Demon's Dunk Souls Remastered

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The video game version of going to the dentist.
dunko store

Emma H
Emma H Před 7 hodinami
"The game cheated back" bahahahaha
Yeezysandals Před 11 hodinami
The only reason I’d play ps5
Victor the Kid
Victor the Kid Před 15 hodinami
I was in stitches at *that* part.
Alex DuWaldt
Alex DuWaldt Před dnem
XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD lol! What even is this video? What even is this game? I thought this was supposed to be the hardest game ever? 8:06
Mr. Jish
Mr. Jish Před dnem
@7:10 "What a thrilllllll.....With darkness and silence through the night."
cali Před 2 dny
I already know that some sweaty soulsborne elitists are probably foaming at the mouth while watching this video, then they'll probably go on a forum or make a comment complaining about it lol.
Sanskar Mishra
Sanskar Mishra Před 22 hodinami
"Nooooo the game is supposed to be hard git gud"
Brody Před 2 dny
I might just be making assumptions but does Dunkey watch ymfah? Cause that would be awesome.
TheKewlPerson Před 2 dny
Perhaps the true souls were the demons we made along the way...
The icon of sin
The icon of sin Před 3 dny
Why more dislikes than likes?
Aldwing_ The_God
Aldwing_ The_God Před 3 dny
Kieran Grant
Kieran Grant Před 5 dny
This has to be one of the best videos Dunkster has ever made. I cannot *wait* for his videos on the other PS5 titles.
Commenting Channel
Commenting Channel Před 6 dny
You can easily tell that someone doesn't understand the game when they go in Body Form into a new area and keep popping Stones of Ephemeral Eyes when they die. Also notice how pretty much everywhere he goes he has Pure Black World Tendency.
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia Před 6 dny
4:33 what song is this?
MVegetto1 Před 6 dny
thats how demon souls was originally, half health
Centrifuze Před 8 dny
The article he read told him that he can use Stone of Ephemeral Eyes to resurrect in Body Form and with full HP. At 2:15, you can see he's got 3 in his inventory. I get the need to make enticing content, but c'mon man... You're just kicking yourself in the dick at this point.
Sanskar Mishra
Sanskar Mishra Před 22 hodinami
Go outside, it's supposed to be comedy
MrFrankyGification Před 8 dny
What's the song for the tower knight fight starting at 4:34?
ELIASZAK Před 8 dny
5:30 I saw that one legit right before the flamelurker boss
kaiser Před 8 dny
07:09 what a thrill...
Ninenames Před 9 dny
"But I'm nothing without my Luck stat!" "If you're nothing without it, you don't deserve it."
just mechs
just mechs Před 9 dny
SJRinne Před 10 dny
wuvwarrior Před 10 dny
I wonder how many hardcore souls fans were foaming at the mouth while watching this xD
pog champ
pog champ Před 10 dny
it turns out the other half of the health bar was the friends we made along the way
The Karooter Karooted
The Karooter Karooted Před 10 dny
You are the best youtuber.... ever !!!! Period.
Toirdealbach Bartoium
Toirdealbach Bartoium Před 11 dny
Gold coin glitch has since been patched.
Bobby Toddy
Bobby Toddy Před 9 dny
Sad moment
you're · biological · female · caregiver
you're · biological · female · caregiver Před 12 dny
“backtrack is back!” - demon souls remastered knack
Justin Alastair
Justin Alastair Před 12 dny
This game kinda seems unbalanced tbh
Sanskar Mishra
Sanskar Mishra Před 22 hodinami
Ah the souls in the title means the game unbalanced Cool
Bobby Toddy
Bobby Toddy Před 9 dny
Did you notice the "souls" in the title
Jujjb Před 12 dny
What is the song that plays when the tower knight appears?
Eat Hotdog
Eat Hotdog Před 13 dny
Jay Simpson
Jay Simpson Před 13 dny
I’ll let you know what I think of this game in a year or two when I actually get a ps5
Ethan Osborne
Ethan Osborne Před 14 dny
I miss the old dunkey
Garfield Kart
Garfield Kart Před 14 dny
You should really play garfield furious kart racing it's a very good game that should of got goty
Jose Serros
Jose Serros Před 14 dny
Dunk, do hollow knight please
David Gabay
David Gabay Před 14 dny
Metal Mario music slaps
Michael McGuire
Michael McGuire Před 14 dny
“I really do kill them in one hit in this one”
Princewell IDK
Princewell IDK Před 14 dny
Demon's souls sucks ass like Huh dunky
Cofee cup
Cofee cup Před 15 dny
Reminder: Fromsoft didn't make this.
dantrr Před 14 dny
They made it, just didn’t remaster it.
