Catchin' Up w/ The Cringe Fam

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Cody Ko

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Catchin' Up w/ The Cringe Fam
Cody Ko

dana cruz
dana cruz Před 11 hodinami
Who jacked that dude's jaw?
GeorgeCartwright Před 12 hodinami
lampros bellos
lampros bellos Před 22 hodinami
100% top 3 cody ko vids (not with noel)
Ethan Wright
Ethan Wright Před dnem
It felt like Cody broke up with me
Aleggbry '-'
Aleggbry '-' Před dnem
"The noties are on"
Juan Prado
Juan Prado Před 2 dny
Rain Love
Rain Love Před 2 dny
He looks exactly like pyrocynical
Suge Panda
Suge Panda Před 2 dny
This video reminded me why Cody’s one of the funniest creators on the platform. Mad respect to you bro👏🏽 keep us laughing during these hard times❤️
Simonqqww Před 3 dny
this video is funny asf
Cloud Striker
Cloud Striker Před 3 dny
Jimbert is fucking real, mother
Jimbert is fucking real, mother Před 3 dny
I got an ad with Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen before the video. A sign from the CSposts gods that this is a good one 🤌🏻
Kenneth Hamilton
Kenneth Hamilton Před 4 dny
I’m glad I found Cody before I found them lol
Beatrice Affini
Beatrice Affini Před 5 dny
Couple cringe :(
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon Před 6 dny
When he screeches in the video and Cody makes the Harry Potter reference. I so lost it. 😁🤣😆
Whatisthat Před 6 dny
13:41 to 13:47 Reminded me of Leafy. Just wanted to say that . Bie
Jourdan Harper
Jourdan Harper Před 6 dny
Evil timeline reviewbrah
PandaWarrior Před 7 dny
He reminds me of jimmy pesto jr
Pimple _
Pimple _ Před 7 dny
Cpm means child per minute
Vega Nostra
Vega Nostra Před 7 dny
It freaks me out that kids are actually growing up with this stuff.... This is how they're learning to behave. That's so fucking scary for real...
Tim DeGraw
Tim DeGraw Před 7 dny
I like how hard you leaned into the "your parents are divorced" bit
Declan Graham
Declan Graham Před 7 dny
CHRIST the lad is so insufferable i let out a sigh of relief every time Cody starts to talk again. MAKE IT STOP
The Mechanic
The Mechanic Před 8 dny
This is a shluper shluper ecshiting video thach under 20 minutes
Sophia C G Kelly
Sophia C G Kelly Před 8 dny
You know if kids watch these when they grow up there gonna treat their girlfriend/boyfriend let freaking crap. Parents need to stop letting them watch this junk. Because my brothers watches stuff like this all the time, and my mom and dad don't realize what it's gonna do to him even just a few years down the road...
Angel Frankie Emerson
Angel Frankie Emerson Před 8 dny
imagine if that’s how cancer works
Luc Lefebvre
Luc Lefebvre Před 8 dny
Angel Frankie Emerson
Angel Frankie Emerson Před 8 dny
*IT’S JUST SOME RANDOM DAY!* girl: “it’s december 26th” him: “but it’s not christmas babe”
Luc Lefebvre
Luc Lefebvre Před 8 dny
Nuh uh
Angel Frankie Emerson
Angel Frankie Emerson Před 8 dny
“how do you not know what an i phone twelve is?!!! the ipho-“ **jeep commercial plays**
Luc Lefebvre
Luc Lefebvre Před 8 dny
Nuh uh
Chunke Monke
Chunke Monke Před 8 dny
I love how he has his own hypothetical situations 😂
Damiens wrld
Damiens wrld Před 8 dny
12:03 I’m dead 💀💀
Toria Galaxy
Toria Galaxy Před 8 dny
I spazed laughed every time he did the screech. I just can't 🤣
Risthebest !!
Risthebest !! Před 8 dny
Who actually thought he made the comment?
