Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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Listen to “Dancing With The Devil”:​​
'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' out now:​​
Watch the Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil documentary:
A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
If you are struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
Need someone to talk to? Reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741; UK: Text SHOUT to 85258; Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
Connect with Demi:
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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Dancing With The Devil. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Glitter Bear
Glitter Bear Před 3 hodinami
Demi can sing boi! We all fighting battles no one knows about
MAGALÍ MARÍN Před 3 hodinami
No dejen de reproducir
MAGALÍ MARÍN Před 3 hodinami
No sean flojos y flojas LOVATICS
MAGALÍ MARÍN Před 3 hodinami
No sean flojos
MAGALÍ MARÍN Před 3 hodinami
No paren
MAGALÍ MARÍN Před 3 hodinami
Más streams
MAGALÍ MARÍN Před 3 hodinami
Más streams
Fernanda Almeida de Sant'Ana
Fernanda Almeida de Sant'Ana Před 4 hodinami
Magdiel Rodriguez
Magdiel Rodriguez Před 4 hodinami
that shit hurt
Hailey Mitchell
Hailey Mitchell Před 4 hodinami
I am speechless. This was beautiful and i cant put my thoughts inyo words. This made me fell like im not alone. I bawled my eyes out the first time I watched this. I just want to say thank you for making this... Stay Strong Survivor 🤲
Katie Harms
Katie Harms Před 4 hodinami
This is the song that will changed the world! It hits people and hits them hard. Mad love for Demi ❤️
Harold Walker
Harold Walker Před 4 hodinami
Been there, survived, love the message. Demy you can sing, sing. Beautiful voice and soul. ❤️🌹🌹❤️
Cindy Shodin
Cindy Shodin Před 4 hodinami
All I can say is WOW, SO INTENSE and that's some BRAVERY right there!!!!
Cindy Shodin
Cindy Shodin Před 4 hodinami
@Ask to seduce Miss couldn't agree more...keep the fight💕
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Před 4 hodinami
being a #Recovery Drug addict, it Touch My Soul! Hardest fight you'll ever have to fight!
Gean Pieer Díaz
Gean Pieer Díaz Před 4 hodinami
I love u Demi
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Před 4 hodinami
again Don’t get me wrong though: I love both Eminem &Demi Lovato- just wanted to put that observation out there.
Diogo Salvatore
Diogo Salvatore Před 4 hodinami
This song and this clip is so fucking perfect ❤️❤️❤️
Snow flakes
Snow flakes Před 4 hodinami
Thank you Demi I showed my dad this but we'll see if he stops ✋
Alyson Winderbaum
Alyson Winderbaum Před 4 hodinami
Full body chills from beginning to end. Wow. She is so incredibly strong and brave
Stephanie Ruiz
Stephanie Ruiz Před 4 hodinami
I wanna hug youuuuuu❤️
Tim Thiam
Tim Thiam Před 4 hodinami
I feel 13 reasons why vibes, I’m scared but hypnotized
asia weeks
asia weeks Před 4 hodinami
Gives me pink sober vibes ...and that was iconic 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Kaylyn Mew
Kaylyn Mew Před 4 hodinami
How you feeling now?
Turtlelover1216 Před 4 hodinami
I am between tears and smiles. So raw and I love how vulnerable she was.
Robbie Sago
Robbie Sago Před 4 hodinami
Just finished your doc series, then watched this 🤯❤️ powerful.
Flavia Hillary
Flavia Hillary Před 4 hodinami
Misericórdia esse vídeo Clipe destruiu meu coração ❤️😢❤️😭
Ivylen Zaeith
Ivylen Zaeith Před 4 hodinami
Why am I crying omg, this is so fucking beautiful
GABE ITCHES Před 4 hodinami
Why everything getting so satanic people who believe in non abrahamic religions be like...
Ayana Marie
Ayana Marie Před 4 hodinami
CloudG103 Před 5 hodinami
All Demi Lovato EVER sings/ creates songs about doing substances AND relapsing!!! She reminds me of Eminem in that sense: creating songs about same thing over over again Don’t get me wrong though: I love both Eminem &Demi Lovato- just wanted to put that observation out there.
The Tatted Fat Guy
The Tatted Fat Guy Před 5 hodinami
being a #Recovery Drug addict, it Touch My Soul! Hardest fight you'll ever have to fight!
silver wizard
silver wizard Před 5 hodinami
C. M
C. M Před 5 hodinami
God damn her vocal runs are crazy! This song was really powerful. I don't usually listen to Demi anymore but this shit bops and shines 💕 such a powerful message
Kim Cnk
Kim Cnk Před 5 hodinami
This is soooo freaking real. I get chills all over my body everytime i watch this .!🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mimide And More
Mimide And More Před 5 hodinami
We love you Demi lovato 🥰 ❤️stay strong and focus beautiful queen 👍u can do it ❤️
Elea Durand
Elea Durand Před 5 hodinami
Stephanie Sui
Stephanie Sui Před 5 hodinami
Saoirse O'Reilly
Saoirse O'Reilly Před 5 hodinami
I should stay far away from drugs. I recently got addicted to talking paracetamol, it was the up lift of my day and I relied on it. I'm doing better now but be careful when taking all medicines not just addictive ones
Kristian Kot
Kristian Kot Před 5 hodinami
I admire u make this song ❤️❤️❤️ g job demi 🤞🏻👌🏻
Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose Před 5 hodinami
this is so powerful
Shravni Misra
Shravni Misra Před 5 hodinami
She's so honest and open with the things she dealt with.....Like Damn u need a lot of guts to do it RESPECT🙏🙏 She recreated the whole incident into a mv like a movie.....
