Deli Meat Tier List

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Cody Ko

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Jesses Před 5 minutami
Cheese next soy boy
Rosa MG
Rosa MG Před 10 hodinami
I am a vegetarian, but honestly, I couldn't enjoy this video more lmao
Lars Neunfinger
Lars Neunfinger Před dnem
Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says “All Day”
jakeskatesbro Před dnem
Gotta get that shit fresh not packaged sandwich garbage
jakeskatesbro Před dnem
You’re buying the wrong ham brother
Grac!e Před 3 dny
Take a shot every time cody says “all day”
Kylie Brown
Kylie Brown Před 3 dny
Gotta do a round 2 with chickens and cheeses!
jill strickland
jill strickland Před 4 dny
why is this my favorite cody ko video
GuapoZzach Před 4 dny
Gatorade or Powerade tier list?
Daniela Lara
Daniela Lara Před 6 dny
cody. i am also in love with mayo
Owen Kenausis
Owen Kenausis Před 7 dny
having worked at a deli, this video is very therapudic.
Ben Bowland
Ben Bowland Před 7 dny
11:24 Jon Jones before a fight
teddy bear
teddy bear Před 7 dny
take a bite of pancetta every time he says "all day"
Unprepared Před 8 dny
dude pastrami bagels are BOMB
Havilah Schnaars
Havilah Schnaars Před 8 dny
love how much liquid death merch cody's been reping lately
Claire Skinner
Claire Skinner Před 8 dny
i’ve never heard “all day on a cheese board” so many times in my life
Jacob Orozco
Jacob Orozco Před 8 dny
With how old Cody is he shouldn’t be saying “all day” so casually
Melissarios Před 8 dny
The gabagool reaction😭😂😅
Hailee Armbrust
Hailee Armbrust Před 8 dny
i work at a deli & SO MANY PEOPLE get ham steak. it’s so weird i don’t understand
Ridiculous Me
Ridiculous Me Před 8 dny
“I’ll eat this on a cheeseboard all day” I c o n i c 😩👌
Ricardo Martinez Jr.
Ricardo Martinez Jr. Před 9 dny
Cody: I’m out of ideas for a new video Also Cody: Okay, let’s talk shit on the meats 😂
Rachel Před 9 dny
tony soprano would be proud. gabagool and super-sod all day, all day
Pheobe Jackson
Pheobe Jackson Před 9 dny
Me, a vegan: 😦
MARKEDup97 Před 9 dny
I almost unsubscribed when you almost disrespected Black Forrest Ham BFH4L
Anthony Graetz
Anthony Graetz Před 11 dny
Dude your ham hatred makes me angry
Adam Cole
Adam Cole Před 11 dny
this new buzzfeed video is pretty good cant believe he made it to being old without eating meat
Nathan Scott
Nathan Scott Před 11 dny
Can we acknowledge Cody's Mouse, keyboard and monitor will smell like cold cuts for the remainder of his days?
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Před 12 dny
This is his best ever video easily
Stephen H
Stephen H Před 12 dny
Are you wiping meat juice on your pants after you eat each one?
DANIEL EUDY Před 12 dny
Guys... He’ll eat it on a cheese board, all day.
fem wynn
fem wynn Před 13 dny
ok i'm taking my dad's private helicopter to new york tomorrow to check out that deli.
Graham Hill
Graham Hill Před 13 dny
you're definitely not supposed to eat a hamsteak raw lmao. cook that bitch cody
Andrea Janowiak
Andrea Janowiak Před 13 dny
why wouldn’t you cook the ham steak you heathen
Deak Před 14 dny
Cody I be eating them pastrami sandwiches here in nyc on a weekly basis. So fucking good.
