Cheering for BAD THINGS to Happen *To All The Boys 3*

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Dylan Is In Trouble

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Wanda’s Visions
Wanda’s Visions Před 56 minutami
Anna :D
Anna :D Před 12 hodinami
i love how in the some of the most innocent movies he always talks about violent stuff
kaitlin schmitt
kaitlin schmitt Před 23 hodinami
Thank you for watching these 3 movies so I didn't have to. I was curious but not enough to actually torture myself.
FatesUtopia2 Před dnem
Did anyone else notice that freaking ND had Mount Rushmore, when clearly it’s in SD? Oooooor do only people from ND care?
Amani Ali
Amani Ali Před dnem
I honestly don't get the point of her being in Korea at the start. I wish that affected the plot more. Like what if they just filmed the whole movie there? That would actually be interesting.
Vintage Panda
Vintage Panda Před 5 hodinami
In the movie she goes to Korea for Spring Break But in the books is very understanding and interesting it was her father's graduation gift to LJ and the rest of her sisters to go to Korea for the summer so they can reconnect their Korean heritage and roots for a month they were going to stay with their grandmother. Hope that helps you ^_^
Roman Mahali
Roman Mahali Před 3 dny
Just got Audible!🤪 but I’m a little sad I can’t read it when I’m able to 🙁
Shravani Mandhare
Shravani Mandhare Před 4 dny
Do Julie and the Phantoms, it's awesome!!!
Arianna 1995
Arianna 1995 Před 4 dny
When Dylan learns that those locks don’t have keys when purchased unless you specifically bring one. My family clipped one there a couple of years ago. Didn’t come with a key, where ever it was it stayed.
Chloe Eldredge
Chloe Eldredge Před 5 dny
the lighting in this video was immaculate
Lauren H
Lauren H Před 5 dny
dylan liking legend, i knew there was a reason i liked him
Lauren H
Lauren H Před 5 dny
omg the audible ad of legend made me more excited than watching the movie
The Larry Project
The Larry Project Před 6 dny
Had a dream we made out and I love your shirt.
Little Wolf
Little Wolf Před 6 dny
The "Always and Forever" title reminded me of the originals its a spin off series for the vampire diaries cause Niklaus Mikaelson's character was so well written. P. S. You should react to that its really good :)
jinny Před 6 dny
i was so excited for this trilogy bc seeing a korean girl as the main character makes me happy as a korean girl and i'm so glad that they made sure to NOT play into stereotypes by making her so stupid!! give them all the awards!
Cloud bound
Cloud bound Před 8 dny
i really noticed that why whole Netflix movies are using the old version of Apple cell phones?
Brandon Bone
Brandon Bone Před 8 dny
Emily Perri
Emily Perri Před 9 dny
Am I the only one who disagree with what he thinks about this movie's? I'm 18 and I don't understand how he really doesn't like the good movies like all 3 of to all the boys movie's were just so sweet and cute and romantic and literally everything I've ever wanted in a relationship i think Dylan is funny but I don't understand how he doesn't love all this cheesy cuteness. And I'm usually the emo girl I'm not the type you would think lobes romance. I listen to a lot of punk and emo and metal rock and everything I ware is black Grey or purple o have piercings and my nails are always black and my hair is dyed lavender but I still love these movie's and all these comments are agreeing with Dylan and I don't understand 😅 why do you guys watch these if you don't like cheesy sweet romance movie's?
Pineapples Před 10 dny
Dylan: she’s not gonna get into her BF’s college, but she is gonna get into Berkeley and also love NYC Movie: does exactly that Dylan: I’m so glad none of my guesses were right
Syd Lounds
Syd Lounds Před 11 dny
I think the best part of this whole movie is that no one in post production bothered to realize that a graduate program is what you apply to AFTER you've gone to university and got a bachelor's degree. Like they really make her look like a straight A student who doesn't know that she should be applying to undergrad programs not graduate ones
Abrιa Hall
Abrιa Hall Před 11 dny
Waiting for the day Dylan watches my favorite movie. He would love the soundtrack but its so underrated lmao.
