Cody is NOT a loser.

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Cody Ko

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Cody is NOT a loser.
Cody Ko

Gray Před hodinou
The reason this show makes me cringe is because it feels super manipulative. Like they really manipulate these people's emotions, but then it's all okay because it wasn't real, it just feels weird
GeorgeCartwright Před 11 hodinami
Anyone think this is a huge grift and it worked exactly as intended? like, people are going to show up, THAT many kids, its going to happen, their parents would force them even if they didn't want to go. It feels to me like someone staged a not-so-hip happenin birthday, then immediately went to the internet to advertise how much of a loser their kid is for some viral "love and support".
Derek Neidert
Derek Neidert Před 23 hodinami
GT’s product placement. He drank the kool Aid at the Kombucha lair.
Pimple _
Pimple _ Před 2 dny
How old is Mathew?
Wilbur Is my Waifu
Wilbur Is my Waifu Před 2 dny
Me and my homies headin to the local cafe to chug some fucking cough syrup and listen to g6
Finn Murtons
Finn Murtons Před 7 dny
Cody reppin that GT Dave's Kombucha
soggy toe
soggy toe Před 7 dny
My friends mom gave her 300 DOLLARS because she was sad lmao
Grace Hickam
Grace Hickam Před 7 dny
Codyyy your house is so cute
phragment Před 8 dny
who has birthday parties anymore just hop on with the boys
Nessa Rasie
Nessa Rasie Před 8 dny
women's basketball is a sport - just as qualified
lol Exotix
lol Exotix Před 9 hodinami
It isn't lol
phragment Před 8 dny
its not though
Caroline Cummings [Student]
Caroline Cummings [Student] Před 9 dny
ur little kid impersonation is A1
Colton Anderson
Colton Anderson Před 9 dny
that happened to my sister and now we have a great family friend
Josh Niehaus
Josh Niehaus Před 9 dny
Women’s basketball.... I said I like sports 😂😂
Erin carlsen
Erin carlsen Před 11 dny
I read the “what” in the intro as wheat. wheat would u guys do?
ODYL SKY Před 11 dny
“Do you like sports?” “Yes” “My friend plays women’s bask-” “I said I like sports”
Zachary Poueriet
Zachary Poueriet Před 11 dny
"no, I said I like sports"
Cade Buchanan
Cade Buchanan Před 12 dny
When I was about 8 some kids told me I couldn't come to their bonfire party, I come home crying and so my parents and two older brothers went and built a bonfire twice as big as the mean kids bonfire and they end up coming and asking if they could come to my bonfire party. I was very forgiving and said yes but let that be a lesson to all those mean kids out there !!
BananaPepper23 Před 13 dny
poor kid poor kid poor kid poor kid poor kid tengo
Ashley Jean
Ashley Jean Před 13 dny
My birthday party in 3rd grade no one came, ahahahahah, and now I’m emo. The two have no correlation
Mila Před 13 dny
literally crying from laughing so MUUUCH, damn cody u need to chill
Syd Lmb
Syd Lmb Před 14 dny
Pleaaaaase do more of these! So fucking funny 😂
Will and Spencer 101
Will and Spencer 101 Před 14 dny
Bring back Thats Cringe
Eva Emochick
Eva Emochick Před 16 dny
when i was like 6 i had a stepmom who threw a birthday party for me but only let me invite people from sunday school and no one showed up
Alivia Davis
Alivia Davis Před 16 dny
but like cough syrup is discussing
simplygamer Před 16 dny
not cody being jealous a little kid and him share a name
Chandler Martz
Chandler Martz Před 16 dny
5:50 even as a woman made me laugh so hard
borkogot Před 17 dny
These kids r not actually bad actors
just chuck
just chuck Před 17 dny
LMFAO drinking a kombucha
Benjamin Short
Benjamin Short Před 18 dny
I had to watch the cough syrup in health class
LPK Před 18 dny
Is it just me, or does Cody junior resemble Cody Sr. Our elderly king ?