Franchesca Pepaj
Franchesca Pepaj Před 14 dny
I thought this was gonna be a boring video I’m pleasantly surprised and it might be my favorite of his I haven’t laughed this hard in a min
Citizen Of Kurtistown
Citizen Of Kurtistown Před 14 dny
he WILL eat that on a cheeseboard ALL DAY
Clouds Před 14 dny
ham steak scares me
Acquadi Před 14 dny
You just started a gang war
Zippity Zoop
Zippity Zoop Před 15 dny
capacollo also known as gabagool
Brian P
Brian P Před 16 dny
Hot soppressata. Thank me later
Fred Sollars
Fred Sollars Před 16 dny
This video was fucked by packaged meat. Should’ve gone to a real deli. Most of the pre packaged shit sucks.
Popilishis Před 17 dny
better get my eyes checked
Scorpion XD
Scorpion XD Před 17 dny
How many times did he say all day
Karly McArthur
Karly McArthur Před 17 dny
the amount of times he said "i'll eat that on a cheese board" killed me
shelby hoffmann
shelby hoffmann Před 17 dny
thing i learned from this vid is that cody eats deli meats all day
Lucas Nunez
Lucas Nunez Před 17 dny
If all the deli meats were boars head they’d pretty much all be s tier
Elliot Plantner
Elliot Plantner Před 17 dny
Cody should have gotten Head Cheese. I just want to see his reaction.
Camryn Viau
Camryn Viau Před 18 dny
Drinking game: take a shot every time Cody says "all day"
Justyouraveragemango Před 18 dny
You dare disrespect Black Forest Ham? It is a CLASSIC.
R A Před 18 dny
Sorry couldn’t pay attention to the vid cause homie was touching everything with greasy meat hands 👎🏻👎🏻
Lexi Uhrin
Lexi Uhrin Před 19 dny
CEO of "I'll do this on a *insert noun here* ALL DAY"
aaren chavez
aaren chavez Před 19 dny
New drinking game take a shot every time he says all day
lauren !!
lauren !! Před 19 dny
as a vegetarian i need you to know this video is very insightful thank you for this cody
Anonymous Gaming
Anonymous Gaming Před 20 dny
why is this my favorite video
Sierra Mussetter
Sierra Mussetter Před 20 dny
Elderly white man eats meat and moans for 16 minutes
knightclan 13
knightclan 13 Před 20 dny
Bro you should do a cheese tier list
Berenice Briones
Berenice Briones Před 21 dnem
Why do I get Schmidt from new girl vibes
Nathan Coatney
Nathan Coatney Před 21 dnem
You gotta fry the hamsteak. You eat it for breakfast with had browns
olivia .-*•,
olivia .-*•, Před 21 dnem
black forest is so good (edit aw what the fuck u like mayo :/)
sydney Před 21 dnem
I think this is the funniest video you’ve ever made
Garrett Před 21 dnem
i would rather watch this over the next tik tok influencer
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith Před 21 dnem
I got a turkey add on this video
YASM33N .M Před 22 dny
Take a shot everytime Cody says "all day"
Dest Davis
Dest Davis Před 22 dny
Take a shot every time Cody says he’d put something on a cheeseboard.
Adam Schwartz
Adam Schwartz Před 22 dny
please make a cheese board tier list
rushdain Před 23 dny
Wait I'm a bit confused... At what time of day would Cody do this?
Alfonzo Paperchaser
Alfonzo Paperchaser Před 25 dny
He said “what was that fuckin gross shit I ate capricotta?” “ I’m sorry to all the Italians out there” bro I’m Italian my family Is from Sicily and we think it’s funny when people try to pronounce our food we don’t get offended it’s not like you were being prejudiced u awesome Cody keep dropping fire vids I like how u make everyone laugh and make fun of everyone and everything without trying to offend people 💯
Soraya Puerto-Khalil
Soraya Puerto-Khalil Před 25 dny
giving me schmidt vibes w his “all day”
Kim Van
Kim Van Před 25 dny
Religious Deities Tier?
