Could We Pass a US Citizenship Test?

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On this episode of… Beopardy, we ~silly Americans attempt to pass a US citizenship test!
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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit Před 8 měsíci
Could you pass this test?! 📝
kasey wentzel
kasey wentzel Před dnem
yes i got the best grade in social studies for my school
Ahli Dryk
Ahli Dryk Před 8 dny
Nope have 600 points
Michael Scoggins
Michael Scoggins Před 15 dny
Fuck no
Rusty Raccon
Rusty Raccon Před 16 dny
yes absolutely
Myah Jones
Myah Jones Před 17 dny
2400 points dawg
Float Grandpa Float
Float Grandpa Float Před hodinou
It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that the board was not actually a screen and was edited. Oh my god.
Race Morris
Race Morris Před dnem
The first question was so easy cuz there was a war literally name the war of 1812
The Nerdy Guy
The Nerdy Guy Před dnem
They make fun of Florida.. but had this performance...
Matthew Fitzpatrick
Matthew Fitzpatrick Před 3 dny
and these idiots vote....
DANKISH420 Před 3 dny
I have a few friends in Australia and apparently they teach more about American government and American history in Australia than we do in America 😂 it’s kinda sad and funny at the same time
steelsamuel 9
steelsamuel 9 Před 4 dny
A study showed that 50% of americans can't pass the test
give me your dino nuggets pls
give me your dino nuggets pls Před 5 dny
Look I live in Alaska and I think we border Canada I really don't know I'm not good with maps you know but I think I think I saw a map once so maybe
M Hail
M Hail Před 6 dny
In their defense, this is something you have to remember when you’re trying to get into the US or trying to pass that high school history test, and that was like 5+ years ago for them. Who would care enough to retain that information?
Mary Catherine Magana
Mary Catherine Magana Před 6 dny
Why does Keith sound JruCK 😵😝😂
Mary Catherine Magana
Mary Catherine Magana Před 6 dny
NUGGet3562 Před 7 dny
Wait why did she say we can't be proud of we the people anymore?
I'm a Glorious Llamacorn
I'm a Glorious Llamacorn Před 8 dny
why did i know most of these, i don't even live in the US
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu Před 8 dny
Kamala Harris!!!! Whooooo! VP!!!!
Topo Purrito
Topo Purrito Před 10 dny
First question could have been answered with the war of 1812
Jack Kikikikikolol
Jack Kikikikikolol Před 11 dny
There so dumb lol
catheline Borda
catheline Borda Před 12 dny
i got all correct in civics test
Joan Claybite Ceramics
Joan Claybite Ceramics Před 13 dny
You guys should sit down at a potter's wheel and try to throw a pot.
Charles Harper
Charles Harper Před 13 dny
Where do u find these brain dead humans
Nathan Ursiny
Nathan Ursiny Před 14 dny
Keith is clearly the most funny one in this group Especially when he’s hyped up on coffee
Albert Greene
Albert Greene Před 14 dny
This kinda hurt.
Albert Greene
Albert Greene Před 6 dny
@JellaFella Ya know, on one hand, it is sad how civic are not taught or stressed in our education system, but id also caution that ignorance is an element of the humor they deploy. On the other hand, I may not know the mechanics of a tractor, but i know a broke tractor when i see one.
JellaFella Před 6 dny
Sad how they're willing to openly mock America while still failing to understand even basic facts about the government.
Amorette Mcgee
Amorette Mcgee Před 14 dny
When Tommy tells keath "i would like to hear that voice agine" and no one reacted! I'm like yaaaassss daddy lol
Im Trash
Im Trash Před 14 dny
I probably would have failed tbh 👁👄👁
Spencer Jacobs
Spencer Jacobs Před 14 dny
In my US history class we played jeopardy to study for the final but I wasn’t allowed to participate because I had a concussion. I was the score keeper but I still won, mostly because I knew a lot of answers from listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.
Dat1-mexicanboi Před 14 dny
Why does Keith sound like Marty from Madagascar
ツjomerYT Před 14 dny
Why can’t you be proud of being an American🤦‍♂️
David Lawrence
David Lawrence Před 14 dny
We’re so doomed
Leviathan’s Pet Lotan But a Human Cuz of Levi
Leviathan’s Pet Lotan But a Human Cuz of Levi Před 15 dny
Shayne : Name a state that borders Canada Me : Alaska
Fox Heart
Fox Heart Před 15 dny
11:17 bruh. Its wild to know that Kamala Harris is that VP now
Foureducks Před 16 dny
So uh... was my school district just an ok school district or is this a theater kid thing?
