Dana White: "If Kamaru Usman wants to fight Jorge Masvidal then I'm sure people want to see it"

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A Boy and His Dad
A Boy and His Dad Před měsícem
Hollywood and all the record execs in the world can't stop illegal streaming, but Dana fixed it in a year.
Abubakar Bala
Abubakar Bala Před měsícem
Ada Phillips
Ada Phillips Před měsícem
Why is Usman suspended?
Big Skelly
Big Skelly Před měsícem
Dana White>>>>Al Haymon
Wil Mcneil
Wil Mcneil Před měsícem
Usman.the Marvin Haggler.of MMA.
Mino Chou
Mino Chou Před měsícem
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Kalle Pikku
Kalle Pikku Před měsícem
"You guys eat this sh*t up like candy" - Boss level
let me analyze it!
let me analyze it! Před měsícem
Tony vs Khabib🙃
Blown Před měsícem
No thanks on the rematch. Let someone else have a go at it. Seems like Usman wants to add to his record with a win that he just got, not even a year ago. No thanks.
Timothy Roy
Timothy Roy Před měsícem
Usman is an absolute killer. Still can’t make myself excited for his fights idk
Joseph Guest
Joseph Guest Před měsícem
We’re begging for this fight.
Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen Před měsícem
Much rather watch usman v colby again
Steen Grundy
Steen Grundy Před měsícem
Next fight: kamaru Vs the goat, Bruce buffer.
E P Před měsícem
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E P Před měsícem
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A S Před měsícem
Who really wants to see this fight? It will be the same outcome, and does Jorge really deserve another title shot ?
Asethium OneClick1
Asethium OneClick1 Před měsícem
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No Permanent Addresser Life
No Permanent Addresser Life Před měsícem
Wonderboy should be next
Bill Fred
Bill Fred Před měsícem
No one wants to see Usman vs. Street Jesus again. Don't book this fight. Masvidal needs to fight either Colby or Leon. There are no other fights to make for Jorge.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
Fight quality control. Look it the fuck up Dana.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
Marketing is fucking up the quality of fights Dana.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
Fight the Africans against each other.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
Break the fucking PPV you wimp Dana.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
I break fucking records Dana .... you dont
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
Izzy versus Kammie you know it could set a record.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
Kammie versus Izzy gives kammie his cred.The division is busted out.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
You have to have a spectacular win to become a legend.Kammies needs a win over somebody substantial.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Před měsícem
Kammie needs a superfight......periods
R P Před měsícem
this has turned into a popularity show because of the damn cashuals
duane jessup
duane jessup Před měsícem
Would love to see Usman vs Khabib of that would ever be possible in the near future.
Franz Schneider
Franz Schneider Před měsícem
My answer to that ;No! I don´t need another Masvidal Snoozer: We need COVINGTON vs USMAN 2
Tom A
Tom A Před měsícem
Bruce Buffer question was a triple layup
Tom A
Tom A Před měsícem
Dana was in a sh*t mood. PPV must have been down
Juanita Diaz
Juanita Diaz Před měsícem
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Jason France
Jason France Před měsícem
Ron Tungol
Ron Tungol Před měsícem
No ceo of any major worldwide company could ever have a job after saying this to the media 12:44 😂😂😄😄🤣 that should be the dr pepper commercial.... Fucking dana 👌one of a kind
jedikye Před měsícem
actually no one wants to see that
zip zip
zip zip Před měsícem
who the hell wants to see a masvidal rematch?
MeViewsr Před měsícem
Dana speaking facts starting at 07:40
Corey Lamme
Corey Lamme Před měsícem
I really dnt wanna see usman destroy someone he completely dominated and wrecked not long ago
Count2Potato Před měsícem
Someone needs to ask dana why they are doing vanilla ppvs worse than bellator cards? This and the conor card had no one else but like 2 fights with even ranked fighters. Is it because they are cutting costs or are they going to try and pretend to be boxing now.
Boogie Před měsícem
Burns doesn't deserve title shot. He went down from a weak right. And he got beat by a non-striker.