Luke Spearin
Luke Spearin Před 16 dny
1:32 ps5s wanting to be used
Morgan Marie
Morgan Marie Před 16 dny
I played through the whole game with half of my health, and when I got it back after a boss fight I would off myself in the Nexus so I didn't ruin my world tendency lol.
SavageCabbage404 Před 16 dny
Rock and Roll Motherf*ckers, Rock and Roll -Old King Allant
_Bookleman Před 17 dny
Ladies and gentlemen, Old King Doran
V R O K Y A Před 17 dny
Whereas I could tolerate Sekiros difficulty and appreciate the learning curve to get better, Demon souls seems like a game that’s literally designed to fuck you. It’s a game you’ll hate. You bet your ass I’m gonna buy it
BoolinBlaze39 Před 2 dny
Ur gonna be having a blast until u try to invade someone to get back to human form but keep finding 3 butt buddies using fire storm cuz they’re scared to play the game alone.
SAMR Před 14 dny
Lmao Its really fun
PATENT Před 17 dny
One punch dunkey
David St-Michel
David St-Michel Před 17 dny
Anyone who says "artificial difficulty" in a sarcastic tone deserves to be kicked in the balls.
Michael Marty
Michael Marty Před 17 dny
Mr.OtterBox Před 17 dny
Dunkey is the only one smart enough to know that Demon's Souls is just the same game with better graphics.
A Doctor
A Doctor Před 17 dny
When the game is so hard that it takes away your cheats
Matias Laurila
Matias Laurila Před 18 dny
To think that demons souls remake came out over a month ago...
Ken Q
Ken Q Před 18 dny
game : oh u died with full health? must be hard eh? also game : try it with half
Edwin Warner
Edwin Warner Před 18 dny
Wtf happened to CSposts, these ads make videos unwatchable
Sexypixelize Před 18 dny
"Game is fucking cheating back" lmao
Thrash Wlf
Thrash Wlf Před 18 dny
"Aaaaaaand killed him in one hit, this game is too easy."
Christopher Seitz
Christopher Seitz Před 18 dny
I miss my ps3
Ogknav Před 18 dny
The amount of people who thought they were the shit until Demons Souls remake came out was astounding.
Mr Thaw
Mr Thaw Před 18 dny
This game is so unforgiving.
King J Aries
King J Aries Před 18 dny
Just the reaction we needed
Chip Chapley
Chip Chapley Před 18 dny
outside of glitching in demon souls i can say definitively that i have NEVER been soul sucked...... got to suck to be sucked.... git gud videogamescrubkey.
BoolinBlaze39 Před 2 dny
sun bro not about being good lmao I invaded on islands edge today just to find some coward using shadow cloak playing with 2 SL140s both equipped with penetrator armor trying to soul suck me. That’s not hard that’s being scared to play the game alone 90% of the time I invade it’s just butt buddies who can only win if they spam me with firestorm.
sun bro
sun bro Před 2 dny
Git gud indeed
cali Před 2 dny
i really hope this is a joke comment.
xXLoneLoboXx Před 18 dny
Wait a minute... Dunkey killing stuff in one hit is actually a feature in these souls games? A high enough luck stat just lets you one hit everything?? I just thought he cut to the exact moment when he kills the bosses and says “I killed them in one hit.”
TheBrachySlayer Před 19 dny
My p o w e r
flamingRose100 Před 19 dny
Guys I have an awful idea just roll with me demon souls dark souls and bloodborne but their are no check points and all enemies including bosses respawn every time you die or go to upgrade
sun bro
sun bro Před 2 dny
This is hell
SAMR Před 14 dny
ً Před 19 dny
wait did the boss actually can decrease your level jfc??
Kaucukovnik_VI Před 19 dny
That's fair.
CorpsePuppy Před 19 dny
NOOOOO , the game cheated back !
P. B.
P. B. Před 20 dny
He really did beat them in one hit
Marcus Cool
Marcus Cool Před 20 dny
The dongo guide book says to kill him in one hit. But dunky doesn't need guidebooks since his dad works for CSposts
Reality Před 20 dny
If anyone is curious. You can still do this if you have the physical version of the game. You have uninstall the game. Set your console offline and insert the disc. It should install version 1.00
John Thebiglad
John Thebiglad Před 20 dny
Here’s a genius idea: How about a player that’s struggling with full health, if he dies just make it 2x harder to progress
laen Před 20 dny
Dang how did he do that cheating shit?? Lmao
Ernesto Muniz
Ernesto Muniz Před 20 dny
Watching Dunkey play this is triggering PTSD.
meangene408 Před 20 dny
These games suck. They really f**kin suck.
meangene408 Před dnem
@cali same reason you just left yours.
cali Před 2 dny
while I understand this is your opinion and I can't change that, what was the point of leaving this comment? like seriously?
meangene408 Před 13 dny
@SAMR That's right. Bye.