Caden Koala
Caden Koala Před 9 dny
Whatch me flep
Nermina Cehic
Nermina Cehic Před 9 dny
Not Mr Beast 😂
Heidi Schellin
Heidi Schellin Před 9 dny
Why my mans, the patriarch of the cringe fam, sound like the annoying kid from Polar Express
Bram Jacob
Bram Jacob Před 10 dny
From the tag on her arm i'm assuming she has diabetes type 1 (i wear/have the same), so i get why they make content like this to be able to afford insulin in America ...
Xclusive. Maya
Xclusive. Maya Před 10 dny
Cody that promo was sneaky I like it 😂😂
Gamma Před 10 dny
Dudes wife is hot...
Michael Reardon
Michael Reardon Před 11 dny
This guy looks like if Stevie and Brian ever had a kid
Michael Reardon
Michael Reardon Před 11 dny
This guy really is the spitting image of a real life Bart Simpson
pIayingwithmahwii Před 11 dny
Cody's asking how Anakin became Darth Vader LOL
Michael J. O’Neill
Michael J. O’Neill Před 11 dny
8:22 had me cracking up 😂
Paloma S
Paloma S Před 12 dny
I keep flinching because he keeps coming at the camera and doing a slapping motion with his hand 😟
Emerson Moore
Emerson Moore Před 12 dny
I love that the auto closed captioning kept putting “prince ham” instead of cringe fam 😂
Samragnee Mondal
Samragnee Mondal Před 13 dny
And homophobic ad fuckk
Lily Hammar
Lily Hammar Před 13 dny
Watch That Guy Gaming
Watch That Guy Gaming Před 13 dny
Her sassy voice saying “I know your lying.”
Watch That Guy Gaming
Watch That Guy Gaming Před 13 dny
His girlfriend can probably hear him across the whole house
Watch That Guy Gaming
Watch That Guy Gaming Před 13 dny
“Supa supa” that killed me
Hayman Woo
Hayman Woo Před 13 dny
The thumbnail makes him look like a Walmart Pyrocynical, Fireinsane
Natalie Před 13 dny
His voice is infuriating.
Elon Drake
Elon Drake Před 14 dny
im so glad I haven't watched any of your videos in so long so now I can watch a bunch of them at once
MJxFM Před 14 dny
Is it just me or did he just acquire a lisp? I feel like he didn’t have it in the first vid
DUSTY BOII Před 14 dny
man i was dying of laughin this video
Garrett Jones
Garrett Jones Před 15 dny
But why is the beat from the chili diss that clean though
Maisie Hates
Maisie Hates Před 15 dny
This reminds me of the guy who did a "telling my girlfriend she isn't beautiful" prank and made her run away crying as he chased her going "no its a prank stop"
Magick Em
Magick Em Před 15 dny
The pterodactyl screaming sends me into orbit 💀
Reid Neilson
Reid Neilson Před 15 dny
at 1:38 i actually crapped my pants ,kinda caught me off guard. I know he wasnt saying my name but holy that scared me.
Lion Hirsch
Lion Hirsch Před 15 dny
4:26 the only youtubers who are entertaining enough are the sidemen
Amyekira Turner
Amyekira Turner Před 16 dny
She already knew what the plan was, she heard him yelling across town.
franque Před 16 dny
13:30 He even yells when talking to his girlfriend. I know the whole shit is faked for the video and she is in on it but i genuinely think this guy cannot converse without yelling, ever
Kobe Eskdale
Kobe Eskdale Před 16 dny
How bad did you want to make fun of his lisp
Pink Phone
Pink Phone Před 16 dny
your so hilarious lmao i love your channel so much
Sophia Brown
Sophia Brown Před 16 dny
take a shot everytime he says iphone 12
Michael Hallyburton
Michael Hallyburton Před 16 dny
cody's video= 17mins Cody: nobody can make an entertaining video more than 20 mins everyone watching: why tf cant this video be longer
Chrispy Před 16 dny
not me with my parent's divorce getting finalized in nine days oh shit
Peyton Davis
Peyton Davis Před 17 dny
This video hits different when your parents are actually divorced
The Indian On Fire
The Indian On Fire Před 17 dny
Why does he look like Gerald from Sid the Science Kid 👁👄👁
Perfect Wolf
Perfect Wolf Před 18 dny
Pterodactyl 6:29 Dolphin 6:36 Satan 9:35 Pterodactyl 10:25 Pterodactyl 14:27 Pterodactyl 15:29
Liam Fennessey
Liam Fennessey Před 18 dny
If I did that to my girl she would beat my ass
Em Před 18 dny
17:25 lol Cody, I don't think ur iPhone's a fake. I've never seen it but I think ur good man
Siya Sharma
Siya Sharma Před 19 dny
Homeboy be speaking as if he just lost his wisdom teeth. (And his wisdom, for that matter.)
