DAD'S DATING A COLLEGE GIRL? ("Lemonade Mouth" commentary)

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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Nelly Merlene Myers
Nelly Merlene Myers Před 16 hodinami
She's so gone is my favourite song from the movie
Hot Dogs 2
Hot Dogs 2 Před dnem
Hot Dogs 2
Hot Dogs 2 Před dnem
To anyone wondering: yes, the backstory to Olivia's dad is really, really bad. Like-- you cannot have any of what he did even referenced for a Disney movie. So Dylan was actually correct-- and should DEFINITELY read the YA series that this movie was based off...
Autumn31 Před dnem
Dylan I’ve got an idea abt the recommendations dilemma: what if you had a secondary subreddit for recommendations
Magic and Mayhem
Magic and Mayhem Před 2 dny
NOT a gang, a cult😈👹
Teek Před 2 dny
24:07 assault....
Teek Před 2 dny
19:22 best song of the entire movie.
Flamingo Content
Flamingo Content Před 2 dny
wait a sec.. so this is not Ed Sheeran????
Micaela Lara
Micaela Lara Před 2 dny
como me volví fan de tus videos jajaja, saludos desde Argentina
The Guy Who Really Likes Musicals
The Guy Who Really Likes Musicals Před 2 dny
I still have Red's rap verse memorised
Myah Joseph
Myah Joseph Před 4 dny
8:28 If Stella had cool supportive parents and the twins teased her it’d be Kim Possibles’ family right...?
johnnyneedscash Před 5 dny
i remember my friends going crazy over beck, and there i was, having my gay awakening with hayley kiyoko
Ayblablabla Před 5 dny
"you have 3 guitar players? why?" **SCREAMS İN MY CHEMİCAL ROMANCE**
Timmy Anzalone
Timmy Anzalone Před 6 dny
In celebration of 1 million I will watch my favorite video of yours for the 6th or 7th time
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Před 6 dny
Mo: we are just friends **dylan has left the chat**
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Před 6 dny
As a kid I seriously wanted red and that other girl what’s her name? Olivia To get together I still do
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Před 6 dny
The trouble maker family Better than my family
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Před 6 dny
Dylan Is just hilarious He is one of my two favorite CSpostsrs Micarah tewers and Dylan are tied for first
Lyra Banks
Lyra Banks Před 6 dny
yo is that Luke from TVD
SHADOWolf Před 6 dny
0:17 so we're...a mafia..?
Melanie Darmawan
Melanie Darmawan Před 7 dny
Me: enjoying the movie Candy crush ad: have you played Candy Crush yet? :)
Lori The Lorenzo
Lori The Lorenzo Před 8 dny
It sucks that he went through the Disney movie phase and now Disney plus is out haha
Bruh idk
Bruh idk Před 8 dny
27:00 thats the dude who killed himself wow
Jesse Lantz
Jesse Lantz Před 8 dny
I know this was uploaded 2 years ago and I seen this movie so many times But this is the first time I heard the principal say he was a bit of a rebel back in the day and I'm like it's goose from Greece 2
Bella Giordano
Bella Giordano Před 9 dny
I’m sensitive when it comes to this movie
Kaldur Skipper
Kaldur Skipper Před 9 dny
20:28 don't know why this has me cracking up so much, but it did🤣 My morbid sense of humor combined with Dylan just makes for a fun combination
kakashi Před 9 dny
Dylannnn, my man, you missed the finale. Search it, it´s a flashfoward
Lethu Mthiyane
Lethu Mthiyane Před 9 dny
8:51 Believe it or not, I said what Dylan said as he said it
Yessenia Lorraine Morgan
Yessenia Lorraine Morgan Před 10 dny
Lololol✨ “back off Kristen Dunst” ✨
Victoria !!
Victoria !! Před 10 dny
5:20 literally me
JG Moonlight
JG Moonlight Před 10 dny
I like the fact the drums guy didn't stay with the girl, in real life people you like don't always like you back... Instead of making the obvious choice they made the other guy redeem himself and be a member of the band
Lethu Mthiyane
Lethu Mthiyane Před 10 dny
What is up with Dylan and hoping/thinking people will die or died
Brittany lobb
Brittany lobb Před 11 dny
I honestly never liked this movie. The concept is cool, but teen beach movie holds some much more storyline and humor.