Hope World
Hope World Před 11 dny
This movie would be so much better with Murder just saying...
arizona Před 12 dny
“Oh! 13 reason why’s here!”
Jalonda Williams
Jalonda Williams Před 12 dny
Lara:well I’m not like you Margo I don’t want to be far away from family. Dylan: bitch what the fuck
Jovita De Vera
Jovita De Vera Před 12 dny
Dylan can you please react to maze runner 1,2 and 3 its super good I hope you watch it
C HN Před 12 dny
Dylan you are looking FABULOUS today!!!!
Madison Scarbrough
Madison Scarbrough Před 13 dny
They break up in every single movie and that is what gets on my nerves
Megan Reid
Megan Reid Před 13 dny
I was rewatching this video for like the 100th time and just realized i have no idea what happened to Josh
Lauren Daenen
Lauren Daenen Před 14 dny
You are by far the funniest guy I have ever seen, thx for making me laugh today ! 😄
Queen jen
Queen jen Před 14 dny
React to princess and the frog plz
Jaimee Lucas
Jaimee Lucas Před 14 dny
This is like my 5th time watching this. No regrets.
Anugraha Mariyam Babu
Anugraha Mariyam Babu Před 15 dny
Watched the movie to cheer myself up. Didn't work. Then came here to watch this. Cheered me up in two minutes.
Rosa Downey
Rosa Downey Před 15 dny
the way to get all the pancakes: you just want 2 forks? yeah cool thats fine 😏 [FREE PANCAKES!!]
Kenya Butler
Kenya Butler Před 15 dny
I didn't really like the third movie I don't know why the second one was better and the first
CaseNpoint Před 15 dny
at least they put the cheese on the right state. They put Mt Rushmore on North Dakota instead of South Dakota lmaooo
muLynn Dee
muLynn Dee Před 16 dny
His intro sounds like Gee by snsd Edit: it was from the movie i thought it was his intro
Mara Quintero
Mara Quintero Před 16 dny
thank you for the recap at the beginning bc im one of those people you're talkin about man love u
JJWSVTK abi Před 16 dny
5:39 LMAO I had the exact same reaction when I watched this movie for the first time cuz I also always forget 💀
stephanie-steff mercedes rodriguez.
stephanie-steff mercedes rodriguez. Před 16 dny
The least realistic thing in the whole movie was how Lara Jean's mom's lock was still in the bridge. Like, they actually take those off every certain time because if they don't, the bridge could lose balance.
JJWSVTK abi Před 16 dny
1:20 they also have had a yt channel for many years ccalled awesomenesstv lol
JJWSVTK abi Před 16 dny
lmao I fell asleep when watching the movie with my friend during the middle and basically missed nothing important when I woke up again
Callie Kalashian
Callie Kalashian Před 16 dny
im with you dylan! why did they have to sterotype OUR state !
awesomeallyse Před 16 dny
The way Dylan wants this to be bad so bad
Jolene Brizendine
Jolene Brizendine Před 17 dny
Is it just me, or was this the worst ending to a trilogy ever, hardly anything happens and has a boring ending.
lilyrose mitchell
lilyrose mitchell Před 17 dny
Plot twist, covid hit and they both stayed home and did lectures and classes online and still lived super close to eachother 🙃 but broke up anyway because of differing opinions on how to police a lockdown.