Steven Sinclair
Steven Sinclair Před měsícem
Colby tested usmans chin Burns proved his chin 😂
Nathan Rangel
Nathan Rangel Před měsícem
You know street Jesus will maul him thats why you won't make it itll be another ben ask ren one two go to sleep usman
Clint Rumpl
Clint Rumpl Před měsícem
Usman is too much Masvidal.
Tayler Modvesa
Tayler Modvesa Před měsícem
middle east is in asia and africa. middle east is an area not a continent lol. khabib is asian
Luigi Marzo
Luigi Marzo Před měsícem
masvidal have to fight colby and that s it!!!!!
Zach Hughes
Zach Hughes Před měsícem
Why does Dana hate the Diaz bros so bad
Abdul Azeez
Abdul Azeez Před měsícem
People want to see f**king Colby vs Jorge
Waylon Harper
Waylon Harper Před měsícem
Let's see him fight masvidal with a full camp. He want stand with masvidal
vernon googoo jr
vernon googoo jr Před měsícem
Fun fact. Usman made a lot of money to fight masvidal. ( on short notice) imagine a full camp wit a promo. Imagine how much money that would bring in.
Skr Skr
Skr Skr Před měsícem
Usman only won 50k or was that a bonus? Cause thats a fuckin ripoff
A logan
A logan Před měsícem
Usman is not ready for khamzat!
Erik Neuschwendtner
Erik Neuschwendtner Před měsícem
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Pongti Yana
Pongti Yana Před měsícem
Kamaru wants to fight Jorge because if not him it might be Colby
Day Walker
Day Walker Před měsícem
If ufc goes to Africa all the champs in all the divisions will be Africans we are too tough
Theo P
Theo P Před měsícem
Usman beats masvidal again
bkohler89 Před měsícem
I miss UFC Abu Dabi already and they just got back :(
Kurt C
Kurt C Před měsícem
usman vs masvidal was one sided...def dont wanna see that boring rematch. Usman vs Covington 2 is the real fight to make
Pishi Robi
Pishi Robi Před měsícem
Fck masvidal he lost get in the line
MechaWatt Před měsícem
We already had Usman VS Masvidal. The most boring fight in UFC history.
Jeffrey McAvoy
Jeffrey McAvoy Před měsícem
Every fight you see is the greatest fight
Combat Sports
Combat Sports Před měsícem
Make masvidal Vs Colby or colby Vs Usman but I think both masvidal and Colby are both scared
Nathan Gardner Sr.
Nathan Gardner Sr. Před měsícem
Why does Dana say we should respect to Usman, he almost got knocked out by a lightweight.stop dodging Colby then you might get some respect.why call out jorge that proves your a bitch boy
Juggling Taxi Famous
Juggling Taxi Famous Před měsícem
Juggling Taxi Podcast 🚖 🚖 🚖 🚖 🚖 Usman up and conning Goat very proud👌great fighter .Jon Jones going to Fight next ?
Sean Miller
Sean Miller Před měsícem
I love Jorge, but if they give Masvidal the rematch before Colby it would be a cold crime.
James Kerr
James Kerr Před měsícem
Who would want to stream a snoozeman fight anyway
Hueyi Tecuani
Hueyi Tecuani Před měsícem
Yo! Paul Walker’s spirit is out here interviewing Dana @00:26 .
General Disarray
General Disarray Před měsícem
It would be better if the journalists asked interesting questions we don't know the answer too instead of just stating the obvious to Dana knowing he will likely agree
Steven Alcaraz
Steven Alcaraz Před měsícem
I don’t want Usman vs. Masvidal 2, I want Usman vs. Covington 2
Gad Před měsícem
Respect Usman's name. Chimaev vs Edwards is an unfair fight. Leon has been mistreated and shouldn't have to prove himself with a newbie like Chamzat. Champagne should be fighting Wonderboy, Gall, Perry etc
REW Před měsícem
DANA 2024!!!!!
Anthony Pallatta
Anthony Pallatta Před měsícem
Who's the guy asking all the first questions? Okamoto?
Pepe Pekdot
Pepe Pekdot Před měsícem
USMAN VS. KHABIB for Champ2x Title!!