Shelby and Dani
Shelby and Dani Před 19 dny
Not a hate comment btw
Zoé Servant
Zoé Servant Před 19 dny
I'd probably take the cough syrup for myself
gl¡tché! Před 19 dny
"I love my name" okay cody kolodziejzyk
Ghest1pro _
Ghest1pro _ Před 20 dny
The truth is they got free food don't be fooled
Vanessa Unvericht
Vanessa Unvericht Před 20 dny
How did I not know Anthony Amorim was on wwyd!? I love him and his music
insomnia motel
insomnia motel Před 21 dnem
Terrence Austin
Terrence Austin Před 21 dnem
That girl was gonna suggest some random d2 women’s college player.
Petra Raškaj
Petra Raškaj Před 22 dny
dude, you are like the nicest guy ever wow
nick kirstine
nick kirstine Před 23 dny
Cody secretly wishes his name was wade
Devon Kammeron
Devon Kammeron Před 24 dny
I think somethings wrong with me...
Nitro Před 25 dny
Confirmed Cody is a fucking nerd
Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton Před 25 dny
John quinones is my boi the disrespect is real
Coraline Jones
Coraline Jones Před 26 dny
Yo dudes the empire is pritty facking fackin chill maybe ya can like jooooin i' or somuthing
Tryna Lozoya
Tryna Lozoya Před 26 dny
i already know what i would do because i was on the show
Maryssa Lynne Medley
Maryssa Lynne Medley Před 26 dny
Lol as a woman I laughed so hard at your basketball jokes. Freaking hilarious, plus you're just obviously screwing around, its fun.
BullTrue Před 26 dny
Got a 7up ad directly after you mentioning that they were gonna mix it with 7up
Catherine Charles
Catherine Charles Před 27 dny
Making fun of a 12 year old because no one showed up to his party and then making fun of people for trying to help... and then you call kids mean??
Luke The G
Luke The G Před 27 dny
“Fuck it man, this feels good” 5:18 Cody was acting pretty sus
rainphee Před 27 dny
i'm terrified of going out in public because what if i'm in a restaurant and this happens next to me. i'd have no idea what to do. i have to hype myself up to buy things at the 7-11 so this would probably kill me on the spot
Random Unicorn
Random Unicorn Před 28 dny
Cody don't be silly! No matter if it's men's or women's basketball, it all sucks. Now hobby horsing on the other hand!
The Blake Cobb Pod
The Blake Cobb Pod Před 28 dny
I had a friend who did that in college too...
Hope Steele
Hope Steele Před 28 dny
This was my birthday from age 6-12 I stopped celebrating after my 12th birthday
NinjaNutz ForFun
NinjaNutz ForFun Před 29 dny
This was Cody all throughout high school and now he's projecting his issues upon this child... WHO'S A FUCKING LOSER HAHAHA NO ONE SHOWED UP TO HIS PARTY LOL
weakcookie Před měsícem
TeCh_Kollah Před měsícem
5:50 no I said I like sports had me fucking rolling LMAO
Samantha Schoen
Samantha Schoen Před měsícem
This is giving me flashbacks to traumatic childhood bdays
Julian van Dijk
Julian van Dijk Před měsícem
Imagine if that lady in the first clip just walked up and told the child to man up and drink the entire bottle
Leaf Před měsícem
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald Před měsícem
It's the dxm in the cough syrup that makes you trip my friends use to extract the dxm so you don't over dose on like 40 other things in the cough syrup still not a great idea.
Ben Před měsícem
Cody being framed for max smiths crimes if you know you know
that one human, dend
that one human, dend Před měsícem
i wonder who first went "haha cough syrup SHLOURP"
Loex Před měsícem
Just imagine being named Evan
Sofia Sarlat
Sofia Sarlat Před měsícem
Wow Cody figured out how to say Quiñones! Respek
Lindsay Feniuck
Lindsay Feniuck Před měsícem
This is so wholesome.
