal Před měsícem
That mans family had to see that
Ducati Ducati
Ducati Ducati Před měsícem
Blaydes got a rock head a normal head wood explote with dose 2 extra shots
Ducati Ducati
Ducati Ducati Před měsícem
Herb yamasaky dean
non yobussiness
non yobussiness Před měsícem
Greatest striker in mma history.
jeremy reeme
jeremy reeme Před měsícem
Greased up..Nohomo.....but he is from the Netherlands, so... 🤣
Darrell Morris
Darrell Morris Před měsícem
Love this guy. Blake people tae notes.
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap Před měsícem
No "walk off" for Derick!
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap Před měsícem
Derrick "The Dry Wit" Lewis....
Joel Martinsson
Joel Martinsson Před měsícem
It's kinda funny that Blaydes could have won on striking if he kept it up but he had to go for the one thing literally everyone, especially his opponent was expecting. I get that striking can be dangerous but he had to know that Derrick had been training to uppercut him when he went for the TD all camp long.
tricky92x Před měsícem
Derrick Lewis is a National Treasure.
b d
b d Před měsícem
Lewis vs jones would be entertaining
Francisco serrano
Francisco serrano Před měsícem
Those coaches tho!!?! 👀👀👀
Samm Salvey
Samm Salvey Před měsícem
Love derick Lewis as a fighter , but damn man, grow a brain! What is wrong with these fighters who refuse to use any judgement at all? Why does he say he wont stop until herb dean rips him off? It's not like herb hesitated, it just takes a couple seconds for him to get there. There is absolutely no rule or obligation for a fighter to keep throwing punches after he knows a guy is knocked out. If he didn't know, then that another thing, and I wouldn't blame lewis at all. But it is very bizarre to me to hear fighters say they refuse to stop fighting, even if they know a guy is knocked out. It's like a refusal to use judgement. Ref cant always stop the fight instantly, though they try. Its not herb Dean's "fault". Look, if you know a guy is finished, just stop it's not complicated. Lewis says he cant do that. But I dont think hes trying, really. Seems like hes just decided hes not going to try. People are going to get hurt unnecessarily because of that. They really need to stop feeding g fighters the idea that ONLY the ref can stop the fight. You can choose to stop, it's just you might be taking a bit of a risk to yourself by doing so. They need to stop telling fighters that they're not even supposed to use their own judgement on the octagon. Fighting IS extremely risky in general. To suggest that fighters are incapable of making a judgement call to not keep throwing punches on an unconscious person is just ridiculous. If they can accept the risk of fighting in general, they can accept the risk of not not getting beaten by an unconscious person. They take risks in there all the time, and make judgements the whole fight. They are allowed and should be encouraged to make a judgement call when a fighter is out cold and diesnt need to take any more shots. If we can't trust their judgement in that regard, why trust their judgement to protect themselves at all? To recognize when other fighters are hurt and attack at the right time? Stop making excuses for late blows. At least TRY to judgement, that's all I'm saying
John Smith
John Smith Před měsícem
Herb even shouted to stop and Lewis DID make a judement right there, to punch an unconscious opponent full power and probably give him permanent brain damage. Talk about showing your character... awful person.
Samm Salvey
Samm Salvey Před měsícem
@Malik I have competed and I know very well that part of their training is to control themselves. No one goes in there and just loses control and throws wildly until they are physically stopped by the ref. No one. But when it cones to finishes, they make the excuse that they couldn't control it. I accept that it might happen sometimes, but I dont accept complacency with it. The success of all fighters is dependent on their ability to control their emotions, movements, and reactions, and recognize at what point the other fighter is in as well. Mistakes can be made, but I'm just saying, stop accepting complacency that only herb dean could have prevented this. They are trained to recognize when opponents are hurt, I believe they are capable of recognizing when a fighter is knocked out cold. It is the acceptance and perpetuation of the idea that fighters keep fighting until they are forced off, that contributes to incidents like this
Malik Před měsícem
You have never competed. When your adrenaline rushes like that you are not thinking straight. So even if you have a brain some people are full of adrenaline and can not think with their full brain because their surviving instinct takes over. Try to understand before judging.
GLM 185
GLM 185 Před měsícem
weird, noone asked Ngannou about the extra overeem hits.
Sean O
Sean O Před měsícem
He is the funniest fighter in the UFC. Great personality. Is there any other UFC fighter that's funny? I don't know any other than Derrick Lewis.... Bisping I guess
j jenko
j jenko Před měsícem
haha submission underground.
Michael W
Michael W Před měsícem
Derrick "No you can't come to the afterparty with that shirt on" Lewis
JEKARI Před měsícem
Lewis the #3 guy now in the division. Overeem could fight for the title is he beats Derrick. He will take this fight for sure.
JEKARI Před měsícem
Lewis vs Izzy is the fight to make if Izzy beats Jan.
MMAPSYCHO Před měsícem
This was Derrick on a bad day😳
Brett Larkin
Brett Larkin Před měsícem
Derrick Lewis is the only guy that wants to fight back in the rankings & doesn’t want to Main Event.
Double Suplex
Double Suplex Před měsícem
He's super good at playing mind games. His playful nonchalant attitude is him but he also uses it to troll people. He says people's names wrong on purpose, acts like he can't remember Renzo Gracie's name. He acts like he isn't invested in the game and that he barely trains hard. But in reality, he's a killer and is calculated with his approach. Don't sleep on this man.
Matthew Neufer
Matthew Neufer Před měsícem
Booty Clap Alister Overeem
Have Music Will Travel
Have Music Will Travel Před měsícem
Even if you somehow don’t like him,his post fight interviews are next level 🤣💪
Zach Markle
Zach Markle Před měsícem
Legend. Unearthly power an personality :)
Confesor Rodriguez
Confesor Rodriguez Před měsícem
1:26 i can picture him saying that to himself followed by oooouuuuu please duck one time pleaaaase
Blafard666 Před měsícem
"Aight, keep playing that game ..." XD
Stiopic Před měsícem
‘I couldn’t wake up’ - Curtis Blaydes
Daniel Lema
Daniel Lema Před měsícem
"I'm greased up and oiled up ready for him". Imagine you get sent to prison and they introduce yourself to your new cellmate - Derrick Lewis. And he says that to you 😳
Terrence P. Garrett
Terrence P. Garrett Před měsícem
You never know what to believe from this guy 😂
lil_Grogu89 Před měsícem
Ragnar 05
Ragnar 05 Před měsícem
Every other fighter wants respect on their name and you have Lewis KO'ING peeps left and right with a smile on his face the man is different.
Luke Gray
Luke Gray Před měsícem
Absolute killer Derek is
CyberArkangel Před měsícem
Derrick "If He Dies, He dies" Lewis
B B Před měsícem
C J Před měsícem
Its the refs job to stop the fight. In the heat of the moment it is hard to tell if a fighter is really out or not. While you are deciding whether to continue hitting them, they can easily turn the tables around on you.
Manuel M61
Manuel M61 Před měsícem
When is he going on the Joe Rogan podcast??
Roger Před měsícem
"He was really waking my legs up." Damn just damn. Lmao!!
darin simcox
darin simcox Před měsícem
Liking Lewis more and more. No homo
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