Brittany lobb
Brittany lobb Před 11 dny
I’m sorry 10:55 in is that sterling knight? Or did sterling and the beast kid have a baby? I just can’t 😂😂
gabriela Před 11 dny
16:53 yeah, the actor was like 14 and she was 17... so that could not be happening
spider blaster x
spider blaster x Před 11 dny
The trouble gang
Ryan Před 11 dny
Maybe you should express yourself more respectful
Samantha Lamarche
Samantha Lamarche Před 12 dny
hahaha i want him to do Spectacular!
Maggie Brown
Maggie Brown Před 12 dny
As soon as he said that he wanted the rap to not continue I was just waiting for his opinion to change and I was no dissapointed
Walküre Před 13 dny
Kirsten Dunst isn't in the movie, Dylan!
a_ gurl
a_ gurl Před 13 dny
Hi Dylan, im obssesed with your videos now, just saying ok bye
Valeria OC
Valeria OC Před 14 dny
What is your comfort video and why is it Dylan watching Lemonade Mouth?
Malek Tahri
Malek Tahri Před 14 dny
As a swiftie, i was really surprised by that k*nye reference👁👄👁
Malek Tahri
Malek Tahri Před 14 dny
Well i'm also a directioner and that I DIDN'T WANT TO BE IN THE BAND IN THE FIRST PLACE hits so badly🤧
yuri ramirez
yuri ramirez Před 15 dny
The efficient thing coincidently fear because caterpillar posteriorly terrify by a short platinum. equal, lush break
Nathalie N
Nathalie N Před 15 dny
I always forget lesbian jesus was at disney
Karabo Molalathoko
Karabo Molalathoko Před 15 dny
I’m sorry Dylan but some of us trip over AiR✋🏾💅🙂
ruma begum
ruma begum Před 15 dny
honestly, lemonade mouth is better than any disney musicals. sorry not sorry high school musical.
ruma begum
ruma begum Před 15 dny
but seriously now, disney makes the best soundtracks.
ruma begum
ruma begum Před 15 dny
it’s disney, what’d you think?
ByBecky Před 16 dny
17:48 *glee*
Sepn Před 16 dny
The theme of this movie is music unites us that’s it since EVERYTIME they got together was because of music that’s it
Mariella Ly
Mariella Ly Před 16 dny
I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve seen this movie😭 I love it so much
Jafayahh Před 17 dny
She’s so gone is so empowering 😭🤚🏽
Audrey Caya
Audrey Caya Před 17 dny
Why is there an Eyptian sarcophagus in the music room at 9:45 ? What's up with that ?
Emma Před 17 dny
27:48 "they play msg... in high school" Well one direction did and it was 2012 they were still teens so yeah it's possible 😶
Olivia Nealy
Olivia Nealy Před 17 dny
Not Dylan actually liking a disney channel movie-
Kdog Back
Kdog Back Před 17 dny
Okay I know how like for the first minute you talking about how you don’t like recommendations but if you want to see a good brawl or fight scene watch Cobra Kai. There is one whole episode that is the school students fighting. Probably not a good CSposts video but I think you would enjoy watching the show on your own.
beauty Před 18 dny
I thought there was gonna be a brawl in that lunch scene too💀💀💀
Fawkes The Fox
Fawkes The Fox Před 19 dny
Better word for subscribers is fellowship. You know like brotherhood sisterhood but both of those in one.
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne Před 19 dny
The guitar ( Haley Kyoto and bass( Naomi Scott) ( the Jasmine in the live Version of Aladdin)girls are famous. The poor principal has always mean guys(oye.)
Emmsies Před 20 dny
But Dylan, your Sunday upload is a Monday upload in Australia
I give up
I give up Před 21 dnem
But Dylan. Us troublemakers *are* all related.
Layla Socute
Layla Socute Před 22 dny
I watched this a few days ago and I was dying at 2 am and she was like my dad’s in jail and you was like “did he...did he kill your mom” I was dying laughing
Kristy Nguyen
Kristy Nguyen Před 22 dny
GEEK CHARMING. RADIO REBEL. COOUD 9. i know he don’t like recommendations so they’re recommendations for the viewers and whoever’s reading this comment AHAHAH
Sarah David
Sarah David Před 23 dny
“Bro the cats gonna die can’t you leave behind like a necklace or something?” 🤣🤣🤣
Pieta Rose
Pieta Rose Před 24 dny
Dylan's videos never fail to make me smile
Tamar Minnes
Tamar Minnes Před 25 dny
best teen disney movie along with monte carlo.
