CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington

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Gordon Ramsay

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A Christmas take on a classic dish.
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Joker 99
Joker 99 Před hodinou
Ian Huang
Ian Huang Před 6 hodinami
Isn’t the guy from the hell?
Joe Ragnarok
Joe Ragnarok Před 8 hodinami
Nick DioGivontee did this too
xiaoxiaojingjing0309 Před 9 hodinami
Awesome recipe Uncle Gordon! We just made it last night, and it was to die for 😁
Jeramy Martinez
Jeramy Martinez Před 11 hodinami
Before he eats his wife out, Season it with salt, a little bit of pepper, Beautifully done ✅
Elif Yanardağ
Elif Yanardağ Před 13 hodinami
I wonder how he prepared the pastry
Luke Evans
Luke Evans Před 13 hodinami
0:29 how hot is "very very hot"?
bad ass
bad ass Před 13 hodinami
Chief Why you dance too much while cooking
Del Před 18 hodinami
Shko Mustafa
Shko Mustafa Před 18 hodinami
Gordan in the first of the viedoe looks like he is about to pee himself0
Cherie Stokes
Cherie Stokes Před 20 hodinami
Not every one likes their beef so rate!
Antonio Jose Estilos
Antonio Jose Estilos Před dnem
I respect a lot Gordon Ramsey, but he won't respect me when he knows I like pineapple on pizza
Luke Evans
Luke Evans Před 13 hodinami
Ewwww 🤣
Diego Alejandro
Diego Alejandro Před dnem
Eso está crudo hermano! Vení a Argentina y te enseñamos a asar carne 😀
Zombies4EvaDude Před dnem
“What’s your name, young sir.” “Beef Wellington?”
Василий Теркин
Василий Теркин Před dnem
Сырое мясо, ==> черви заведуться.
kamolwat Angsanavanich
kamolwat Angsanavanich Před dnem
Ramsay's Dog is living with luxury food of life, the dog must've feel like heaven
Micheal Draconis
Micheal Draconis Před 2 dny
Most Americans would want that cooked more chef no way I would want that rare
Riotous Před 2 dny
its not my favourite dish
Carl Adams
Carl Adams Před 2 dny
And here he comes 3:54
Pęršøñïfíęd Måppįñg
Pęršøñïfíęd Måppįñg Před 3 dny
The inside of the meat looks you painted it with red paint...
Neko Tenshi
Neko Tenshi Před 3 dny
Dave Xander Villapaz
Dave Xander Villapaz Před 3 dny
The thing is I don't like pink steaks. I want it a least Medium Well.
Jennifer B
Jennifer B Před 3 dny
I like it well done but still looks good
Jennifer B
Jennifer B Před dnem
@Jarvz Kanxcell I just think it tasted better but everyone has their own opinion ✌️
Jarvz Kanxcell
Jarvz Kanxcell Před dnem
only a child likes "well" done meat !.....
Yinett Rocha
Yinett Rocha Před 3 dny
Todavía se puede salvar
Carlos Ostios
Carlos Ostios Před 3 dny
Bruh that looks raw
Jarvz Kanxcell
Jarvz Kanxcell Před dnem
grow up!
Богдан Ведькал
Богдан Ведькал Před 3 dny
Пипец, сырое мясо.
Jan Jan
Jan Jan Před 3 dny
Cool. I’ll try without nuts:)
I Riff
I Riff Před 3 dny
Fun Fact: Gordon Refrigerator Look Like Closet😍
kawajiri kosaku
kawajiri kosaku Před 3 dny
lighter and... *S E X I E R*
Freddy Lee
Freddy Lee Před 4 dny
I like.gordon Ramsay. I know he swears alot but he's straight forward. It's not his fault if some people can't take it with him swearing at them...... Gordon's got a point when he say things to people, whether swearing or not
Paladin115 Před 4 dny
Para mi es crudeza
Florencia Juarez
Florencia Juarez Před 4 dny
Conozco el famoso lomo Wallinton por @Masterchef🇦🇷👏👏👏
Tweekachu Před 4 dny
I bet his dog eats good.
brandon almond almond
brandon almond almond Před 5 dny
Could u do this with salmon instead and for the the bread u do Tamago egg
Damm Pertusi
Damm Pertusi Před 5 dny
le das un ibuprofeno y sale caminando de lo crudo que esta
Nevres Mulaibrahimovic
Nevres Mulaibrahimovic Před 5 dny
Alson Pun
Alson Pun Před 5 dny
기가 막힌 인간
기가 막힌 인간 Před 6 dny
Michael Pryor
Michael Pryor Před 6 dny
It's January and now I want it to be Christmas again
Zebimicion Před 6 dny
I see blood. IT'S RAW!