Anee Does Art
Anee Does Art Před 17 dny
Tbh the books are wayyy better in the movies
missrenxo Před 17 dny
Oh my gosh Legend is finally getting hype thank you for mentioning that book series
Solomia Ceeves
Solomia Ceeves Před 17 dny
why is this movie so ugly, like it's a teenage romance and they use this weird ass filter with the ugliest colors. It hurts just to look at it
Vintage Panda
Vintage Panda Před 17 dny
@Solomia Ceeves I agree with you the movie was kinda eh not that good
Solomia Ceeves
Solomia Ceeves Před 17 dny
@Vintage Panda I don't know, it has a unique ugly look. Even horror movies are pretty to look at. This movie is just... ew
Vintage Panda
Vintage Panda Před 17 dny
The Color Grading just reminds me of a horror movie So the Director of the sequels Michael Fimognari (Cinematographer of all TATB Movies) also did some cinematography in Horror movies like Doctor Sleep and Haunting of the Hill House
Ella Edwards
Ella Edwards Před 17 dny
i get big dr.mike vibes from him
Friederike Schröder
Friederike Schröder Před 18 dny
for the record the locket has nothing to do with Peter ahahahah it's about the Song-Covey family :)
Maggie Brown
Maggie Brown Před 18 dny
As somone who loves the books, this movie was dissapointing
Vintage Panda
Vintage Panda Před 12 dny
@Maggie Brown so true some of the sequels didn't follow the book but there are few key moments or books I loved the books The books are well written I think the sequels are directed by a dude while the 1st is by a female
Maggie Brown
Maggie Brown Před 12 dny
@Vintage Panda I loved the first one and it achually got me into the books, so when I saw the second and third movie I was very upset about how bad it was
Vintage Panda
Vintage Panda Před 17 dny
Me too especially the locations has to change it even the colleges. The 1st movie was okay the sequels were nah it just annoys me now.
NikitaCrave Před 18 dny
You should just make your own film that would be full of surprises and non expectations
Vanessa Quezada
Vanessa Quezada Před 19 dny
Dylan you should make some mech because I would definitely buy it.
Taylor Limon
Taylor Limon Před 19 dny
I absolutely watched the third movie only to watch this video
sarah mettler
sarah mettler Před 19 dny
DYLAN CAN YOU COMMENTATE OUTER BANKS (even tho it was a thing like a year ago it’s still really good)
גלי Před 20 dny
Did anyone else notice that the song that was on with the b headphones was “don’t look back in anger” but it was a bad cover
Hannah_Murphy Před 20 dny
After watching this, I really want him to watch something like Wish You on Netflix!
Katy Holiday
Katy Holiday Před 20 dny
Belle Před 20 dny
its really not about target audience, its just a bad movie... you can appreciate good storytelling without being the target demographic or personally being interested in it. I remember as a teen girl, I still found a lot of the movies aimed at girls my age extremely unwatchable and so poorly done. anything done without passion or thought will be underwhelming. its just that people love trash, so these keep being the most profitable movies to make.
arianna luna
arianna luna Před 20 dny
it’s the way he’s mad at her for choosing the college that’s best for her even if it means being apart from him but... he’s not compromising anything for her
Zoe Evangeline Idea
Zoe Evangeline Idea Před 20 dny
ok but yes legend supremacy
carmela Před 20 dny
ross butler was the original reggie in riverdale for 6 episodes also but they switched him out for another asian actor lol
Noa Halperin
Noa Halperin Před 20 dny
Celeste Cruz
Celeste Cruz Před 21 dnem
When he said murder in ny I thought if banana fish 😭🤚
mika yahav
mika yahav Před 21 dnem
Dylan in the first 19 minutes of the video: *I hate peter* Dylan by the end of the video: *oh, come on PetERrrrr!*
Gabrielle PÜTZ
Gabrielle PÜTZ Před 22 dny
is anyone else straight bawling right now cause he mentioned the legend series?? no. just me? okay... 😢😭
Becky Stoica
Becky Stoica Před 22 dny
Katie if you love joy so much why did you write this joke of a film 🤣 I'm dead
Danielle Quijada
Danielle Quijada Před 22 dny
You are literally the funniest person ever 😂
Watermelon Lemon
Watermelon Lemon Před 22 dny
This is literally me and my sister!! About anything
isabel Před 22 dny
when i first read the books i hated peter and i wanted lara jean to end up w john
Laura Veapi
Laura Veapi Před 23 dny
I have never seen the movies, but I laughed so hard at the commentary 😂👌🏻
Alexa Marie
Alexa Marie Před 23 dny
Why are the major conflicts in this series almost the same as kissing booth
Pandora box
Pandora box Před 23 dny
Pandora box
Pandora box Před 23 dny
oh it is omg, the song is so catchy and it was released when i was like 9 and now im a hag, and it's still so catchy
Haters Gonna Vent
Haters Gonna Vent Před 23 dny
I watched it before watching your video. I felt like it took hours, all day.