Ragene Simone
Ragene Simone Před 25 dny
I was crying laughing this entire video 😂😂. But there’s literally no way you predicted the entire movie unless you have watched it already.
Juliana Martínez
Juliana Martínez Před 26 dny
lol ur extremely funny dudeeeeeeeee, I burst into laugh literally every time u say something
ImaginaryIfera Před 26 dny
yknow everybody laughing at the effect one can of lemonade has on this band but lemonade is damn good. My mood increases 100% when I have a lemonade to drink
Derrin Před 26 dny
When wren started rapping I got nostalgic, freaked out, glitched and went on your previous video. That rap is so iconic. I remember learning it perfectly. Sadly now I've forgotten it, I need yo learn it again.
Yasmine Před 28 dny
mans got a crush on Princess Jasmine
Florencio Hernandez Jr.
Florencio Hernandez Jr. Před 29 dny
This movie would have been perfect if she didn’t go back to her old boyfriend 😂..
Jacklyn Tsipkis
Jacklyn Tsipkis Před měsícem
21:17 how did i never notice they left one of the crew in by acident
Fiona Mulder
Fiona Mulder Před měsícem
Dylan "flash backing" me "...flashing BACK?"
Liv Kofod
Liv Kofod Před měsícem
Favorite line: "i like when you smile. bro. good job *clap clap*"
Emma Mårtensson
Emma Mårtensson Před měsícem
Whenever I watch this I get so uncomfortable bc his necklace is inside his shirt-pocket.
Qrow Damascus
Qrow Damascus Před měsícem
Not me wanting to see him react to Barbie movies
Qrow Damascus
Qrow Damascus Před měsícem
If you like the redhead's vocals look up Zeke and Luther rap
Chloe Diana
Chloe Diana Před měsícem
his name is Wen
Jackie Underwood
Jackie Underwood Před měsícem
“My dads in prison” Dylan: 😯
Nightcore Kensington
Nightcore Kensington Před měsícem
Watch 2014Annie
diamond dot
diamond dot Před měsícem
This movie was my childhood and he is my favourite CSpostsr and the fact that he like it makes me so happy 😭
brandi3981 Před měsícem
i watched this movie dozens of times I have the CD i usually listen to it while cleaning I bought the books but they aren't as good
Cynthia Visser
Cynthia Visser Před měsícem
apparently, the guy who plays Charlie was like 13 when they filmed this, which I refuse to believe
Stephanie Casper
Stephanie Casper Před měsícem
If it’s a public school, it’s funded by the government. A contract with a government funded school guaranteeing no competition among drink brands would break antitrust laws and go against FTC regulations. The contract is an illegal contract and is legally unenforceable. Therefore, the addition of the lemonade theater is legally sound, albeit logically weird.
Robin du Plessis
Robin du Plessis Před měsícem
17:00 for some reason, this time my first reaction when i saw stella spinning on the floor was “this is something a sim would do” 😂 idk why xD
Jasmine Paiva
Jasmine Paiva Před měsícem
Personally the principle reminds me of trump
Velasquez April
Velasquez April Před měsícem
When I saw lemonade mouth it reminded me of a American version of Rebelde (RBD) TV show
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
22:00 wait that’s a good point, so many cups 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
20:12 oh they finally brought that up!! 👏
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
6:45 omg i was waiting for the reaction to the rap 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
15:37 “we’ve got plenty!” 😂🚽
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
14:06 he’s not gonna react to the fact that her dad is in JAIL?!
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
11:58 “i love it...” 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
8:35 omg she really SLAMMED into that locker 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
i never understood why she got detention for being in the janitor closet???
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Před měsícem
omg lemonade mouth, I’m ready 😂 (but tbh I’m surprised u haven’t heard of it)
hana min
hana min Před měsícem
The "he murdered your mom" killed me
Cece Hill
Cece Hill Před měsícem
“emotions on a rollercoaster man” yeah, sounds like a group of high schoolers
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