Cole Hinshaw
Cole Hinshaw Před 25 dny
Honey ham is a staple
Seoul Před 25 dny
Alternate title: Things Cody will (or will not) eat all day
Fruit Punch In The Face 2367
Fruit Punch In The Face 2367 Před 25 dny
Dude never stops making me laugh
Ashton Luke
Ashton Luke Před 25 dny
Cody sir you COOK a ham steak 😭💀
pringlescan81 Před 25 dny
I will put my comment right here on a cheeseboard all day long
Katherine Michailides
Katherine Michailides Před 26 dny
salami and twiggy sticks do it for me
anny fernanda
anny fernanda Před 26 dny
schmidt from new girl
Seven C
Seven C Před 26 dny
cheese board tier list
dj Před 27 dny
*watches this while making my grocery list*
Hailey Renee
Hailey Renee Před 27 dny
Just_Dom Před 28 dny
Wonder if Cody's Mortadella has the horse in it? 🥗🐴
Sabrina Scotti
Sabrina Scotti Před 28 dny
i don’t know about you guys, but i think Cody would eat these deli meats all day
Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown Před 28 dny
Black forrest ham >>>>
Kayli Roberts
Kayli Roberts Před 28 dny
Put butter in a skillet and season the ham steak with salt and pepper, then brown it and eat it with breakfast. Bone in is better. And don't speak bad on ham steak again until you eat it the right way lol
Mackenzie B
Mackenzie B Před 29 dny
As someone who absolutely hates ham, but is always being told I'm crazy for hating ham...thank you so much for hating ham and being the only sane person who realizes how fucking disgusting and wet ham is! Meat shouldn't look like it just got out of a swimming pool
Ashley DeBeaussaert
Ashley DeBeaussaert Před měsícem
cheese tier list pls
Danielle Powers
Danielle Powers Před měsícem
cheese tier list has yet to come. please cody were waiting so patiently
Lorenzo Arduino
Lorenzo Arduino Před měsícem
Man I swear Peperoni is only a North American thing we probs invented it in Italy but we don't know what the hell you're talking about
Kollin Byrne
Kollin Byrne Před 21 dnem
interestingly enough, here's what it says on wikipedia: "Pepperoni, an Italian-American creation, is a cured dry sausage, with similarities to the spicy salamis of southern Italy, such as salsiccia Napoletana piccante, a spicy dry sausage from Naples, or the soppressata from Calabria." I think that's possibly why it's not in / not widespread in italy?
Michael Wang
Michael Wang Před měsícem
Ham is goated... smoked, honey baked, black Forest doesn’t matter
Garrett Harinen
Garrett Harinen Před měsícem
I’m offended that bologna wasn’t included
slixz Před měsícem
uh ok
Paul Paller
Paul Paller Před měsícem
Don’t eat pancetta raw my guy. It’s fine but prosciutto is so much better. Use pancetta for carbonara or amatriciana.
J Allan
J Allan Před měsícem
When you opened the roast beef and inhaled I was nearly sick
Lora Pavic
Lora Pavic Před měsícem
Isn't like panceta and bacon the same fucking thing?
Kate L
Kate L Před měsícem
I'm gonna be honest with you guys, I couldn't press like on this video. It's not because it's not hilarious, it's because he said he likes mayo. I am almost certain the Devil made several things: Pineapple on pizza, raisins, mosquitos, and mayonnaise. I just can't condone this type of behavior.
Kollin Byrne
Kollin Byrne Před 21 dnem
i disagree vehemently but i am also very white so have a nice day
Anders Erickson
Anders Erickson Před měsícem
love salami
Shannon Davis
Shannon Davis Před měsícem
seeing him touch all this meat and touching his face and not wiping his hand on a napkin or anything is gross af lmao edit: he's been wiping his hands on his pants the whole time OMGGGG
leshi Před měsícem
pastrami is so good holy fuck
LizzieBordensAxe Před měsícem
Capicola is “Gabbagool” 😂
LizzieBordensAxe Před 19 dny
@the doombringer 😂
the doombringer
the doombringer Před 20 dny
Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell Před měsícem
rewatching this video just to hear cody say "all goddamn day"
Charlotte Singer
Charlotte Singer Před měsícem
Alternative title: watch adult man eat meat for 16min
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