Jarvz Kanxcell
Jarvz Kanxcell Před dnem
shut up, child
•CJ Před 6 dny
Me: “It’s Raw.”
Норм сырое мясо ...
david payne
david payne Před 6 dny
Dire wolf
A Turtle
A Turtle Před 6 dny
That welingtpn truly is perfect
Jeremy Hatcliff
Jeremy Hatcliff Před 6 dny
The thoughtful grasshopper totally continue because pilot literally notice anenst a lucky acoustic. upbeat, unwritten quill
T-PAIN RS Před 6 dny
This guy did a lot of blow
Jarvz Kanxcell
Jarvz Kanxcell Před dnem
@T-PAIN RS yes
T-PAIN RS Před dnem
@Jarvz Kanxcell wow you are so creative
Jarvz Kanxcell
Jarvz Kanxcell Před dnem
YOU blow a lot of guy!!
Leen Nasser Ezzeddine
Leen Nasser Ezzeddine Před 6 dny
What can I use instead of pork? can I use Turkey instead?
Silent Huntress72
Silent Huntress72 Před 6 dny
I've tried making beef wellington twice, and I can't seem to keep the bottom of the pastry from becoming soggy. Is there a way to prevent that? Or is it just going to happen?
Ariana Nguyen
Ariana Nguyen Před 6 dny
i think you can try to rest the wellington on a mesh tray after baking, to let the hot air comes out of the wellie's bottom
Alex Mundell
Alex Mundell Před 7 dny
I followed this recipe and made this for Christmas dinner. It was a hit!
Alex Mundell
Alex Mundell Před 4 dny
@evracer yeah same haha. We should have baked it horizontally in the oven so it would bake evenly.
evracer Před 4 dny
We did as well....our presentation wasn't perfect but it was excellent.
clay mcarthur
clay mcarthur Před 7 dny
Is he on coke?
bobux man
bobux man Před 7 dny
Looks good but it is a little too pink
Errold Tumaque
Errold Tumaque Před 7 dny
cameraman gotta sway as much as gordon do
Vālêñtiñā OfficialTube
Vālêñtiñā OfficialTube Před 7 dny
I always try to prepare your dishes. You are a very good chef
Kaan Před 7 dny
omg its a raw meat he did many things for that meat but he supposed to forget to cook it , dammmmm
Izwan Roslan
Izwan Roslan Před 7 dny
Its fuckin rawwwww
RaulH Před 8 dny
He looks like he just hit 2 lines of yay 😂
Shannon Christopher
Shannon Christopher Před 8 dny
Chef Ramsey, this looks delicious, but I watch Hell's kitchen and how do you make this a recipe to order? How do you instruct you chefs to get it completed to order? I'm not asking for a restaurant, I just see a lot of people not getting beef wellington right in Hell's kitchen, and after this video, I don't understand why.
Gallagher Layla
Gallagher Layla Před 8 dny
The ruddy thrill distinctively groan because rate encouragingly whisper between a wakeful modem. blue, well-off daffodil
vanzai rus
vanzai rus Před 8 dny
Подписывайтесь на канал у нас очень вкусные блюда
Sab's Food Heaven
Sab's Food Heaven Před 8 dny
Love it
Potato Deluna
Potato Deluna Před 8 dny
He moves and talks with his hands so much he tosses the meat around when he’s explaining what to do.
Nevres Mulaibrahimovic
Nevres Mulaibrahimovic Před 5 dny
Julio Slosbajen
Julio Slosbajen Před 8 dny
That cow still alive, Its bleeding.
Jarvz Kanxcell
Jarvz Kanxcell Před dnem
you rube
Людмила Мирошниченко
Людмила Мирошниченко Před 8 dny
Сходил бы ты сначала в туалет. Такое чувство, что првгаешь от недержания.
Миллионер из Мияков
Миллионер из Мияков Před 6 dny
Bülent Kılıç
Bülent Kılıç Před 8 dny
07:14 türkiye dedi
FosterFox16 Před 8 dny
My man definitely just said "It's just a cheffy thing." Didn't think I could like a guy this much.
NoCopyRightBestssong09 Před 8 dny
Horrible, re cruda la carne
Diego Montero
Diego Montero Před 8 dny
Need this video on a GOOD quality.