BrickTop Před měsícem
Masvidal vs Covington would easily outsell Masvidal vs Usman 2 , it's not even debatable so let's just make the right fights for once for fucks sake
Maurizio Candido
Maurizio Candido Před měsícem
sono pronto a combattere di pidito e a battere chiunque, ma voglio 100 milioni
Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis Před měsícem
Covington Usman REMATCH!!! That's the fight to make Dana. You just proved it here and now.
David Ninic
David Ninic Před měsícem
So Usman vs Nate next?
Simon Eriksson
Simon Eriksson Před měsícem
I would love to see Usman vs. Masvidal 2
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez Před měsícem
Usman can't and couldn't handle Masvidal thats why he had stomp his toes lol and smother him against the cage.
Nalyd H-Tron
Nalyd H-Tron Před měsícem
Dana, they're not kids.
wusta34 Před měsícem
Gsp vs usman
Josh Hurst
Josh Hurst Před měsícem
Lol thanks for not going after streamers becuase the fight wasn't worth 70 bucks.
The King 10
The King 10 Před měsícem
Want to see masvidal vs Colby so bad please make it happen
Abhijit Panda
Abhijit Panda Před měsícem
*Streamers to Dana: "oh my sweet summer child!"*
Kameryn Risper
Kameryn Risper Před měsícem
Madvidal vs Usman!!!!!!!
Navigating El
Navigating El Před měsícem
Dana looking like a Spiderman villian
Yung Shh
Yung Shh Před měsícem
Gsp should come back and take out usman shine
Fiddy Mcdiddy
Fiddy Mcdiddy Před měsícem
I’ll rather see Colby vs Masvidal at this point.
Wraith Don
Wraith Don Před měsícem
Little known fact: Kamaru’s hand was injured going into the Covington fight, which is why he was so one handed the whole night. He broke that boy’s jaw and beat him with one hand.
Clinten Caldwell
Clinten Caldwell Před měsícem
Coby slipped on a banana 🍌 peel
Andras The Owl Face
Andras The Owl Face Před měsícem
@Insane Bullets Except Usman came into the fight with an injured hand, and Colby left the fight with a broken jaw. Getting TKO’d by a guy with one hand is an indication that you will lose the rematch, not win it, as Usman will have both hands next time.
Wraith Don
Wraith Don Před měsícem
@Insane Bullets Oh you mean he’s white. Gotchu.
Insane Bullets
Insane Bullets Před měsícem
@Andras The Owl Face broken jaw is worse than an injured hand lmao he beats snoozeman in the rematch I don’t even like Colby he’s cringe but still more likeable than Marty 😭
Andras The Owl Face
Andras The Owl Face Před měsícem
@Insane Bullets Wow, he got his jaw broken, then took a close round from a one handed fighter, and still lost? How impressive
Mino Chou
Mino Chou Před měsícem
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Sahill Sekhon
Sahill Sekhon Před měsícem
“They did not stream tonight” ahhh yes brand new technology called a VPN newly introduced in 2021. Dana let’s be honest you’re not stopping anybody the internet remains undefeated if people wanna stream trust me they will stream lol
The Casual Expert
The Casual Expert Před měsícem
Dont get me wrong i pay for most ppvs, but if its like usman fighting or some shit, ima stream
Hussain Aldafaai
Hussain Aldafaai Před měsícem
The first reporter “ grappling “ comment was bogus
Philip Sacks
Philip Sacks Před měsícem
Usman doesn't want to go to war with covington again
Navigating El
Navigating El Před měsícem
I don't think he doesn't either he would've called him out if he did
SWS-Vlogs Před měsícem
Dana White is a walking, talking, breathing Richard-Head!
Fabian V
Fabian V Před měsícem
He literally went south paw and used his jab as a straight. Goddamn heavy ass hands.
Robert M
Robert M Před měsícem
Usman is boring asf to watch tbh. If I did watch that fight, it'd be to see masvidal.
Anibal Puerto Rico
Anibal Puerto Rico Před měsícem
Jorge v khamzat Colby v Leon Edwards
Anibal Puerto Rico
Anibal Puerto Rico Před měsícem
Dana knows the duck 🦆🦆🦆 masvidal will lose to usman ,the duck masvidal is one of dana cash cow
Pudnite Před měsícem
literally who wants to see usman vs jorge again?!
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