:D계란 보이
:D계란 보이 Před měsícem
diggin the skeleton shelves
Meadow Martinez
Meadow Martinez Před měsícem
me smoking weed watching this
AuthentiK Před měsícem
10:43 No we aren't lol sadly everyone at my school is a drug dealer so if you wanna get high you usually just get real drugs
V Před měsícem
Go play fortnite 👶🏻
clothvods Před měsícem
nobody came to my party because we had ice and ham
Benbejaming Před měsícem
I literally knew two people who robo tripped in my entire high school and I knew everybody
Ok Před měsícem
I like sports not just normal physical activity
Mike N
Mike N Před měsícem
I used to trip on dxm, the thing that makes u trip in the over the counter cough syrup, a lot back in highschool. Some of the weirdest trips I’ve ever had. I drank a couple bottles of the xr version and was tripping for about 3 days straight. Just do acid or shrooms
Thunder Chicken
Thunder Chicken Před měsícem
My brother name is Cody and he a doof
slowed and reverb audios
slowed and reverb audios Před měsícem
one person came to my 12th birthday and my old friends stole my idea after they dropped me before
hana clearwater
hana clearwater Před měsícem
pretty sure the only pathetic nerd in this video is the one whose EYES WERE SQUIRTING
Jihyorno Jihyovanna
Jihyorno Jihyovanna Před měsícem
imagine freeloaders going to that table just for free food
Mission: Sports
Mission: Sports Před měsícem
Hey, happy birthday, Cody
J.J. Wallar
J.J. Wallar Před měsícem
Cody is so emotional lately😭
Leah Raven
Leah Raven Před měsícem
Petition for Cody to meet John Quinones.
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts Před měsícem
Why is Cody starting to look like the villain from Iron Man 3
Liam Gillis
Liam Gillis Před měsícem
"no I said I like sports" that fucking killed me 😂
Cooper Eagle
Cooper Eagle Před měsícem
This made my laugh very hard. Women’s basketball 🤣😅😎
Mary Reed
Mary Reed Před měsícem
Moms, the universal crisis management team. 😁🎇
Zdogruss Zdogruss
Zdogruss Zdogruss Před měsícem
am i the only one who sat there for 2 minutes straight pressing the back-5-seconds button at the very beginning of the video and listening to him clap
Antony182 Před měsícem
just got a shoutout from cody, feeling blessed
Viona Ahmadi
Viona Ahmadi Před měsícem
"kids are brutal" a few years ago i was at a fast food restaurant and there was a man with long hair there, facing away, and a 6 year old legit went up to him and said "mommy what is this fat woman doing here" like um what 😀
My Toe
My Toe Před měsícem
1 dollar a year is a fucking insult
Patrice Parker
Patrice Parker Před měsícem
“I’m sorry, what’s good?”
camila n.
camila n. Před měsícem
tbf giving me money when i’m depressed would make a huge difference
FlippyBlips Před měsícem
Do they think that kids call it “sizzurp”. It’s called lean
andrea padilla
andrea padilla Před měsícem
High Tide
High Tide Před měsícem
Aw that kid made us Anthony’s look bad 😞
Gummy prophecy
Gummy prophecy Před měsícem
I stopped having birthday parties at age nine, because i had no friends lol
Lauren Vega
Lauren Vega Před měsícem
LMAO just watch his face for the entire time when they explain that its real and you see his soul leave his body
Sailor Boy
Sailor Boy Před měsícem
0:54 1st graders seeing their name on a math equation
Boonky Před měsícem
White hair lady: Are you ready Susan Red haired lady: Hell yeah 13:49 Perfect synch has been achieved.
killergun12349 Před měsícem
I remember this happened to me. I was in like 5th grade and invited my whole class but only 2 showed up. I was destroyed. I INVITED THEM TO FUCKING SPOOKY MINIGOLF AND NO ONE BUT 2 SHOWED UP. WHO DOESN'T LIKE MINI GOLF?!
Dani Wallace
Dani Wallace Před měsícem
JustMeD902 Před měsícem
My mother didn't let me go to other kids BD parties, she purposely left me out. 😭
shut_your_quiznak Před 18 dny
same. she would always say “I’ll think about it” and I never went to any:( but now I beg my mom too say no so I don’t have to go-
Austin Joy
Austin Joy Před měsícem
Cody is a saint I’ll say it every video
Matthew Eshe
Matthew Eshe Před měsícem
Me watching Cody talking about how What would You do makes Cody's look bad Also me when I see my name
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