Clicking the wrong button - Accidental Punch

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Viva La Dirt League

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Learning the game and punching people by mistake is a normal thing right?
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Viva La Dirt League
Viva La Dirt League Před měsícem
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Unstable ark reactor
Unstable ark reactor Před 26 dny
If i can do that to a game i will not stop punching the npc in the face because its fun I can only do that in a game im not really going to do that to a person.
Patryk StarFish
Patryk StarFish Před měsícem
You guys are awesome i love what you creating.
Bailey Walker
Bailey Walker Před měsícem
I wish he tried to double click (punch) at the end.
spaceracer23 Před měsícem
"The ear! WHY THE EAR?!?" Tyler Durden approves. 😎
Krishnanunni sureshkumar
Krishnanunni sureshkumar Před měsícem
Waiting to see you guys explaining cyberpunk 2077 logic
justin time
justin time Před 2 hodinami
I have done this too many times.
kyle braun
kyle braun Před 4 hodinami
It been bad ass if he just punched that bitch running right by him on accident.... comedy gold squandered
Fusionater Před 5 hodinami
It’s funny when you realize based on what he thought the F button did at the beginning of the video, that he was probably trying to skip his dialogue.
Jura Vendon
Jura Vendon Před 11 hodinami
This happaned to me so often in Fable games xD
Mal orion
Mal orion Před 18 hodinami
I was expecting the last punch to be followed with: E-NPC: I suppose that was an accident too, was it?!? Adventurer: No, that was deliberate. E-NPC: What?? Why would you do that? Adv: That went on for waaay too long. The dialogues in this game are just too over the top!
Who The Hell Is Harvy
Who The Hell Is Harvy Před 21 hodinou
Does anyone else hit the special move button as soon as Streets of Rage starts? twenty years and I still hit that fucking button by accident.
King Kuder
King Kuder Před dnem
At the very end of the video I couldn't help but think "Sandy's Sandals, it's like dancing on a cloud".
50police Před dnem
I wish games had a "I didn't mean to" button
Bazingarrey Před dnem
Who puts the attack button on F?
OueT Do amass
OueT Do amass Před 2 dny
alan you are the best npc of all time
Alec Ihde
Alec Ihde Před 2 dny
I tell you that my grandpa's dead and you punch me in the face!
guitarman0365 Před 2 dny
accidentelly punched my horse in RDR2 and kicked off a mountain. Good times.
Sara Duffy
Sara Duffy Před 3 dny
This was so funny, but I think at the end they should have had guards come out of nowhere and everyone including the quest giver just start beating on him lol, that's what happens in my games if I accidentally punch someone
Roy Wannous
Roy Wannous Před 3 dny
Poor npc 😭😢
T Tyler
T Tyler Před 4 dny
*Skipity bop jazz hands* patreon ahhh
Crab of Chaos
Crab of Chaos Před 5 dny
So Greg needs his grandfather's sword badly in vldl d&d. And i gotta say... Torak was a bad ass fighter and you played him very well. "Please... Please stop talking zaza... Lets go to wraith....."
Mawia Sailo
Mawia Sailo Před 5 dny
punch my horse so many times in rdr2 trying to ride it. kicked me away and then chasing it calming it down and feeding it
Final Boss
Final Boss Před 5 dny
Lol couldn't stop laughing 🤣 keep it up
Matty D
Matty D Před 6 dny
The problem with swapping between Dark Souls 3 and Bloodbourne. If you know you know. Wasted heals....
MacK53 Před 6 dny
When the ear was ringing 🤣🤣
Willie King
Willie King Před 6 dny
The second one hit different lmaoooo
Mister Ree
Mister Ree Před 7 dny
Just wait until he plays darksouls.
Jeff C
Jeff C Před 8 dny
But what is he trying to use?
Projet Caribou
Projet Caribou Před 8 dny
AWesome one love it
Zyprus2012 Před 9 dny
He is the most understanding npc ever lmao!!!! if it were dark souls you would have swung and he would have parried and stabbed you in a second lmao
M Hergenraderitis
M Hergenraderitis Před 9 dny
Why the ear? What a great reference. Man. This npc is epic
HyFive Před 9 dny
A guard killed me once because i accidentally pressed W into a chicken instead of was in a town called honeywood...hmm
Nanaki1107 Před 9 dny
Cheered me up after a shit day at work, in retail no less lol, brilliant stuff you guys
JT Před 10 dny
RDR2- Let me just grab something from my horse...
