Could We Pass a US Citizenship Test?

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On this episode of… Beopardy, we ~silly Americans attempt to pass a US citizenship test!
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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit Před 2 měsíci
Could you pass this test?! 📝
Ryan Challender
Ryan Challender Před 3 hodinami
I think I could have! But with a 100 possible questionl, it would probably depend on which 10 questions I was given on the test 😂!
Pugsarecute Před 5 dny
I honestly got 96% correct
Pedro Scott
Pedro Scott Před 5 dny
I think so. Personally I'm proud to be and American and I wish more people were accepting of their heritage too
Emil Hodnemyr ugland
Emil Hodnemyr ugland Před 6 dny
Maybe cuz im norwegian
kitty! !
kitty! ! Před 9 dny
Ryan Challender
Ryan Challender Před 3 hodinami
This is probably a dumb question but was there a reason Courtney was the only one with a calculator next to her name 🤔!? Was she like the official score keeper or something 😂!?
Fernando Campos
Fernando Campos Před 14 hodinami
There’s a ton Americans should be proud about
LavenderLunacy Před 15 hodinami
As a history major this hurt to watch. Courtney listed Constitutional Rights instead of ones listen in the Declaration
Among Us
Among Us Před 20 hodinami
Why would they say that they can’t be proud to be an American....cause damn I’m proud to be one✨🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
dasty Před dnem
Tamra Armstrong
Tamra Armstrong Před 2 dny
Don't give Keith coffee anymore.😂
Ms. Potato
Ms. Potato Před 2 dny
*Keith talking about him winning is the most funniest and cutest shit I've ever seen*
Madison Carr
Madison Carr Před 4 dny
Me: *a current us history student and Hamilton fan* LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS
Rob Smith21
Rob Smith21 Před 5 dny
Honestly, I’m with Tommy. Cold War- they needed jackets.
Jaden Richards
Jaden Richards Před 5 dny
Okay, but it really bugs me that you guys say you can't be proud to be an American. I have family that fought and died for your freedoms and that just really offended me. You guys live here and are able to make incredible videos and share them with the world, that's because you have freedom. Respect that.
Nathan Jambi
Nathan Jambi Před 6 dny
Olivia won't got the first points if the test held just now lol
TheJerseySlice Před 6 dny
I need Keith to drink coffee b4 every episode 😂
Major Spaghet
Major Spaghet Před 6 dny
You guys are great but danm you are dumb as rocks
JaeJae Noodles
JaeJae Noodles Před 6 dny
Poolside Toilet Productions
Poolside Toilet Productions Před 7 dny
Can we be proud that the US has the most immigrants per year of any country?
シHachiimi Před 7 dny
Keith is literally a whole mood lmfao
Mariah Nix
Mariah Nix Před 8 dny
Do Harry Potter
SsbPrime Před 8 dny
“You have the right to remain silent” you already know Keith’s familiar with that one for… reasons
Jeon De Leon
Jeon De Leon Před 8 dny
Smosh is all bout family.... awww
seira Hefn
seira Hefn Před 8 dny
Anjale Navanathan
Anjale Navanathan Před 9 dny
Me thinking that keith said "sliver war"
This is so painful to watch, I cringed so hard
hblake5213 Před 10 dny
Uh Keith didn't specify which civil war...
Rachel Kirby
Rachel Kirby Před 10 dny
My Australian/American ass got 1400 and I honestly still don’t know how
Ezra Walker
Ezra Walker Před 10 dny
Keith: the American man
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug Před 10 dny
I want you to know that I spent 4 hours making myself a map of the states while listening to the “50 nifty” song on an eternal loop because of this freaking video. you inspired me- with fear of turning out like this. (I love you, don't come at me. But some of these were genuinely upsetting.)
Anita9729 Před 11 dny
We CanT bE pRoUd Of ThAt StAtEmEnT aNyMoRe ... girl.....
Jared Stout
Jared Stout Před 11 dny
Name a war fought in the 1800s I have 5 answers Alex Tripolitanian war War of 1812 The Mexican-American war Civil war and Spanish-American war
Kaelyn Galan
Kaelyn Galan Před 11 dny
oliva still in the tracksuit
Megan DIY
Megan DIY Před 11 dny
You should do a test for the SAT's and a driver's license!! Like if you want this to happen
Nickillz 1217
Nickillz 1217 Před 12 dny
Hocus Pocus was set in Salem, Oregon
Kaylin Bosworth
Kaylin Bosworth Před 12 dny
It's sad that I know that Hocus Pocus was actually set in Salem Massachusetts.....