Rusty Raccon
Rusty Raccon Před 16 dny
this hurts me so much as a history minor
Cole Morrison
Cole Morrison Před 17 dny
In some states you have to take this test (all 100 as) in order to graduate HS. But our teacher let us use notes so 🤡
StaticPlayz Před 17 dny
lmao i got the question from the intro right and im english i just remembered from a video that texas can split to 5 states and go from 2 senate seats to 10
kobe Před 17 dny
I cringed this whole video
Dianelys Lucero
Dianelys Lucero Před 17 dny
POV: you came from TikTok
Georgia Chlebek
Georgia Chlebek Před 18 dny
Name a war fought in the 1800s Me: the war of 1812
Uh.QtEmma Před 18 dny
Keith is like that one kid that gets an A+ on a test once that he didn’t even study for. the kid that’s like “*the smart kids name* THERES A NEW INTELLECTUAL IN TOWN!!!”
Alessia Allegri
Alessia Allegri Před 18 dny
as an italian girl, i played with them and i got 400 points... yuh
Epsilon Před 18 dny
What was with the air quotes on the constitution tommy😂
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson Před 19 dny
Keith had to know his rights growing up
It's IFB629
It's IFB629 Před 18 dny
MetallicaFan81 Před 20 dny
I was faster than all of them. By the way FUCK Harris
Lo Renee
Lo Renee Před 20 dny
I wish it was one big Florida to be honest Florida has some really good laws in place especially gun laws
Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent
Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent Před 20 dny
Give us free
Rand Windhusk
Rand Windhusk Před 21 dnem
I was so confused on why these Americans weren't getting most of these wrong, then I remembered they live in California. These liberals missed high school history.
Deltia Před 21 dnem
AP US History kids are crying
TMPxFranchise2112x Před 21 dnem
Mim J
Mim J Před 21 dnem
🎼 life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we fought for these ideals we shouldn't settle for less! 🎤
Julia Před 22 dny
imagine if a bunch of middle/high schoolers tried to take the test against y'all...
colonel mustard13
colonel mustard13 Před 22 dny
Nolan Hitchner
Nolan Hitchner Před 22 dny
Is Shane wearing make up ?
•honeybee Jordyn •
•honeybee Jordyn • Před 23 dny
When Keith said Wyoming for the movie I was freaking out cause I’m from there and I guessed right
Kahlyda Před 23 dny
But wait did Keith flush the coffee out?
Kyo Před 23 dny
You aren't an immigrant if you're 1st generation... You're a naturalized citizen... Does she know what immigration is?
Aidan Castillon
Aidan Castillon Před 25 dny
Well the legend is true, not everyone gets communism
Genovesator Před 25 dny
I would have won and Im Spanish. Guys you're from there, what are you doing? Lol
Amara Rose
Amara Rose Před 26 dny
Back when Kamala was still just a Senator-
Gia Dicarlo
Gia Dicarlo Před 26 dny
Tommy looks like that kid in school who was obsessed with trains🤣
Thomas Schaefer
Thomas Schaefer Před 26 dny
It's a bold claim in comparison to the video but I think any average German highschooler would've passed the test.
Live My tag bruh
Live My tag bruh Před 26 dny
I feel like Shayne laughs with purpoise and I love it
Stefanie Tommy
Stefanie Tommy Před 26 dny
Courtney: right to... Keith: shut the fuck up
Stefanie Tommy
Stefanie Tommy Před 26 dny
Keith is my third favorite smosh actor
Ben Crouch
Ben Crouch Před 27 dny
bruh this is like everyone at their peak, they’re all so funny
Bobbi Rakus
Bobbi Rakus Před 27 dny
Who else was rooting for Keith the whole time??? Cuz I was!!! 😁😁😁
Minh N Dinh
Minh N Dinh Před 28 dny
Yeah, black dude so smart...
Teghan Kwan
Teghan Kwan Před 28 dny
The "Are We Smarter Than..." episodes are so great.
Minh N Dinh
Minh N Dinh Před 28 dny
Americans are so smart!....... :D
Minh N Dinh
Minh N Dinh Před 28 dny
Olivia: Hawaii
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Před 28 dny
No wonder they aren't proud Americans, they literally don't know anything about America.
arthur savino
arthur savino Před 29 dny
I’m not even american and I know this stuff better than they do
Arshia Asif
Arshia Asif Před měsícem
I love how keith is literally drunk from coffee hahahahhahha
Michelle Giroux
Michelle Giroux Před měsícem
Being a Canadian and able to answer so many more than Americans is kinda sad
MegaWolfang 246
MegaWolfang 246 Před měsícem
Shayne:name two rights Courtney: Right to bear arms and right...... Keith: Right to shut up technically keith just said right to remain silent
kelkelgamer xx
kelkelgamer xx Před měsícem
Artic is in the East so Courtney technically got it correct
BaJGT50 Před měsícem
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William Kraisee
William Kraisee Před měsícem
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Daddy Mata
Daddy Mata Před měsícem
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Sharon peters
Sharon peters Před měsícem
Text him on WhatsApp 👆
Sharon peters
Sharon peters Před měsícem
*+ 1 // 3 // 1 //9//4//6//5//9//2//9//4*
Theresa Rose
Theresa Rose Před měsícem
Oh wow, so how do I start trading with Mr. Carlos chago?