SAMR Před 13 dny
@meangene408 well I cant change your opinion So lets leave it at that
meangene408 Před 13 dny
@SAMR Is there a point to this? I am childish enough to carry this on but no with a daft wee boy.
Corvus Black
Corvus Black Před 20 dny
I got Platinum on the ps3 version
Erick Ornelas
Erick Ornelas Před 20 dny
Dunkey used game shark. I'm scared of this game.
Chris Před 20 dny
Missing health? Git gut!
CharlieBrown20XD6 Před 20 dny
These games just don't look fun
sun bro
sun bro Před 2 dny
@cali yeah that's why I said sometimes
cali Před 2 dny
@sun bro the difficulty in them is really overrated tbh
sun bro
sun bro Před 18 dny
Believe me they are just really hard sometimes
Fatalis Před 21 dnem
I hope this game really isn't that punishing because it seems so unenjoyable at this point its equivalent to a joke being taken too far
BoolinBlaze39 Před 2 dny
Just wait until you try to invade to get back to human form, 11 times out of 10 you’ll invade someone playing with 2 of his lvl 130 butt buddies who are all running firestorm
Chase Sisia
Chase Sisia Před 21 dnem
Question to anyone who has played this game- is it worth getting or do i avoid at all cost because i still have ptsd from bloodborne
Buddha Belly
Buddha Belly Před 21 dnem
Poor Dunkey, 3d games just isn’t your thing 😂
Greg Kuchta
Greg Kuchta Před 21 dnem
This man is funny as fuck
Ian Lee
Ian Lee Před 21 dnem
7:20 What a thrill~
theLASTarschkeks :3
theLASTarschkeks :3 Před 21 dnem
now finish Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom the babiest of all games
Gaming pulao
Gaming pulao Před 21 dnem
After marriage why your voice is low dunkey
The Public Defender
The Public Defender Před 21 dnem
I wish this game was more like real life where you regain all your health after you die
DracoHandsome Před 22 dny
It's not that different from later games, especially DS2. To return to "Body Form", you need to do any of the following: 1. Defeat a boss in your own world. 2. Defeat a boss as a Phantom aiding another player. 3. Invade and kill another player as a Black Phantom. 4. Use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Where do you get Stones of Ephemeral Eyes? - Patches sells three per playthrough in the Nexus. - The Worshiper of God in the Nexus will give you two per playthrough (+ 1 Pure Faintstone) if you have 20+ Faith. - Sparkly will give you three if you trade her a Pure Faintstone (once per playthrough.) - The Filthy Woman will sell you one at a time, and restocks every time you lose your Body Form. Her price raises with your Soul Level.
cali Před 2 dny
i'm pretty sure that bit was for a joke
Иван Охотников
Иван Охотников Před 22 dny
Jesus, that game gives me anxiety.
Ganymede, Jupiter III
Ganymede, Jupiter III Před 22 dny
I like this video, but the original had the line "While you shop, gigantic molten bees will burn your skin off" so I have to take half the HP of my review score.
Coosey Před 24 dny
"the game fucking cheated back"
Mario Gray
Mario Gray Před 24 dny
YOU DIED in 60fps just ... Oh my heart!
Travis Sean
Travis Sean Před 24 dny
This is what next gen looks like
Suicidal Cat
Suicidal Cat Před 24 dny
7:13 what a thrill
Craymax 34
Craymax 34 Před 24 dny
how did he cheat?
Hannah Olivier
Hannah Olivier Před 25 dny
Devan Otton
Devan Otton Před 26 dny
Bro you killed the Tower Knight in 1 second when that took me 30 minutes !
G L Před 26 dny
You're trash. Glad to see you've accepted your new role on YT.
prologue Před 26 dny
07:07 - 07:54 neon genesis evangelion pretty much like dark souls
archer the wolf
archer the wolf Před 26 dny
How did he cheat?
TheGoldBear92 Před 27 dny
Player: "I'm nothing without full health!" Miyazaki: "If you're nothing without full health then you shouldn't have it."
Sneez Space noodle
Sneez Space noodle Před 27 dny
The thing is, if presented differently, the health thing wouldn't even be a problem. All they had to do is instead, say you gain double health (until you die) after beating a boss. Then it becomes a cool reward instead of an annoying penalty, with no difference to the gameplay whatsoever.
SAMR Před 23 dny
Like Dark souls 3
Retro attack
Retro attack Před 27 dny
Tony get the boulder
Suicidal Cat
Suicidal Cat Před 22 dny
BloodRayne Před 28 dny
Never forget Most reliable move is Plunging Attack
Soda Girl
Soda Girl Před 28 dny
Dunkey, are you ok? You sound more depressed than usual.
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