Robyn Casey
Robyn Casey Před 23 dny
you should watch the disney channel movie 'minutemen', I have fond memories, but i have a feeling its probably as bad as most other disney channel originals
I Drink and I know things
I Drink and I know things Před 24 dny
If we’re being honest kavinsky would’ve cheated on her the first rush party he was invited to
Kiba Nezumi
Kiba Nezumi Před 24 dny
cheese for wisconsin and the upper peninsula is just not part of the US in this world lol
Hannah Marshall
Hannah Marshall Před 24 dny
LJ was just annoying throughout all the movies. She’s a terrible actress. Boring and bland. Cringy. Lol 🤮
Michelle Mah
Michelle Mah Před 24 dny
He didn't cover the kissing this video
Reagan Orton
Reagan Orton Před 24 dny
I watch CSposts at 2x speed and listen to audiobooks at either 3x or 3.5x speed I am so glad Netflix added that feature
Jackeline Morales
Jackeline Morales Před 24 dny
You look exactly like Milo from the Disney Atlantis movie and I cannot stop seeing it 😩.
Chiann Suggs
Chiann Suggs Před 25 dny
the locket had her family’s initials lol not her & peter
jihen Před 25 dny
the less i noah the better
Fiscally Responsible
Fiscally Responsible Před 25 dny
12:49-13:20 Dylan is me
kiwii Před 25 dny
RainedRoses Před 25 dny
I always laugh at the ending because I'm 4,000 miles away from my best friend
Azelia Soffia
Azelia Soffia Před 25 dny
idk if anyone else’s does this, or if it’s maybe just me being fried, but the commercials are always after some funny shit dylan said😭😭🤣like i’m always crying it’s so funny
Dante Lomma
Dante Lomma Před 25 dny
oh yes, legends good
Suhana F. K. L
Suhana F. K. L Před 25 dny
Gad damn the open button shirt distracted me the whole video. Wtf this dude so fucking hot for?
Mari Oliveira
Mari Oliveira Před 25 dny
tbh i was kinda surprised that dylan didn't recognize that girl from nyu from the last episode of gossip girl she's the one that says something abt stealing a phone and being bad ahhahahhaha
Maryane Chaussé
Maryane Chaussé Před 25 dny
Can you react to Zootopia??? Pleaaaase😆
Nikki Visser
Nikki Visser Před 25 dny
Pls do a reaction video to ‘A Walk to Remember’ ✨✨✨✨✨
Adri Sapp
Adri Sapp Před 25 dny
i love him lol
Mary Drake
Mary Drake Před 25 dny
Get off You Tube!
Mary Drake
Mary Drake Před 25 dny
You are awful and I do not like your videos at all! You should not get any time on here at all.
UndoOpacity Před 25 dny
Wait...”To All the Boys” is a trilogy?? Wow, I must’ve been living under a rock.
10Lauren !
10Lauren ! Před 26 dny
Gee playing and his face omg 😂
chenchen Xi
chenchen Xi Před 26 dny
Damn.. is it just me or Dylan does look like a whole dish in this video?
Gabrianna bass
Gabrianna bass Před 26 dny
I can’t believe I just discovered your channel I have been binge watching so many of your videos your commentary never fails to make me laugh😂
Wilhemina Roberts
Wilhemina Roberts Před 26 dny
I clicked off as soon as Noah said: Hey Covey 😔
E C Před 26 dny
11:27 I just noticed... Mt. Rushmore isn’t in North Dakota. It’s in South Dakota... the Rushmore state... why
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