HOW TO SIMPLE Před 8 dny
I made this exact dish for my family on last year's Christmas, and I followed his every step. And at the moment when I was done cooking and me and my family ate it, I could not believe what I just ate. It is a delight. I did'nt even know food can get as delicious as this! Thank you gordon, for making the best beef wellington on earth!
Krozy Kraz
Krozy Kraz Před 8 dny
interesting video I love food
N U Před 9 dny
한국인을 찾습니다!!
СМ Системы
СМ Системы Před 9 dny
Sebastian Ford
Sebastian Ford Před 9 dny
Cocaine; hell of a drug
Boat Baker
Boat Baker Před 9 dny
My husband made this yesterday for the first time. In fact, it was the first time either of us had ever tasted Beef Wellington. Thank you very much for this video. Your enthusiasm as you talk and explain is so much fun to watch! I posted pics on my Instagram feed. Love and thanks from us in Canada. Michelle @michelleboatbaker
maram alshahrani
maram alshahrani Před 9 dny
Davide Manelli
Davide Manelli Před 9 dny
Lokks delicious!
- Před 9 dny
Dear friends, please watch this video and just think about what has been said. This man speaks the truth
FBI Před 9 dny
Does avocado oil work
Svetlana_ Svetlana
Svetlana_ Svetlana Před 9 dny
Чем смазал масло, кто нить напишите)))
jar jar
jar jar Před 9 dny
me and my dad made this delicious dish over Christmas
Neil Yohan Zapatos
Neil Yohan Zapatos Před 10 dny
The dog probably eats a whole gourmet as its meal
Vũ Bff
Vũ Bff Před 10 dny
This Welington beef is so hard to do
Akirin Au
Akirin Au Před 10 dny
I too come out any time there's meat
30414이정원 Před 10 dny
I will use this recipe this Christmas
Animetrio animations
Animetrio animations Před 10 dny
When i saw the thumbnail I thought "ok gordan Ramsey you done so well as a chef how can you get this factor of beef being raw is wrong" and im glad i saw the video and it doesnt look that raw
Александр Федяев
Александр Федяев Před 10 dny
Мало соли очень.... мясо сухое, по жирнее бы. ))) а так 👏
Marice Alvarez
Marice Alvarez Před 10 dny
My husband did it in new year recive wonderfull recipe thanks
Zoonjse Před 10 dny
I made this, this Christmas. And it was amazing. Perfect.
kailane May
kailane May Před 11 dny
Salut Gordon, servez vous ce boeuf avec un accompagnement ? Merci.
Adri Epòsitoh
Adri Epòsitoh Před 11 dny
Someone just made this shit into a sausage
Matthew Lacey
Matthew Lacey Před 7 dny
Ordinary Sausage?
G Před 11 dny
Phenomenal, Chef!!
Maxi Ponce
Maxi Ponce Před 11 dny
Un ibuprofeno y la salvo a la vaca 😂
Роман Před 11 dny
Придурок, он сырой!!!!!
Owi Owi
Owi Owi Před 11 dny
Im a professional dietician. Eggs meats and animal products are toxic!!! they have huge amount of chemicals antibiotics puss puke sh** while producing them. they are full of bacterias and clogg the arteries!! first educate yourself later eat whats good for you only!! they also massively disrupt hormonal balance of men and women!! Animals are fed with GMO soy and corn and they dont get any nutrition from the soil, cause its extra money, nobody does that. Omega 3 are destroyed by temperature oxygen and light, there are no omega 3s in animal products or meat. Fish and fish oil are massively POLLUTED. Omega 3 naturally occuring and best souce is SPIRULINA. Marketing is fake, open your eyes. Meats and diary are not allowed on keto diet which is the best diet. Best anti inflammatory diet is vegan keto.
hell086 Před 11 dny
Wow you think your so good at cooking dont you!? Omg and you are 😍
Geo Před 11 dny
There's no way this man didn't do a line cocaine before filming this
민현석 Před 11 dny
방방 뛰는게 불안하고 산만해 보이고 신뢰감이 전혀 없음
Kenny Rongcop
Kenny Rongcop Před 12 dny
How to consume the plastic that was wrapped with the meat my friend 🙄
Xy David
Xy David Před 9 dny
The plastic was removed my guy
Joseph Ryan Perera
Joseph Ryan Perera Před 12 dny
I just realised he didnt wash the mushrooms
Lar Lar
Lar Lar Před 12 dny
There not meant to be washed beause they h Give more favorable
Joaquin Tejeda
Joaquin Tejeda Před 12 dny
Fucking delicious
Matias Galliano
Matias Galliano Před 12 dny
Si le pones mertiolate lo salvas...
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