Watch Youtube
Watch Youtube Před 13 dny
And thanks to smosh Harris is now Vice President of the United States
Dudeman9339 Před 13 dny
Olivia... that makes you SECOND generation. You silly girl.
Ashlin Gunderson
Ashlin Gunderson Před 13 dny
I would like to make a joke about Shayne being short since he needs to sit on 2 stools but I’m guessing it’s just for the cameras sake
Kotonata Před 13 dny
For some reason it was required at my school to pass this test as a graduation requirement. And they told us as freshmen, "You won't pass. You learn most of this stuff in Junior and Senior year but you'll still take it every year." And I got a 71% off of mostly guessing :') Just barely passing and never having to take that thing again. It was ridiculous and several people didn't even pass until our senior year
Ava Kelly
Ava Kelly Před 13 dny
Canada is Americas hat. I live in a hat lmao
Dusty Hughes
Dusty Hughes Před 13 dny
Here comes Keith to win
spirit demon
spirit demon Před 14 dny
The hocus pocus one I knew because it takes place in salem and yk salem Massachusetts
Jenessa Rochelle
Jenessa Rochelle Před 14 dny
Cant be proud of that statement anymore, i wish influencers would stop for a second and think "maybe we shouldn't make statements that may offend one side or the other" guess its only okay to offend one side and not the other
Jenessa Rochelle
Jenessa Rochelle Před 14 dny
When 9/11 happened but people conveniently forget it or don't take in the severity of the how devastating ot really was.
ww1_facts Před 14 dny
This was sad to watch
Zedth0ugh Před 15 dny
This aged real tasty like.
Manav Udgirkar
Manav Udgirkar Před 15 dny
Kamala Harris is now Vice President cool
Kristie Ray
Kristie Ray Před 16 dny
Im so proud of keith in this one and I'm not even American 😂
Eli H
Eli H Před 16 dny
"Can we have Louisiana" Napoleon Shane "Yeah fine!"
A sad bitch
A sad bitch Před 17 dny
Space isnt a US state YET
Addison Hollon
Addison Hollon Před 17 dny
All you need to pass : Hamilton and school house rock
Max Garner
Max Garner Před 17 dny
Little did they know Kamala would eventually be a Vice President.
Chase Ayen
Chase Ayen Před 18 dny
Olivia really said boston
Glennis Harrington
Glennis Harrington Před 19 dny
this video is kinda painful to watch, but it also makes it that much funnier
Janey Wight
Janey Wight Před 20 dny
In Utah they require all students to pass the civics test to graduate. I'm just out here screaming the answers at my computer.
Vanessa Před 20 dny
idc what other tests, just make sure keith is there and highly caffeinated
cdogawesomeness Před 20 dny
This is why cali is burning
BriannaB Před 20 dny
I’m sorry but when they said what are 2 basic rights or whatever... Did anyone else think of Thomas Jefferson saying “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” or was that just me?
The World Of Immaturity
The World Of Immaturity Před 20 dny
LOL I knew most of the answers because I was in a geo bee, and I'm in magnet. 😂😂
Ignis Galaxia
Ignis Galaxia Před 20 dny
Shayne: Name the ocean of the east coast of the US Courtney: Arctic....
Skipperdee MoonWhisper
Skipperdee MoonWhisper Před 23 dny
"Name a War that happened in the 1800s" ....the War of 1812 anyone?
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau Před 24 dny
I had to take the US Citizenship Test as a final for my American Government class and pass
dinelka dananjaya1
dinelka dananjaya1 Před 24 dny
i think keith is drunk before this😂
Thornton Nguyen
Thornton Nguyen Před 24 dny
14:02 Wait bitch, why the fuck is the movie Holes considered a question in the citizenship test lmaooo?! Not complaining, easy question, easy point, but whyyy???