Qaaniq Ningeok
Qaaniq Ningeok Před 5 hodinami
The enemy is not the same way as you think each sin is different to every person who dances with the devil the devil takes your soul to make you fall for your life to his own liking imagine what you want from him does he care that you have enough to give only a soul to lose go ahead dance with the devil he doesn't love you sin is what he wants from you
Amanda Lisanby
Amanda Lisanby Před 5 hodinami
Gosh Dang, Demi! This song is unbelievable! My heart absolutely broke during this video. You have an amazing talent please stop dulling your shine! I truly believe Daddy God saved you for a special purpose! Keep pushing on Queen!
Miss Mercedes
Miss Mercedes Před 5 hodinami
I’m a little late aren’t i
Mike Hack
Mike Hack Před 6 hodinami
Anna N
Anna N Před 6 hodinami
i know this is about her overdose but it's hitting me pretty hard over my best friend's suicide attempt; I'm the one that found her got her help and the scenes of her in the hospital very much hit home. Mad respect, I couldn't personally have handled a project like this myself.
Kyra Hibbard
Kyra Hibbard Před 6 hodinami
u are a role model
Isabela Viana
Isabela Viana Před 6 hodinami
Você nunca sabe se tem controle o suficiente pra parar. Não importa se você toma só uma garrafa, ou fuma só nos fins de semana. Não seja idiota de pensar que você está no controle. Porque no instante que você consome, aquilo te controla, sempre. Nunca tenha certeza, nunca confie em você mesmo pra parar. Você nunca vai saber se vai ter autocontrole o suficiente. E esse é um risco que eu não estou disposta a tomar por algumas horas de prazer, por uma felicidade superficial e momentânea.
Brusnela Mariño Pisco
Brusnela Mariño Pisco Před 6 hodinami
Me quede sin palabras, una canción muy poderosa, "señor perdoname por bailar con el diablo" me tocó y hace reflexionar, muchas veces bailamos sin querer con el diablo, es una expresión muy fuerte pero cierta! Eres grande Demi Lovato, I love you
Rosa Benitez
Rosa Benitez Před 6 hodinami
how does this only have 14M viewsssss?
Dean Smith
Dean Smith Před 6 hodinami
You can see it in her eyes- she's experienced something too close to death and lived to talk about it. Most of us could never understand it. God Bless you Demi🙏❤
Sosa four10
Sosa four10 Před 6 hodinami
DaRealG4 Před 6 hodinami
Music is my passion & if you give me 5 minutes you’ll agree! Thanks so much for reading 😁
André Lucas
André Lucas Před 6 hodinami
que música perfeita
sono spiacente
sono spiacente Před 6 hodinami
pra torturar alguém paraplégico a ouvir até a pessoa dar a senha do cartão de crédito
Laurie Hinderks
Laurie Hinderks Před 6 hodinami
Thank you!
Kethlin Cruz
Kethlin Cruz Před 6 hodinami
Stay strong Demi ❤️
Samantha Ballester
Samantha Ballester Před 6 hodinami
why am I crying so hard
Magatha Ebai
Magatha Ebai Před 6 hodinami
Savanna McGraw
Savanna McGraw Před 6 hodinami
I feel so bad for Demi having to go through what she went thru and doin it all over again for her music video that was traumatic for her
Starr Williams
Starr Williams Před 6 hodinami
This is the best song/video to talk with your kids about addiction. I don't care how much crap I get for this comment, but as a parent who has children with the addiction gene this is the best way to sit down and actually talk about mental health/addiction. The point is, we have to talk about this!
NikoIene Monroe
NikoIene Monroe Před 6 hodinami
😭😭😭😭 omg its like am looking at my daughter my only child this so hard to watch
Rodas Blog
Rodas Blog Před 6 hodinami
I love this
Itz Lani
Itz Lani Před 6 hodinami
God bless all.🙏🏽♥️. John 3:16 🙏🏽♥️
YBN YoungChopppa
YBN YoungChopppa Před 7 hodinami
Imagine sayin dreams won’t come true. But you use auto tune to make your own voice better 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tochi Rodas
Tochi Rodas Před 7 hodinami
Esto es arte
Javie Javs
Javie Javs Před 7 hodinami
This is heartbreaking
Yuisa Davis
Yuisa Davis Před 7 hodinami
I swear if this woman does not win a Grammy
Sarah Parra
Sarah Parra Před 7 hodinami
Tamara Ali
Tamara Ali Před 7 hodinami
10 days ago
Emilie Harris
Emilie Harris Před 7 hodinami
This some beautiful and powerful music. So glad this beautiful soul is continuing to heal and grow.