Diane Cherian
Diane Cherian Před 19 dny
Rule of thumb for CSposts: all cap title = bad
vibe Před 19 dny
he kinda looks like nick crompton and pyrocynical
dovka Před 19 dny
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan Před 19 dny
Elijah Před 20 dny
Cody with long hair looks like he is one of the members of the Slipknot band
Corene Howe
Corene Howe Před 20 dny
"Guys" why is that the word they say 500 times
Homer Dog
Homer Dog Před 21 dnem
He looks like a bootleg pyrocynical
jef minem
jef minem Před 21 dnem
Video sponsored by apple
F. Olivas
F. Olivas Před 21 dnem
When it was 0:42 why is he even saying "watch me flip" when everyone is flipping but him he only did it once
ai la
ai la Před 21 dnem
9:21 when titan sus!!
cool man
cool man Před 22 dny
8:14 his GAYS?!?
Joseph Goldberg
Joseph Goldberg Před 22 dny
The guy has one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard! Sounds like an 8 year old in a 25 year old’s body!
Brock Habbyshaw
Brock Habbyshaw Před 22 dny
Oh ya btw Cody he said IPhone 12, 11 times!
The Other Guy
The Other Guy Před 22 dny
4:42 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Other Guy
The Other Guy Před 22 dny
Mr Rad
Mr Rad Před 23 dny
It's actually pretty cool how Cody can do entire series going after these cringey CSpostsrs who happen to have speech impediments (this guy and one of the Dobre brothers) and not make jokes about it. (As far as I can tell after binging them)
Alex Před 23 dny
I re-watched this video so many times because he looked familiar and I just now realized this dude looks like the love child of human Shrek and Dr. Evil
Busy Studying
Busy Studying Před 23 dny
I usually try to over look lisps, but his is so bad, and he’s an adult man who can easily correct that problem.
oopsie its henka
oopsie its henka Před 23 dny
Literally any show on abs kids is better than this Just get disney plus or something as long as y'all stop letting your 5 year olds go on youtube
Robb Hoyt
Robb Hoyt Před 23 dny
Vic Před 24 dny
The thumbnail will forever kill me lmaooo
Joey Richardson
Joey Richardson Před 24 dny
omg they're couple name can be chelsy!!!!!
LollzTrollz Před 24 dny
Cody i hope you and your parents are doing ok
lictxn Před 24 dny
“i’m not surprised that you missed me” •laughs• “babe- the doctor said that everything going to be good” ...what
Kumayl Malik
Kumayl Malik Před 25 dny
Yoo is it just me or that break up but was kinda lowkey impressive from him
Dold Boards
Dold Boards Před 25 dny
This mans looks a real life Jimmy Pesto from Bobs Burgers lmao
Scarface7581 Před 25 dny
The way Cody talks to his imaginary nephew is what I’m gonna do for now on
Gabby Gonzalez
Gabby Gonzalez Před 25 dny
Cody is the only sane person on the internet
Yilin Dong
Yilin Dong Před 25 dny
these people just keep multiplying, and so does their bad music. it's very amusing
Sam Baz
Sam Baz Před 26 dny
Cody might be on to something. I probably watch couple vlogs on CSposts because my parents don’t have a healthy relationship. I gotta lean what a stable romantic relationship looks like somehow.
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