Blush Dragon
Blush Dragon Před 25 dny
fhahadarua noooo for the declaration of independence question i said ‘do not murder’ but i was thinking of the 10 commandments like no thats the bible 💀💀
Aria-Rose Browne
Aria-Rose Browne Před 25 dny
Shayne: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness *Me unholy screeching: We fought for these ideals we shouldn't settle for leeeeesssss*
John Jansen
John Jansen Před 25 dny
“They gotta know the answers.” Ha, I died
Ahmed Khaled
Ahmed Khaled Před 25 dny
This is the 60th time that I watch this video and I loved it so much, I like Keith's energy. Smosh's biggest fan from Egypt
mckenna s
mckenna s Před 25 dny
All my gov students taking notes.. I see you boo boo
Mya Craig-Giblin
Mya Craig-Giblin Před 26 dny
I love Keith on Coffee
Lockz1111 Před 26 dny
Keith won something without cheating :o
The Skull
The Skull Před 26 dny
Lucas Eccleton
Lucas Eccleton Před 26 dny
I love these guys.... But this hurt me to watch
catcat frye
catcat frye Před 27 dny
Shanes right space isn’t a state it is a contaminant
Jasmine Nicole
Jasmine Nicole Před 27 dny
ok but tommy is my spirit animal
Stephanie Martin
Stephanie Martin Před 27 dny
When Courtney said “Pennsylvania” like so mad, I cried
Isaac Ollero
Isaac Ollero Před 27 dny
Funny thing about how we got Texas. Originally it was Mexican land, then Americans showed up, wanted to make their own thing. Then the rest of states were like "this shit is ours now."
Gracelyn Beachner
Gracelyn Beachner Před 28 dny
Gracelyn Beachner
Gracelyn Beachner Před 28 dny
Tommy is an actual mood
Microwave Před 28 dny
Keith should drink coffee more often
Mar B
Mar B Před 28 dny
I'd love to see a smosh quiz with Ian but half the time Ian just has the face of disappointment
Nova Raycraft
Nova Raycraft Před 28 dny
I'd be screwed on everything but history.
Tiago Boia
Tiago Boia Před 29 dny was Salem mass but whatever 😂
Jack Sonia
Jack Sonia Před měsícem
I mistook the declaration for the bill of rights. 😂 luckily I know about both of them very well
Kate BB
Kate BB Před měsícem
Tomey: Is it the "Constitution"? Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kate BB
Kate BB Před měsícem
Who else wants/needs Tomey's hat?!❤️🤣
Mackenzie Cocklin
Mackenzie Cocklin Před měsícem
Okay I’m sorry, I love this movie. Olivia was half right about where hocus pocus was filmed. It was Massachusetts but it was in Salem not Boston.
Comandante Thorn
Comandante Thorn Před měsícem
i love how tommy's about to explode when he was going to say we the people
John Daniel Montano
John Daniel Montano Před měsícem
Isaac Fraser
Isaac Fraser Před měsícem
These guys are voters
raglefrag Před měsícem
Well it’s obvious that they live in California lmao
Chloe Simpson
Chloe Simpson Před měsícem
Gosh yes we can be proud to be Americans seriously millennials are annoying
Daniel G.
Daniel G. Před měsícem
Damn this hurt to watch them get so many questions wrong.
Barbie Baddie
Barbie Baddie Před měsícem
Why did they say you cant be proud to be an American? We are literally free and safe than all the other countries. And we can vote for our own president. I'm proud to be American and so should you.
Chan Eden
Chan Eden Před měsícem
The BlackSludge
The BlackSludge Před měsícem
Here are wars fought in the 1800’s with US involvement. (At least the big wars and the wars that were important) American Revolution: The Final years of the American Revolution 1800-1803. US Civil War: The years only being 1860/1861-1865. The War of 1812: The year being 1812. Spanish American war: 1898.
Jay on Gfuel
Jay on Gfuel Před měsícem
We need to see more Keith on coffee
Michael D.J Connolly
Michael D.J Connolly Před měsícem
You should do Canadian Citizenship lol. See if you know your Allies to the North.
The Slavic Saint
The Slavic Saint Před měsícem
I laughed way to hard at 6:23
Chloe MacCheyne
Chloe MacCheyne Před měsícem
The state off canada shouldve been Maine us mainers want people to notice us (my space keyis broken)
Claire Smallwood
Claire Smallwood Před měsícem
Ultimate anime weeb test, Damien is host
Emma Rose (shades of blue)
Emma Rose (shades of blue) Před měsícem
I don't get why everyone though the french-Indian war was such a bad answer, it took place in what is now the US and involved the colonies and it took place in the mid 1700s. Courtney that was a good guess! I honestly think from the comment Shayne made that he's never heard of that war and though you pulled it out of nowhere. I got your back Courtney!
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