Sarah Před 7 hodinami
God Loves You!!!
Tatah ™
Tatah ™ Před 7 hodinami
Consegui sentir daqui a dor , o sofrimento 😢 Você não tá sozinha Demi 💓
Akai Ika
Akai Ika Před 7 hodinami
Wah. I did drugs. Wah waaaahhhh
Steven Puin Gomez
Steven Puin Gomez Před 7 hodinami
Damnn... :/ .. this is so painful! God bless us!
Monica Momney
Monica Momney Před 7 hodinami
This is fucking beautiful.
Cristal Baeza
Cristal Baeza Před 7 hodinami
That breath she takes 2:39 is definitely not acting. Imagine how hard it was for her to relive that night
Mateo Motta 23
Mateo Motta 23 Před 7 hodinami
Mateo Motta 23
Mateo Motta 23 Před 7 hodinami
Por eso tu usas autotune
Magdalena Bojarska
Magdalena Bojarska Před 8 hodinami
I hope that will help someone.I hope that help you Demi to be still here with family and with us. Your fans...
Lara Poggi
Lara Poggi Před 8 hodinami
I admire how strong you are in every situation of your life
Jamie Mcdowell
Jamie Mcdowell Před 8 hodinami
As of right now, there are 15K people on this planet that I have a HUGE problem with...😡🤦🏻‍♂️🖕🏼 HOW COULD YOU DISLIKE THIS INCREDIBLE MUSIC VIDEO???!!!!! 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️😤 I Get chills EVERY - SINGLE - TIME!!!😱😭❤️
Lara Poggi
Lara Poggi Před 8 hodinami
im your fan
Spencer Tanhauser
Spencer Tanhauser Před 8 hodinami
Let's stream dancing with the devil to make it demi lovato number 1 single in the billboard hot 100
Aubrey Bradley
Aubrey Bradley Před 8 hodinami
She OD’ed two days after I was admitted to inpatient detox after overdosing on heroin and benzos & watched her story on the news. I wasn’t allowed my cellphone until I left the center a few weeks later, so when I was able to see/hear “Sober” hit hard. Really hard. Knowing she’s famous and rich and she almost didn’t make it but I was lucky enough to be alive and walking was astounding. Didn’t seem fair. My sober date is 7/22/18 and her OD was 7/24/18 and so I feel we share a sober date. Never knew who she was prior to seeing the story; had only heard of her. Now I feel like we have some sort of weird mutual bond as she spiraled at the same time I did and almost didn’t survive her overdosed when it could’ve just as easily been me fighting for my life the way she was. I love Demi and I do agree with her; I haven’t done any illegal drugs or alcohol since 7/22/18 but I do smoke weed because it does help a lot with mental anguish which to many is the reason they end up using hard drugs. To self medicate. Weed’s a crutch and it’s to be kicked next. One step at a time. If weed keeps you from doing heroin, smoke your weed. I know it’s worked for me for almost 3 years now.
Kaia N
Kaia N Před 8 hodinami
the strength it must have taken to make this.
DICAS DE UMA DV Před 8 hodinami
Alguen do Brasil?
taffi_ taffy
taffi_ taffy Před 8 hodinami
Okay....not to be that person, but the ONE THING that could make this video (in my opinion) would’ve been her ACTUALLY dancing with the devil, and the devil would be like 10x bigger than her and she’s in a red dress with black hair in the final chorus. How that scene would start you ask? Just zoom in her eyes then y’all do y’all edit thing then 💥 BOOM 💥 the scene.
JM NYRican
JM NYRican Před 8 hodinami
While many disagree, no one ever thinks they sink to new lows but ADDICITION is a DISEASE. Doesn't matter the reasons, it is. Glad she pulled through & hopefully she will never again Dance with the Devil. GOD BLESS YOU.
Tyler'marie Moore
Tyler'marie Moore Před 8 hodinami
I love this so much that i am crying😰😰😰
Jaslene Gonzalez
Jaslene Gonzalez Před 8 hodinami
I am so proud of you Demi!
Lucia Perry
Lucia Perry Před 8 hodinami
Summer Brands
Summer Brands Před 8 hodinami
Kevin julian Ortega Zavala
Kevin julian Ortega Zavala Před 8 hodinami
Esta canción me llego al alma :(
Ethan gaddiz
Ethan gaddiz Před 8 hodinami
This is just a really great experience with demons
kitty kat
kitty kat Před 9 hodinami
True story: one of my exes passed away a few days ago from an overdose. He was sober for almost 2 years :( not gonna lie this video is now hard to watch :(
Nathan Hampe
Nathan Hampe Před 9 hodinami
Fuck,,,, This hit me hard man. “A Survivor” I never looked at it that way. I’m glad that Demi is doing a lot better now.
NinaGangster Před 9 hodinami
Gourab Mukherjee
Gourab Mukherjee Před 9 hodinami
I wish Amy Winehouse was able to listen to this, she would be very proud of Demi
jayferson travilla
jayferson travilla Před 9 hodinami
Her eyebrows tho 😍😍😍😍
Queen Mayra
Queen Mayra Před 9 hodinami
In love. You go Demi.
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