Game res
Game res Před 11 dny
Press f to pay respect
Anson Ang
Anson Ang Před 12 dny
guards will attack, everyone will go beserk.
AbangKucai Před 12 dny
ops sorry... i accidentally press '4' 😅😅
Pizza Time
Pizza Time Před 12 dny
i was expecting a kick instead at the end
Exploded_Head Před 13 dny
“this game looks so realistic”
trentster Před 13 dny
in fo4 if ur in pa, you can fall and you can deal damage to npcs, and i did it in diamond city once when i was fresh with a half set of t45
De Plaaggeest
De Plaaggeest Před 13 dny
Huh hah, Nice day for fishin’ Ain’t it?
Antonia B.
Antonia B. Před 13 dny
you guys are so charismatic, i wish i was part of your team. i love your videos, please keep it up!
Divine Pharaoh
Divine Pharaoh Před 13 dny
I was expecting he was going to return with the sword and stab him lol
FELIPE ORTIZ Před 13 dny
J[anna] Před 14 dny
Got to admit, I used to do this to quest givers every time I played an MMO or RPG.
Colby Rolen
Colby Rolen Před 14 dny
I was trying not to burst out laughing at this video because I didn't want to wake my wife and instead ended up swallowing my gum.
Nolan Hines
Nolan Hines Před 14 dny
This exact situation has led to so many people that I had to kill in video games!
Si Dunue
Si Dunue Před 14 dny
I remembered trying GTA IV for the first time. Accidentally bumped into an NPC and he began assaulting me while I was helplessly trying out all the keys figuring out how to punch lol.
Angel Kitteh
Angel Kitteh Před 14 dny
Was totally expecting skyrim chicken reaction from the town's NPCs
Noah Breindel
Noah Breindel Před 14 dny
Rdr2 quick draw lol
ajsjsjjsie8eieirj Před 15 dny
I do this all the time in Skyrim when trying to fend off a Dragon attack on a village or hold if only those dang guards or the shop keepers didn't get in my way all the time lol
Maikl _OH!
Maikl _OH! Před 15 dny
You are the best guys 😂😂
Dean Williams
Dean Williams Před 16 dny
It's like Red Dead Redemption 2 on console when you try and get on your horse and you tackle someone
Chooshe Yang
Chooshe Yang Před 16 dny
Slow-mo punch showing him slowly punch his face would've been hilarious lol
Excited Cat
Excited Cat Před 16 dny
(drops controller) (Lands on the trigger button) **SPRAYS AND PRAYS IN DIAMOND CITY**
Shay Walsh
Shay Walsh Před 16 dny
I was so bad at this with red dead
Lewd dude
Lewd dude Před 17 dny
I like how you hear ringing when he gets hit in the ear
Aryak Chatterjee
Aryak Chatterjee Před 17 dny
Reminds me of Minecraft villagers. You accidentally punch someone and the whole town hikes up their trades. 😑
Yusukeseru Před 17 dny
I miss the guards coming after the adventurer to kill him for hitting other friendly npcs. :D
CapitalGearGaming Před 17 dny
:O Is salmonsushi a gamar gril!?
courtney deal
courtney deal Před 17 dny
"Oh F*CK!" 😂😂😂
gelvlc Před 18 dny
Thanks again for the Spanish subtitles! 😍😍😍
Theoden the Renewed
Theoden the Renewed Před 18 dny
I was hoping that the entire town would rise up to kill the player after the 3rd punch. Then you pay off the bounty and proceed with the quest of course like nothing happened.
XxTurd_Burglar Před 18 dny
I literally just got off rdr2 right after punching my horse by accident
Adam Bhombs
Adam Bhombs Před 19 dny
So this Rowan before he learned the 'Shade away' ability.
Sam Wyze
Sam Wyze Před 19 dny
Love the Fight Club reference!😆
Samuel Fair
Samuel Fair Před 19 dny
Right in the fucking ear! Damn that shit hurts!!! Like...damn the world is going to end and I wanna go with it!
Ruby Před 19 dny
I like ur videos at the start of it
Richie Sutton
Richie Sutton Před 20 dny
the anticipation of the last punch is funnier than the punch itself
Dan Niton
Dan Niton Před 21 dnem
This is not realistic. The whole town did not turn agro on the player.
Necron Soo
Necron Soo Před 21 dnem
i am surprised he won’t turn hostile when you punched him
Antoneio Dienno
Antoneio Dienno Před 21 dnem
The fight club reference made me choke yo 🤣🤣 " you hit me in the ear why the ear "
Filip Knez
Filip Knez Před 22 dny
I'm getting all sick and tired of all your shit. Nod if you understand...