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy Před měsícem
i got 1350 points 😭😭
vesve 1
vesve 1 Před měsícem
Rewatching this, Courtney's answer of the French and Indian War wasn't that bad. It was in the 18th century and it was in the American theatre if the 7 years war and one side had the British American colonies.
Rogue Nerd
Rogue Nerd Před měsícem
As a history major, this makes me sad hahaha 🤣
levirw12 Před měsícem
This makes me sad....
AlexIS T
AlexIS T Před měsícem
Idk how they didnt know some of that stuff. They think they can trash americans but not even know how many senators we have or what the judicial branch does.
jamer2010 Před měsícem
I really don't understand what one thing has to do with another.
Trumans Shadow
Trumans Shadow Před měsícem
It's life, liberty and the pursuit of Property. It wasn't until and edit of the constitution when it was changed, for obvious reasons.
No cuz I’m pissed 😤 a little of this stuff I didn’t know but also some of them I had the right idea but wrong answer 😭 like for Cold War I said it was commercialism because the government made ppl get everything thing that was advertising and not what they wanted or needed and the gov was making the ppls choices and the US didn’t want that there. It was FUCKING COMMUNISM NOT COMMERCIALISM 😭
pippie Carr
pippie Carr Před měsícem
When did ignorance become funny and so acceptable?
jamer2010 Před měsícem
Everyone is ignorant in their own way.
Ayaan Vaswani
Ayaan Vaswani Před měsícem
This video proves that they should be deported
jamer2010 Před měsícem
We would have to boot out 50% of the country then.
Burkenator Před měsícem
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we fought for these ideals we shouldn’t settle for less. these are wise words enterprising, men quote them don’t act surprised you guys cuz i wrote em :)
Heath Marciszewski
Heath Marciszewski Před měsícem
Shayne: "We have Courtney with 0 points" Courtney: *gestures* Me: "COURTNEY DONT EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!"
Ewan Benjamin
Ewan Benjamin Před měsícem
Bruh French and Indian War? America wasn’t even around yet 😂😂
jamer2010 Před měsícem
It was technically before the establishment of the United States of America, but the colonies were still there. We learn about colonial history in American history.
Woopady T
Woopady T Před měsícem
This showed up in my recommended and is especially hilarious (and also a little tragic) to me considering I passed this test last week!
GiantSweet Před měsícem
Name 1 war fought by the US in the 1800s; the war of 1812.
a potato
a potato Před měsícem
I’m Italian indian and know more than them
OverLink 77
OverLink 77 Před měsícem
And I had Geography last semester
OverLink 77
OverLink 77 Před měsícem
I'm in AP Gov. So this is torture
Carlotta Lazzeretti
Carlotta Lazzeretti Před měsícem
Can we have more of this? IT WAS HILARIOUS
Arpan Vinayak
Arpan Vinayak Před měsícem
Tommy stole the show for me
Ms. Potato
Ms. Potato Před měsícem
They all radiate that chaotic and crackhead energy I love xD
Liam Clark
Liam Clark Před měsícem
When Shayne asked about rights in the Declaration of Independence, I broke out into Cabinet Battle #1 Jefferson lyrics
Maple Chan
Maple Chan Před měsícem
The staff laughing just makes this show a whole lot better
Possum Boy
Possum Boy Před měsícem
Is Tommy.... you know *mimes picking out a jacket at the thrift store*
Fortnite Master
Fortnite Master Před měsícem
This has to be one of the best Are you smarter than episodes I’ve ever watched so far just because of Tommy’s hilarious sense of humor I was crying of laughter from all of this 😂😂😂
Brianna Petrie
Brianna Petrie Před měsícem
Shane: "name a war in the 1800's" Me:"WAR OF 1812!!!"
Beth H
Beth H Před měsícem
As an Australian....I got 650 points but that's because Unit 1 of Modern History is America for some stupid reason. Love y'all but if I wanted to know about American history, I'd ask an American because I'm fairly certain that's all they're taught.
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