The Tendieman
The Tendieman Před 22 dny
Now THAT'S a punchline
Fugazi Nemesis
Fugazi Nemesis Před 22 dny
It's about time devs uniformed their buttons, I'm sick of playing different game using different buttons for the same task. You don't see this in any other medium. Try driving cars with the controls in different positions on different cars. (eg, trying to do an emergency stop and smashing the brake pedal just to find yourself indicating).
Massasteria Před 22 dny
I have to ask, what games are these epic NPC man videos based on? I have guessed a few like skyrim and WoW but what are some others? I want to find MMORPG's to play.
Kelsenpai Před 22 dny
Lesson: Punch to increase acting quality.
Gustavo M's Trash Can
Gustavo M's Trash Can Před 22 dny
"Will you accept to punch my face?"
rupin kanet
rupin kanet Před 23 dny
Accidentally punched a guard and ran to winterhold. After two 2 days just when I was fighting a mud crab I see the guard behind me "You've committed sins against skyrim and its people" 🤣🤣🤣
Iwish4cake Před 23 dny
There are so many times where I’ve accidentally punched the fire keeper in Dark Souls 3 trying to progress the dialogue.
Piro Chicken
Piro Chicken Před 23 dny
This really made me laugh keep on doing these awsome videos
Paul Mullinax
Paul Mullinax Před 23 dny
🤣🤣 2nd time killed me lmao☠
Frost Před 23 dny
This has happened to me more than it should.
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins Před 24 dny
By the first hit the guards arrive to warn you
Mad Dee Em
Mad Dee Em Před 24 dny
This is why I am constantly hunted by iron golems...
Malen Aventh
Malen Aventh Před 24 dny
What's the name of this game
up&up Před 24 dny
The ghost episode 3, does anyone know the song at 2:09 it's not on their site, I WILL LITERALLY TRANSFER YOU MONEY IF YOU TELL ME, PLEASE PLEASE IT'S A GIFT FROM THE HEAVENS
Thomas Huang
Thomas Huang Před 24 dny
So the fight club reference there hehehe
Ceveo Acrentos
Ceveo Acrentos Před 24 dny
1:50 Dat nostril flare on point. You can really *SEE* the emotion. Good job guys.
Martin Ramirez
Martin Ramirez Před 24 dny
he was lucky the guard was not there cuse he gives a 0 F if u miss click and atak a NPC he is gonna just murder u ass in a heart beat LOL
michael schuller
michael schuller Před 25 dny
Thats what you get, when you to try to skip the dialogue line, spamming the F Key. I wish the town guard had seen that.
James Lowry
James Lowry Před 25 dny
"Press F to pay respects" wait
Totally legit YouTube moderator
Totally legit YouTube moderator Před 26 dny
I love the last punch.
Xavier Pendragon
Xavier Pendragon Před 26 dny
This is the bane of alt - tab out - click...
ART MY Před 26 dny
He really needs to change the key
Sherudons Před 26 dny
I think I understand why he got tied of people skipping all his dialogue...
WildCannon Před 26 dny
Who would use F key to punch??
Colourblind 546
Colourblind 546 Před 26 dny
Epic npc man has a really consistent storyline, and the names of locations and npcs are really consistent aswell, it would be fun if somebody created an epic npc man rpg game
Cristiano Vieira
Cristiano Vieira Před 26 dny
Love your work, most of it! I Don't mean to be rude, just thought I could offer something: the basics of humor is 1-present, 2-establish, 3-break it. No, I'm not fun at parties, I'll let myself out now...
Moon Creators
Moon Creators Před 27 dny
You kill a chicken and the town guard comes rushing with a sword, but when npc takes damage 3 times they’re nowhere to be seen.
garronn Před 28 dny
Gawd does this remind me of my days playing Ever Quest back when it was still new. I died so many times to the guards and clerk's for that reason.
Alisha Před 28 dny
Swapping from playing GTA to RDO.. punched my horse.
Emiliano Hubera
Emiliano Hubera Před 28 dny
when you do this in the worst moment possible in red dead redemption, trying to enjoy the inmersion an all hell breaks loose
Rowan Miller
Rowan Miller Před 29 dny
“I’ll cleanse your curse, m’lord!” *punch* “Adventurer, you will not sass back at this garlic farmer!” (This comment was inspired by the brilliance of the Brothers Chaps. Thanks, Rather Dashing.)
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